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Get Raffle Tickets for This Meyers Manx See p. 25 MarchApril 2014 Room With A View Four Seater 23 TBucket Win a Cobra Find a Cure Charity Fundraiser for a Shell Valley Repl

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TABLE OF CONTENTS COOL CARS COVER Create Your Own GTM Supercar 38 41 Willys What If Replica 46 Cobra Vacation Shell Valley 48 Joy Ride Superformance 66 Hyperactive Hyper 8 Westfield 72 TECHNICAL

MARCHAPRIL 2014 KIT CAR BUILDER STAFF Steve Temple, ................EditorPublisher Larry Weiner .............................. Marketing Deb Murphy, ..........................Art Direction Tina Temp

THROTTLE STEERING A BRAVE NEW WORLD Welcome to Your New Digital KIT CAR BUILDER Magazine 6 things. It can be hard, good, quick, constant, inevitableand all of the above, too. With all the stuff happ

of Truth rt and hours that went into prepping and painting this Orangesicle Cobra body, the intense concentration mounting it back on the chassis is obvious. Fortunately, it all went smoothly, no nic

Light Saber What do the letters on this GTM from Factory Five Racing really stand for After encountering such otherworldly illumination, you might think something like Glowing Time Machine. We conside

Barnyard Beauty Room with a view. Thats our take on a revision of the classic 23 Tbucket kit. This rarified fourseater from Wintec lets you share all the fun with a few friends, cruising down memory l

Surfin Feline Mixing metaphors here, the oftimitated Meyers Manx was aptly named after a stubtailed cat. Even more fitting is the KickOut, Bruce Meyers final design for the Manx, referring to a stylis

Win a CobraFind a Cure W hat a great combinationthanks to the efforts of the Ohio Cobra Club OCC. Every year this group of 200plus car enthusiasts, drawn together by their mutual interest in Cobras

Meyers Manx Raffle much more, since its loaded with all sorts of hot stuff, and built in part by Bruce Meyers. Rather than a traditional VW Type 1 engine, the KickOut S.S. runs a Subaru 2.5liter mill,

Coyote Blower Kit for Kit Cars While the Roadrunner always eluded the Wiley Coyote in those classic cartoons, that surely wouldnt have happened with boost from a Kenne Bell blower. The company has jus


f you can imagine a custom intake system, now you can build it The UBuildIt UBI kit from Airaid includes everything you need to create a complete system, and all components are also available individu

T Fish Are Jumpin hours, depending on modifications and access to help. This quick build time is aided by a frame that is made to literally drop on top of the enginesuspension drivetrain once the Mia

W Electrifying Dubuc Tomahawk e noted the debut of the Candadianbuilt Tomahawk in a previous issue, with a chassis designed to accept a wide variety of powerplants. Now the University of Sherbrooke


FFRs Free WheelandTire Special F actory Five Racings prez Dave Smith admits that he might be getting a touch of cabin fever from the long, cold winter. Or maybe hes got a case of Spring fever instea

arris Composites announces its entrance into the custom component car industry with the launch of its newest division, Coffin Nose Customs. This new company began manufacturing its Coffin Nose Speedst

Dates for Carlisle Import Kit Nationals ith the 40th Anniversary of Carlisle Events ongoing in 2014 and music fans across the country celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles coming to the sta


The Right IDEA provide enthusiast builders with I t started with an IDEA to offer a kit car like no other. As implied by the company acronym Individually Designed and Engineered Automobile, its not



M VW Funfest id America Motorworks is calling all Volkswagens to attend a Sweet 16 birthday party The companys Funfest for VWs is turning 16 and is pulling out all the stops for the celebration. Set


aterham Cars and its iconic Seven will be officially sold in the USA with a new US distributor, Superformance. Primarily known for its Cobra replicas and GT40s, Superformance is now offering several v

T OffRoad Runner rucks have generally been only a small segment of the kit market, and offroad rigs less so. But Fran Hall of Race Car Replicas is out to change out all that with his new RCR HT2 in

he Bertini GT 25, a bolton fiberglass conversion kit for BMW Z3, is in its final stages of development, and scheduled to debut in early May at the Stoneleigh show in the U.K. Only the body panels are

CRACKING THE What it Takes to Translate a GT

E CODE TM Into a Supercar hile some kit builders prefer to follow the instruction manual, others throw it out and follow their own instincts instead. Thats the case with Steve Knecht and his Factory

a shoot on an uncompleted stretch of freeway west of Bakersfield, California. It was well worth the wait, as youll see. The effort that went into this project is extraordinary, and will likely give ot

tures with the vehicles that he built for his customers. Eventually, he decided that he liked building cars more than managing a business, so he closed Volks Works to pursue his personal passions on a

Lightning Strikes Fortunately there was someone building a GTM in Bakersfield at the time and Frank took Steve over to look at it. The second Steve saw it, he knew that it was going to become the fulf

way he wanted, so he determined that the only way to get the look he wanted was to fabricate a singlepiece front end and hood. Another area that he felt needed addressing was around the door windows,

included angel eyes and LED accent lights. Tail lights were custom fabricated to use all LEDs. The exhaust was routed out to the custom openings in the lower corner of the body. The license plate open

that if the car was to be driven at the level that looked the coolest, a front end lift was going to be needed just to get out of the driveway. So back to the computer and Steve designed a lift system

READERS RIDES hat if the Stone Woods Cook iconic 1941 Willys gasser had not been restored and put in a museum Instead, what if that car had been put in a barn and forgotten since its 1961 Indy win at

tIf Replica for the base coat. He learned from the work on cardboard that if you apply it in swirls it looks like machine sanding marks. Then primer, then the blue topcoat and start sanding. When the

READERS RIDES Having a Wonderful TimeDont You Wish You Were Here As told by Cullen McCann Photos by Steve Link and Randy Walker COBRA V I 48 bought my Cobra replica as a bare frame and raw body in


myself over the time span of about five years, including wiring, assembly, sheetmetal work, component fitment and assembly, interior, etc. The build scheme is intended to be inspired by a vintage raci

Shell Valley adjustable length link arms. The rear differential is a Ford Traclock, and it has 31spline Currie axles. The wheels are 17inch Vintique Wheels, and Shell Valley provided OEMbased 4wheel d


To demonstrate using Jaspers reman drivetrain components in a kit project, the companys associates installed one of its 375hp Ford 351W engines in a Cobra replica. The mill pumps out 400 lbft of torqu

DRIVETRAIN SERIES By Steve Temple Photos by Steve Temple and Courtesy Jasper ne obvious truth about all kit projects is the need for a drivetrain. After all, most kits come without an engine and tran

Jaspers main shop floor is a sizable operation covering 367,000 square feet in Jasper, Indiana, with more than 1500 employees. note accompanying photos on how they handle a Ford 302. They carefully i

Need a Ford 9inch or other rearend for your kit project Jasper has a wide selection of remans available. When an engine such as this Ford 302 arrives at Jasper for remanufacturing, the first step is

Heres the rusty block before treatment. And how it looks after getting cleaned up. A deck plate braces the block during cylinder honing. The valvetrain is carefully reassembled by hand. All reman

The rotating assemblies are checked to make sure they meet or exceed factory specs. Magnafluxing reveals any cracks or casting flaws. SOURCE Jasper Engines and Transmissions

All engines going through Jaspers Authentic Custom Drivetrain division are thoroughly documented and dyno tested. A couple flights of stairs above the main shop area is Jaspers Authentic Custom Drive

Special Care for Really Special Engines If specific bolts and fasteners can be reused, they are kept in a steel basket with the engine for a thorough cleaning. If new, replacement parts are made in t

Cylinder surface finish and size are closely monitored for accuracy and consistency, in order to ensure smooth piston travel and engine performance. The blocktohead mating surface is closely inspected

Fun Hugger A Buggy With a Difference By Harold Pace Photos courtesy Chris Herr and Geoff Hacker The explosive popularity of the Myers Manx in the 1960s caused many fiberglass entrepreneurs to produce

options, including a rear roll bar, two roof designs and 14 solid and metalflake colors. Lyons recalls that he sold about 200 Fun Huggers from 1969 to 1970, before their market demand declined. People

JOY RIDES From Corvettes to a Cobra M waxed. As told by John Masick y love for cars starte mechanically and in older helped my fath glasspack mufflers, m classic parts and pieces, and the cars w

ed as a child, and as I got appearance. They had her maintain his cars both moon hubcaps, and other were always clean and

About 1960 we had a neighbor with a Corvette who wanted me to keep it clean and waxed. I would drive it to my house and get very excited to do a great job on it,and when it was done, I was allowed to

longer made and I was afraid to buy a car that was no longer made, plus they were a little over 7000 at that time. So I bought a 1971 Corvette 454, as it was only about 5500. I kept that car for 33 ye

CLUB PROFILE Snake N Eggs Real Folks Having Real Fun at the Kentucky Cobra Club The Kentucky Cobra Club had its first Snakes n Eggs gathering of the 2014 Season, marking 11th Season of KCC. A total of

Great Lakes Cobra Club Terry Anway 8103978476 Greater St. Louis Kit Car Club Dan Doerer 3145765856 http frameset.cfmclubgslkcc GTO Replica Register Handcrafted Automob

READERS RIDES An Ampedup Super Seven, Swedish Style eres a new level of Super Seven, called the Hyper 8. The car started out as a Westfield SE replica, which is about 15 percent smaller than todays We

VE HYPER 8 overlooked way to improve the handling of a car. The front suspension is heavily modified, with inboard dampers working via fulcrums and pushrods, providing 100 percent linear spring chara

Hyper 8 has an electrical parking brake, which also moves weight backwards. The motor itself weighs in at 500 grams which is less than a normal parking brake lever. Thanks to the lack of a lever, the

SHOP TIME PASSING THE TORCH Some Thoughts on Leaving the Editors Chair of Kit Car Builder By Jim Youngs, Editor Emeritus A 76 fter founding Kit Car Builder Magazine more than a dozen years ago, its

apparently hobby at the time, with a rather word of my dim bulb of an editor at its wheel, this unexpected oppordeparture spread quick tunity seemed like a natural challenge to me. But starting a ly t

nounced that Kit Car Builder magazine was going into national newsstand distribution August 2003 issue we had enough traction and a reasonable number of subscribers to place KC on notice that we were

KCB MALL KCB MALL KCB MALL KCB MALL KCB MALL KCB Countach and Chupacabra Bodies Tube Frame Chassis for all MidEngine Cars 80

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