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SOLD 32,400 SOLD 96,000 SOLD 207,000 SOLD 45,140 M Quality Collections Fresh to the Market. SOLD 2,530,000 SOLD 28,000 SOLD 143,750 SOLD 300,000 SOLD 210,000 SOLD 88,800 denver, pa las vegas,

Welcome to Welcome to Morphy Auctions, the finest auction destination for fresh to the market collections. My staff and I are committed to exceeding your expectations at every point of contact, as wel

Consigning With Us SOLD 21,600 SOLD 96,000 Colt 1909 11 SOLD 105,000 SOLD 15,600 SOLD 44,500 We never cut corners, and to ensure proper attention is given to each collection, a minimum of four month

Our Facility At Morphys its not just about the business its about the experience... Morphy Auctions is one of the largest underroof auction houses, spanning over 45,000 sq. ft. The facility is custom

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Auction Details Auctioneer sells approximately 80100 lots per hour. APPROXIMATE AUCTION TIMES SATURDAY LOTS 1 100 900 AM 101 200 1000 AM 201 300 1100 AM 301 400 1200 PM 401 500 100 PM 501 600

Quality Collections Fresh to the Market. Saturday Session OCTOBER 15, 2016 Auction Starts at 900am PST LOTS 1 798 Items Now On Preview Monday Friday 900am 400Pm PST Auction Day Preview Begins at

1 5 MILLS LIBERTY BELL GUM VENDOR SLOT MACHINE 13W. x 17L. x 2312T. 3Reel slot machine with original gum vendor on the side and marquee. This machine features a new cash box, marquee, and awards card

LOT 5 5 5 CAILLE SILENT SPHINX SLOT MACHINE 13W. x 17L. x 23T. Nicely colored Egyptian design front casting with wooden cabinet and base. Reel strips and awards card are original. Handle has been re

10 THE PLAYWRITE COUNTERTOP TRADE STIMULATOR 11W. x 16L. x 11T. 3Reel trade stimulator that, when the handle is pulled, allows the user to guess the number that will show up on the reels. Cast alumin

17 1 INDIAN MUTOSCOPE VIEWER 18W. x 23D. x 64T. This classic arcade machine was manufactured by the International Mutoscope Reel Company. It has an ornate red cast metal body with a green painted met

LOT 18 LOT 19 18 25 EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO. ROTARY MERCHANDISER 30D. x 30W. x 4312T. A turntable skill game manufactured by the Exhibit Supply Co. during the 1930s. It features a rotating platform cove

LOT 20 LOT 21 LOT 22 20 1 MADAME ZITA ARCADE AMUSEMENT MACHINE 15x17x73Thisfloormodelfortunetellerfeaturesafemale figurewho,atthecrankofthehandle,pullsalevertodispenseacard with one hand, grabs

23 5 EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO. RODEO PINBALL GAME 23W. x 43L. x 42T. ElectroMechanical pinball game with black painted and natural stained wood case and electrical cord. There is wear and fading to the case

LOT 27 27 FINE OLD RUM BACK BAR BOTTLE 1134T.Circa1890s.Labelunderglasswithfemalefigure. Excellent Plus. 10,000.00 20,000.00 18 October 15, 2016

28 CHOICE OLD BLK. BERRY LABEL UNDER GLASS BACK BAR BOTTLE 9 34 T. Beautiful image of a woman. Excellent Plus. 3,000.00 5,000.00 29 ROXBURY RYE LABEL UNDER GLASS BACK BAR BOTTLE 15 T. Circa 1890s.

LOT 32 LOT 33 LOT 34 LOT 35 LOT 36 LOT 37 LOT 38 LOT 39 LOT 40 32 CLAYTON RYE ENAMELED BACK BAR BOTTLE 10 12 T. Circa 1890s. Beautiful swirl top bottle with the enameled words Clay


LOT 45 45 1 BUFFALO CHEWING GUM VENDOR 1612T. x 1012 D. Circa 1907. This is a highly collectible vending machine. Unfortunately, very few survived. Expert believes the decal is new and the top marq

LOT 46 46 1 BULL NOVELTY CO. PERFUME DISPENSER 1412x712x612Wallmountfiguralbullsheadperfumevending machine is designed to release an offered scent from the tip of the bulls tongue by depressing the

LOT 47 LOT 48 LOT 49 LOT 50 LOT 51 47 5 MANSFIELD AUTOMATIC CLERK CHEWING GUM VENDOR 12T. x 8W. x 8D. Circa 1902. Manufactured by the Automatic Clerk Co. This was a highly successful machin

LOT 53 LOT 54 LOT 52 LOT 55 53 ENGLISH CAILLE DOUBLE COUNTER WHEEL SLOT MACHINE 34 x 12 x 29 This counter wheel machine features two hand painted wheels and coin heads, one showing greyhounds

LOT 56 56 5 BAKER NOVELTY BAKERS PACERS HORSE RACE GAME 22W. x 49L. x 37T. Horse racing game from Baker Novelty Manufacturing Co. with Daily Double feature. This machine was made in 1939 and modele

57 5 MILLS CHICAGO FLOOR WHEEL UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE 66T. x 29W. x 21D. The Mills Novelty Company manufacturedthisbeautiful6wayfloormodelin1900. The oak cabinet and metal castings are in very nice, un

58 5 MILLS DUPLEX FLOOR WHEEL UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE 70T. x 33W. x 2212D. This exquisite floormodelslotmachinewasmanufactured by the Mills Novelty Company of Chicago in 1899. The oak cabinet is in beau

59 50 MILLS THE CHICAGO FLOOR WHEEL UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE 1912W. x 27L. x 69T. Oak wood cabinet with hand carved details and cast metal furnishings including owl handles and gargoyle feet. This machin

LOT 60 LOT 61 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 60 5 MILLS FUTURITY SLOT MACHINE 15 x 16 x 27 This three reel tabletop slot machine is in nice original condition with original cash box. In worki

LOT 62 62 RARE ENGLISH 1 JACKPOT HORSE RACE MACHINE 17W. x 18L. x 22T. A fascinating machine, there are only a few of these known to exist today. By depositing a penny and pulling the handle, one w

LOT 63 63 25 JENNINGS SPORTSMAN GOLF BALL VENDOR 1812W. x 1812L. x 2112T. Wood cabinet with 3 reels and glass window that displays golf balls. Has original decals, a replacement back door, and is m

LOT 68 LOT 69 LOT 67 LOT 70 67 H.C. EVANS CO. JUMBO DICE GAMING WHEEL 85T. Large gaming wheel with 10 sections, each with 15 white dice on a blue background. In the center of the wheel is a

LOT 73 LOT 72 72 1D STANHOPE AUTOMATIC MACHINE CO. CAST IRON ELECTRIC SHOCKER 52T.Thisfloormodelelectrictreatmentmachinehasbeenexpertly restored with original stand. Made in Scotland and operates

76 1 PACE WHIZ BALL AMUSEMENT GAME 714D. x 914W. x 17T. This countertop game, originals circa 1931, is in working condition and is a correct recreation. Mahogany colored wood base, cabinet has newloo

LOT 80 LOT 81 80 GILT EDGE WHISKEY PAPER ADVERTISING SIGN Framed 29 34 x 24 14. Retains its original frame with a plaque that says Wichman Lutgen Co. Inc. Sf. The sign is titled A treat that c

LOT 83 83 ELBART DRY GIN TIN LITHO ADVERTISING SIGN Framed 45 12 x 33 14. The sign retains its original Wood Gesso stamped ElBart Gin frame. Made by Kaufmann Strauss Co., NY 1906. The graphics

LOT 84 84 1903 BUFFALO BREWING CO. ADVERTISING CALENDAR Framed 34 x 28. The calendar is framed behind glass and features an illustration by A. Asti. It retains its original top and bottom metal str

LOT 85 LOT 86 LOT 87 LOT 88 LOT 89 85 PABST BEER REVERSE CONVEX GLASS ADVERTISING SIGN 28 14 Dia. Wonderful sign made by Dawes Mfg. Co. Pittsburg, Pa. Retains its original stamped wood ge

90 CHIEF OF ALL BEER TAP KNOB 2 12 T. From Peoria Brewing Co. Ill. Very minor wear to the face. The knob is free from damage. Excellent. 500.00 800.00 91 BUFFALO BEER KNOB 2 12 T. Made by Bastian

98 25 INTERNATIONAL MUTOSOPE REEL CO. ELECTRIC TRAVELING CRANE 23W. x 26D. x 6912T. This gorgeous vendor features an oak cabinet with panels of quartersawn oak and art deco castaluminumfixtures.Theus

LOT 104 LOT 105 LOT 106 LOT 107 LOT 108 LOT 109 104 5 JENNINGS CENTURY VENDOR SLOT MACHINE 1512W. x 1512L. x 27T. 3reel slot machine with brightly colored paint and wooden base. Features

LOT 111 LOT 112 LOT 113 LOT 114 111 5 MILLS LIONHEAD GOOSENECK BELL SLOT MACHINE 15W. x 16L. x 24T. Vividly colored front with yellow background and red lion design, wooden cabinet and base.

LOT 119 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 119 ANTIQUE DIANA CARD GAME LAYOUT BOARD Framed 44 12 x 24 12. This piece has printed on designs as well as applied cards. Features protective tips on e

LOT 121 LOT 122 LOT 123 121 1 ROOVERS BROS. PUSS N BOOTS ARCADE AMUSEMENT MACHINE 17x17x76Thisfloormodelfortunetellerfeaturesafeline automaton who, at a pull of the crank, deposits a fortune ca

124 1 WATSON MEDICAL BATTERY COUNTERTOP SHOCKER 13D. x 26T. x 15W. Patented in 1898 by N.M. Watson. Housed in an oak case with glass side panels and two handles on the front of the cabinet. Good Ver

129 1 ARCADE SUPPLY THE CLOWN COIN DROP MACHINE 20 x 9 x 33 This American made countertop amusement machine is quite similar to the Jentzsch Meerz Bajazzo. Features original aluminum marquee with cl

LOT 134 134 FINE OLD PORT BACK BAR BOTTLE 11 34 T. Circa 1890s. Beautiful label under glass bottle with female figure.HasthewordsFineOldPortacrossthefront.Minorwear.Extremely rare. Excellent Plus.

LOT 136 LOT 135 135 JAC. RUPPERTS LAGER BEER LABEL UNDER GLASS MUG 9 34 T. Circa 1890s. Beautiful image on the mug. Excellent Plus. 6,000.00 8,000.00 LOT 137 136 ELKS MILK WHISKEY BACK BAR BO

142 OLD HICKORY ETCHED BACK BAR BOTTLE 11 14 T. Circa 1890s. Nice etching of the words Old Hickory across the front. Excellent Plus. 500.00 1,000.00 143 OLD THOROUGHBRED RYE BACK BAR BOTTLE 11 T.

152 1 CHICLETS GUM CHOCOLATE VENDING MACHINE 31 T. Circa 1899. Made by the Autosales Gum and Chocolate Co. This version advertises Chiclets, Dentyne chewing gum, and Stollwerck chocolate has graphic

LOT 153 LOT 154 LOT 155 LOT 156 153 1 STOLLWERCK AUTOMAT CHOCOLATE VENDING MACHINE 30 T. Circa 1890. This is a very nice three column chocolate vendor. Has a cast iron front with sheet metal

LOT 161 LOT 162 160 5 JENNINGS CHIEF CONSOLE SLOT MACHINE 16W. x 20L. x 52T. Made and distributed by O.D. Jennings Co. in 1937. Wood cabinet with cast metal marquee and the signature Chief head

163 10 MILLS SILENT GOLDEN ROMAN HEAD SLOT MACHINE 16W. x 16L. x 26T. Silver body with purple and yellow accentsfeaturingaRomanHeadinthecenterflankedbytwo ladies on either side. Circa 1932. Includes

166 25 TWOBITS DEWEY UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE 66T. x 29W. x 21D. The Mills Novelty Company of Chicago manufactured the TwoBits Dewey in 1902. The dark oak cabinet is in great condition and the cast metal

167 5 MILLS LONE STAR UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE 20W.x30L.x70T.Thisfloormodelslot machine features an oak cabinet with beautiful carved details and ornate metal furnishings. Has a new back door

168 25 MILLS DEWEY JACKPOT MUSICAL SLOT MACHINE 19W.x29L.x70T.Standalonefloorwheel slot machine. Oak cabinet with ornate cast metal adornments including gargoyle claw feet, hound dog faces, and side

169 5 CAILLE BLACK CAT UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE 18W. x 26L. x 68T. Floor pocket wheel slot machine with wood cabinet and wonderfully detailedmetalfixturesandacharmingblack cat proudly displayed front and

170 5 WATLING THE BIG SIX SLOT MACHINE 18W.x30L.x72T.Uprightfloorslotmachine with dark wood cabinet, silver details and legs, and multicolored central wheel. This machine is in very good condition wi

LOT 171 LOT 172 LOT 173 LOT 174 LOT 175 LOT 176 171 WILL FINCK METAL PLAYING GAFFED DEALERS CARDS 4 L. Stamped Will Finck. Mechanism works well. Some tarnishing and mild soiling. Very Go

LOT 180 LOT 181 LOT 182 180 1 PAUL BENNET CO. HITLER GUM TARGET SKILL GAME 812W. x 22L. x 16T. This countertop skill game, produced by Paul Bennet Co. in the 1940s, allows the user a chance t

LOT 184 184 1 MILLS ELECTRICITY IS LIFE ARCADE SHOCK MACHINE 78x2712x24Thisfloormodelmachinewithlarge,upperdialfeaturesareverseon glass, foil effect panel that reads Electricity the silent physician

LOT 186 LOT 187 LOT 185 LOT 188 185 1 EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO. LOVE TESTER ARCADE MACHINE 18D. x 23W. x 84T. Measure your sex appeal on this love meter. User deposits coin and squeezes the handle to

LOT 190 190 OLYMPIA BOTTLED BEER REVERSE GLASS SALOON SIGN 21 Dia. This sign was made by The John L. Dawes Mfg. Co Pittsburg Pa. It has a very appealing and colorful design with an illustration of

LOT 191 191 OLD FORESTER WHISKEY TIN LITHO ADVERTISING SIGN Framed 43 12 x 33 14. The sign retains its original wood and gesso Old Forester Whiskey frame. Sign was made by Chas. W. Shonk Chicago.

LOT 192 192 YOSEMITE BEER REVERSE GLASS SALOON SIGN 26 14 T. This is a very beautiful sign from Enterprise Brewing Co. S.F. The colors and layout are very inviting. The sign retains its original f

LOT 193 193 GOLDEN EAGLE WHISKEY REVERSE CONVEX GLASS SIGN 21 12 Dia. This is a very unique sign made by Dawes. Pittsburg, Pa. The sign features an original embossed tin glassjeweledmetalframe.The

194 SCHILTZ BEER REVERSE GLASS JEWELED ADVERTISING SIGN 21 12 Dia. This sign retains its original embossed metal frame with glass jewels. Features a classic Schiltz globe logo. The metal frame is in

LOT 198 LOT 199 LOT 200 LOT 201 198 AUSTIN POWDER HOUND LITHOGRAPH 2614 x 2214 x 1D The Austin Powder Co. of Cleveland, Ohio commissioned the Gray Litho Company to produce these lithographs i

LOT 206 206 25 PEPSIN WHITE CHEWING GUM VENDING MACHINE 15 T. x 1012 D. Circa 1907. This private labeled countertop machine vended pepsin chewinggum.Decalisonlypartiallylegible.Thismachineishardtof

207 1 WRIGLEYS CHEWING GUM VENDING MACHINE 15 T. x 712 W. x 10 D. Circa 1927. Manufactured by the Hoff Vending Co. This penny vendors mechanism is made of pot metal and most are not in working condit

LOT 213 213 5 MILLS THE DEWEY UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE 19W. x 29L. x 66T. Dark wood cabinet is beautifully complimented by the contrast of the shining nickel topper, feet, and wellplaced details. The m

LOT 214 214 5 CHARLES FEY ON THE SQUARE DICE TRADE STIMULATOR 8 x 14 x 11 This cast iron, countertop draw poker dice machine is in very nice, original condition with great patina. Marquee reads Two

LOT 215 215 1 DECATUR FAIREST WHEEL NO. 1 TRADE STIMULATOR 25Tall.Thiscountertopwheelshowsolderoakfinishand is missing the original coin door. Made by Decatur Fairest Wheel Works circa 1894. Excelle

221 25 MILLS CLUB BELL GOLF BALL VENDER SLOT MACHINE 21W. x 15L. x 60T. 3reel Club Bell slot machine from the Mills Novelty Co. circa 1937. A nice original example showing door repaint. Includes 4 ke

LOT 229 LOT 230 LOT 231 229 LARGE ASSORTED LOT OF TOKENS, CHIPS, AND COINS 1012T. x 1412W. x 12D. Within two boxes are a variety of amusement tokens and plastic poker chips. There is also a larg

232 RARE 1 MILLS NOVELTY SUBMARINE LUNG TESTER 17W. x 31L. x 76T. Created in 1910 by the Mills Novelty Company, most of these machines were eventually destroyed due to outbreaks in tuberculosis. This

LOT 233 233 RARE ENGLISH CAST IRON FOOTBALL ARCADE MACHINE 72 x 2012 x 19 Fancy cast iron cabinet and stand features decorative gold accents and has been painted green throughout. Top marquee featu

LOT 234 LOT 235 234 1 ABT MFG. DUTCH POOL COUNTERTOP AMUSEMENT MACHINE 15x25x10Thismechanicalcountertoppinballgameisinoriginalconditionwithniceoriginalfinish, cashbox,andlock.Playswell.Showssomepla

240 FLYING DUCK BACK BAR BOTTLE 13 14 T. Circa 1890s. Beautiful enameledimageaflyingduck. Excellent Plus. 800.00 1,200.00 241 SMOKE SOLID HAVANA CIGARS LABEL UNDER GLASS BOTTLE 6 T. Circa 1890s. B

LOT 253 LOT 254 253 1 COLUMBUS MODEL A PEANUT VENDOR 8W. x 8D. x 14T. This machine has its original glass globe and a new decal. The red paint may not be original to the piece and shows slight we

LOT 258 258 1 WILBURS CHOCOLATE VENDING MACHINE 32 T. Circa 1899. This is a 4column vendor dispensing chocolate and gum. Has porcelain sides with Wilbur trademark in middle panel. Some chipping on

259 1 NEKO PULL CHAIN PEANUT VENDING MACHINE 6W. x 6L. x 1212T. Green and black metal body with pull chain coin mechanism. User inserts a penny into the coin slot and pulls the chain to dispense cont

265 TABLETOP PHONOLAMP ELECTRIC LAMP PHONOGRAPH COMBO WITH SHADE 36 Tall. This antique piece functions both as a lamp and a phonograph. Includes a very nice shade. Round metal lamp base has two front

269 DECAP PLAYER ACCORDION PEDESTAL 63T. x 1934W. x 1934D. Decap selfplaying accordion in mint, operational condition. Plays from an Apple Ipaq located in a compartment at the top of the pedestal sta

LOT 275 LOT 276 275 NATIONAL CASH REGISTER BRASS CANDY STORE MODEL 313 21 x 10 x 16 In the dolphin design with Amount Purchased marquee top sign and white marble platform showing a chip from the

LOT 278 278 BRASS NATIONAL CASH REGISTER MODEL 441 17W. x 2012L. x 28T. Produced by the National Cash Register Company in 1913, this model 441, serial no.1315984, features a Cfinish,whichisapolishe

LOT 281 LOT 283 LOT 284 LOT 282 LOT 285 281 LOT OF 2 CASH REGISTER ACCOUTREMENTS Largest 634W. x 63L. x 614T. Including 1 National Cash Register Co. check box. Brass colored cast metal fram

288 5 WURLITZER MODEL 61 JUKEBOX WITH STAND 1812D. x 2212W. x 56T. A 1939 Wurlitzer Model 61 MultiSelector Phonograph jukebox on a coordinating stand. Serial No.580692. It has a retractable power cor

LOT 294 292 MULTICOIN SEEBURG 100 SELECTOMATIC PHONOGRAPH JUKEBOX 5312T. x 35W. x 2812D. This is the Model HF100G. Serial No. 1272709. It accepts quarters and dimes. The glass front is intact and on

LOT 298 LOT 299 298 COMPUTING SCALE CO. DAYTON BARREL SCALE 19W. x 20L. x 34T. Horizontal barrel style scale of cast metal and brass with red body and beautiful golden accents and pinstriping. Thi

LOT 302 LOT 303 LOT 304 LOT 305 302 AMERICAN SCALE FORTUNE MODEL 300 PENNY SCALE 17W. x 26L. x 61T. This scale has a porcelain enameled black base and red mirror topper. It also features a un

LOT 307 LOT 308 307 HOBART PR30 HANGING DIAL SCALE Largest 21 x 1512. Doublefaced chart allows weight measurement to be read from either side. The hanging mechanism suspends the bowl and attaches

LOT 310 LOT 311 310 SMALL CAROUSEL PIG 4912T. x 18W. x 34L. This small pig is painted wood and mounted on a steel post and base. Good Very Good. 800.00 2,000.00 311 CAROUSEL HORSE 50T. x 22W.

313 FRENCH TIN CAROUSEL DISPLAY 12Dia. x 17T. This classic carousel hasfivehorsesandisringedindancing cherubs. It was made and signed by J.P. Hartmann. The Swiss musical movement was made by Reuge. G

318 RICHLUBE MOTOR OIL ROUND DOUBLESIDED ADVERTISING SIGN 24D. Navy blue sign with yellow and mint green lettering. Four holes punched around the circumference for hanging. Minimal peeling of paint a

LOT 323 323 LOT OF 7 AUTO VASES Largest 812T. This Lot of 7 automobile vases are made from cut colored glass and all but one have a mounting bracket to install in ones car. Very Good Excellent. 30

LOT 329 LOT 330 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 328 LOT 331 LOT 332 LOT 333 328 RPM MOTOR OIL SIGN WITH MICKEY MOUSE 2334 Diameter. A single sided, round, tin advertising sign for R

LOT 334 LOT 335 LOT 336 334 FORD PORCELAIN SIGN 1612T. x 24W. This double sided, porcelain on steel sign has reflectivewhiteletteringonadarkbluefield.ItreadsFordGenuine Parts. Excellent. 800.00

339 WOLFS HEAD MOTOR OIL SIGN 30T. x 23W. This double sided, steel sign is in nice condition but shows signs of some touch up painting. Very Good. 600.00 1,200.00 340 MOBILOIL GARGOYLE PORCELAIN AD

LOT 344 344 LOT OF 2 GLOBE AND GAS LAMP Largest 34T. x 18W. x 18L. Including 1 Globe on wooden stand. The globe portion is faded and has some minor nicks on the surface. The legs of the stand are sl

LOT 349 LOT 350 LOT 351 349 LOT OF 11 SAFETY AND STRAIGHT RAZORS 6L. Comprised of 1 Wilkinson Sword Co. safety razor with 7 blades, one for each day of the week, and a leather strap, in a red l

LOT 354 LOT 355 354 EMIL J. PAIDAR CHILDRENS BARBER CHAIR WITH HORSE 24W. x 34L. x 42T. Beige enamel chair with brown leather seat upholstery and wooden horse head. Old tape repair to the seat an

LOT 359 358 WALL MOUNT BARBER POLE TRADE SIGN 45 T. Made by James Barker Inc., this beautifully restored electric barber pole is red, blue, and white with gold details. Includes 12 milk glass globe

LOT 365 LOT 366 LOT 364 LOT 368 LOT 369 LOT 367 364 LIFE SAVERS TIN LITHO COUNTERTOP DISPLAY 614W. x 11D. x 1714T. 3tiered metal shelf that is light blue with agoldborderandfliptomarquee.S

LOT 372 372 1890 STAATS COIN COUNTER 612 T. x 1114 W. x 11 D. This vintage castiron coin counter is very clean and has even retained the colored enamel within each denominations lever. Consignor sta

LOT 379 379 EARLY MONITOR SALESMAN SAMPLE WINDMILL 19 T. This early 1900s salesman sample includes the original carrying case. This is a fabulous example with wooden and brass construction. Has str

LOT 380 LOT 381 LOT 382 LOT 383 LOT 384 LOT 385 LOT 386 380 BENHAMS ICE CREAM SERVING TRAY 1012 W. x 1314 L. This metal serving tray features a design of a little chefelf serving ice crea

LOT 388 LOT 389 388 REDDY KILOWATT ADVERTISING CLOCK 16 T. This white plastic clock features Reddy Kilowatt, whose arms serve as the hands of the clock. Good. 200.00 400.00 389 LOT OF 3 ADVERTI

LOT 392 LOT 393 LOT 394 LOT 395 392 JAHNS ICE CREAM LIGHT FIXTURE FROM NYC 20 x 20 x 16 This ceiling mount leaded, stained glass lamp shade shows some age with all panels intact. Predominantl

LOT 396 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 397 396 LARGE WOODEN GUN TRADE SIGN 3712L.Thisisanicelycarvedfiguraltradesignofa pistol. It has some soiling and scraping throughout. Very Good. 2,0

LOT 399 LOT 400 LOT 401 LOT 402 403 VINTAGE FIGURAL EAGLE POCKET WATCH HOLDER 6 12 T. Watch is held by the eagles beak. Very good condition with almost no wear. Excellent Plus. 400.00 700.00

LOT 407 LOT 408 LOT 409 407 RARE FIGURAL DAGGER HORSE BITE 8 12 L. One of the daggers is marked P while the other has a monogram that says R.L.M. This is a very unique piece. Very Good. 400.00

LOT 414 LOT 415 414 LOT OF 3 WOODEN FLOUR BARRELS 2812T. x 20 Diameter. These 3 thin wood barrels have some advertising visible on the ends. One reads, Unity Roller Mills Worlds Fair Zeeland, Mi

LOT 422 421 MCLAUGHLIN COFFEE BIN 2434T. x 4014W. x 22D. This thin sheet metal and glass front bin has three large compartments for coffee beans. The left side has a graphic that reads Kept Fresh by

LOT 426 LOT 427 LOT 429 LOT 431 426 ENTERPRISE CAST IRON COFFEE GRINDER 27T. x 24W. x 1912D. The Enterprise Manufacturing Co. of Philidelphia made this beautiful coffee grinder. It is decorat

LOT 432 LOT 433 LOT 434 LOT 435 432 PIONEER SHOP REVERSE ON GLASS ADVERTISEMENT SIGN 14T. x 40L. Clear glass advertisement for PIONEER SHOP Haircutting booth for ladies and children. Gold and

LOT 436 LOT 437 LOT 438 LOT 440 436 M.L. HIMMEL SONS DISPLAY SHOWCASE 23W. x 28L. x 39T. Made of wood with glass panels on all sides and rows of curved wooden racks on the interior. There is

441 TWIN TOWER DISPLAY SHOWCASE 38T. x 67W. x 28D. This large showcase was manufactured by J.R. Hinrichs of New Orleans. It is constructed from wood, glass. The front glass is curved. The peaked roof

LOT 446 446 LARGE DISPLAY SHOWCASE 42T. x 97W. x 28D. H. Pauk Sons Mfg. Co. made this oak and glass showcase. The metal feet that extend up the corners to the countertop have a dark patina. The rea

LOT 450 LOT 451 450 LARGE WOOD GLASS FLOOR DISPLAY CASE 2312x9312x42Thislargeglassandwoodframedfloordisplay casehasaflatglasstop,glassfront,glasssides,andfourglassslidingrear doors. There are br

456 ITHACA SIGN WORKS THE SPOT TIN ADVERTISING SIGN 3714T. x 1314W. x 34D. This framed advertisement is painted on tin and housed in a black frame. Only very minor scratches. Reads Updegraff Dryer

LOT 462 LOT 463 462 LEES GIZZARD CAPSULES DIE CUT CARDBOARD ADVERTISING SIGN 4012 Tall This single sided display features a little girl holding a basket full of eggs. Very nice, vivid colors with

467 APOTHECARY CABINET AND SHELVES Overall 9612T. x 163W. x 17D. This large cabinet consists of a base cabinet and upper shelves. Both are constructed from a variety of solid woods. The base cabinet

LOT 473 473 LARGE OAK AND GLASS CABINET Overall 9212H x 242W x 16D This large oak and glass cabinet separates into two base cabinets withfiveslidingglassdoorsandtwouppercabinets,alsowithfiveslidingg

LOT 480 LOT 481 480 LARGE WOOD COUNTER 28D. x 34T. x 188L. Dark wood counter has three recessed panels that have engraved design. Shows wear from use and age. Good. 1,000.00 3,000.00 481 DIAMOND

LOT 484 LOT 485 484 SHERERGILLETT BEAN COUNTER 29W. x 190L. x 35T. Large oak wood counter with a small brass tag on the front that reads The ShererGillett Co. Chicago No.31351. Thislargecounterhas

LOT 488 LOT 486 LOT 487 LOT 489 486 DECORATIVE STAND WITH POOL CUES 19D. x 72T. Having an ornate cast metal base, metal central pole, and circular wooden rack with spaces to hold 8 pool cues.

490 LOT OF 6 TOBACCIANA Largest 19 Tall. Comprised of 1 G.W. Gail Axs Navy Smoking Chewing Tobacco sugar canister. 7H. 1 G.W. Gail Ax Snuff ceramic spittoon. 812H. 1 Fatima Turkish Blend Cigarette

LOT 494 LOT 495 LOT 496 LOT 497 LOT 498 LOT 499 LOT 500 LOT 501 494 LOT OF 2 TOBACCO TINS 1114T. x 814W. x 614D. Including 1 This tin for Ojibwa has cardboard sides and a hinged tin

LOT 504 LOT 506 504 SURE SHOT CHEWING TOBACCO TIN 1012D. x 1512W. x 712T. Light yellow metal tin with red lettering and an image of a Native American Indian shooting a bow and arrow in a forest s

LOT 511 511 WOODEN CIGAR STORE INDIAN. 16W. x 1912L. x 80T. Handcarved wooden Native American Indian from the mid19th century stands tall with one hand extended, holding a bundle of cigars. The oth

512 WOODEN CIGAR STORE INDIAN. 22W. x 2L. x 90T. Handcarved Native American Indian holding a bundle of Best Quality Cigars and looking off into the distance, one hand shading his eyes. Shows wear con

513 WM. DEMUTH CO. MANUFACTURERS PUNCH ADVERTISING FIGURE 10D.x8W.x19T.MetalcigarstorefigureforWm.DemuthCo. Manufacturers.Featuresapunchfigurewithacigarinhismouth,one hand extended holding a bundle

LOT 514 LOT 515 LOT 516 LOT 516A 514 GENERAL ARTHUR CIGARS SIGN WITH STAND 1212W. x 20T. Embossed metal sign pictures a portrait of a man. Sign displays scratches and dents all over surface.

LOT 517 LOT 518 LOT 519 LOT 521 LOT 520 516A WOODEN CIGAR STORE INDIAN STATUE 12W. x 14L. x 4812T. Handcarved wood Native American Indian dressed in a red, white, and blue headdress and wear

LOT 524 LOT 525 524 LOT OF 2 MATCHSTICK HOLDERS AND ASHTRAYS Largest 612 x 712 x 8 Including 1 Brass man with open mouth. Box of matches is placed on top of the mans head. Mouth opens to serve as a

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 532 LOT 533 LOT 534 LOT 535 LOT 536 LOT 537 LOT 538 536 JOHN ANDERSON FIGURAL CIGAR CUTTER LIGHTER 23 x 512 x 514 This countertop cigar cutter fea

LOT 539 LOT 540 LOT 541 LOT 542 LOT 543 539 FRAMED ADVERTISEMENT FOR LORILLARDS TOBACCO 32T. x 2314W. x 1D. This lithograph for Mechanics Delight Plug Tobacco has a copyright of 1898 by Forb

LOT 545 LOT 546 545 OLD DUTCH CLEANSER PORCELAIN ADVERTISEMENT SIGN 22W. x 32T. Yellow porcelain enamel sign with silhouette of a woman. The color of the sign remains bright, however, there are c

LOT 548 548 MERMAID AND BIRD WEATHERVANE 28 L. This extraordinary embossed, two sided tin weathervane looks to be from the mid19th Century to early 20th Century. It features an aerodynamic, bas rel

LOT 549 LOT 550 LOT 551 549 CARVED WOOD GOLDEN EAGLE WITH FLAG SIGN 22T. x 81W. x 4D. The fantastic workmanship is evident in this carved, solid wood sign. Slight paint loss on some of the high

LOT 552 552 LOT OF 4 SMALL ADVERTISING SIGNS Largest 14T. x 834 Dia. Including 1Hazel Club Cream Soda. It is lithographed tin covering cardboard. Some slight scratches. Very Good condition. 14H x 8

LOT 557 557 PAWNBROKER TRADE SIGN 12T. x 36W. x 8D. The symbol of the three golden globes is widely understood to be for a pawn shop. This sign is a 36 long iron rod attached to a 12H x 2W x 14D mou

LOT 564 564 HAMMS BEER NEON ADVERTISING SIGN 812T. x 26W. x 6D. This monochromatc neon sign reads Hamms. It is built on a grey steel structure with attached transformer, pull chain and power cord. I

570 COCACOLA ADVERTISING NEON SIGN 18W. x 14T. This white and red neon sign features a red plastic border surrounding the center Coke lettering. Mounted to a frame with attached transformer. Plastic

578 ANTIQUE SHOE STORE FLOOR MIRROR 2134T. x 3112W. x 1712D. A heavy, beveled mirror in a cast iron frame with swivel and cast iron base. Copper highlighting to frame and base. Good. 100.00 300.00 5

LOT 582 LOT 583 LOT 584 LOT 585 LOT 586 LOT 587 582 HIRES TIN SIGN 1334T. x 1912W. This art deco, single sided, embossed tin sign has some scratches and bends. Good Very Good. 300.00 60

LOT 588 LOT 589 LOT 590 LOT 591 LOT 592 588 ROCHESTER ROOT BEER SYRUP DISPENSER 14T. x 9W. This mug shaped syrup dispenser has the original pump and has Rochester Root Beer etched into the

LOT 593 593 STEINS ROOT BEER SYRUP DISPENSER 1512 T. Has an old ball pump. A few mild body marksrubs with light wear and some mild rubbing of gold banding in some areas. Two very small interior nic

594 FOWLERS ROOT BEER SYRUP DISPENSER 14 T. With an old plunger pump and only light bodywearandafewscratches.Thebaseflange and bottom underside have been repaired and clear coated. Very Good Plus Ex

LOT 596 596 MONTELAISE CHERIOLA SYRUP DISPENSER 15 T. Has an old ball pump and is stamp dated 1918 on the bottom. Clean and sound with just bottom area and base stains. Interior bottom hairlines, n

LOT 597 597 DRINK FANTAZ SYRUP DISPENSER 1512T. Extremely rare syrup dispenser with beautiful lettering. Painted to look like a baseball with picture of baseball bat across the front. Reads Drink F

598 LOT OF 7 STRAW HOLDERS AND ICE CREAM CUP HOLDERS Largest 13 T. This lot of seven soda fountain items includes 2 glass straw holders with metal lids and paper straws, and 5 various metal ice cre

LOT 604 LOT 605 LOT 606 LOT 607 604 LOT OF 2 7UP ADVERTISEMENT SIGNS Largest 17 x 26 Including 1 1943 cardboard sign picturing a young lady daydreaming with a bottle of 7Up. Sign reads Fresh

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 611 LOT 612 LOT 613 LOT 615 LOT 614 611 PEPSICOLA PINUP GIRL ADVERTISEMENT 1812W. x 2512T. This sign features a lovely redheaded lady sunbathing on th

LOT 618 LOT 619 618 LOT OF 2 COCACOLA TIN SERVING TRAYS 1012 x 1314 Including 1 With image of farm boy sitting beside his dog circa 1931 and 1 Picturing a winter scene of a lady wearing ice ska

624 POLYPHON MUSIKWERKE DISC MUSIC BOX WITH PRIZE AWARD Overall 18D. x 27W. x 72T. Manufactured by Polyphon Musikwerke around 1902, Serial No.62800. Comprised of a lower base cabinet measuring 18D x

630 LOT OF 2 COCACOLA THERMOMETER SIGNS Largest 16 T. Comprised of 1 1940s era pressed steel thermometer with red background and central image of a gold CocaCola bottle and 1 1941 Pressed steel ther

LOT 635 LOT 636 LOT 638 LOT 637 LOT 639 635 LOT OF 2 COCACOLA THERMOMETER SIGNS Largest 16 T. This lot is comprised of 1 1941 Art Deco style pressed steel thermometer with central image of

LOT 640 LOT 641 LOT 642 LOT 643 640 1914 COCACOLA ADVERTISING CALENDAR 33 Tall. Framed 1914 calendar featuring the iconic Betty in her pink dress and white bonnet. This calendar has has a par

LOT 647 LOT 648 LOT 649 LOT 650 LOT 651 LOT 652 LOT 653 647 1921 COCACOLA CALENDAR 1712W. x 37T. This calendar from August of 1921 features a lady sitting in a white and blue dress sipp

654 LOT OF 2 CARDBOARD COCACOLA ADVERTISEMENT SIGNS Largest 22 x 23 Including 1 1940 Rare Snyder Black cardboard cutout of lady in swimming attire relaxing with CocaCola. 22 x 23. Minor wear near f

LOT 661 LOT 662 LOT 663 LOT 664 LOT 665 661 COCACOLA PORCELAIN SIGN 14H. x 27L. Singlesided porcelain sign reads Drink CocaCola FountainService.Redmainfieldisflankedoneithersidewith decorat

LOT 667 667 COCACOLA MILEAGE METER 712W. x 10L. x 7T. Bright red plastic body houses a reel with locations and distances with knobs on either side to spin the reel. Missing one knob and plaquette t

671 LOT OF 3 COCACOLA CLOCKS Largest 4 x 16 x 16 This lot is comprised of 1 Round metal clock with red background and white lettering. 12D. 1 CocaCola clock in wooden frame with rounded corners. Manu

LOT 676 676 WOODEN COCACOLA CRATE WITH BOTTLES 12W. x 1812L. x 8T. Red and white painted wood crate with metal corner brackets. This crate has spaces enough to hold 24 bottles and currently hold 17

LOT 683 LOT 684 LOT 685 LOT 686 LOT 687 LOT 688 683 WRIGLEYS ADVERTISING CALENDAR SIGN 18T. x 10W. x 1D. This calendar lithographed tin over cardboard. It has a tearoff calendar containin

LOT 689 689 BEEMANS PEPSIN GUM ADVERTISEMENT 3712W. x 61T. Handpainted metal sign with wooden frame. It is signed Mr. Brooks, Brooklyn, and is purported to be one of two known to exist. It is from

690 LOT OF 3 WRIGLEYS CHEWING GUM SIGNS Each 6T. x 1314L. This lot is comprised of three cardboardbacked metal signs including 1 Yellow with the image of a lady and package of gum. German writing Wri

696 WRIGLEYS GUM COUNTERTOP DISPLAY 1314W. x 11D. x 1212T. Triangularshaped pressed steel display with the cheerful Spearmint Moonface character. Displays minor wear. Good. 300.00 600.00 697 WRIGLE

702 1905 SHULTZ BELTING CO. ADVERTISING CALENDAR 1714W. x 22T. Lithographic calendar featuring a young lady draped in a silk wrap. There are some stains along one sideandaminorblemishinthebluefieldne

LOT 710 710 EXTREMELY RARE WATERMELON MAN LITHOGRAPH 3712T. x 2634W. x 1D. Offered is a framed lithograph for Ullathornes Memphi Watermelon Seed Co., aka. The Watermelon Man. It was made by the Ste

LOT 711 711 GAMBRINUS BEER REVERSE GLASS JEWELED CONVEX SIGN 2134 Dia. This ornate sign retains its original glass jeweled metal frame. It features an illustration of a king holding up a glass of b

LOT 712 712 EVERREADY SAFETY RAZOR ADVERTISING CLOCK 1734T. x 13W. x 212D. This embossed tin, selfframed, eight day advertising clock was manufactured by American Safety Razor Corporation of Brookly

LOT 719 LOT 720 LOT 723 720 CABOTS CREOSOTE STAINS ADVERTISEMENT 2412T. x 2712L. Paper advertisement from the early 19th century for Cabots Creosote Stains showing President Clevelands Cottage.

LOT 726 LOT 727 LOT 728 LOT 729 LOT 731 729 J.F. SMITHS SONS WALL MOUNT GAME RACK 96 x 21 This cast metal display rack features a horseman and cow with decorative scrolling at each end. Thes

LOT 732 LOT 733 LOT 734 732 BRUNHOFF BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS ADVERTISING DISPLAY 1212 T. Tin countertop Bicycle playing cards display with lithographed wood grain. Display reads, The real cardpla

LOT 740 LOT 741 LOT 739 LOT 742 739 SWEET SIXTEEN SOAP LITHOGRAPH 35T. x 29W. x 1D. Oberne, Hosik Cos of Chicago had this lithograph on cardboard produced in 1885 to advertise their soap. It

745 1901 DENVER TIMES NEWSPAPER MUSICAL SUPPLEMENT 1512W. x 1912T. Printed by the American Lithographic Co. in 1901 as a Musical Supplement to the Denver Times. Features a lovely young lady wearing a

LOT 752 LOT 751 LOT 753 LOT 754 751 ITHACA SIGN WORKS GREENS CANDY FACTORY TIN ADVERTISING SIGN 38T. x 1334W. x 12D. This painted tin sign by Ithaca Sign Works still looks good despite being in

756 LOT OF 2 VAN DE KAMPS ADVERTISING SIGNS Largest 6212T. x 2134W. x 3D. Including 1 pane of etched glass with their iconic windmill logo framed in stained pine. and 1 substantial piece of cast br

LOT 760 760 LOT OF 9 VINTAGE ADVERTISEMENTS Largest 812 x 19 Including 1 Framed lithograph advertisement for Wrigleys Juicy Fruit gum. Blue background with image of a little girl. Reads Oh mommy, ju

765 FLORIDA POWER LIGHT COMPANY DIECUT PORCELAIN SIGN 3712T. x 47W. Single sided yellow, black, and white porcelain enamel sign featuring the Reddy Kilowatt character. Rust and chipping around the e

LOT 770 LOT 770A LOT 771 LOT 771A 770 SIDESHOW ODDITIES CIRCUS SIGN 20 W. x 31 T. This lighted metal SideshowOdditiessignisfitted for 10 lights. It features a central, cast iron 3dimensional

LOT 775 LOT 775B LOT 775A 775 CAST IRON CARNIVAL SHOOTING GALLERY TARGET 1914T. x 1514W. x 4D. This thick, cast iron Baby Snookum shooting target is by John T. Dickman. It displays wear consiste

LOT 779 LOT 780 779 LOT OF 2 GLASS APOTHECARY JARS Larger 6 x 14 Including 1Bellshaped clear glass jar with decorative glass lid. Measures 6 diameter at its widest x 14 tall. 1Round and slightly

LOT 785 LOT 786 LOT 787 785 LOT OF 3 APOTHECARY JARS Largest 19T. Including 1 Clear glass with decorative lid andfinial.2Clearglasswithdecorativelidandfinials.One isfilledwithmarblesandanotherwi

LOT 790 LOT 791 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 792 LOT 793 790 LOT OF 4 GLASS APOTHECARY JARS Largest 13 T. This lot consists of 1 612T Clear glass jar with round body and decorative

795 GAMEWELL FIRE ALARM STATION 78T.x14Diameter.Thisredandwhitepaintedcastiron,freestandingfirealarmstationistoppedbya chromefinial.Theplastichousingprotectingtheelectronicsinsidehascracks.Onekeyisin

Quality Collections Fresh to the Market. Sunday Session OCTOBER 16, 2016 Auction Starts at 900am PST LOTS 900 1,533 Items Now On Preview Monday Friday 900am 400Pm PST Auction Day Preview Begins

SPECIAL PREVIEW FOR LOT 900 AND 903 Lots 900 and 903 will not be on location for preview or on the day of the auction. These lots are represented by photographs and a video. Please visit the links det

LOT 900 900 MORTIER 115 KEY DANCE ORGAN 36 W. x 19 T. x 5 D. Manufactured by the firm of Theofiel Mortier, Antwerp, Belgium in the very early 1900s. This Mortier Dance Organ is an extremely fine ex

LOT 901 901 1927 WEBER BRABO ORCHESTRION 512 W. x 812 T. x 3 D. Manufactured By The Firm Of Gebr Weber Weber Bros., Waldkirch, Germany. The Weber firm was considered by collectors to be among the f

LOT 902 902 1912 WURLITZER STYLE 32A CONCERT PIANORCHESTRA 8 W. x 9 T. x 512 D. Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. North Tonawanda, New York. This Wurlitzer Concert PianOrchestra Style 32A is the only example o

LOT 903 903 GAUDIN 125 KEY DANCE ORGAN 32 W. x 21 T. x 11 D. Gaudin Cie, Paris, France. This is the largest scale Gaudin Dance Organ known. During the 1920s the firm of Gaudin created some of the

LOT 904 904 IMHOF MUKLE BADENIA ORCHESTRION WITH GLASS MOVING SCENE 8 W. x 10 T. x 3 D. Circa 1915, Imhof Mukle Vohrenbach, Germany. One of only three Badenia models still known to exist today. T

LOT 905 905 1926 WEBER MAESTO ORCHESTRION 11 W. x 9 T. x 4 D. Gebr. Weber, Waldkirch, Germany. Considered by todays collectors as one of the most sophisticated Orchestrions the world has ever known

LOT 906 906 1910 HUPFELD SUPER PAN ORCHESTRA 1212 W. x 11 T. x 512 D. Manufactured By Ludwig Hupfeld AG, BohutzEhrenberg, Germany. The Hupfeld Super Pan, Model III Pan Orchestra has the most sophis

907 1512 REGINA MUSIC BOX 2014D x 2214W x 12T This beautiful music box, serial number 57370, features a mahogany cabinet with slightly domed top and carved base molding. Inside of the lid is a beauti

LOT 914 LOT 915 LOT 916 914 15 REGINA MUSIC BOX 1712D x 20W x 9T Includes one perforated disc and winding crank. Case has a nice finish to the wood and shows two cracks and minor wear to the li

LOT 918 918 LOT OF 2 REGINA MUSIC BOX AND CABINET Largest 65T x 39W x 25D This Lot of 2 consists of a coinoperated Regina mechanical music player and an empty Regina cabinet. The larger cabinet is m

LOT 922 922 5 CAILLE THE TOURIST COUNTER DRUM 13W x 13L x 21T Instead of names of cities as in the City Reel, this model displays the names of countries. An all original machine with original reel

LOT 923 923 25 CAILLE ARISTOCRAT COUNTER ROULETTE MACHINE 15D 17W x 18T Early countertop roulette machine produced by Caille Brothers in 1932. Serial No.47053. Wooden cabinet with cast metal featur

924 1 DAVAL CENTASMOKE GUM VENDER TRADE STIMULATOR 9W x 10L x 12T Cast aluminum body with ArtDeco styling, circa the 1930s. Moderate overall wear seen to this unrestored original. Includes 2 keys. Go

930 HORSE RACE GAMBLING WHEEL WITH ODDS CHANGER 24W x 12D x 39T This gambling wheels features a brightly colored, mirrored wheel with 8 sections and a rim of multicolored circles with numbers and peg

LOT 934 LOT 935 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 936 934 VINTAGE ITALIAN LEATHER PLAYING CARD BOX 4 14 L. Holds 2 decks of cards. Very good condition. Stamped on the bottom genuine calf

LOT 937 LOT 938 LOT 939 937 RARE 1D FLOOR MODEL ELECTRIC SHOCK MACHINE 74T x 18D x 25W This floor model early Electricity is Life amusement machine, a precursor to the Mills version, operates o

LOT 940 940 1 CHESTERPOLLARD GOLF FOR TWO GAME 1414W x 24D x 1912T This is a highquality recreation of the rare 1927 countertop game, with only a few examples known to exist. The wooden body is smoo

LOT 943 LOT 944 LOT 945 943 1 GORSKI DONKEY WONDER ARCADE AMUSEMENT MACHINE 18W x 17D x 76T This floor model fortune teller features a donkey automaton within the lighted cabinet. Donkey turns

946 5 ENCORE AUTOMATIC BANJO MUSIC MACHINE 7712T x 26W x 25D The Encore is a remarkable example of coinoperated mechanical music machines. The dark oak cabinet is accented with brass scrollwork at th

947 1910 BUFFALO BREWING CO. ADVERTISING CALENDAR Framed 33 x 23 12. The calendar is framed behind glass and features an illustration by Bernhard Zickendraht. The colors are strong. There are a few

LOT 949 949 CALIFORNIA BREWING CO. REVERSE GLASS CORNER SIGN 20 14 T Circa 1890. This stunning sign retains its original metal frame and wood backing. The colors are very strong and unfaded. Incre

LOT 951 LOT 950 LOT 953 LOT 954 LOT 955 LOT 956 950 1907 BUFFALO BREWING CO. ADVERTISING CALENDAR Framed 31 x 25 12 The calendar is framed behind glass and was printed by Wolf Co. There

957 ESSEX COUNTY LAGER BEER LABEL UNDER GLASS MUG 9 34 T Circa 1890s. Beautiful image of a crest. Excellent Plus. 4,000.00 8,000.00 LOT 957 LOT 959 LOT 960 LOT 961 LOT 958 958 YELLOWSTON

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 962 LOT 963 962 ELECTRIC HOT PEANUT VENDOR DISPENSER 17 x 25 x 14 Countertop wood and glass hot peanut vendor with reverse glass reading, 15 and Get em hot.

LOT 965 965 1 PULVER CHOCOLATE COCOA GUM VENDING MACHINE 24 T Made by the Pulver and Chicle Mfg. Co. Circa 1899. This highly collectible vendor is made with embossed lithographed tin casing. Shows

LOT 966 LOT 967 LOT 968 LOT 969 966 RARE 10 VMC ROYAL CROWN COLA VENDING MACHINE 22W x 27L x 58T Bright yellow upright vending machine with rounded top corners. Model No.H81 D, Serial No.1023

LOT 971 LOT 972 LOT 973 LOT 970 970 1 AUTOMATIC GAMES VENDING MACHINE 1012D x 18 12W x 52T This machine is a 1931 The Scoop vending machine. The original red crackle finish paint has been rep

LOT 975 LOT 976 LOT 977 LOT 979 LOT 978 975 5 BALLY SPARK PLUG COUNTERTOP GAME 11W x 15L x 15T This countertop horse race game was created by Bally Manufacturing Co. in 1934. The player inse

LOT 980 980 5 CAILLE THE NEW CENTURY DETROIT SLOT MACHINE 16W x 26L x 64T Upright floor model single wheel slot machine with dark wood cabinet, bright nickel adornments, and brightly colored centra

LOT 981 981 5 MILLS JUDGE UPRIGHT MUSICAL SLOT MACHINE 17D x 23W x 64T Outstanding example of a rare original 1898 Judge musical upright slot machine with a music box, original castings and tin lit

982 ANTIQUE ROULETTE WHEEL WITH OAK STAND 32 D Wooden roulette wheel with decorative carved wood frame rests on a matching oak base. Wheel turns and has a ball. Includes a plexiglass cover. This whee

LOT 989 988 LOT OF 100 PLUS H.C. EVANS KENO CARDS Each 8 14 L All marked H.C. Evans. Most are in very good condition with minor soiling. Excellent. 200.00 400.00 989 LOT OF 3 CASINO GAMING TOKEN

LOT 995 LOT 994 994 J.H. KEENEY CO. AIR RAIDER ANITAIRCRAFT GUN ARCADE MACHINE 60T x 22W x 31D Great piece for restoration. Does not include the end for projection of flying airplanes. Wood cabi

999 1 AUTOMATIC MEDICAL BATTERY 19T x 13W x 16D This lung tester and shocking machine was manufactured by the R.J. White Mfg. Co. in 1905. The cabinet is wood with a glass front covering two paper fa

1001 BUFFALO BREWING CO ADVERTISING TRAY 13 Dia. This is a very scarce tray made by Kaufmann Strauss Co. NY. It shows a wild buffalo with the sunset behind him. The colors and graphic are very stron

LOT 1003 LOT 1004 LOT 1005 LOT 1006 LOT 1009 LOT 1007 1003 OLD PRENTICE WHISKY ENAMELED BACK BAR BOTTLE 13 12 T. Circa 1890s. Excellent Plus. 800.00 1,200.00 1004 DOBLER LAGER SERVING TR

LOT 1010 LOT 1011 LOT 1012 LOT 1013 LOT 1015 LOT 1016 1010 1 MANIKIN VENDOR CO. INDIAN GUM VENDING MACHINE 16 T x 1012 W x 614 D This countertop vending machine features the Indian automa

LOT 1017 LOT 1018 LOT 1019 LOT 1020 LOT 1021 LOT 1022 LOT 1023 LOT 1024 1017 1 ADVANCE GLOBE MATCH VENDER 17T x 10W x 11D The Advance Machine Company started making these sucessful ve

LOT 1025 LOT 1026 LOT 1027 LOT 1028 1025 1 VICTOR VENDING ROLLAPACK TRADE STIMULATOR 7W x 712L x 12T Offered is a countertop trade stimulator manufactured in 1941 by Victor Vending Corp. The

1032 BLACK METAL STAND 1112W x 12L x 4012T This stand has a rectangular top with fluted edges, thin legs, and feet with screws on them for securing to the ground. Good Very Good. 100.00 300.00 1033

LOT 1039 LOT 1040 1039 5 J.F. FRANTZ KICKER CATCHER TRADE STIMULATOR 13W x 14L x 21T Football style game from the 1940s housed in a blue painted wood cabinet with two knobs that control the kick

LOT 1045 LOT 1046 1044 1 CAILLE AUTOMUTO PICTURE MACHINE PEEPSHOW VIEWER 20W x 21L x 77T 1 penny allows user to view 4 different photographs Maid to Order Sweetie Maid of the Mist Mysterious Lady

LOT 1049 1049 BUFFALO BREWING CO. BOHEMIAN BEER CHARGER Framed 33 Dia. This is one of the most stunning advertising pieces made by Beach Art Display Coshocton, Ohio. It retains its original wood an

LOT 1051 LOT 1052 LOT 1053 1050 CHERRY W LABEL UNDER GLASS BACK BAR BOTTLE 10 12 T Circa 1890s. Beautiful image of a female with the word Cherry across the front. Excellent Plus. 4,000.00 6,0

1056 LOT OF 5 ADVERTISING LITHOGRAPHS 13Dia. x 114D This Lot of 5 consists of 1 Old Pure Culture Lager Serving Tray. Lithograph on tin. The field is in excellent condition and has wonderful crazing

1061 BUDWEISER NEON SIGN 20W x 24T Solid plastic front with translucent screen that reads True Music. Neon lighting fixtures reside behind the plastic front. Good. 200.00 400.00 1062 CORK DISTILLER

LOT 1066 1066 THE GARDEN CITY BOTTLING LIQUOR CO. ADVERTISEMENT 2234T x 28W x 114D This is a high quality reproduction of the popular Pussy Print advertisement with calendar for The Garden City Bot

1069 STERLING SILVER THIMBLE SHOT GLASS 2 14 T Stamped on the bottom Webster Sterling 8578 and Only a Thimble Full is etched on the top. Very nice example with only light tarnishing. Excellent. 100.

1074 1 NORTHWESTERN SELLEM MATCHBOX VENDING MACHINE 13T x 7D x 6W This handsome, cast iron vendor features two carp in the lower corners and has red and green highlights on the front. It is original

LOT 1077 LOT 1078 LOT 1079 1077 LOT OF 2 COAST VENDING GUMBALL GAMES 1512T x 11W x 814D This lot of 2 gumball vending machines were both manufactured by Coast Vending Inc. in the 1950s. Some co

LOT 1080 1080 5 BERGER OOMPAUL UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE 22D x 36W x 69T A great early upright color wheel payout machine similar to The American Beauty, the only major difference being the

1081 1 ALBERT PICK COMPANY FAIREST WHEEL 514D x 14W x 2112T Silver painted wooden wheel rotates when a coin is dropped into the coin slot at the top of the wooden frame. The wheel rotates the coin d

LOT 1087 LOT 1088 LOT 1089 LOT 1090 1087 1 CAILLE FORTUNE BALL GUM VENDER 1814T x 1334W x 1012D This machine has brass castings and a dark oak cabinet in nice condition. The internal mechanis

LOT 1093 LOT 1094 LOT 1095 LOT 1096 LOT 1097 1093 CHUCKALUCK DICE TUMBLER CAGE 1512W x 1812T Metal hourglass shaped cage, lined with green felt, containing two large dice. One side of the f

1099 1 RACER FLOOR MODEL ARCADE MACHINE 42W x 62T x 21D This twoplayer electromechanical horse race game shows some wear throughout. Features two racing horses with attached jockeys and a man at the

LOT 1103 LOT 1104 LOT 1102 1102 1 MILLS DROP CARD VIEWER ARCADE MACHINE 7214T x 2012W x 17D The marquee on this arcade attraction reads Cohens First and Last Game of Chance and has a 1928 Copyr

LOT 1108 LOT 1109 LOT 1106 LOT 1107 1106 2 CHESTERPOLLARD PLAY FOOTBALL FLOOR MODEL ARCADE MACHINE 62T x 42W x 23D This arcade soccer game required two pennies to play. The coin mechanism is

LOT 1110 LOT 1111 1110 ANTIQUE ROULETTE WHEEL LAYOUT TABLE 128L x 4212W x 3412T This fullsize casino table separates into two parts, both marked W.M. Ellis Prov., RI. Wheel is marked B.C. Wills

LOT 1114 1114 5 SUPERIOR CONFECTION RACES COUNTER HORSE RACE 16W x 24L x 26T Lovely mint green body with red, blue, and silver accents. All original cabinet features original gold award tokens and

LOT 1115 1115 LOT OF 2 MUTUEL RACING GAMBLING WHEEL AND TABLE 60D x 87T Comprised of 1 Mutuel Racing horse race gambling wheel. Black and red wood post with cast iron base with removable wheel. Whe

1116 1 GROETCHEN IMP SLOT MACHINE 612T x 6W x 512D Cleverly disguised as a gumball machine, this little 3reel machine could be played to win a pack of cigarettes. Most of the light green aluminum cas

LOT 1119 1119 5 10 ROYAL NOVELTY CO. TRADER CIGAR TRADE SIMULATOR 20 12 T Circa 1902. Retains its original marquee and paper insert. This is a very ornate machine with a great copper flash finish

LOT 1120 1120 25 PACES RACES CONSOLE HORSE RACE SLOT MACHINE 20W x 47L x 41T Produced from 19341937 by the Pace Manufacturing Co. Player bets on one of the horses by depositing their coin in the re

1121 H. E. MASON CO. MECHANICAL CRAPS GAME 24 x 10 x 212 Tabletop craps game with reverse on glass playing field. Manufactured by H.E. Mason and Co. Excellent. 300.00 600.00 1122 CARROM NO.1 CROWN

LOT 1124 1126 1 FUTURE PRODUCTS CO. FUTURE CRYSTAL GAZER 18W x 18D x 48T Produced in 1931, this fortune telling machine features a swami and a crystal ball that projects your future once a coin is

1128 ANTIQUE LIFE POOL BILLIARD BALL DISPENSER 41W x 712D x 612T Designed for use with a chalkboard and scorekeeping top portion. This section of the scoreboard is used for ball and money storage and

LOT 1133 LOT 1134 LOT 1135 LOT 1136 1133 1 PEO BASEBALL WORLD CHAMPION TRADE STIMULATOR 9W x 25L x 17T Miniature Baseball World Champion countertop trade stimulator. Manufactured by Peo Sale C

1138 LOT OF 4 ANIMATRONIC MONKEY BAND Largest 55 This lot of 4 is comprised of 1 Monkey playing the cymbals. He is missing part of a foot and has duct taped hands. 1 Monkey playing the bass, who is a

1142 BETTY BOOP DEVIL FIGURAL STATUE 3912T x 16W x 20D This figural statue of Betty Boops devil personna is made from resin and is mounted on a 16 round base. It was manufactured in 2006 in the Phili

1147 IDEAL NOVELTY PINOCCHIO WOODEN JOINTED DOLL 1012 T This Ideal Novelty Co. Pinocchio wooden segmented doll has a fabric hat and bow tie. The painted eyes have worn off. Very Good. 200.00 400.00

LOT 1152 LOT 1153 LOT 1154 LOT 1155 LOT 1156 1153 LOT OF 3 WOODEN JOINTED DOLLS Largest 13 T Lot of three segmented dolls of various popular characters, including 1 Mr. Peanut doll, which i

LOT 1158 LOT 1159 LOT 1160 LOT 1161 LOT 1162 LOT 1163 1158 BLUE TETHER CAR WITH GAS POWERED MOTOR 15 L The body of car has some chipped paint and the tires have little wearing. Tether car

LOT 1165 LOT 1166 LOT 1167 LOT 1168 LOT 1169 1165 HUBLEY HARLEY MOTORCYCLE WITH SIDECAR 5 L Red Harley motorcycle with blue sidecar and original rubber tires. 90 Original paint. Excellent.

LOT 1171 1171 LOT OF 2 JAPANESE GERMAN MOTORCYCLE TOYS 5 L This lot consists of 1 US Zone Germany Bike in working condition, with key. 1 Japanese military bike showing wear and having a loose shiel

LOT 1177 LOT 1178 LOT 1179 1177 MARX ROOKIE COP TIN LITHO TOY WITH ORIGINAL BOX 6T x 812L Rookie Cop with siren motorcycle toy. There are minor scratches to the paint from use. One of the wheel

1183 LOT OF 5 JAPANESE TIN POLICE MOTORCYCLE TOYS Largest 12 L This lot contains 2 batteryoperated, nonfunctioning toys that are clean overall and repairable as well as 3 additional friction bikes in

LOT 1189 LOT 1190 LOT 1191 LOT 1192 LOT 1193 LOT 1194 1189 LOT OF 2 MARX MOTORCYCLE TOYS 812 L This lot of 2 is comprised of 1 Marx Police motorcycle. 1 Marx Rookie Cop toy. Both show gen

LOT 1195 LOT 1196 LOT 1197 LOT 1198 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 1199 LOT 1200 1195 LOT OF 2 MARX MOTORCYCLES 412 L Comprised of 1 Marx Tricky Motorcycle in near mint condition,

LOT 1201 LOT 1202 LOT 1203 LOT 1204 LOT 1205 LOT 1206 LOT 1207 LOT 1208 1201 LOT OF 3 CAST IRON MOTORCYCLE TOYS Largest 4 Long Including 1 small Champion with sidecar and 2 Hubley po

LOT 1209 LOT 1210 LOT 1211 LOT 1212 LOT 1213 LOT 1214 1209 LOT OF 2 CAST IRON HUBLEY MOTORCYCLES 8.5 Long This lot of 2 consists of 1 Hubley Champion. 1 Large Hubley powder blue bike wi

LOT 1216 LOT 1217 LOT 1218 LOT 1219 LOT 1220 LOT 1221 1216 LOT OF 2 PRESSED STEEL RIDING TOY TRAINS Largest 1312T x 712W x 26L This lot of 2 consists of train themed toys that a young chi

LOT 1223 LOT 1224 LOT 1225 LOT 1226 LOT 1227 LOT 1228 1223 BUDDY L RAILROAD EXPRESS 25L This Buddy L Express truck has undergone a full professional restoration complete with nice decals.

LOT 1229 LOT 1230 LOT 1231 LOT 1232 LOT 1233 LOT 1234 1229 STURDITOY TRAVELING STORE DELIVERY TRUCK 26L This toy truck has had an impressive and complete modern restoration. Excellent. 40

LOT 1235 LOT 1236 LOT 1237 LOT 1238 LOT 1239 LOT 1240 1235 BUDDY L EXPRESS DELIVERY TRUCK 24L This truck has replacement rear doors yet retains its original decals. Good. 400.00 600.00 1

LOT 1241 LOT 1242 LOT 1243 LOT 1244 1241 STURDITOY DAIRY TRUCK 35 L This modern toy truck with pup tanker is big, bright, and gorgeous. It has a small paint nick to the front but displays wel

LOT 1247 LOT 1248 LOT 1249 LOT 1250 LOT 1252 LOT 1251 1247 LOT OF 2 BANDAI FIAT AND ISETTA FRICTION CARS Largest 7 Lot is comprised of 1 Mintinbox Isetta friction car. Small tape residue o

LOT 1254 LOT 1255 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 1256 LOT 1257 LOT 1258 LOT 1259 1254 KEYSTONE PRESSED STEEL AERIAL LADDER FIRE TRUCK 30L This truck is mostly original with some r

LOT 1261 LOT 1262 LOT 1263 LOT 1264 LOT 1265 LOT 1266 1261 PRESSED STEEL AMERICAN NATIONAL DELIVERY TRUCK 26L Modern issue American National truck with pinstriping. Near Mint. 300.00 500

LOT 1268 LOT 1269 LOT 1270 LOT 1271 LOT 1272 LOT 1273 1268 BUDDY L PRESSED STEEL STANDARD OIL TANKER TRUCK 27L Nicely restored Buddy L tanker truck with electric headlights. Excellent. 30

LOT 1275 LOT 1276 LOT 1277 LOT 1278 LOT 1279 LOT 1280 1275 KEYSTONE PRESSED STEEL RIDEEM DUMP TRUCK 27 Long A nice, original dump truck with original tail gate, excellent paint, and some

LOT 1282 LOT 1283 LOT 1284 LOT 1285 LOT 1286 1282 BUDDY L PRESSED STEEL ICE DELIVERY TRUCK 27 Long The cab with truck appears to be original paint, however the truck bed has older repaint. I

LOT 1288 LOT 1289 LOT 1290 LOT 1291 1288 WYANDOTTE TOYTOWN ESTATE STATION WAGON WITH BOX 21 Long This station wagon is bright and beautiful. It is in fantastic original condition. The original

LOT 1295 1295 LOT OF 2 BANDAI JAPANESE TIN CARS Larger 12 Long Lot includes 1 Ford Ranchero pickup truck. Excellent condition, however, scratching and wear to bottom. 1 Ferrari Super America car.

LOT 1301 LOT 1302 LOT 1303 LOT 1304 LOT 1305 LOT 1306 1301 LOT OF 2 OLDER TIN FRICTION TOY CARS Largest 11 Lot is comprised of 1 red and yellow Linemar Chevrolet with a small dent and som

LOT 1307 LOT 1308 LOT 1309 LOT 1310 LOT 1311 1307 LOT OF 15 JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE TOYS 3 8 This lot is comprised of 11 small and 4 large Japanese tin friction motorcycles. Each displays we

LOT 1312 LOT 1313 LOT 1314 LOT 1315 LOT 1316 LOT 1317 1312 VINTAGE PRESSED STEEL RIDE EM TOY TRUCK 26 L. x 1012 T. x 7 W. This vintage pressed steel truck has had a modern restoration. It


LOT 1328 LOT 1329 LOT 1330 LOT 1331 LOT 1332 LOT 1333 1328 TURNER TOY PRESSED STEEL AIRPLANE 22 L. Survivor toy in original condition. Paint displays nicks and scratches. Good. 200.00 30

LOT 1335 LOT 1336 LOT 1337 LOT 1338 LOT 1339 LOT 1340 1335 PRESSED STEEL TRIANG DOUBLE DECKER BUS 23 L. Nice, original condition bus. The decals and signs are in excellent condition. Ther

LOT 1342 LOT 1343 LOT 1344 LOT 1345 LOT 1346 LOT 1347 1342 PRESSED STEEL SCRATCH BUILT 1950 JEFFERIES TRUCK 24 L. This modern era, scratch hand built truck has a wooden bed and rubber whe

LOT 1349 LOT 1350 LOT 1351 LOT 1352 LOT 1353 1349 LOT OF 4 PRESSED STEEL CARS AND TRAILERS Largest 14 Comprised of two fully restored cars, including 1 Kingsbury sedan and 1 Kingsbury larg

LOT 1356 LOT 1357 LOT 1358 LOT 1359 LOT 1360 LOT 1361 1356 PRESSED STEEL STRUCTO STAKE BED TRUCK 22 L. Vintage truck with modern restoration. Retains rear chain but is missing the tailgat

LOT 1363 LOT 1364 LOT 1365 LOT 1366 LOT 1367 LOT 1368 LOT 1369 LOT 1370 1363 LOT OF 4 VINTAGE TIN AND PRESSED STEEL VEHICLES Largest 14 Lot consists of 1 red Japanese tin dump truck,

LOT 1371 LOT 1372 LOT 1373 LOT 1374 1371 LOT OF 3 PRESSED STEEL BUDDY L EXCAVATOR TRUCK SHOVEL TRUCKS Largest 23 L. Includes 1 pressed steel Buddy L Excavator Truck in all original condition

LOT 1377 LOT 1378 LOT 1379 LOT 1380 1377 PRESSED STEEL STORAGE TRUCK 23 L. Fully restored truck with electric headlights and movable turn signal. Excellent. 100.00 200.00 1378 PRESSED STEEL

LOT 1383 LOT 1384 LOT 1385 LOT 1386 1383 GARTON 1937 ROADSTER PEDAL CAR 15 W. x 36 L. x 21 T. Red body with yellowbeige details, and rubber wheels. In original condition. Good. 300.00 500.00

1388 PAIR OF HISTORIC PILOT SALOON DOORS 60 W. x 44 T. This is a unique, highquality pair of walnut saloon doors with burled inset panels, front and back. Beveled and glue chipped plate glass with co

LOT 1393 LOT 1394 LOT 1395 1393 LOT OF 2 BRONZE SCULPTURE AND GOLD CLOCK 614 D. x 9 W. x 19 T. Includes 1 ornate golden clock with cherub. The clock face reads The Western Clock Mfg. Col, La Sa

LOT 1398 LOT 1399 1397 JOHN LILLEY GILLIE NAUTICAL BINNACLE 20 D. x 30 W. x 55 T. Produced by John Lilley Gillie Ltd. Nautical Instrument Makers, North Shields, England. Type GSR No.1621. Having

LOT 1401 LOT 1402 LOT 1404 LOT 1403 LOT 1405 1401 WOODEN BILLIARD SIGN 10 T. x 52 L. Curved wood sign, painted black with red lettering and gold accents. There is a crack running from the uppe

1408 LOT OF 2 FIGURAL CIGAR CIGARETTE HOLDERS Largest 512 T. x 9 W. x 3 D. This lot of 2 tobacco dispensers has been cleverly disguised. The first is a miniature version of an early General Electric

1413 ART NOUVEAU MOREAU FIGURAL LADY SPELTER NEWEL POST LAMP 37 T. x 22 W. This lovely lamp of bronzed spelter features a woman draped in a cloth with flowers above her head. Three of the large, deco

1418 BLICKENSDERFER NO. 6 TYPEWRITER 13 x 9 x 7 Aluminum home typewriter with user manual and a Christmas note from the owner to his Grandma and Aunt, dated 1907. Includes original case. Very Good. 3

1422 WOODEN TELEPHONE BOOTH WITH TELEPHONE 32 W. x 32 L. x 84 T. Wood phone booth with folding hinged door, black rotary phone and ceiling vent. Has telephone cord on the back. Good Very Good. 400.0

LOT 1426 LOT 1427 LOT 1428 LOT 1429 LOT 1430 LOT 1431 1428 LOT OF 2 GLASS BOX AND THERMOMETER Largest 2 x 4 x 9 Includes 1 brass shoe thermometer on wooden base with ring on back to hang

LOT 1433 1433 REEDS WASH BOILER 1212 W. x 28 L. x 17 T. Metal bin with lid , wooden handles, and paper covering advertising Reed Covers and Reeds Wash Boilers. Paper has rips. Good. 200.00 300.00 1

1439 LOT OF 5 INSECT POWDER SPRAYER AND CANISTERS Largest 14 Comprised of 1 Fly Ded Insect Spray spray canister 14 L., 2 Genuine Buhach Insect Powder canisters 5 T., 1 Schraders Argentine Ant Powd

1445 SHOE SHINE PLATFORM 12 T. x 2714 W. x 2714 D. This low platform is constructed from oak and marble. The brass shoe rests were manufactured by Safety Shoe Rest Co. of Chicago. Very Good. 200.00

1450 LOT OF 2 JAMES BOND GOLDFINGER JAMES DEAN EAST OF EDEN MOVIE POSTERS IN FRAMES Largest 30 x 44 Comprised of 1 Goldfinger movie poster. There are three horizontal creases and one vertical creas

LOT 1457 LOT 1458 LOT 1459 LOT 1460 LOT 1461 LOT 1462 LOT 1463 1457 LOT OF 2 VINTAGE RADIOS Largest 7 D. x 13 W. x 8 T. Comprised of 1 RCA Victor Globetrotter with a grey plastic body a

LOT 1465 LOT 1466 LOT 1467 LOT 1468 LOT 1469 LOT 1470 1465 LOT OF 3 VINTAGE RADIO, BOOK, AND ADVERTISEMENT Largest 11 W. x 1412 T. Comprised of 1 Sentinel Treasure Chest radio in red and

LOT 1472 LOT 1473 LOT 1474 LOT 1475 LOT 1476 LOT 1477 1472 LOT OF 3 VINTAGE RADIOS Largest 912 T. x 6 W. x 612 D. This Lot of 3 radios consists of 1 Westinghouse Model H126 Radio. It has

LOT 1478 LOT 1479 LOT 1480 LOT 1481 1478 ZENITH LONG DISTANCE RADIO 4312 T. x 30 W. x 16 D. This floor model radio is in a large wood cabinet and has three settings to scan radio frequencies

1482 ANTIQUE MARBLE TOP WASHROOM STAND 15 x 1712 x 52 This ornate washstand features one lower storage compartment with marble interior and two upper drawers. A very nice example. Excellent. 300.00

LOT 1485 LOT 1486 LOT 1487 LOT 1488 1485 SIX DRAWER OAK FILING CABINET WITH CLAW FEET 35 T. x 20 W. x 18 D. This oak cabinets brass pulls divide the alphabet between its six drawers. The draw

1489 LOT OF 2 APOTHECARY CABINET WITH GLASS CABINET Largest 64 T. x 167 W. x 1734 D. This Lot of 2 consists of a solid oak base cabinet with 48 drawers and an upper solid oak cabinet with 6 glass doo

LOT 1491 LOT 1492 1491 ORNATE CHERRY WOOD HUTCH WITH MIRRORS 24 W. x 56 L. x 95 T. Dark cherry stained, handcarved wood with fancy ornate scroll and bow details. Has 3 cabinets, 2 drawers, and 4

LOT 1493 LOT 1494 LOT 1495 1493 OAK PODIUM STAND 18 x 33 x 22 This floor model podium has two locking compartments, one opening vertically and the other horizontally. Does not include keys for e

1496 ORNATE WOOD HUTCH WITH MIRRORS 88H x 48L x 14W Dark cherry stain, ornate handcarved scroll design with 3 mirrors, 2 cabinets, and 1 drawer. Hutch comes in 2 pieces. Good. 700.00 1,600.00 1497

LOT 1500 LOT 1501 LOT 1502 1500 ORNATE WOOD AND MARBLE BENCH 19W x 36L x 21H Marble seat is loose from the wooden frame. Three of the legs are missing the metal detail on the feet. Good. 300.00

LOT 1504 LOT 1505 LOT 1506 LOT 1507 1504 LOT OF 2 ART GLASS BOTTLE DECANTERS Largest 4 x 912 1 Millefiori glass decanter in a genie bottle shape with a pinched neck and a cork pour spout. Bo

1509 BASEBALL PLAYER STATUE 66H x 54W x 18D This lifesized figural statue of a baseball player in a beige and black striped number 25 uniform stands over 5 feet tall and includes a removable baseball

LOT 1514 LOT 1515 LOT 1517 LOT 1518 LOT 1516 LOT 1519 1514 LOT OF 6 STATUETTES Largest 1012 T. x 534 W. x 3 D. This Lot of 6 consists of 1 hand painted plaster cow with some chips, in goo

1520 LOT OF 7 BLACK AMERICANA FRAMED LITHOGRAPHS Each 19 T. x 23 W. x 114 D. This Lot of 7 identically framed lithographs features various Black Americana caricatures. They were published by Currier

1524 IMPERIAL UNIVERSAL NO. 50 CAST IRON STOVE 71H x 30W x 32D This wood burning stove was manufactured by the Cribben Sexton Co. of Chicago. It features dragon accents at the front corners. There i

1528 1821 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PASSPORT 2112W x 2512H Passport for Thomas G. Chase going to Holland Given ... the 18th December, 1821. This paper shows distinct lines of having been folded. There

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