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Auction Details Auctioneer sells approximately 80100 lots per hour. APPROXIMATE AUCTION TIMES SATURDAY LOTS 1 100 900 AM 101 200 1000 AM 201 300 1100 AM 301 400 1200 PM 401 500 100 PM 501 600

Quality Collections Fresh to the Market. Saturday Session Auction Starts at 900am PST L OTS 1 673 MAY 27, 2017 Items Now On Preview Monday Friday 900am 400Pm PST Auction Day Preview Begins at 80

LOT 1 1 5 BALLY RELIANCE COUNTER DICE SLOT MACHINE. 1112D x 17W x 1612T. With the rare Jackpot front casting and nice oak cabinet. The jackpot pays a token and the front is for display only. This c

LOT 2 2 5 L.E. COWPER DRAW POKER TRADE STIMULATOR. 1212W x 1212D x 2012T. Five flipcard reel trade stimulator with ornate castings and upper marquee on rotating base. Winning card combinations earn

LOT 4 LOT 3 3 50 MILLS BLACK BEAUTY HITOP CONSOLE SLOT MACHINE. 16D x 21W x 58T. Produced by the Mills Novelty Co. in the 1940s. Plays nicely and pays out. A very nice unrestored example in the o

LOT 5 5 RARE 5 MILLS LITTLE SCARAB ROULETTE TRADE STIMULATOR. 15W x 17D x 16T. A neat token pay machine with decorative castings depicting scarabs dancing about. The prospective player can drop any

LOT 6 6 5 CHARLES FEY ON THE SQUARE TRADE STIMULATOR. 814D x 1114W x 13T. Countertop dice game with five glass dice tubes. Offering two plays per nickel, winnings were paid out in trade. This machi

LOT 7 7 RARE 5 WATLING CUPID COUNTER WHEEL SLOT MACHINE WITH SIDE VENDOR. 10D x 15W x 18T. A hard to find counter wheel slot machine with colorful wheels and central image of a cupid, for which the

LOT 8 8 5 SUPERIOR CONFECTION RACES COUNTER HORSE RACE. 16 x 24 x 26. Lovely mint green body with red, blue, and silver accents. This machine plays well and has a a replacement award card and cash

LOT 9 9 5 MILLS NOVELTY YOUR NEXT TRADE STIMULATOR. 912D x 12W x 12T. A small countertop trade stimulator with five flip card reels. The cabinet features beautiful castings of filigree and leaves,

LOT 10 10 25 FEY THE DUO TWO WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 13D x 15W x 18T. With the Serial No. 12, this countertop machine is the earliest known example. It offers a reward based on the color matched betwee

LOT 11 11 5 10 ROYAL NOVELTY THE TRADER TRADE STIMULATOR. 1112D x 12W x 20T. Ornate castings with beautiful copper flash finish. On rotating wooden base. With five poker card reels that players wou

LOT 12 12 25 SUPERIOR CONFECTION SUPERIOR GOLF AUTOMAT SLOT MACHINE. 20D x 1512W x 58T. This beautiful floor model console slot machine offers players the chance to win golf balls. This is consider

LOT 13 13 LOT OF 2 5 PORTLAND NOVELTY WORKS OREGON CIGAR TRADE STIMULATOR AND PHOTOGRAPH. 812D x 1114W x 1034T. An exceedingly rare, completely original trade stimulator with few known examples. Ma

14 RARE 5 MILLS NOVELTY CO. BULLSEYE VENDER SLOT MACHINE. 1512W x 1412D x 24T. Also referred to as the Owl Vender. Silver color with owl and bell design on each side of the machine, including the bac

LOT 16 16 50 O.D. JENNINGS BABY BUCKAROO SLOT MACHINE. 17W x 1512D x 27T. This tabletop, four reel machine features lighted front with central jackpot. Chrome shows some light wear and wood cabinet

20 5 SAMUEL NAFEW LITTLE MODEL CARD MACHINE TRADE STIMULATOR. 11D x 12W x 1812T. A petite countertop trade stimulator with beautiful ornate cast iron cabinet, upper marquee, and rotating wooden base.

LOT 22 22 5 MILLS THE ELK FORTUNE TELLER TRADE STIMULATOR. 1112D x 14W x 17T. Beautiful cast iron cabinet, with lovely filigree details and front casting of the namesake elk. The cabinet features a

LOT 23 23 5 MILLS NOVELTY CO. THE OWL UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 6514T. x 27W. x 20D. The Mills Novelty Company manufactured this floor model slot machine in 1898. The oak cabinet features r

LOT 24 24 5 TRICIT UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE. 1612D x 2912W x 62T. Originally a counter pocket, this device has been affixed to a base unit to make this machine a floor model upright. Both the upper and

LOT 25 25 5 PURITAN PILGRIM TRADE STIMULATOR. 10W x 10D x 15T. This nice original and unrestored, fivereel trade stimulator has highly detailed cast iron castings. It has the original upper marquee

LOT 26 26 5 CAILLE ECLIPSE UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 65T x 25W x 16D. This floor model machine is housed in a quarter sawn oak cabinet with copper flashed castings and claw feet. Tin litho

LOT 27 27 5 MILLS NOVELTY CO. CHICAGO MUSICAL UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 2812W x 1712D x 6512T. This floor model machine features a six way coin head. Wood has a nice finish and the castings

LOT 28 28 5 BALLY RAYS TRACK ELECTRIC CONSOLE RACING GAME. 20W x 48D x 3812T. A very fun electric horse racing game that allows players to choose which of the nine horses will win. Players deposit

LOT 29 29 1 CAILLE BROS. MICKEY FINN TUG OF WAR STRENGTH TESTER. 20D x 19W x 56T. Figural cast iron body with rope emerging from the torso. This extremely rare floor model amusement machine measure

LOT 30 30 5 T.F. HOLTZ MONARCH BROWNIE TRADE STIMULATOR. 912D x 12W x 1512T. An early trade stimulator manufactured by T.F. Holtz Novelty Machine Works around 1897. The highly detailed castings fea

LOT 32 LOT 31 31 25 JENNINGS NEVADA CLUB PROSPECTOR CONSOLE. 1612D x 23W x 62T. O.D. Jennings Co. produced this machine during the late 1940s. It features a Nevada Club marquee and a unique 1000

LOT 33 33 1 CAILLE BROS. MERCHANT TRADE STIMULATOR. 812D x 13W x 1514T. A very nice countertop device with oak cabinet, cast metal escutcheons, and original fruit reel strips. A piece of gum is ven

LOT 34 LOT 35 LOT 36 LOT 37 34 25 WATLING ROLATOP TWIN JACKPOT SLOT MACHINE. 15D x 15W x 26T. A very nice unrestored original foreign coin RolATop with yellow front. Scratches and paint chips

LOT 40 LOT 41 LOT 42 40 1 GOTTLIEB 3 JACKS COIN DROP GAME. 10D x 13W x 1712T. An unrestored, original countertop game produced by Gottlieb during the 1930s. With nicely detailed castings, woode

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 44 LOT 46 LOT 45 LOT 48 LOT 47 44 CAST IRON DEPENDABLE ENTERPRISES 10COLUMN DICE POPPER. 20W x 5D x 712T. Constructed from glass and cast iron, this d

LOT 49 LOT 50 LOT 51 49 E.J. HAYDEN CO. STUDIOS GAMBLING BANNER. 145 x 117. Large advertising cloth banner. Shows a hand painted scene of four men playing dice. Reads Shooting Craps across the

52 CAST IRON SLOT MACHINE STAND. 1712W x 1812D x 30T. Cast iron stand with green and gold base, hexagonal column, and square top. Good Very Good. 400.00 800.00 53 MILLS NOVELTY WOODEN SHIPPING CRA

LOT 57 LOT 59 LOT 58 57 BLACK JACK TABLE TOP. 44D x 70W. Black Jack table top with removable metal chip rack. Very Good. 300.00 600.00 58 GLASS FRONT OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 20D x 20W x 3412T.

LOT 61 LOT 62 LOT 63 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 64 LOT 65 61 5 CAILLE GOOD LUCK TRADE STIMULATOR. 16T. x 11W. x 11D. Caille Bros. of Detroit manufactured these machines in 1904.

LOT 66 66 1 GROETCHEN KILL THE JAP ANTI AXIS COUNTERTOP TRADE STIMULATOR. 1012 x 15 x 712. Very few examples of this machine have surfaced to date with this one definitely being one of the best. Ma

LOT 67 67 5 THE ENCORE AUTOMATIC BANJO. 8312T x 2514W x 2412D. The Encore was manufactured by The American Automusic Co. of New York about 1899. It has an oak cabinet with a beautiful honey oak fin

LOT 69 LOT 68 68 5 EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO. SUNBURST DIGGER CLAW ARCADE MACHINE. 26D x 29W x 7112T. Exhibit Supply Co. produced this fun game during the mid 1940s. Having a style reminiscent of a jukeb

LOT 70 LOT 71 70 25 SEEBURG RAYOLITE SHOOT THE RAT RIFLE RANGE ARCADE MACHINE. Largest 38T. x 40W. x 1812D. Seeburgs RayOLite games show up in various themes, but they all function in the same wa

LOT 72 LOT 73 72 REPRODUCTION 1 CAILLE SIMPLEX ARCADE MACHINE. This reproduction Caille shocker is complete with stand, storage box and marquee, which are excellent replacements. Deposit a coin,

LOT 74 LOT 75 LOT 76 74 WORLD CASH REGISTER. 2112T x 1914W x 1712D. The Century Cash Register Company was the parent company that made this World cash register. It features a very ornate nickel

LOT 79 79 10 DOREMUS AUTOMATIC VENDING CO. CIGAR VENDING MACHINE. 7D x 834W x 13T. Cast iron vendor with decorative scrolling on both sides. Original nickel plated cabinet shows patina throughout w

LOT 80 LOT 81 LOT 82 LOT 83 80 10 NORRIS MASTER PROPHYLACTIC VENDING MACHINE. 334 x 512 x 2012. Wallmount vending machine produced by Norris Manufacturing during the 1920s. The cast aluminum

LOT 85 LOT 86 85 MULTICOIN WURLITZER 1015 MULTISELECTOR PHONOGRAPH JUKEBOX. 24W. x 34L. x 59T. This model 1015 accepts 5, 10, and 25 and offers 24 song selections. Serial No.2062713 indicates tha

LOT 87 87 REGINA CORONA 2712 DISC MUSIC BOX. 3512W x 2312D x 7412T. Floor model Regina music box with beautifully carved wooden cabinet, featuring two figural dragons, egg and dart molding, and tur

LOT 88 88 LOT OF 2 KALLIOPE PANORAMA AUTOMAT MUSICBOX AND EXTRA TUNE SHEETS. 5212T x 2812W x 1612D. Lot includes 1 kalliope music box and 9 2012 diameter tune sheets. This kalliope was named the Pa

LOT 89 89 LOT OF 31D POLYPHON MUSIC BOX WITH BASE CABINET AND TUNE SHEETS. Largest 47T x 2412W x 1634D. This lot includes a Polyphon Style 104 Music Box, operates with English Pennies, 118 teeth, p

LOT 90 90 REGINA 27 UPRIGHT MUSIC BOX. 33W x 16D x 84T. This floor model, manual load music box is housed in a dark wood cabinet with upper glass doors showing decorative metal adornments at each c

91 BURNS POLLOCK LAMP PHONOGRAPH. 28T x 17W x 17D. This rare machine has a trumpeted copper base with brass mounts and brass claw feet, purple octagonal cloth linen shadestyle top with gold trim and

LOT 98 LOT 101 LOT 99 LOT 100 LOT 102 98 LIGHTED BUDWEISER WORLD CHAMPION CLYDESDALE TEAM SIGN. 10 x 70 x 21. Domed acrylic front and set in a wooden frame. 90 power cord and pull chain to t

LOT 103 LOT 104 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 105 103 RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY TIN OVER CARDBOARD SIGN. 13 x 1912. Scratches and spotting throughout. Very Good. 200.00 300.00 104 LOT OF

109 OLD JUDGE WHISKEY TRAY. 1634T. x 1334W. x 34D. The rim of this tray is green with horse tack, a saddle and two cherubs. The field depicts a young woman with her horse and the advertising reads, O

LOT 114 114 LOT OF 4 MEXICAN ARROW GAME. Largest 4T. x 5W. x 22D. This lot of 3 contains 1 Oilcloth layout that is not mounted and has fold lines that have not relaxed. It has holes where the inclu

LOT 122 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 120 120 ANTIQUE BARBER SHOP POLE. 42 T. Barber pole with white and blue porcelain top and base with brass wall mount fixture. Good Very Good. 500.00

123 SODA PARLOR COUNTER AND HUTCH WITH CHAIRS. Largest 2412D x 96W x 43T. This lot consists of seven total pieces the front counter, twopiece back counter and hutch, and four stool chairs. The front

126 ATLANTIC METAL CABINET CO. COPPER SODA FOUNTAIN. 23 x 2512 x 25. Bright copper soda fountain with brass tap and spigot. Minor wear and oxidation is evident. Very Good. 200.00 400.00 127 JOHN H.

LOT 131 LOT 132 LOT 133 LOT 134 LOT 135 LOT 130 133 MAIL POUCH TOBACCO SINGLE SIDED TIN FLANGE SIGN. 1212D x 17T x 22W. Sign for Mail Pouch Tobacco is navy in color with yellow lettering a

LOT 137 137 WESTERN ELECTRIC OAK TELEPHONE BOOTH. 29W x 31D x 8814T. Beautifully restored phone booth with original decal on the inside of the door dated 1919. Made of oak with light beige tin tiled

139 EARLY MONARCH, CHICAGO WALLMOUNT TELEPHONE. 11D x 13W x 2412T. Early wallmount telephone attributed to Monarch of Chicago. Quarter sawn oak cabinet with two upper bells, adjustable receiver and s

LOT 146 LOT 147 LOT 148 LOT 149 LOT 150 LOT 145 145 TOLEDO LOLLIPOP SCALE. 7012T. x 24W. x 32D. This scale boasts accuracy because it doesnt use any springs, and viewing the mechanism behi

LOT 151 LOT 152 LOT 153 LOT 154 LOT 155 LOT 156 LOT 157 151 LOT OF 3 VICTORIAN PULL TAB TRIVIA GAME AND BOOKLETS. 20T. x 1112W. x 1012D. An ornate, gilded cast iron base with a marble ins

LOT 158 LOT 159 LOT 160 158 RPM MOTOR OIL SIGN WITH MICKEY MOUSE. 2334 Dia. Round, singlesided tin sign featuring Disneys Mickey Mouse. Dated 1939. Excellent. 2,000.00 3,000.00 159 RAND MCNALL

LOT 164 LOT 163 163 LOT OF 2 SIMPLEX CINCINNIATI TIME CLOCKS. 31 T. Both are in fair original condition. The Simplex looks to be in better condition. Neither have been tested. Good. 400.00 600.0

LOT 169 169 5 PACES RACES CONSOLE HORSE RACE SLOT MACHINE. This floor model machine in wood cabinet features a silver horse and jockey on each side. Shows minor paint loss to horse figures and colo

LOT 170 170 5 PAUL E. BERGER OOMPAUL UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE. 18D x 32W x 70T. Beautiful upright slot machine with dark stained oak cabinet featuring carved details and floral decals throughout. With

LOT 171 171 5 CAILLE BROS WASP COUNTER WHEEL. 8D x 9W x 13T. Caille Bros. manufactured this counter wheel during the early 1900s. An older restoration with original back door and swivel base. With

LOT 172 172 5 MILLS NOVELTY MILLS CRICKET UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE. 15D x 3112W x 66T. Upright floor model slot machine produced by Mills Novelty between 19031918. This machine features beautiful quart

LOT 173 173 5 CAILLE QUINTET UPRIGHT POKER MACHINE. 73T x 24W x 17D. These rare multiway card reel machines offer the option for multiple players at once with five independent sets of five reels. T

LOT 174 174 5 25 MIXED CAILLE DOUBLE ECLIPSE BIG 6 FLOOR MODEL SLOT MACHINE. 6912 x 51 x 21. This early version of the EclipseBig Six Double is highly desirable to collectors and is probably the

LOT 175 175 25 THE MILLS 20TH CENTURY UPRIGHT MUSICAL SLOT MACHINE. 2012D x 2812W x 63T. Beautiful darkstained quarter sawn oak cabinet with carved details and recessed side panels. Ornate nickelpl

LOT 176 176 25 MILLS 20TH CENTURY UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE. 21D x 29W x 65T. Beautiful upright slot machine produced by Mills Novelty in 1900. The birch wood cabinet has been refinished and the wheel a

LOT 177 177 5 WAIN BRYANT ZODIAC COUNTER WHEEL. 8D x 1112W x 16T. A rare trade stimulator produced by Wain Bryant in 1902. With an older nickel replated cast iron cabinet resting upon the origina

LOT 178 178 5 PRECAILLE PUCK FLOOR WHEEL UPRIGHT SLOT MACHINE. 6312T. x 28W. x 19D. This machine has had an older restoration. The coin head can accept up to 6 nickels at a time and is cast iron, a

LOT 179 179 RARE 5 WHEELAND NOVELTY CALIFORNIA TRADE STIMULATOR. 11D x 13W x 1512T. An exceedingly rare trade stimulator, with only three or four others known to exist. Nearly all original machine

LOT 180 180 1 INDUSTRY NOVELTY CO. BASE BALL TRADE STIMULATOR. 12D x 1412W x 1912T. Baseballthemed single reel, cast iron trade stimulator with beautiful filigree castings and upper marquee. Sporti

LOT 181 181 5 MILLS NOVELTY COMMERICAL TRADE STIMULATOR. 1012D x 13W x 30T. A very nice 5reel flip card poker trade stimulator. This device rests on an oak cash drawer base and is in original condi

LOT 183 LOT 182 182 1 JENNINGS RIVIERA SWEEPSTAKE CHIEF CONSOLE SLOT MACHINE. 1612D x 23W x 60T. O.D. Jennings Co. manufactured this machine in 1950. Not only does the player have the opportunit

LOT 184 LOT 185 184 5 D.N. SCHALL CO. THE ILLINOIS COUNTER WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 16 x 8 x 17 12. Housed in a wood cabinet showing some scratches. Unrestored and original with the original award ca

186 5 BALLY RELIANCE COUNTER DICE SLOT MACHINE. 1112D x 1512W x 17T. Counter dice slot machine with a bright yellow facade featuring two horses on either side of a gold award jackpot. This example ha

189 50 MINIATURE FOUR BITS MUSICAL DEWEY FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 20W x 12D x 49T. A miniature version of the classic Mills upright. Wood cabinet, reproduction color wheel, and multiway coin head ar

LOT 193 LOT 194 LOT 195 LOT 196 LOT 197 LOT 198 LOT 199 193 5 PURITAN MACHINE CO. PURITAN TRADE STIMULATOR. 912D x 9W x 11T. Cast iron pintsized trade stimulator with numbered reels and

LOT 200 LOT 201 LOT 202 LOT 203 200 1 ROCKOLA MFG. 3 WINNERS COIN DROP GAME. 13W x 912D x 1812T. This countertop coin flip game is very similar in design to the Three Jacks. With a similar ca

LOT 205 LOT 206 LOT 207 LOT 208 205 25 MILLS QT BLUE GOLD SLOT MACHINE. 1312D x 1212W x 1812T. Also referred to as the Victory or Applied Front. This miniature bell machine was produced by M

LOT 209 LOT 210 LOT 211 209 CHEATING ROULETTE TABLE. 3412T. x 9512W. x 57D. The consignor purchased this table from Rileys Casino in Saratoga Springs, formerly owned and operated by mobster Meyer

LOT 213 LOT 216 LOT 214 LOT 215 LOT 217 213 LOT OF 4 CRAPS TABLE WITH ACCESSORIES. Largest 4012D x 68W x 4112T. Lot includes a large craps table with solid wood frame, carved claw feet and

218 WOODEN CARD PRESS. 914T. x 512W. x 334D. This lovely carved box is topped by a black screw, the finial being pierced by a pin in order to apply pressure to the interior plates and keep a number o

224 FRAMED KLONDIKE LAYOUT. 34T. x 54W. x 114D. This hand painted layout is on green oilcloth. It is mounted on a framed, suedelike board with no glass. Good Very Good. 500.00 1,000.00 LOT 224 2

LOT 228 LOT 229 LOT 230 LOT 231 228 LARGE LOT OF BUFFALO NICKELS. This large lot includes over 20 pounds of circulated Buffalo nickels which roughly calculates to around 1,860 coins. Includes

232 1D SPIRAL COIN SHOOT TRADE STIMULATOR. 3134T. x 1912W. x 712D. This trade stimulator only accepts English Pennies. The graphics are delaminating and curling into the play field. There is a light

LOT 237 237 1 CAILLE BROS. JUMBO SUCCESS FORTUNE TELLER CARD MACHINE. 68T. x 15W. x 14D. An older restoration with original elements including the fortune reel strips. Top sign is a replacement and

LOT 238 238 1 ROOVERS BROS. EDUCATED DONKEY ARCADE AMUSEMENT MACHINE. 79T. x 17W. x 17D. Extremely rare approximately 34 examples known. This floor model fortune teller features a donkey automaton

LOT 239 239 5 CAILLE BROS. OLYMPIC PUNCHER STRENGTH TESTER. 17W x 24D x 70T. A fun device that allowed players to test their strength. This model features dual side grips in the back of the machine

LOT 241 LOT 242 LOT 240 240 REPRODUCTION 1 CAILLE LUNG TESTER ARCADE AMUSEMENT MACHINE. 17W x 17D x 7212T. A Gorski reproduction of the Caille Hygienic Exerciser. This amusement machine on marb

243 1 CAILLE BROS. SPIROMETER LUNG TESTER. 512 x 1034 x 18. Drop a penny in the slot and blow steadily into the hose. This device was used to measure the strength of your breath. As you blow, the sma

LOT 247 LOT 248 LOT 249 247 VERY RARE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER MODEL 5214. 2112T. x 1712W. x 16D. This machine was manufactured about 1897 in Dayton, Ohio. It is key operated, has 15 keys, copper

253 1 CONTINENTAL NOVELTY BULLS HEAD PERFUME DISPENSER. 7 x 8 x 1412. This interesting wallmounted vendor with an upper mirror is designed so that when the bulls horns are lowered, perfume is dispens

LOT 257 LOT 258 LOT 259 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 257 5 SHIPMAN HERSHEYS CANDY BAR VENDOR. 712D x 812W x 18T. Art Deco styled Hersheys bar vending machine with twotoned brown front. Mad

LOT 260 260 5 CAILLE SINGING BIRD CAGE MUSIC BOX AUTOMATON. 10 x 22. Circa 1908, made by Caille Manuf Corp. Two birds mounted on perches chirp and move heads, beaks, and tails in a lifelike manner

LOT 261 261 LOT OF 3 5 REGINA ORCHESTRAL CORONA MUSIC BOX AND ACCOUTREMENTS. 74T x 39W x 26D. Lot includes 1 Regina Music Box, 1 27 circular tune sheet, and 1 bag of accoutrements. The music box is

LOT 262 262 REGINA CORONA AUTOMATIC CHANGER MUSIC BOX. 20D x 26W x 67T. Standard style round no.35 Regina Corona Automatic Changer music box was produced by The Regina Co. from 19041908. This beaut

263 EDISON HOME PHONOGRAPH WITH FLOWER HORN. 13T. x 19W. x 1212D. Serial No. 371857 D. This machine has an oak cabinet with a black logo. An extension rod attaches in front to support the beautiful r

LOT 270 270 LOT OF 6 GAMBLING THEMED ADVERTISEMENTS AND EPHEMERA. Largest 17W x 14T. This lot includes 1 National Distillers Products Old Overholt Bonded Bar No. 4305 license for Riverview Hotel, in

LOT 275 LOT 276 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 274 LOT 277 LOT 278 274 CRESCENT FLOOR MODEL TWO WHEEL COFFEE MILL. 3112W x 25D x 64T. This heavy cast iron coffee grinder has been re

LOT 279 LOT 280 LOT 281 LOT 282 LOT 283 LOT 284 LOT 285 LOT 286 LOT 287 279 JOHN WRIGHT INC. CAST IRON COFFEE MILL. 512W. x 534D. x 11T. Red and yellow cast iron coffee grinder with

LOT 288 288 HANGING BUDWEISER SIGN. 18 x 24 Dia. This classic hanging sign for Budweiser has florescent lighting when the 53 power cord is plugged in. It features the Budweiser Clydesdale team and D

LOT 294 LOT 295 LOT 297 LOT 298 LOT 299 297 WARDS OARNGE CRUSH SODA FOUNTAIN SYRUP DISPENSER. 8D x 15T. Figural syrup dispenser in the shape of an orange. Very nice condition throughout. Ver

LOT 300 LOT 301 LOT 302 LOT 303 LOT 304 LOT 305 LOT 306 300 GINSENG TIN LITHO SODA ADVERTISING TRAY. 10W x 1314T. Red trim, showing a picture of an oriental woman and reads GINSENG The

LOT 308 LOT 309 LOT 311 LOT 310 LOT 312 308 TIN DRINK MOXIE ADVERTISEMENT SIGN. 912 x 2712. Singlesided metal sign with a blue border and red and white central field with the image of a han

LOT 313 LOT 314 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 315 313 SWITCH TO SQUIRT ADVERTISING SIGN. 28 x 28. Embossed metal sign in vibrant red, yellow and black with an image of a green Squirt so

LOT 318 LOT 319 LOT 320 LOT 321 LOT 322 LOT 323 318 FRAMED COLONIAL CLUB CIGAR LITHOGRAPH. 2534T. x 2014W. x 112D. This beautiful cigar advertisement is a lithograph on canvas. The canvas

LOT 326 LOT 327 LOT 324 LOT 325 324 1D AUSTRALASIAN AUTOMATIC WEIGHING MACHINE CO. SCALE. 24W x 32D x 70T. Ornate cast iron scale that operates with Australian or British one cent coins. The

LOT 329 LOT 330 328 REPRODUCTION 10 CHARLES FEY SONS 3 JACKS FIGURAL JESTER. 2212D x 2212W x 69T. Delong fantasty floor model jester figure houses a reproduction Charles Fey Sons 3 Jacks coin d

332 5 WATLING TREASURY SLOT MACHINE. 1412D x 15W x 23T. Threereel slot machine with twin jackpot banks. The bright yellow repainted front casting is adorned with American coins and a central eagle mo

LOT 335 335 5 CLAWSON AUTOMATIC DICE TRADE STIMULATOR. 13 x 5112. Dropping a nickel in the slot automatically triggers the mechanism and flips the dice cups. Made by Clawson Machine Co. from 189018

LOT 336 336 5 MILLS NOVELTY CO. DEWEY UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 28W x 17D x 65T. This floor model machine features a six way coin head and original tin litho color wheel. The wood cabinet h

LOT 337 337 25 CAILLE ARISTOCRAT COUNTER ROULETTE WITH STAND. 16D x 1712W x 4212T. A slightly later model of this miniature roulette machine by Caille, circa 1932. Really neat action, when a coin o

LOT 338 338 5 CAILLE OPERATORS BELL SLOT MACHINE. 1312D x 15W x 2312T. Similar in style to the Mills Novelty Liberty Bell counterpart. With highly detailed nickel plated castings featuring scenes o

LOT 339 339 5 CHARLES FEY ON THE SQUARE DICE GAME. 8D x 11W x 1312T. A fun dice game produced by Charles Fey during the early 1900s. It advertises Two Plays for one Nickel. On the first play, playe

LOT 340 340 5 MILLS THE OWL UPRIGHT SINGLE WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 18D x 27W x 65T. Floor model slot machine with lovely dark wood cabinet. Having many intricate carvings, including ribbons, filigree,

LOT 341 341 RARE 10 LUKAT THE LUCKY CAT TRADE STIMULATOR. 612 x 14 x 9. A unique trade stimulator produced by LuKat Novelty in the early 1950s. Players would insert a dime into a slot near the left

LOT 342 342 5 LEO CANDA MFG. CO. JUMBO GIANT POKER CARD MACHINE. 15 14W x 10D x 83T. This trade stimulator features wooden upper and lower cabinets with two green cast iron pillars in between and a

LOT 343 343 5 CAILLE BROS SEARCH LIGHT COUNTER WHEEL. 8D x 1112W x 16T. Caille Bros. Co. manufactured this trade stimulator in 1902. It has since been restored and is in great working condition. Th

LOT 345 344 50 JENNINGS PROSPECTOR CHIEF CONSOLE SLOT MACHINE. 60T x 2012W x 1612D. O.D. Jennings manufactured these machines in 1946 and were quite popular due to being lighted and how the lights

346 5, 10, 25 JENNINGS TRIPLEX CHIEF SLOT MACHINE. 1512D x 16W x 28T. A unique machine by O.D. Jennings that has three coin slots and accepts nickels, dimes, and quarters. In very good condition over

350 25 CAILLE LA COMETE SLOT MACHINE. This single reel, 3way, countertop cast iron machine features a starshaped marquee. In working condition and when you win, issues a copper token with a 6pointed

353 5 SAMUEL NAFEW LITTLE MODEL CARD MACHINE TRADE STIMULATOR. 812D x 12W x 15T. A petite countertop trade stimulator with ornate cast iron cabinet, upper marquee, and thick wooden base. With five fl

358 5 MILLS OPERATORS BELL SLOT MACHINE. 15 12W. x 14 34D. x 25T. Silver color front casting and wood cabinet. This device has a replacement award card but retains its original back door, reel strips

LOT 365 LOT 366 LOT 367 LOT 368 365 RARE 5 MURRAY, SPINK CO. 3DIAL FORTUNE TELLER TRADE STIMULATOR. 712 x 16 x 1812. A unique and rare trade stimulator that features three clockwork dial mec

LOT 369 LOT 370 LOT 371 LOT 372 369 ROULETTE WHEEL WITH CRATE. 2334D x 2334W x 534T. This table top roulette wheel fits securely inside its wooden shipping crate. The case shows some wear, ho

LOT 374 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 375 LOT 376 374 FARO TABLE. 2912T. x 70W. x 44D. The table has a green felt top with fantastic wear marks indicating how much Faro was played, wit

LOT 377 LOT 378 LOT 379 377 ANTIQUE BLACK JACK GAMING TABLE. 3612D x 43T x 75W. This gaming table came from The Mill Casino on Coos Bay in Oregon, as indicated on the green felt layout. Layout

LOT 382 LOT 381 LOT 383 LOT 384 381 HAND PAINTED GAMBLING WHEEL. 22T. x 22W. x 4D. This table top wheel has a hand painted floral motif painted along the perimeter. The center has a chrome pl

LOT 386 LOT 387 LOT 385 LOT 388 LOT 389 385 LOT OF 2 H.C. EVANS GAMING WHEEL WITH BASE. 13D x 3212W x 5112T. Gaming wheel divided into 10 sections, each with an image of a horse and rider. Wi

390 VINTAGE COIN OP SWISS BICYCLE RACING GAME WITH MUSIC BOX. 3012T x 42W x 2834D. This rare table top game has a circular race track for five bicycles to race. The writing in the center reads OSMA

LOT 391 LOT 392 391 5 INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE ZELDA THE MYSTERIOUS FORTUNE TELLER. 25D x 2212W x 77T. An interesting fortune teller game with mechanical gypsy woman character. Made by the Interna

LOT 393 393 1 MILLS NOVELTY BALLOON LUNG TESTER ARCADE GAME. 21D x 46W x 105T. This charming arcade game is designed to look like a hot air balloon. A reproduction of a very rare machine, originals

LOT 394 394 25 MIKE MUNVES GRANDMAS PROPHECIES FORTUNE TELLER GAME. 29D x 23W x 7612T. A fun floor model arcade game with animated Grandma character and glossy cabinet with curtains and teacup desi

395 1 O.D. JENNINGS THE COMET FORTUNE TELLER ARCADE MACHINE. 14x 13 x 20. Circa 1927. In unrestored and original condition, the casting shows wear but machine is in working order. Slight rust on the

LOT 401 LOT 402 LOT 403 401 CASHIER CASH REGISTER CO. AUTOGRAPHIC CASH REGISTER. 24W x 21D x 24T. Constructed of quarter sawn oak with brass and glass elements. The center of the register stati

406 FRENCH LANCE PARFUMS MANNEKENPIS PERFUME DISPENSER. 10W. x 4 12D. x 14T. Also referred to as The Pisser, this cream color aluminum perfume vending machine features a figure fashioned after the fa

410 25 AMERICAN AMUSEMENT CO. BAKER BOY SCOOP VENDING MACHINE. 22D x 30W x 64T. A large, floor model vending machine with a mechanical Baker Boy figure who scoops up a treat and delivers it to the pl

LOT 413 413 5 REGINA CORONA STYLE 36 AUTOMATIC CHANGER MUSIC MACHINE WITH GUM VENDOR. 6912 x 25 x 21. Oak cabinet is in excellent condition. Designed for use in a public space and to be operated li

LOT 414 414 WURLITZER MILITARY BAND ORGAN. 89T. x 88W. x 30D. Wurlitzer manufactured this Style No. 146A organ in the teens and early twenties of the 20th Century. This machine was professionally r

LOT 415 415 INLAID CYLINDER PLAYER MUSIC BOX AND TABLE. Base 42W x 2214D x 29T. Music box measuring 3812 x 16 x 19. Table has two drawers, each with space for four cylinders. Includes four cylinder

LOT 418 LOT 419 418 EDISON STANDARD PHONOGRAPH. 12T x 1212W x 9D. Serial no. 51053 50. It has a tiger oak cabinet with wonderful wood grain, the inside of the lid having a slight green tinge to it

LOT 424 LOT 425 LOT 426 LOT 429 LOT 428 427 CAST IRON WINDUP FLY FAN. 50 T. This fan has a heavy cast metal base and two black cloth blades. The base also serves as the mechanism that winds t

430 LABEL UNDER GLASS SALOON BOTTLE. 734T. x 212W. This clear glass bottle has a shield shaped label with a girl in pink and wearing a hat. Above the girl, Bay Rum has been painted in gold lettering,

436 ANTIQUE KOKEN TUFTED LEATHER HYDRAULIC BARBER CHAIR. Burgundy color leather seating, arm rest, back rest, and head rest. Cast iron with copper finish foot rest with flower design and Kokens name.

440 KOKEN BARBER SUPPLY CO. WOODEN BARBER CHAIR. 25W x 2314D x 46H. Burgundy color tufted cloth seating, arm rest, head rest, and foot rest cover. Cloth is in good condition. Shapleige Hardware Co. l

LOT 443 LOT 444 LOT 445 443 STIMPSON PLATFORM SCALE. 1634W. x 18D. x 3012T. Red and white with glass plate showing a CocaCola advertisement. Scale does not work and weight indicator window has

448 COCACOLA OUTBOARD SODA DISPENSER. 20 x 9 x 20. This dispenser is reminiscent of an outboard motor and was manufactured by the Selmix Dispenser Corp. of St. Paul, Minnesota. It has been mounted on

455 COCACOLA SELFFRAMED TIN SIGN. 1134 x 3134. This sign from 1964 has only very minor paint loss on the embossed edge. Marked MCA 634. Very Good Excellent. 300.00 500.00 456 KING SIZE SIX PACK CO

462 DIE CUT SIX PACK COCACOLA TIN SIGN. 1314 x 11. This sign was made in 1951 and has sustained some superficial scratches and a small spot of paint loss on the logo. Marked AM 153. Very Good Excell

467 BUCKEYE ROOT BEER CERAMIC SYRUP DISPENSER. 612D x 1534T. White dispenser with golden accents and central advertisement for Cleveland Fruit Juice Co. and Buck Eye Root Beer. The top of the pump is

472 ANTIQUE COUNTER BALANCED DISPLAY CASE. 19 x 25 x 40. Display case has a solid wood base, glass dome and metal arm stamped Edward R. Smith, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This unique case was used to display

LOT 480 LOT 481 LOT 482 LOT 483 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 484 LOT 485 LOT 486 LOT 487 480 DIECUT CIGARETTE ADVERTISING FLANGE SIGN. 112 x 12 x 15. Doublesided, diecut, fl

LOT 488 LOT 489 LOT 490 LOT 491 LOT 492 LOT 493 LOT 494 LOT 495 488 5 ROCKOLA FIVE JACKS COIN DROP GAME. 1012D x 18W x 20T. RockOla produced this countertop coin drop game in the 1930

LOT 496 LOT 497 LOT 498 LOT 499 LOT 500 LOT 501 LOT 502 LOT 503 496 10 PACE MFG. CO. DELUXE CHERRY BELL SILVER STAR SLOT MACHINE. 15W. x 16D. x 24T. Beautiful blue front slot machine

LOT 504 LOT 505 LOT 506 LOT 507 LOT 508 LOT 509 LOT 510 LOT 511 504 5 JENNINGS VICTORIA SLOT MACHINE. 15D. x 15W. x 24T. Having a metal front with Art Deco designs in red, yellow, and

LOT 512 LOT 513 LOT 514 LOT 515 LOT 516 LOT 517 LOT 518 512 1 GROETCHEN PENNY SMOKE TRADE STIMULATOR. 834W x 834D x 12T. In original, unrestored and working condition, this three reel D

LOT 521 LOT 522 LOT 519 519 5 JENNINGS ELECTROVENDOR BELL SLOT MACHINE. 18D x 1812W x 4812T. An interesting device that was manufactured by O.D. Jennings Co. during the 1930s. It features a 3re

525 5 MILLS VEST POCKET SLOT MACHINE. 7D x 11W x 812T. A petite threereel countertop slot machine with a deep green cabinet and beveled glass reel window. Produced by Mills Novelty from 19381940. Two

LOT 531 531 FRAMED KLONDIKE LAYOUT. 2114T. x 45W. x 2D. Using as dark of a green oilcloth as you are likely to find, this layout was hand painted with gold paint. It is mounted on a substantial fram

LOT 537 LOT 538 LOT 540 LOT 539 LOT 541 537 GERMAN SKAT BOX WITH BONE MARKERS. 212T. x 10W. x 7D. Skat is an old German card game for three players. This wood box has an inset oil on canvas p

LOT 543 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 544 LOT 545 LOT 546 543 CAST IRON AND WOOD SLOT MACHINE STAND. 32W x 20D x 3112T. Solid wood, rectangular platform with light brown cast iron ba

LOT 547 LOT 548 LOT 549 LOT 550 548 5 WESTERN REEL RACES TRADE STIMULATOR. 8D x 912W x 1012T. This four reel countertop machine offers a ball of gum and spin of the reels for each coin inserte

LOT 553 LOT 554 LOT 555 LOT 556 LOT 557 LOT 558 553 1 FILMASCOPE MFG. CORP. PLAY BASKETBALL COUNTER ARCADE MACHINE. 22 x 1812 x 12. Circa 1931, made by Filmascope Manufacturing Corp., pen

LOT 559 559 COMBINATION BILLIARDS SCORE KEEPING CABINET. 11D x 47W x 38T. Wallmount score keeping cabinet attributed to G. Wrights Co. of London. this beautiful cabinet can be used to keep track of

565 BRASS NATIONAL CASH REGISTER BARBER SHOP MODEL 317. 21 x 10. Brass in the dolphin design pattern with marble counter top above the cash drawer and side receipt cage. Features Haircut Shave 25 ma

572 5 HERSHEYS MILK CHOCOLATE BARS VENDOR. 5 x 33. Brick red, textured cabinet with Hersheys decal. Some wear is present throughout. Includes the key. Good Very Good. 300.00 500.00 573 1 COLUMBUS

LOT 576 576 WURLITZER STRIKE UP THE BAND MODEL 39 REMOTE SPEAKER. 812D x 1714T. This wall speaker is currently wired with power for four bulbs. In working order it lights up. The exterior is very ni

LOT 580 580 LOT OF 3 MARANTZ 25 PIANOCORDER RAGTIME PLAYER PIANO WITH BENCH. Largest 24D x 65W x 4812T. Ragtime player piano from Superscope, Inc. circa 1982. This piano has two lovely stained glas

583 PAILLARD INTERCHANGEABLE CYLINDER MUSIC BOX. 1712D x 37W x 14T. A visually stunning music box with case composed of multiple inlaid woods and mother of peal accents. Lower drawer for storing addi

LOT 587 LOT 588 LOT 589 LOT 590 LOT 591 587 LOT OF 18 VICTOR TALKING MACHINE WITH RECORDS. Largest 21D x 22T. Included in this lot is a Monarch Special Victor Talking Machine, type MS 4306.

LOT 592 592 RANSOME SIMS COMPANY THRESHING MACHINE LOADER SALESMAN SAMPLE. 16 x 36 x 2412. Late 1800s salesmans sample, 16 scale replica. Red, handcrafted replica of the fullsized machine and load

LOT 596 LOT 597 LOT 598 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 599 LOT 600 LOT 601 LOT 602 596 AAA AUTOMOBILE CLUB SIGN. 2712T x 32W. Doublesided aluminum sign, yellow background with b

603 1943 PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD SERVING THE NATION CALENDAR. 30 x 3014. Beautifully illustrated WWII era calendar featuring an image of Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves set in industrial America. The

LOT 607 LOT 608 LOT 609 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 610 LOT 611 LOT 612 LOT 613 607 LOT OF 3 CLEAR GLASS JARS AND LID. Largest 15 T. This lot of three is composed of 1 clear

LOT 614 LOT 615 LOT 616 616 EIGHT SIDED FARO LAYOUT. 13T. x 4214W. x 34D. The corners of this layout have been chamfered and all eight sides have wood trim affixed with screws. The felt is well

LOT 622 LOT 623 LOT 624 LOT 626 LOT 625 LOT 627 622 AMERICAN BEAUTY CULTURE COMPANY MARCEL CURLER. 1212 x 1412. One hair curler with several pins to created the iconic Marcel Waves circa

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 628 LOT 629 LOT 630 LOT 631 LOT 632 628 MEXSANA FIGURAL DISPLAY. 22 x 14 x 1012. This display for Mexsana medicated powder is in the shape of a smiling

LOT 634 LOT 635 LOT 636 634 FRAMED QUATROFOLD KENO TOBACCO ADVERTISEMENT. 1034T. x 1914W. x 1D. This foursection lithograph on paper is matted and set behind glass in a contemporary frame. Very

LOT 640 LOT 641 LOT 643 LOT 642 640 VINTAGE SHOE SHINE KIT. 6 x 1412 x 14. Wooden shoe shine kit with figural camel bootjack. Inside the case are eight brushes and one tin of old Kiwi polish.

LOT 645 LOT 646 LOT 644 LOT 648 LOT 649 644 KENDALL THEATER TICKET PAPER SHREDDER. 46 T. Wooden cabinet with white porcelain feet and top with helm and paper feed. The brass plaque on the sid

650 5 BUTTER MILK DISPENSER. 15D x 2412 T. Restored porcelain enamel dispenser with 5 Chilled Churned Buttermilk written in blue on front and back. In very good condition overall. Lid with rod. Resto

LOT 657 LOT 656 LOT 658 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 656 LOT OF 4 EDISON STOCK TICKER WITH STAND AND ART. Largest 15W x 27D x 3712T. In this lot of four we have offered a selfwinding Thoma

660 FOLDA FAIRWAY HOME GOLF COURSE. 16D x 40W x 36T. An interesting looking device used to improve ones swing. A golf ball is tethered to a comma shaped wooden device with grooves on one end that are

LOT 663 LOT 664 LOT 665 LOT 666 LOT 668 663 FIGURAL BRASS DANCING HULA GIRL MOTION LAMP. 2012 T. This topless figure sways her fringe grass skirt at the turn of a button on the back of the l

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 670 LOT 671 LOT 672 LOT 673 670 DRUMMER BOY KEROSENE CIGAR LIGHTER WITH MATCHSTICK HOLDER. 5W x 5D x 712T. Charming figural cigar lighter of a drummer b

New Saloon Book American Saloons PreProhibition Photographs From the Author of Saloons Bars Cigar Stores Over 200 duotone photographs including over 100 pictures of COIN OPERATED MACHINES also back

Quality Collections Fresh to the Market. Sunday Session Auction Starts at 900am PST LOTS 700 1,344 MAY 28, 2017 Items Now On Preview Monday Friday 900am 400Pm PST Auction Day Preview Begins at 8

LOT 700 700 1 CAILLE BROS. MERCHANT TRADE STIMULATOR. 13W x 8D x 15T. This tabletop machine is housed in a wood cabinet with die cut front casting to surround the three fruit reels and awards card.

703 5 MILLS LITTLE MONTE CARLO TRADE STIMULATOR. 1312D x 11W x 12T. Early model roulette style trade stimulator with smooth, sheet metal cabinet with an older, replated copper flash finish. Mounted o

LOT 704 704 5 CAILLE BROS. BUSY BEE TRADE STIMULATOR. 9D x 12W x 1412T. Beautiful cast iron machine in original, unrestored condition. This device features ornate filigree castings and retains its

LOT 705 705 5 10 ROYAL NOVELTY ROYAL TRADER TRADE STIMULATOR. 1112D x 12W x 20T. Beautiful trade stimulator from Royal Novelty Co. circa 1902. With an exquisite cast cabinet with copper flashing an

LOT 706 706 RARE 5 EAGLE SQUARE DEAL GUM VENDER. 12D x 17W x 23T. A nicely restored machine with original reel strips, wheel, and glue chip glass. With replacement back door and older nickel replat

LOT 707 707 5 MILLS LITTLE MONTE CARLO TRADE STIMULATOR. 1214W x 15D x 1212T. Beautiful roulette style device made by Mills Novelty during the late 1890s. Watts nickel plating over the ornate casti

LOT 708 708 ORIGINAL 5 CLAWSON AUTOMATIC DICE TRADE STIMULATOR. 912 x 912 x 5612. Dropping a nickel in the slot automatically triggers the mechanism and flips the dice cups. The numbers on the dice

LOT 709 709 5 CAILLE BROS. JOCKEY TRADE STIMULATOR. 14D x 17W x 25T. A nicely restored trade stimulator produced by Caille during the early 1900s. With nice quarter sawn oak cabinet and original re

LOT 710 710 5 10 25 CHARLES FEY ON THE LEVEL DICE GAME. 10W x 10D x 12T. This early dice game is housed in a replated cast iron cabinet with California bear design and upper Read Em marquee. The ba

LOT 711 711 5 THE DEWEY MUSICAL UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 25W x 1414D x 69T. Wood musical cabinet with round glass display featuring Admiral Dewey. Cast iron claw feet, coin dispenser, lowe

LOT 712 LOT 713 712 25 JENNINGS NEVADA CLUBS BABY BUCKAROO SLOT MACHINE. 17D x 16W x 27T. Fourreel slot machine with red lighted front panels, made by O.D. Jennings during the 1950s. This particu

LOT 716 LOT 717 LOT 718 716 5 MILLS NOVELTY CO. BONUS HORSE HEAD SLOT MACHINE. 16 x 15 x 25. Circa 1937, made by Mills Novelty Company, nickel play, showing an older restoration. With this mach

LOT 721 LOT 722 LOT 723 LOT 724 LOT 725 LOT 726 721 1 JENNINGS ROCKAWAY COIN DROP TRADE STIMULATOR. 1112D x 15W x 23T. Coin drop game with five jackpot banks and playing field with an emb

LOT 727 LOT 728 LOT 729 LOT 730 LOT 731 LOT 732 727 10 CAILLE SUPERIOR JACKPOT SLOT MACHINE. 1312W. x 1212D. x 24T. Highly restored machine with nickel plated castings. Originally produce

LOT 733 LOT 734 LOT 735 LOT 736 LOT 737 LOT 738 733 1 O.D. JENNINGS LITTLE DUKE COUNTER THREEWHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 1312W. x 11D. x 2512T. Highly restored nickel plated aluminum front castin

LOT 739 LOT 740 LOT 741 LOT 742 LOT 743 LOT 744 739 5 GROETCHEN COLUMBIA GOLD AWARD TRADE STIMULATOR. 1112D x 15W x 19T. Small counertop trade stimulator where players could win packs of

LOT 745 LOT 746 LOT 747 LOT 748 LOT 749 LOT 750 LOT 751 LOT 752 745 SLIM OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 14 x 17 x 3412. This oak slot machine stand features metal claw feet and a locking fro

LOT 753 LOT 754 LOT 755 LOT 756 LOT 757 LOT 758 753 OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 19W x 19D x 3334T. This oak slot machine stand features metal claw feet and embellished front cabinet door with


LOT 766 LOT 767 766 5 CHICAGO COINS BASKETBALL CHAMP ARCADE GAME. 2714W x 51D x 7612T. A fun basketball themed game made during the late 1940s by Chicago Coin Machine Co. Players receive 15 balls

LOT 768 768 1 ROOVERS BROS. MLLE. ZITA FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE. 17W x 17D x 74T. Extremely rare approximately 56 examples known floor model machine Madame Zita fortune teller machine. Features a for

LOT 769 769 5 ART DECO CRANE DIGGER CLAW MACHINE. 21W x 1834D x 70T. Housed in a floor model wood cabinet with a ship theme claw. The crane turns when you turn the handle on the front and Pull mark

LOT 770 770 1 MILLS NOVELTY CO. SUCCESS FORTUNE TELLER NO. 5 CARD MACHINE. 65T x 18W x 18D. A very rare machine, similar in design to the Jumbo Success Poker Card machine with different reels. This

LOT 771 LOT 772 771 1 GROETCHEN POISON THIS RAT FLIP BALL COUNTERTOP ARCADE MACHINE. 16 x 11 x 24. Circa 1943, made by the Groetchen Tool Mfg. Co. A World War II motif skill game, featuring Adol

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 775 LOT 776 LOT 777 LOT 778 775 1 VICTORY PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL COUNTERTOP SKILL GAME. 18 x 612 x 22. This arcade machine offers five balls for a penn

LOT 781 781 5 DOREMUS AUTOMATIC VENDING CO. CIGAR VENDOR. 7 x 9 x 13 12. Circa 18981905, made by Doremus Automatic Vending Co. Copperclad cast iron with Victorian flourishes on the case with bevele

LOT 782 LOT 783 LOT 784 782 1 INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE CO. THE OLD MILL VENDING MACHINE. 17 x 912 x 22. Circa 1928, made by International Mutoscope Company. The highly embossed front aluminum ca

LOT 787 786 120 ROWE MFG. CIGARETTE AND MATCH VENDOR. 13 x 27 x 69. Tall redorange vendor with pinstriping details and mirrored front. This unique vendor offers eight selections of cigarettes, each

788 COINOP AMI MODEL A MOTHER OF PLASTIC JUKEBOX. 3612W x 24D x 65T. Very rare, only 12000 were produced. When turned on there is blue lighting on the upper part, yellow in the middle, and white ligh

LOT 792 LOT 793 LOT 794 793 ANTIQUE TIGER OAK FLOOR MODEL PHONOGRAPH. 1712 x 19 x 4112. Constructed of beautiful quarter sawn tiger oak with a hinged lid, front record storage and speaker. Good

LOT 796 LOT 797 LOT 798 LOT 795 LOT 799 LOT 800 795 VINTAGE CAST IRON COFFEE GRINDER. 64T x 27W x 22D. This grinder was manufactured by Fairbanks Morse Co. of Chicago. It is in unrestore

LOT 801 LOT 802 LOT 803 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 804 LOT 805 801 FIGURAL SQUIRREL CIGAR OR MATCH HOLDER. 3D x 5W x 712T. Large cast iron squirrel with red glass eyes, grasping a

LOT 806 LOT 807 LOT 808 LOT 809 LOT 810 LOT 811 806 CAST IRON FLY FAN. 3214T. x 11W. x 512D. This mechanical fan with a clockwork motor and no key was first patented in 1885 by William R.

812 ROYAL SEAL SALOON BACK BAR BOTTLE. 13T. x 312Dia. This clear glass bottle has Royal Seal in white enamel lettering, with rounded body, facets at the top of the neck and bottom of the shoulder ter

LOT 820 LOT 821 LOT 822 LOT 823 822 FIGURAL HORSE AND RIDER KEROSENE LIGHTER. 4D x 7W x 9T. Polychromatic bronze lighter of a bandit with gun drawn, riding a horse. With metal dauber behind t

LOT 826 826 HANSON V.S.A. PENNY NICKEL SCALES IN SALESMAN SAMPLE CASE. 8T x 12D x 14W. Inside the old case with gold stenciled lettering are two Hanson V.S.A. scales. The first a model 1527 Penny C

LOT 828 828 5 MILLS NOVELTY PEERLESS TRADE STIMULATOR. 912D x 1112W x 1912T. Beautifully ornate cast metal cabinet has been nicely restored with a copper flash finish. This device retains its origi

LOT 829 829 5 PAUPA HOCHRIEM THE PILOT TRADE STIMULATOR. 1112D x 12W x 15T. A beautifully detailed, original turn of the 20th century cast iron trade stimulator featuring nautical scenes, not only

LOT 830 830 5 CAILLE BROS. ECLIPSE UPRIGHT FLOOR WHEEL SLOT MACHINE. 24 12W x 15D x 69T. Nickel plated castings, claw feet, and multiway coin head. Original tin litho color wheel shows crazing thro

LOT 831 831 25 CAILLE BROS. BUSY BEE TRADE STIMULATOR. 8D x 10W x 1412T. This great cast iron machine with intricate castings has its original tin litho dial with bees, original plating, and an old

LOT 832 832 1 WATSON COMBINATION CARD AND DICE MACHINE. 13D x 13W x 1812T. Rare countertop trade stimulator with 5 poker card reels and five glass dice tubes. A nice original, possibly the only one

LOT 833 833 5 CAILLE BROS. PILGRIM TRADE STIMULATOR. 1012D x 1012W x 15T. Cast iron countertop poker machine is an older restoration and has Watts nickel plating. With original back door. Two keys

LOT 834 834 5 MILLS HYLO TRADE STIMULATOR. 12D x 16W x 21T. A beautiful cast iron and wood machine from Mills Novelty circa 1904. The player first drops a coin in the rightmost coin slot to turn al

LOT 835 LOT 836 835 25 JENNINGS MONTE CARLO CONSOLE SLOT MACHINE. 16D x 20W x 60T. Console slot machine produced by O.D. Jennings Co. during the 1940s. A restored example with the original cabin

LOT 837 837 25 WATLING MFG. AMERICAN COIN FRONT ROLATOP SLOT MACHINE. 1512 x 15 x 26. Circa 1935, made by Watling Manufacturing Company, the more desirable 25 cent play model. Features a unique cir

LOT 839 LOT 840 LOT 841 LOT 842 839 5 CAILLE PURITAN TRADE STIMULATOR. 9D x 8W x 11T. Small countertop trade stimulator with ornately detailed cast iron cabinet. Made by Caille Bros. in 1904.

LOT 845 LOT 846 LOT 847 845 5 JENNINGS VICTORIA PEACOCK SLOT MACHINE. 1512W x 15D x 25T. An outstanding slot machine with highly detailed, polychromatic front casting featuring the titular peac

LOT 850 LOT 851 LOT 852 LOT 853 LOT 854 LOT 855 850 5 CHARLES FEY SONS ROCKAWAY COIN DROP GAME. 1112D x 15W x 23T. Countertop coin drop game with black painted wood cabinet and 5 jackpot

LOT 856 LOT 857 LOT 858 LOT 859 LOT 860 LOT 861 856 5 O.D. JENNINGS DUCHESS MINT VENDOR SLOT MACHINE. 14W. x 1418D. x 2012T. With three fortune reels and front vendor. With a plainly deta

LOT 862 LOT 863 LOT 864 LOT 865 LOT 866 LOT 867 862 5 A.B.T. MFG. CASINO COIN DROP TRADE STIMULATOR. 1014D x 1734W x 19T. This countertop flip coin game features five front jackpots. Show

LOT 868 LOT 869 LOT 870 LOT 871 LOT 872 LOT 873 868 5 O.D. JENNINGS DUTCH BOY SLOT MACHINE. 1518W. x 14D. x 25T. Also referred as Blue Boy, this machine is silver with two boys playing. A

LOT 874 LOT 875 LOT 876 LOT 877 LOT 878 LOT 879 874 OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 19W x 19D x 3334T. This oak slot machine stand features a silver metal Indian Chief emblem on the door, as well

LOT 880 LOT 881 LOT 882 LOT 885 LOT 883 LOT 884 880 GLASS FRONT OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 19W x 19D x 34T. This oak slot machine stand features metal claw feet and a locking front cabinet doo

LOT 886 886 LOT OF 6 ASSORTED GAMBLING AND LIQUOR ITEMS. Largest 1512 T. This lot of 6 is comprised of 1 large ceramic ashtray with O.D. Jennings Club Chief design, 1112 x 1112 2 Seagrams 7 ceramic

889 LOT OF 38 SLOT MACHINE AND GAMBLING WHEEL ACCESSORIES. Largest 18 D. This lot of 38 is comprised of 1 Mills Dewey upright slot machine glass, 18D 1 unidentified upright slot machine glass panel,

894 1 MILLS NOVELTY CO. CATCH THE BALL COUNTER GAME. 612 x 1112 x 20. An eyecatching countertop game with a geometric front casting done in bright primary colors and upper marquee. In excellent, work

LOT 897 897 1 EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO. DONKEY BRAY STRENGTH TEST ARCADE MACHINE. 17W x 27D x 91T. An attractive floor model back strength tester in which the patron lifts a lever. If done strong enough,

LOT 898 898 5 ROCKOLA 1937 WORLD SERIES BASEBALL ARCADE MACHINE. 41W x 49T x 30D. This machine is considered The Holy Grail of baseball coin operated arcade machines, in almost original condition w

LOT 899 LOT 900 899 10 WILLIAMS 4 BAGGER DELUXE BASEBALL ARCADE GAME. 25W x 66D x 70T. A very desired pitch and bat game with the complete running man unit in the head of the machine. A late mode

903 FRENCH ROULETTE CG TRADE STIMULATOR. 2912T. x 1912W. x 812D. This French counter top game consists of a wood cabinet with a glass front, a lithograph on tin wheel that is divided into three color

LOT 908 LOT 909 LOT 910 LOT 911 908 NATIONAL CASH REGISTER NICKEL PLATED MODEL 313. 10 x 16 x 17. In the Dolphin pattern design, the nickel plating shows some patina. Register has 15 keys and

LOT 914 LOT 915 LOT 916 914 1 5 NORTHWESTERN MERCHANDISER GUM VENDOR. 1512T x 7W x 712D. The Northwestern Corp. manufactured these vendors in 1931. The base is black and the handle and lid are

919 LOT OF 2 CAST IRON SLOT MACHINE STANDS. 19W x 1134D x 3212T. This lot includes two slot machine stands, both without upper platforms. The first is green with a floral design and the second is a r

LOT 924 LOT 923 923 VINTAGE PORCELAIN STREET SIGN. 1212 x 27. Blue and white porcelain enamel 1st Ave E. 90 St. street sign in iron frame. A few spots of chippings to the enamel are present, as w

928 STEAKS SEAFOOD DINNERS DINER SIGN. 2112 x 7234. Sheet metal sign with weathered wooden frame from a diner in a small mountain town in Colorado. Circa 1930s. Good. 200.00 400.00 929 ENGLISH STAT

LOT 935 LOT 936 LOT 937 LOT 938 LOT 939 LOT 940 935 5 BUCKLEY MANUFACTURING CO. HALFTOP SLOT MACHINE. Chromed front with copper Art Deco design. Showing an older restoration with replacem

LOT 941 LOT 942 LOT 943 943 25 JENNINGS STANDARD CHIEF SLOT MACHINE AND STAND. 5912 x 18 x 18. This machine is mounted on a black sheet metal cabinet. The polished aluminum front is in nice cond

LOT 946 LOT 947 LOT 948 LOT 949 LOT 950 LOT 951 LOT 952 946 5 MILLS NOVELTY CO. VEST POCKET SLOT MACHINE. 7W x 712D x 8T. Three reel miniature bell machine has been repainted red with a

LOT 953 LOT 954 LOT 955 LOT 956 LOT 957 LOT 958 LOT 959 953 1 GROETCHEN 21 VENDER TRADE STIMULATOR. 1012D x 14W x 1312T. Manufactured by Groetchen from 19301934. Slight paint loss is ev

LOT 960 LOT 961 LOT 963 960 REPRODUCTION 5 MILLS NOVELTY SILENT GOOSENECK LION HEAD SLOT MACHINE. 15D. x 16W. x 25T. This three reel tabletop machine features a cast metal front with jackpot an

LOT 966 LOT 967 LOT 968 LOT 969 LOT 970 LOT 971 LOT 972 LOT 973 966 1 5 GARDEN CITY PAIRIT CIGARETTE TRADE STIMULATOR. 612 x 13 x 1412. Countertop trade stimulator made by Garden Cit

LOT 974 LOT 975 LOT 976 LOT 977 974 5 MILLS NOVELTY O.K. FRONT VENDOR SLOT MACHINE. 25 T. The Mills Novelty Co. produced this device during the early 1920s. It features a nice wooden cabinet

LOT 980 LOT 981 LOT 982 980 GLASS FRONT OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 19W x 19D x 34T. This oak slot machine stand features metal claw feet and a locking front cabinet door with a single interior she

LOT 985 LOT 986 LOT 987 985 GLASS FRONT OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 19W x 19D x 3334T. This oak slot machine stand features metal claw feet and glass front cabinet door with a single interior shelf

LOT 990 LOT 991 LOT 992 LOT 993 LOT 994 LOT 995 990 LIGHTED GLASS FRONT OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 1712D x 23W x 2712T. Oak slot machine stand with silk screen Las Vegas themed locking glass

LOT 996 LOT 997 LOT 998 LOT 999 LOT 1000 LOT 1001 996 OAK SLOT MACHINE STAND. 19W x 19D x 34T. This oak slot machine stand features metal claw feet and single interior shelf. Front door s

1002 25 EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO. SWEET SALLY TRADE STIMULATOR. 10W x 17D x 412T. This countertop machine allows the player to make a selection of a winning number before each spin of the wheel. Dial featur

LOT 1008 LOT 1009 LOT 1010 LOT 1011 LOT 1012 1009 1 ATLAS NOVELTY CO. KEEP EM BOMBING COUNTERTOP COIN DROP MACHINE. 1212 x 1012 x 21. Circa 1942, manufactured by Atlas Novelty Co, with less

1015 RARE 1 CALVERT INDIAN SHOOTER COUNTERTOP ARCADE MACHINE. 1112 x 13 x 18. Players deposit their coin and slide the lever forward to reset the four colorful faces. They then shoot their penny vert

LOT 1021 LOT 1022 1021 EGRY REGISTER CO. MANIFOLDING AUTOGRAPHIC MACHINE. 1012 x 19 x 8. Nickel plated cast iron receipt writer made by Egry Register Co. during the early 1900s. Includes paper fo

1027 25 FIGURAL ROBOT VENDING MACHINE. 5614 x 2414 x 19. This fun vendor has some electronics, speakers and lights, none of which have been tested. It features two large hoppers for merchandise and t

1034 ZENITH LONG DISTANCE RADIO. 18D x 21T x 25W. Dark wood cabinet with decorative carved detailed and casters on the base. Areas of cracking and peeling are present in the veneer. Good. 200.00 300

1040 REPRODUCTION FAVORITE CAST IRON MINIATURE STOVE. 2634 x 19 x 11. This is an older Chinese reproduction stove and appears to be complete. It has minor spots of oxidation except on the horizontal

LOT 1046 LOT 1047 LOT 1049 LOT 1050 LOT 1048 LOT 1051 LOT 1052 LOT 1053 1046 COCACOLA PAUSE TIN SIGN. 18 x 40. This sign from 1959 remains in great condition with only very light scra

LOT 1054 1054 LOT OF 3 VINTAGE COCACOLA DRINK CARRIERS. Largest 512 x 1612 x 8. Including 1 aluminum 12pack carrying case, circa 1950s 1 aluminum 6pack carrier with squared corners, circa 1950s a

LOT 1060 1060 LOT OF 3 ASSORTED ITEMS. Largest 29W x 29L. Including 1 Wooden CocaCola crate designed to hold 24 bottles and includes 17 bottles from various eras, red and white painted with metal

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 1067 LOT 1068 LOT 1066 LOT 1069 LOT 1070 1066 METAL SLOT MACHINE STAND. 1912D x 1912W x 33T. Black oxidized metal stand with hinged cross bars so the st

1072 LOT OF 3 DECKS OF PLAYING CARDS. 334T. x 234W. x 2D. This lot of 3 consists of 1 Deck of Trick Playing Cards. Box marked as 999 Playing Cards Steamboat and all 49 cards are Jack of Hearts. 1

1077 LOT OF ASSORTED GAMBLING EPHEMERA. 12W x 15D x 13T. This lot includes many pictures and papers of gambling related items, such as gaming tables, poker chips, dice, gambling wheels and more, used

LOT 1082 LOT 1083 1082 TRAVELING GAMBLING GAME. 18T. x 18W. x 8D. The enclosed game is attached to the interior of a wooden box. The top exterior has been decorated with a Native American motif,

1089 LOT OF 3 GAMBLING ITEMS. Largest 13W x 1512T x 1D. This lot of three is made up of 1 O.D. Jennings Co. Chiefs head wall mount plaque, 1framed rules for Bingojack and 1 framed letter from Charle

LOT 1094 LOT 1095 LOT 1097 LOT 1096 LOT 1098 LOT 1099 1094 LOT OF 4 LAS VEGAS THEME CLOCKS. Largest 9W x 9T x 3D. Including 1 showing the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign, 1 showing the

LOT 1101 LOT 1102 LOT 1103 LOT 1104 LOT 1105 1101 1 MIKE MUNVES CO. BOUNCER FLIP BALL COUNTERTOP ARCADE MACHINE. 14 x 834 x 2214. Circa 1947, distributed by Mike Munves Company. A very rare

LOT 1107 1107 5 TESTO REACTION METER SPEED TESTER SKILL GAME. 1212 x 314 x 2134. Housed in a wooden cabinet with glass front and green and red buttons for operation. Offers a coin return feature. In

LOT 1114 LOT 1115 1114 ANTIQUE HOTEL SERVICE BELL. 312D x 812T. Black cast metal base with figural lion holding up the bell. Patrons would twist the knob on top to ring the bell. Very Good Excel

LOT 1121 LOT 1122 LOT 1123 LOT 1124 1120 1 JOLLY GOOD INDUSTRIES COUNTERTOP CHEWING GUM VENDOR. 7W x 15T x 412D. This vending machine offers two visible columns for two flavors of gum. Metal c

1126 EDISON AMBEROLA TABLETOP PHONOGRAPH PLAYER. 11W x 13T x 15D. Thomas Edison Amberola phonograph with internal horn in oak case with lid and handcrank handle. Includes one blue wax cylinder record

LOT 1131 LOT 1132 LOT 1133 1131 FIGURAL PIG BELL. 212W x 612D. Silver bell in the shape of a pig, with crank mechanism on the underside of the belly. Press the snout to ring the bell. Very Good

LOT 1138 LOT 1139 LOT 1140 LOT 1142 LOT 1141 1138 332 SCALE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION MODEL SHIP WITH ORIGINAL SHIP PIECE. 12 x 36 x 2312. Intricately and carefully detailed mixedmedia model of th

LOT 1144 LOT 1145 LOT 1146 1145 GIL EVGREN JACKPOT PINUP GIRL PRINT ON CANVAS. 19 x 23. Featuring a blonde pinup girl synonymous with Elvgrens style, catching her winnings with her skirt. Print

LOT 1151 1150 CHRISTIAN STAINED GLASS WINDOW. 52 x 2614. The design of this window is hand painted and includes symbols of Christianity, including the central crucifix or anchor. The lead joints and

1156 WALRUS TUSK SMALL. 31 L. Display of two ivory tusks with part of the jaw or head bone and teeth intact. Marked 1969. Good. 300.00 600.00 LOT 1156 LOT 1157 LOT 1158 LOT 1159 LOT 1160

1161 LOT OF 2 FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS. Largest 14T. x 17W. x 134D. This Lot of 2 consists of 1 Photograph of an interior view of the Carpet Workers Union hall, 15 men seated and standing around two tables

1164 LOT OF 2 FRAMED LITHOGRAPHS. Largest 2034T x 1534W. This lot of includes two framed lithographs. The first one is a lithograph of a seated brunette woman with a dove on her right hand. In a blac

1169 LOT OF 4 FRAMED PLAYING CARD PRINTS. Each 11T x 814W x 34D. Each print shows an image of a face card from a deck of cards, matted and housed in a gold frame. One King, one Queen and two Jacks. E

1174 LOUNGING WOMAN BRONZE FIGURINE. 2W x 3D x 3T. Naughty bronze figurine of a woman lounging on a chair, whose dress may be removed to reveal her nude body. Very Good. 600.00 1,200.00 1175 FRANZ

LOT 1180 LOT 1182 LOT 1181 1180 CARVED WOOD CHINESE SCULPTURE OF GOOD FORTUNE. 43 x 21 x 11. This unsigned sculpture, carved in the symbolistic Chinese tradition, is wood that was gilded in gold

LOT 1185 LOT 1186 LOT 1187 1185 WOOD SCULPTURE OF TRIBAL HEADHUNTER. 62 x 17 x 15. This unsigned, solid wood sculpture depicts a male warrior holding a decapitated head aloft and another strapp

LOT 1188 LOT 1189 1188 FRAMED COOPER OIL PAINTING. 6212 x 42. This romantic oil on canvas painting of a Falconer kissing a mounted Lady was executed by Astly David Montague Cooper American, 185619

1191 ANTIQUE FOLDOUT SINK CABINET. 12 x 40 x 72. Beautifully constructed of rich mahogany stained wood, this unique piece was intended for use on a ship. A water tank resides behind the beveled glass

LOT 1194 1194 JULIUS BENDER STORE DISPLAY CABINET. Largest 1512D x 12314W x 5712T. This twopiece store display cabinet is constructed of quarter sawn oak. The base unit, measuring 1612 x 120 x 36, f

1197 ANTIQUE GENTELMANS RIFLE CABINET. 1812 x 37 x 8812. Beautifully crafted oak cabinet with finely carved moldings and recessed side panels. Behind the two glass doors are 10 small drawers on eithe

1202 RARE EARLY AMERICAN CORNER CABINET. 20 x 42 x 85. Charming, tall corner display cabinet crafted in western Massachusetts in the 1750s and refinished in the 1940s. Crown molding, upper mullion gl

1206 FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT PRAIRIE SCHOOL BENCH. 2134 x 8714 x 37. Quarter sawn oak bench with low arms and recessed panels. Done in the Prairie School style and attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright. In fan

LOT 1211 LOT 1212 LOT 1213 1211 ANTIQUE ROCKING CHAIR. 36D x 24W x 3812T. Cherry stained wood with carved face reliefs on either side of the upper back and black leather upholstered cushions. The

1215 GRAND RAPIDS GUNN MFG. SECTIONAL BOOKCASE. 12 x 35 x 5412. A fine bookcase done in Mission Arts and Crafts style, of quarter sawn oak with mullion glass doors. This bookcase is composed of four

1219 QUARTER SAWN OAK LIBRARY TABLE. 36 x 60 x 3012. Beautiful desk made of quarter sawn oak. The desk is wonderfully detailed with carved rope trim and ribbed texture that enhances the look of the w

1223 QUARTER SAWN OAK ROLLTOP DESK. 3212 x 36 x 52. Beautiful quarter sawn oak desk with many decorative edged paper slots and small drawers. Two smaller cabinets are on either side of the desk one w

LOT 1225 LOT 1226 1225 ANTIQUE THEO KOCHS HYDRAULIC BARBER CHAIR. 26 x 40 x 4612. Upholstered in a rich crimson velveteen and adorned with brass finishing tacks and braided trim. A few scuffs are

1230 CARVED OAK ROCKING CHAIR. 30 x 37 x 3912. Carved quarter sawn oak rocking chair with highly carved splat of a 16th century gentleman and black upholstered seat cushion. The finish shows moderate

LOT 1235 1235 ANTIQUE OAK POSTMASTER COUNTER. 20 x 119 x 48. An interesting piece of Colorado history. This oak postmaster counter was acquired from Cotapaxi, Colorado. It is made of oak and feature

LOT 1239 1239 LARGE JEWELERS DISPLAY CASE. 42T. x 87W. x 24D. The frame of this case looks to be a dark oak with bead details around the glass, carved molding, and a shaped apron with applique deta

LOT 1243 LOT 1244 LOT 1245 LOT 1247 LOT 1246 LOT 1248 1243 EARLY TIGER OAK MISSION CHAIR. 2912 x 28 x 3012. Missionstyle chair constructed of darkstained quarter sawn or tiger oak. Userelated

LOT 1249 1249 THE E. INGRAHAM COMPANY DEW DROP CALENDAR WALL CLOCK. 16W. x 5D. x 24 12T. Wooden wall clock. Face glass opens. Paper clock face is worn and stained, especially at the center where a

LOT 1252 1252 ANTIQUE MIRROR WITH OAK FRAME. 2712 x 40. Beveled glass mirror surrounded by a quarter sawn oak frame with egg and dart molding. Circa 1900s. Excellent. 300.00 600.00 1253 GUSTAV STI

1258 ANTIQUE OAK ICE BOX CABINET. 19 x 3012 x 48. Beautiful oak ice chest lined in metal sheeting with two levels for storing ice. The upper compartment has a slated bottom and the lower level has a

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 1264 LOT 1265 LOT 1266 LOT 1267 LOT 1268 LOT 1269 1264 TIGER OAK ROUND CABINET. 40 x 23 x 23. The wood grain from the quarter sawn oak used to const

1270 QUAINT FURNITURE STICKLEY BROS CO. OAK DRESSER WITH TILTING MIRROR. 22 x 4612 x 6412. Constructed of quarter sawn oak with original beveled glass mirror. A brass plaque for Quaint Furniture Stic

LOT 1276 LOT 1275 LOT 1277 LOT 1278 1275 LARGE GLASS AND WOOD TRAPEZOID DISPLAY SHOWCASE. 72W. x 14D. x 45 12T. Large trapezoid shaped wood and glass showcase with sliding door in the back, on

LOT 1281 1280 FAUX ZEBRA SKIN RUG. 62 x 88. Faux floor covering with some hair loss. Mounted to a dark felt backing. Made from authentic looking animal hide with zebra stripe design applied. Good.

LOT 1285 LOT 1286 LOT 1287 LOT 1288 LOT 1289 1285 MAHOGANY CABINET. 3712T. x 3312W. x 18D. This solid wood cabinet has nice iron cross style hinges and two drawers. 300.00 700.00 1286 OAK

LOT 1291 LOT 1292 1291 SANDZEN NAILHEAD WOODCUT PRINT. 1934 x 2034. Birger Sandzen American, 18711954 made this piece named Afterglow in 1917 with an interesting block printing technique where he

1297 ANTIQUE ROUND WOODEN TABLE. 3014T x 2812D. Round wooden table with rustic legs connected by spokes and curved arches. The slatted table top shows wear from use and age. Very Good. 200.00 300.00

LOT 1304 LOT 1305 LOT 1306 LOT 1309 LOT 1307 LOT 1308 1304 LIGHTED OAK CABINET. 3434T x 53W x 22D. This piece of furniture is constructed from dark stained oak. It was not designed with do

LOT 1311 1311 LOT OF 2 WHITE OWL CIGARS WALL CLOCK AND BUGGY ADVERTISEMENT. Larger 9W x 16T x 4D. Lot includes 1 White Owl Cigars advertising wall clock with winding key and pendulum and 1 1883 adv

LOT 1318 LOT 1319 1317 LOT OF 2 CAST IRON INKWELL AND HANGER. Largest 1212W x 7T. This lot of two is comprised of 1 Decorative rack with central image of a childs face adorned on either side by le

LOT 1324 LOT 1325 1324 KEYSTONE PACKARD PRESSED STEEL FIRETRUCK. 8W x 30L x 11 12T. Bright red pressed steel firetruck with four black rubber wheels and rubber hoses throughout. Shows minor paint

1329 LARGE CARVED WOOD NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN CHIEF. 22 x 22 x 106. Native American Indian chief carved from a large log. Standing at over 100 tall and brightly painted. Weathering and wear is appare

LOT 1333 1333 LOT OF 3 SADDLE AND ACCESSORIES. Largest 36 x 23 x 16. This lot includes a riding saddle, made by J.H. Wilson of Denver, Colorado. The leather has beautiful custom tooling. The sheeps

LOT 1338 LOT 1339 LOT 1337 LOT 1340 LOT 1341 1337 INDIANS OF THE U.S.A. FRAMED PRINT. 24 x 36. Colorful illustration of the United States with images and names throughout of the many and va

LOT 1342 1342 BLACK BEAR SKIN RUG. 68W x 58L. This rug was made from an adolescent black bear. It is mounted on two layers of felt and another cushioned layer of fabric. It measures 58 from nose to

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