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SEMA Show Special Part II Exotic Camaro JanuaryFebruary 2015 ITANS THE T SH OF CLA Classic vs. Modern Muscle TIPS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR COBRA

SEMA Show Special Part II Exotic Camaro JanuaryFebruary 2015 ITANS THE T SH OF CLA Classic vs. Modern Muscle TIPS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR COBRA

408 hp Attack GTR Kills Supercars 1000 hp Blown Hemi Hits the Street RaceReady Grand Sport Corvette CorvettePowered Cheetah januaryFebruary, 2015

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover Story Customizing Tips for Your Cobra .....26 Grand Sport Corvette from MidAmerica Industries.............................................. 42 Factory Five Cobra Coupe with a B

JANUARY FEBRUARY 2015 Car Builder Staff Steve Temple EditorPublisher Larry Weiner Marketing Deb Murphy Art Direction Tina Temple Maven of Morale Jim Youngs Editor Emeritus Denis Snow Editoria

THROTTLE STEERING I 8 ve just lost a good friend of the magazine, and a good friend in life. Harold Pace, our longtime and most knowledgable editorial contributor, and a topnotch photographer as wel

than a dozen 60sera Mini Coopers to vintage Ferraris. Pace owned a commercial photography studio in Dallas from 1980 to 2000 when he happily made the switch to automotive photojournalism, contributing

FYI 10 fter a whirlwind 201440th Anniversary Season, Carlisle Events is already gearing up for its 2015 schedule. While the Carlisle Import Kit Nationals held May 1517 is of particular interest to

owned by local and regional enthusiasts will be part of the display, which should feature about two dozen cars on each side. For Carlisle Events, this years theme follows two which were wildly success

FYI a nice array of tail fins and chrome are showcased too. For Ford weekend, the GT, Thunderbird and Merkur will take center stage, while GM hosts a nice array of 5th Generation Camaros, the IROC C

approaches a grand finale, Carlisle Events shifts into high gear for four events in a sixweek span. Carlisle Performance Style continues to honor the hottest, newest and freshest trends in the hobby

T FYI rion Supercars TSC is a Californiabased automotive technology company thats developing highend supercars with a variety of drivetrain options. Engine outputs range from 1400 to 2000 hp from twi

FYI Keeping You in Suspension P T owered by a firstgen Suzuki Hayabusa engine, the Fastcraft VortX RT features a full race cage and all safety requirements for NASA competition. In addition to moto

FYI L Superformance Grand Sport Corvette and Supercharged Coyote Cobra ast year we featured a prototype of Superformances Grand Sport Corvette, but it wasnt quite ready for prime time, since it was

Cobras Ive driven exclaims Superformances Lance Stander. Its light and very responsive. The Ford Coyote 5.0L Modular engine is nothing short of amazing. FYI T Littlefield Cust

C FYI SEMA Show New Products, Part II lassic Recreations now has a badboy Mustang, fittingly named the Villain. Built by the companys new division, CR Supercars, this ponycar fuses classic styling

be offered in four models, each increasing substantially in power ratings starting with Ford Racings 420hp allaluminum DOHC 5.0L Coyote engine, mated to a Tremec T56 Magnum sixspeed manual transmissio

Q FYI SEMA Show New Products, Part II uick Fuel Technology QFT is well known for its innovative highperformance and racing carburetors, and most recently, for its showwinning Black Diamond heatresi

D T eveloped for custom buildups, Mishimotos Race Ready Aluminum Performance Radiator features a tworow, dualpass configuration with tubes that can withstand more than 100 psi of pressure. Designed w

FYI SEMA Show New Products, Part II lacing a lowslung project car on a lift can be a challenge, but heres a product designed to make that task easier. The Car Lift Ramp consists of four interlocking

W M FYI Brilliant Idea ant to put a shine on a small part The Cosmichrome Mini System provides the same chrome plating as the Master System Select, but on a reduced scale. The Cosmichrome Mini Syste

Customizing For Making Your Snake Extra Special By Steve Temple Photos By Steve Temple, Harold Pace and Joe Greeves Tips W Cobra looks timeless when dressed in those classic hues of Guardsman Blue

ies the company can produce. But making the body only, doesnt make a full car, he points out. So we are actually setting up to do the rest here in our shop. Hes using the proven and popular chassis de

Cobra Customizing Tips lot of work and goes into making your Cobra body look the way you want it to. Just ask Tom of Tom Weber Paint and Body. Most bodies come very rough from the manufacturer, he poi

round are repaired it is time to put another few coats of highbuild primer. This layer will blocked sanded out for paint. At this point I remove the body from the chassis and place it on a body cart,

Cobra Customizing Tips B 30 uilt as a dedicated track car, this Factory Five Type 65 coupe also serves as a test bed for an 8stack fuelinjection system on a Ford Coyote crate engine. Scott Merrell

Cobra Customizing Tips T rigos adapters enable you to install wheels with real knockoffs on your Cobra project without any machine work or welding. These adapters bolt onto 4.50, 4.75 or 5.50 boltpa

Cobra Customizing Tips Lone Stars New Cobra Configuration E 34 verythings bigger in Texasand now also better, too At least at Lone Star Classics, which has just updated its Cobra replica in a numbe

cylinder system. And the tranny is a Tremec 5speed, with a Steeda adjustable shifter and a Quick Time bell housing which is shatter proof, and also more compact than the commonly used aluminum styles.

Cobra Customizing Tips All Pros AllAluminum Coupe Corvette Grand Sport from Lee Benson at All Pro Cars was featured in a previous issue, and now hes done another racy classic, this one in aluminum, u

Cobra Customizing Tips T he tall riser in the hood is not just for looks. Its needed for clearing the tunnelram setup on the engine. Note also the streetlegal drag tires in the rear, and the coverin

Cobra Customizing Tips C obras are known for being too quick, too short, too hot, too loudand too much fun Well, you can minimize a couple of those drawbacks excess heat and sound by installing Kool


GRAND DECISION One Simple Thought Led to Building a RaceReady Replica of a Legendary Corvette As told by Mike Bell Photos by Steve Temple

B ack in 1987 I found a little 164 scale model of 1963 Corvette Grand Sport. Impressed by its racy lines, I thought to myself, When I retire I would like to build me one of these cars. Of course, onc

the man, hoping the car was available. The guy told me it was still for sale. I went to Pennsylvania and purchased it, and then brought the car back to Indiana and drove it on the street for about six

decided to go the complete route and paint the 63 grand sport to match the recent 1996 Grand Sport Admiral Blue, Red Fender Hash Marks, White Center Racing Stripes and Torch Red Interior. Once it was


sputtered, banged, and popped. But after some laptop tuning and 300 miles of driving, the computer read my driving style and took over. With the fuel management all settled in, this mill delivered 770

with no problems at all. On the street, everybody always wants to play with me, especially those guys in their turbo imports, but I dont get into street racing. I just smile and wave, as I dont need

Available now, che

eck your dealer for inventory Own a legend today 8002976253

READERS RIDE BIG B O O S T on Littlefields Supercharged LSPowered Coupe


As Told by Bob Littlefield Photos by Steve Temple A 54 t Littlefield Customs, I build one car at a time. I like to build highhorsepower, lightweight cars that you can actually drive. So taking on t


supercharged with a Whipple blower to make 820 horses and 712 lbft of toruqe. Of course, nobody makes headers for this application, so I had to build my own, fabricate motor mounts, and relocate the m

of money its amazing what you can do with a kit car. There are so many custom features on this car its hard to list them all I dont think anybody will ever see another one like it.. The car is schedul

Imagine nding this treasure in an old secluded bar 550 SPYDER Hand Made 100 Aluminum Body Bar Qu A W in an Ja ca Se

rn... rn nd at 3.4 million off regular price uite possibly the worlds most accurate authentic tribute car. continuation Spyder The body is an allaluminum, handcrafted work of art. We use original 1


e Phantom Menace A Cobra Guy Turns to the Dark Side and Builds an Elusive Cheetah

EDITORS NOTE The history of the Cheetah is an intriguing tale, how Chevrolet looked to Bill Thomas, a successful Corvette racer, to create a car that could skin a Cobra. It was a covert program, with

to build several more kits purchased from three different companies over the last 14 years. Upon retirement from my corporate automotive management job I decided to take my passion forward by forming

64 built as a joint venture between North Dallas Motorsports and Wicked Custom Rods. The fit and finish, and completeness of the kit made the project fairly easy to build with very little modificatio


Stealthy Snake This BlackedOut Backdraft is a Darker, More Menacing Cobra Text and Photos by Steve Temple S helbys favorite Cobra number was 65. He never explained exactly why, other than to say he

That was thinking behind this 66 65 1, get it replica from Backdraft, customized by Vintage Motorsports. Actually, the concept for this blackedout bad boy was originally numbered 666, but it conjured

stitching. The engine is the 2014 formula for the VMS 427X, built by Speed Logics and installed by Vintage Motorsports. Rated at 545hp, the chassis dyno indicated 465 rwhp at 5600 rpm, and 462 lbft at

appearance. The car has been purchased by Tim Schreifels of Rogers, MN, who had Backdraft make a few changes that include the installation of a Diffsonline 3.73 LSD rear, a passenger roll bar, and a

WORLDCLA A RedBlooded American Pony Car Infused With Euro Performance Story and photos by Steve Temple

ASS CAMARO B ack in the lateSixties, American cars were all about quick acceleration and sexy sheet metal. Handling Not so much. If you wanted to turn and stop, the Europeans were way ahead of thin

competitive on both sides of The Pond Thats exactly what Dave Brandt did with his 69. Ive always been a European car guy, he admits. While having an appreciation for foreign exotics, he didnt want to

the performance upgrades underneath, the visual impact of Tenacity the cars moniker is like a wellmuscled thug dressed up in a fitted gray flannel suit. You can both dress it up and take it out for a

carving corners, while Exotic Air lifters ensure a glovesoft ride. All these performance upgrades required a commensurate treatment to the body and cockpit as well. The Camaros classic shape was massa

Numerous panels were custom molded, and the Recaro seats modifed as well. All told, The concept was to incorporate influences from the exotic car world without losing the iconic 69 Camaro features, no

Spec Box BUILDER East Bay Muscle Cars 560 Valdry Ct., Brentwood, CA 94513 9255162277 Tires F Michelin 28535ZR19 R Michelin 33530ZR20 Engine Mast Motorsports Black Label SS 6.

Celebrating 50 years of the Shelby Cobra 19652015 8002976253 Own a legend today

As seen on

COBRA CUSTOMIZING T 80 Dispelling the Myths From Facts By Jim Inglese WEBER CARBS a few minutes. Some 50 years after these enigmatic, visually fascinating carburetion systems saw their heyday, we s

Webers on Factory Fives new USRRC Cobra replica. But those filters on top of the stacks can be a problem. The foam inside them restricts airflow, and will eventually dry out and crumble, falling into

82 running Webers on the street suffered because of it, giving up and selling them in utter frustration. Things like fuel pressure, float levels, ignition timing, lowspeed jetting, and emulsion tubes

On the Weber 48IDA, jets are changed by removing the screen on top of the carburetor, making jet changes simple and fast. fuel pressure regulator. Those racing carburetion systems made their way thro

Heres what the jetting system looks like after removal, with each piece separated. These components are responsible for the Weber carburetors personality. Compression ratio is very important when the

should not have to add any parts, take the carburetors off the manifold to correct linkage issues, or figure out how to finish assembling the linkage. The mixture screws and idle speed settings should

to the grocery store, ticking off every mile with a smile. CB to guide you through the installation, starting, and setup procedureor youll be entirely on your own when you install it. If no instructi

I The Black Ma READERS RIDE A Name That Says it All As Told by Erik Treves first was introduced to the Factory Five family by an Army buddy back in 1999. Following the discovery of Factory Five, I

amba Strikes COBRA CUSTOMIZING horsepower. The notoriety I received from this build allowed me the opportunity to participate in the Factory Five episode of the Car Warriors TV show. I was off and r

and I was first in line at the open house in June 2014. Mostly because of the Forums, and to stand out a bit, I name my builds after some sort of theme. I had The Green Lantern, The Flash, The Side K

build. These details ranged from complexmaking valve covers and T5 midshift linkageto relatively simple, the dash layout and painting every nut and bolt head. In the end, as I step back and now look a

The GTRs Tactical Maneuvers for Battling Supercars as told by Petr Benes


P robably like every other car guy, I dreamed since childhood about creating my own design, one that would be both beautiful and fast. An original car that you could not buy at a dealers showroom, bu

modification, and improvement, trying to understand the philosophy of structures that are changed over time in new technical solutions. My business relationship with Dick changed to friendship, and in

A few days later we began to think about how to turn ideas into reality. For maximum efficiency, we divided the project by specialization. Bracing addressed any problems about the Attack, while Dany h

need for precise driving characteristics, we have developed new dampers, a circuit version with external containers and adjustable height, bound and rebound. Much of the work was carried out on the bo

TECH SPECS Engine Honda K20 with Eaton compressor E85 fuel Power 408 hp1000 kg Transmission 6speed DogGear kit without synchros sequential robotic shifting, LSD differential 2way Front brakes 6pisto

PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP WITH CARLISLE EVENTS Carlisle Events provides an auto event destination thats second to none for families of all ages. Adults and children alike will enjoy a variety of entertainm

O New Headgear From Backdraft Racing Thats Both Stylish and Functional Text and Photos by Joe Greeves SNAKE ne of the biggest challenges for Cobra replica manufacturers is to create something new w


only that, the engine and suspension improves on the original in every significant way. Quite apart from style or weather protection, early FIAstyle fiberglass tops on Cobras originally appeared as a

Vented flares stretched over fat tires help with both airflow and brake cooling. And their aggressive look is a bonus Early Cobras went through a succession of engines with each adding to the power an

Summit Meeting, Pa t IV COBRA CUSTOMIZING Getting to this stage of prepping the body for paint requires a substantial amount of work and theres still more to be done. The exterior trim and hardware,

This closeup of the front fender, as the body comes from Factory Five, shows the parting line from the molding process. This ridge of excess gelcoat is not structural. Its simply extra material from t

Areas with a tight radius, such as the fender lips and cockpit coaming, require hand sanding with a smaller block. To achieve this ultrasmooth level of prep surface, several different approaches can

The hood, doors and trunk lid are mounted in the during the prepping phase. SKJ uses a paint stick wrapped in sandpaper to check the gap between the panel and body. TOP LEFT The windshield in particu

BIGBLOCK BRIT Taking an AustinHealey Rep Roadster to a Whole New Leve with a 700hp, 572ci Chevy


T I As told by Robert Weiss he basic premise was simple, but the execution was not. Bob Andrews of West Allis, Wisconsin, a longtime car collector, wanted to build a ride with the highest powertowei

engine, yet still be something close to drivable. The second job was to take the cute little car all apart and rebuild it into a ferocious roadster. The mill chosen was a 572ci, bigblock Chevy crate m

accommodations to the engine bay to accept the 572. In addition, he fabricated new mounting brackets for additional accessories such as the new alternator, radiator and fan and the transmission cooler

very little chrome and tan leather seating. To top it off a functional hole was added to the hood for air flow and cooling. Originally, the design called for a scoop, but Andrews liked the way the spe

hood, he says, so it was kept that way. All told, with the exception of the factory top, there wasnt any part of this car that was left untouched. With its tremendous power and light weight youd think

Buy a 20 raffle ticket and a chance for you to 20th Anniversary MKIII By Powered by 20 Raffle Ticket Drawing is June 27, 2015 At The London Cobra Show in London, Ohio Purchase ticket by scanning QR

Fraternal Twins W Text and photos by Rob Hawkins hen it comes to opentop motoring, a car with no windscreen appeals to a select group of madcap motorists. The cars seen here represent two extremes

The Exocet XS and FMEV Replicars Dont Look Even Remotely Related, but They Share the Same Miata DNA

UPPER LEFT Authentic aluminum flat dash covers MX5 instrument pod, allowing donor car gauges to be used. UPPER RIGHT Replicar interior looks encased, but you actually sit up higher and feel more expos

steering column and pedal assembly. The design influences and origins of the cars seen here each have their own story to tell. The Replicar is a recreation of the Aston Martin DBR1, the DBR being an a

including Roy Salvadori. The car finished first overall at the 1000km Nurburgring and two cars finished first and second at the Spa Grand Prix for sports cars. Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham claimed a

By comparison, the Exocet XS is a revised version of the popular Exocet. The predecessor is a no frills exoskeletal kit car, which seems more angular in appearance compared with the XS that has a slee

skill level and how many friends you have. Comparing the two on the merits of cost may be the deciding factor for some people, but what is probably more important is how they drive. Theres a massive d

bars around your head. As for road use, theres little difference because both cars are civilized. We test drove them on MEVs track, which includes a few undulations and uneven sections of tarmac, but

Most Powerful, Biggest, Baddest, Best Look Kenne Bell combines size, efficiency, lower parasitic losses an BILLET TWIN SCREW STREET COMPE STREET RODS MR. NORM 1000HP CHALLENGER Why settle for a

king, Highest HP Potential . . . . and COOLEST nd Liquid Cooling optional for more HP and greater potential SUPERCHARGER KITS MUSCLECARS ETITION COOLEST CUDA SHELBY SUPER SNAKES 850HP 50 STATE LE

I A Rocky Road But Eventually Happy Trails As told by Duane Hewitt was going to a consignment shop to look at an MGA, but my wife and I saw this Austin Healey replica from Classic Roadsters that we

READERS RIDE Complete Car Care removed and replaced it with a Jasper remanufactured 350 SBC that pumps out 300 horses, backed by a TH400 trans. This past summer we won three trophies and and two plaqu


r mopar Terrorizing Both Street and Strip in a 1000hp Hemi Challenger ill Scharing is a hardcore Mopar enthusiast. He has two latemodel Challengers, a Kenne Bell supercharged SRT8, and his overthetop

ultimate dual purpose streetstrip machine and proves that you really can have your cake and eat it, too. Bill drives the Challenger to the track, installs a racing tune on the cars computer, changes t

Mile, an unlimited speed contest where he ran over 191 miles per hour and is planning to crack the 200mph barrier the next time out. Bill and his Mr. Norms Challenger are living proof that you can hav

136 like Mr. Norm and Jim Bell, the old saying great minds must think alike rings true. When Norm spoke to Jim about developing the GSSR, it turned out the Jim Bell was already working with Bill Scha

studs, and an ATI damper. On top of the short block, Jim Bell recommends using the earlier 6.1L Hemi heads, as they have more material than comparable 6.4L heads, making them better suited to highboo

138 on E85 fuel. If you want to run on 91 octane pump gas, the engine can be built with 9.31 compression pistons and the boost is set at 15 to 17 pounds. When it comes to making max power, Kenne Bell

the leading pioneers in the development and evolution of the super fuel funny car category with his nitro burning, supercharged Hemi powered Coronets, Chargers and Challenger. And with the launch of t

Turnkey Commission KickOut DualSport Manxter 22 Professional assembly for your n ex

Builds t adventure DENMATCARS 774 487 7826 Cape Cod, MA

SHOP TIME S 142 Snake Charmer Looking Back on Some Memorable Cobras By Jim Youngs, Editor Emeritus ometimes popularity has its drawbacks. Since Cobra replicas are by far the most common model of sp

to mind when I consider standout cars Ive encountered during my tenure as a specialtycar journalist. I suppose the whole distinctiveCobra attraction started with the first kit car I built an Elegant M

on, Darren progressed to more mainstream snake replicasalbeit also with lots of custom touches direct from the aluminumskinned replica offerings at Kirkham Motorsports. Also off the top of my head, I

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Classic Connection, Inc. A plugandplay ECU for Ford Coyote 5.0L engine with an 8stack EFI 436 HP at 6500 RPM 373 lbft. of torque at 5400 RPM ModStack Email www.class

ealed ow Rev N A secret Cobra concept built by the Lincoln Continental division with lots more storage space for a spare tire Photos by Joe Greeves Got a weird or funny photo to share Please email

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