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Most Powerful, Biggest, Baddest, Best Looki Kenne Bell combines size, efficiency, lower parasitic losses an BILLET 4x6 ROTOR TWIN SCREW COOLER OPERATION No manifold or intercooler covers to hide hea

SUPERCHARGER KITS ing, Highest HP Potential . . . . and COOLEST nd Liquid Cooling optional for more HP and greater potential 0810 6.1, 5.7 MAMMOTH 2.8 POLISHED 1114 6.4 MAMMOTH 2.8 BLACK Patented

SEPTEMBER 2014 IN THIS ISSUE Cover Story 71 Hemi Cuda Gone Wild ......................... 6 Editors Page Brand Loyalty ........................................... 18 Mr.Norms Corner MoparFest, better



NE WILD Going Topless Never Looked So Good

Story by Larry Weiner Photos by RCH Studio S tudio photo sessions are something we really enjoy. Because they offer a controlled environment, shooting in a studio provides a completely different set

as Rods, Mods and Customs, in Hudson, Florida, this EBody makes the ultimate statement about how far you can stretch the envelope with a vintage Cuda. Starting with an original body, after months on a

The rear profile is just as dramatic as the front. Check out the size of the meats. Thats what twelve inches of tire looks like and its still not enough to harness the power of the 572 Hemi. the fro

rear end. Afco fully adjustable coil overs support the vehicle at all four corners. The result is a Cuda that has a down in the weeds stance, while being equipped with a race caliber chassis and suspe

is handled by a 3 inch diameter Ceramacoated system with Flowmaster mufflers making music all their own. An AFCO 4 core aluminum radiator with an electric fan and matching shroud keep the big Hemi coo

the dash has been outfitted with a full complement of Classic Instruments gauges. A massive Sony Xpold audio entertainment system is controlled by a head unit mounted neatly in the dash. A pair of sub

mer afternoon or under a star filled night behind the wheel of this drop top Hemi Cuda with your significant other by your side Not much that we can think of. In fact, count us in, cause we just added

Editors Page Brand Loyalty The 1968 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Pack Wagon was one of those unique cars that begged to be brought back to life, so we did. Its a lot of fun to drive, and many people are sure

luxe, a 1957 Chrysler Saratoga, and a 1965 Chrysler Newport six window sedan to name a few. His influence rubbed off on my father who also purchased Chryslers, among them a Spice Gold 1967 Newport Fas

Brand loyalty. Its what car manufacturers strive for each time they introduce new vehicles. But brand loyalty is something thats earned. Its far more than just the thrill of taking delivery of a new v

My father bought a new Spice Gold Metallic Chrysler Newport Fast Top in the summer of 67. It made such a great impression on me that when we found this mint low mile 1967 Chrysler Town and Country eig

Yes, I really did own a 1953 Dodge M37 that I drove to work every day for several years. It may be eccentric my wife says that Im eccentric but it was a kick to drive. family, and from personal exper

THRILLS, NOT FRILLS Call Today For a Dealer Near You 888.445.5226 Superformance LLC 6 Autry Irvine CA 92618 9499001950 27

MoparFest Was Better Than Ever Mr. Norms Cor Mopars, Mopars and more Mopars This 1970 AAR Cuda was one of over 1600 of Ma Mopars finest on display at Moparfest.

rner From Now On, When I Think of Canada, Im Going to Think WOW Photos Courtesy of Moparfest he Moparfest in Canada just plain blows me away. What a show they put on up in Kitchner, Ontario each yea

strooms and close to 150 acres available for parking. What really sets this show apart is how well the organizers take care of the folks who attend. That parking lot never ceases to amaze me. If the i

1967 Coronet was straight enough for black and looked good wearing a set of Magnum 500s. the GSS vehicle packages was as great in Canada as it was at the Mopar Nationals. We arrived at the show each

Four wheel drive short wheelbase Dodge Ram Van looked ready to face the toughest weather that Mother Nature can throw at it. Heres one you dont see at every show, a 1978 Midnight Express Truck. Marke

Two 1961 Chryslers headed into the show. The powder blue New Yorker with New York plates was so nice that it appeared to have just rolled off the showroom floor. Not one but two first generation Char

An aerial view of Moparfest illustrates how big this show really is. Top left inset A trio of ABodies showing off their tails. Look closely and youll spot a 1970 Coronet with a GoWing hiding between t

Above Mr. Norm even signed Patts Mopar 10. You can be sure that this ones a keeper Patt is the person who makes sure that Moparfest is such a great success. Right Heres a dedicated shot of the 1940 Do

A large swap meet area provided tons of vintage Mopar parts to look at for those in the hunt for those rare and hard to find items. 32


Maxed Out Charger For Show And Go

Story by Marv Herbert Photos by Larry Weiner W ithout a doubt, the breakout car for 1968 was the Dodge Charger. Sure, the Mako Shark inspired Corvette was a slick looking sports car, and the new mid

for the return of a Charger that echoed the shape and theme of the much loved vehicle. In response to those requests, in 2011 the new Charger incorporated many of the lines that made the original so p

50th Anniversary GSS Charger looks long, low and sleek from any angle. TOP INSET Door scoops echo the appearance of the scoops on the 1970 Charger RT. LOWER INSETS Hurst Dazzler alloy wheels are desig

versary Charger is one thoroughly modern muscle car, and it all starts with the race inspired GSS Aero Body Package. The aggressively styled ground effects dramatically enhances the appearance of the

GSS hood graphics add definition to the 1968 style hood recesses. The Katzkin custom leather interior provides the perfect complement to the exterior. It looks great, and the glove soft leather provi

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF PERFORMANCE PROVEN KNOWHOW In 1963, Mr. Norm opened Grand Spaulding Dodge and high performance has never been the same. Celebrating this milestone, in conjunction with Mr. Nor

MR. NORMS 50TH ANNIVERSARY GSS CHARGER INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT EXTERIOR Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary Signature GSS Charger Body Side Vinyl Graphics Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary GSS Char

MR. NORMS 50TH ANNIVERSARY GSS CHARGER INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT CHASSIS Hurst Stunner 20 Inch Custom Wheels Machined w Anthracite Accent Sizes Front 20 x 9 Rear 20 x 10 BF Goodrich G

Dodge Embraces Vipers Roots and Revs Up Excitement Delivering the Ultimate Handbuilt American Exotic Supercar with a New Starting U.S. Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price MSRP of 84,995 with even mor

Here is your chance to relive Muscle Car history

NO BUY YOUR NEW DODGE Call the Mr. Norms Ho Weve got em, c Factory stock and Mr. Norms Dodge Giant inventory of Challenger Supercharaged 5.7 and 6.4 He We can install Mr. Norm packages a Mr. Norm

OW MR. NORM E FROM otline 760 6126365 come n get em All vehicles delivered through Bosak Performance by Mr. Norm Broker es and Rams for immediate delivery. r and Charger RTs and SRT8s emi Challen


Insurance Coverages Available 37

MR. NORMS KENNE BELL FOR 2008 2014 CHALLENGERS, CHARGERS, 300 MAKE YOUR CAR A PART OF MR. NORMS HISTORY SUPERCHARGERS Racers net for the Mr.Norms Kenne Bell 2.8L Supercharger Kit is 6,995 plus ship


RE ISSUE PREMIE E SEPTEMB R 2014 ROCTOBE ere ly H On P hem nd T Fi PRO IMO R ARS CT C JE Racy 289 FIA Cobras W, Honda, BM sions for nd More y Conver a Bod , Corvette o Miata, Fier VW,

ht Ones Rig Which for You YOUR SOURCE FOR The Latest Specialty Component Vehicles CuttingEdge Design and Technology 34 F Tech Tips HowToInstallsord dy Drop Road Trips In Radicalo B Rides Sh

Women Virginia Ginni Rometty is Chairman, President and CEO of IBM Photo courtesy of IBM Breaking the Glass Ceiling Todays Women Set the Pace In Big Business the top between 2011 and 2012, and curre

s World ranking 1 in 2012. In 2011 when IBM announced that Ginni would be the companys next president and CEO, when Sam Palmisano stepped down, Palmisano stated Ginni got this promotion because she d

Mary Barra General Motors CEO Photo courtesy of General Motors beverage corporation, formed in 1965 with the merger of the PepsiCola Company and FritoLay, Inc. However, the recipe for Pepsi the soft

32 on the Forbes Magazines List of The Worlds Most Powerful Women. Also in 2013, Marissa became the first woman listed as number one on Fortune magazines annual list of the top 40 business stars under

women are proving they can run major companies, start and develop their own companies, serve on the boards of multiple companies and charities and yes, have families. The women of today and tomorrow c

Photographers Showcase Spotlight on Toshi Akatsuka By Larry Weiner Photos by Toshi Akatsuka of that fact, we are fortunate to work with many photographers, some of whom specialize in supplying photog

Photographers Showcase sue. Reading ACARS, which by the way, is the size of a telephone book compared to many of the car magazines here, is a little difficult, unless you are fluent in Japanese. Howev

Here, Toshi caught the Mr. Norms GSSR 1000 Horsepower 50th Anniversary Challenger in action at Irwindale Speedway as it smokes the hides in preparation for a run down the track. This photo was seen in

Toshi was among the first photographers to shoot the Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary GSS Challenger and Charger. Here is a tight shot of the Charger, which was also seen on the cover of ACARS along with it

takes the time to get both a wide range of beauty shots, coupled with a variety of action images. The following photos illustrate the wide range of styles Toshi uses to capture the essence of each veh

Before and after photos of the Jeep Wrangler FIVE STAR that debuted in the Vision Wheels Exhibit at the 2013 SEMA SHOW. The before pose shows the Jeep at rest, while the after shot shows it in action

Toshi photographed this 1968 Dodge Charger at the Pure Vision shop in Simi Valley, California. These four photos showcase Toshis excellent use of light, attention to detail and perspective. These are

Toshi found this 1946 Diamond T in a storage lot near Los Angeles. Not one to pass up an opportunity, he photographed this truck as part of a series he puts together for ACARS about old vehicles in an

Toshi staged this 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge as though it was ready to make a pass down the track. Toshi provided the photos of this Polara for the cover and feature story of the March 2014 issue of

A shot of the Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary GSSR 1000 on display in the Lucas Oil Exhibit at the Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals at the Pomona Fairplex earlier this year. This is the same car tha

Another photo of the original Dodge Lil Red Express Truck looking right at home on a winding canyon road. A kaleidoscope green frames of Dale Arnolds Blue Streak Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary GSS Challe

TECH TECH TECH TECH TEC LIFE IN THE FAST LANE Installing a Gear Vendors Overdrive in a 1965 1968 Chrysler CBody Story and photos by Howard Benjamin o say that we live in a day and age of rapidl

CH TECH TECH TECH TECH is something we can do that will dramatically improve the performance of our vehicles while simultaneously further discrediting many of the arguments against them. A proven

Note Install is for 1965 thru 1968 Chrysler CBody vehicles equipped with 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission Vehicle in photos is 1967 Chrysler Town Country Wagon Stock before disassembly Gear Ve

Cross member with front and rear bolts removed Removing vertical bolts from cross member Removing cross member Cross member removed RIGHT Removing transmission mount Speedometer cable installed in

Snap ring pliers used to release snap ring Snap ring releases tail housing from tail shaft Tail shaft with tail housing removed Second photo of tail shaft with tail housing removed Removing the Pl

Installing GV tail housing to rear of transmission Using mirror to insure correct placement of parking gear control rod Another photo showing use of mirror for installing parking gear control rod. N

Positioning demo Gear Vendors unit to determine new drive shaft length Measuring for new driveshaft. New will be shorter than original because Gear Vendors unit and new tail housing adds length trans

Installing Gear Vendors computer under carpeting on left side floor Installing wires into Gear Vendors computer Gear Vendors control panel installed under dashboard Gear Vendors switch installed on

Gear Vendors unit completely installed Putting synthetic oil in Gear Vendors unit Reinstalling fill plug on Gear Vendors unit Completed installation 84

Charter Sponsors Bosak Motors 3111 W. Lincoln Hwy.,Rt. 30 Merrillville, IN 46410 8885071403, ask for Mr. J Crystal Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 1005 S. Suncoast Blvd. Homosassa, FL 34448 3525632277 Steve

MR. NORMS CHALLENGER QUARTER PANEL SCOOPS FITS 2008 2015 DODGE CHALLENGERS As seen on the cover of Mopar Action Magazine The Racers Net for the Mr. Norms Challenger Quarter Panel Scoops is only 19

MR. NORMS EMBOSSED METAL LICENSE PLATES THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR FAVORITE MOPAR OR MAN CAVE Look for the Mr. Norms Embossed Metal License Plates in the Mr. Norms Store Section Note Shipping is no

West Coas Goodguys West Coast Nationals A week of fun under the hot California sun Story by Marv Herbert Photos by Steve Temple here are so many car shows each month, that it is impossible to attend

st Report ABOVE Plum Crazy 1970 Cuda 340 continues the Day 2 theme with a set of Torque Thrust style billet wheels. BELOW Hemi Orange 1969 Dodge Super Bee wearing A12 style black steelies with chrome

play of Bonneville land speed cars, a cool exhibit with more Cushmans than weve seen in the last 40 years, a vintage front motor dragster cackle fest, and of course lots of rock and roll music, this y

Vintage Dodge Power Wagon was restored to perfection and is an excellent example of one of these big brutes. A couple of subtle mods were hiding under the hood, including a custom intake with dual car

1968 Barracuda Formula S convertible looked factory fresh, right down to the original dog dish hubcaps and Plymouth Out To Win You Over license plate. Michelle Smith is the owner of this mildly rodde

1971 Plymouth GTX looked like new, right down to the factory Rally wheels and white pinstriping Blown and injected 415 cubic inch small block powered 1970 Plymouth Duster was an eye catcher with cand

The 1936 Dodge Woody, left, was simply spectacular. Its one of three that are known to exist. Check out the factory side mounts, fender skirts, period perfect visor and prehistoric air conditioning. A

This jet black 1968 Charger RT looked much like the Charger Steve McQueen chased with his Mustang in Bullitt. The black paint on this stunning 1947 Plymouth woody looked a mile deep and provided the


News You Can Use Auburn Gear First to Offer Aftermarket Alternative for Post2010 Chrysler 9 ZF LimitedSlip Differential uburns new 9 limitedslip differential broadens consumer choice and delivers supe

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 2011 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit, 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, 2012 2013 Jeep Grand



I Memories of Cars Gone By Story and Photos by Larry Weiner But Wait, Theres More 1975, and I was heading home from a long day on the job. It was cold and rainy, and all I could think about was gett

The 1939 Plymouth at a car show at the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois in the summer of 1976. Other than some minor touch ups, thats the original paint. I did have the bumpers replated and bought a

whatever interest he had in the Plymouth was gone, and he was far too busy running the restaurant to be bothered with the car. Once he got caught up with the dinner orders, we headed back out into the

mornings would even bring a blanket, since it was not equipped with the optional heater. Yes, a flood of memories. Thats what the ad in AutoBuy for that 1939 Plymouth caused this month. As an enthusia