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Quality Collections Fresh to the Market. Thursday Session JANUARY 19, 2017 Auction Starts at 900am PST L OTS 1 472 Items Now On Preview Monday Friday 900am 400Pm PST Auction Day Preview Begins a

LOT 1 1 A PAIR OF PARFLECHE CAYASE BONNET CASES. Circa 1880s. Excellent. 8,000.00 12,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 13

LOT 2 2 EARLY CHEYENNE TOBACCO BAG. 22 T. With beaded drop and unusual pony beaded center panel with crosses c. 1860. Nice condition. Very Good. 15,000.00 25,000.00 14 Jan

LOT 3 3 APACHE SADDLE BAGS. Onbuffalowithparflechecutouts. Features early paint with red and black shroud trade cloth. Circa 1870s. Nice condition. Good. 8,000.00 12,000.00

LOT 4 4 BEAUTIFUL NORTHERN PLAINS CONTOUR BEADED PIPE BAG WITH TWO DISTINCT DIAMOND ELEMENTS. Unusualponybeadedpanelwithstylizedbutterfly.Featurescopper cones and brass beads. Circa 1860. Excellent

5 NATIVE AMERICAN UTE CRADLE BOARD. Handmade from leather with intricate bead work, fringe detail, and a sun shade made from curved twigs. Beaded with stylized buffalo above cradle hood. Circa 1870s.

LOT 9 8 EARLY NORTHERN PLAINS SADDLE BAGS. Beaded on buffalo hide with fringe. Circa 1870s. Nice condition. Excellent. 5,000.00 8,000.00 9 EARLY INDIAN BEADED BAG. 12 x 10. Circa late 1800s. Frin

LOT 12 12 EARLY EASTERN PIPE TOMAHAWK. 20 L. Possibly Iroquois. Iron head with some pitting, inlaid with silver sword on blade, and silver moon inlaid on reverse. Has silver top cap. Original tiger

LOT 13 13 PLAINS PIPE TOMAHAWK. 21 12 L. Unusual wide blade with two bat wing cutouts, and design element punched around the blade. Featuresseveninlaidbrasscircles.Originalfinebrandedhaftwithbrass

LOT 15 LOT 14 14 DEEP CHESTNUT BROWN LEATHER RACEK SADDLE AND STAND. On stand 28D. x 51T. This relatively simple western saddle features handtooledfloraldesignsandcrosshatching.Leathershowsminor c

LOT 17 17 BUFFALO BILLS WILD WEST RED CLOUD ADVERTISING POSTER. Framed 35 x 28 14. This is an extremely rare poster that was made by A. Hoen Co., Baltimore. It is professionally framed behind gla

LOT 18 LOT 19 18 GOLD ENAMELED MARSHALS BADGE. 2 34 T. For Carson City, Nevada. Presented to Joseph H. Stern, Sheriff of Ormsby County from 1913 to 1935. Features eagle and reads City Marshal C

LOT 21 LOT 20 LOT 22 20 LARGE AUTHENTIC BUFFALO SKULL. 28 x 24 x 9. Nice western decor piece. Packed with straw and wrapped with old rope around the horns and zygomatic bones. Shows asymmetry t

LOT 23 23 EARLY WELLS FARGO STRONG BOX. 20 14 L. This box has leather handles on each side. Stenciling on the front reads Wells Fargo Co.. Box was made by J.Y. Ayer, San Francisco, California. On

LOT 24 LOT 25 24 LARGE WELLS FARGO LEATHER CANVAS BAG. On the front, it reads Wells Fargo Co.s Express. It is in remarkable condition for its age. Shows moderate soiling. All the leather is int

LOT 29 LOT 30 LOT 31 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 33 LOT 32 29 1877 WELLS FARGO INSTRUCTIONS TARIFFS BOOK. 10 x 8. This rare book is in great condition with some soiling and wear

34 SITTING BULL BUFFALO BILL CABINET CARD PHOTOGRAPH. Framed 15 14 X 13 14. This photo is framed behind glass. Features an image of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill standing up in a studio. Sitting B

LOT 40 LOT 41 LOT 42 40 CAST BRASS BUFFALO DESK CLOCK. 10 12 T. This wonderful ornate desk clock has a porcelain dial with a well detailed buffalo at the base. Clock was made by Gilbert Clock

LOT 45 LOT 46 LOT 47 LOT 48 LOT 49 45 EARLY STETSON STRAW HAT. 13 14 Dia. Hat has an imprint on the leather band that reads SOL KAPLAN Gouverneur New York. Has black band on the outside an

LOT 50 50 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 14 L. Circa 1840. Elegant long clip point, swedge on both sides of front half of blade. Left side bottom of blade beautifully etched with the motto Rough and

LOT 51 51 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1114 L. This is the only folding Bowie our experts have seen with a full alligator handle, although afewareknowninfixedblades.Circa1845.Overalll

LOT 52 52 AMERICAN BOWIE KNIFE NEW YORK. Overall 14 12 L. Beautiful knife made by the revered New York maker Rose. This example illustrates him at his best. Circa 1850. Long elegant clip and swedg

LOT 53 53 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 14 L. Circa 1835. Beautiful blade in superb condition, elegant clip with swedge threequarters of the blade on both sides. Entire left side of blade is beautif

LOT 54 54 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall1034L.Circa1865.BeautifullittleBowieknifemadefordress,nottofight.Thiswouldbe worn when a man was dressed for fancy occasions. Signed S. Bell on the coin silve

LOT 55 55 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 15 12 L. Circa 1835. Among collectors of American Bowies, this is the most glamorous. Very few collectors can have one as there are only less than two dozen

LOT 56 56 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 15 34 L. Circa 1835. This is a massive Bowie knife with a very long and very heavy, thick blade. Stamped on haft Broomhead Thomas Celebrated American Huntin

LOT 57 57 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 11 L. Circa 1865. This is an unmarked dirk knife. However, it has the exact unusual style of carved and silverpinned ivory grips, and also the silver mounts

LOT 58 58 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1512 L. Overall length 1512, blade length 1078. Circa 1845. Nice large Bowie with elegant long clip and swedge on both sides, front half of the blade. Left si

LOT 59 59 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 14 L. Marked on blade by maker J.D. Chevalier, New York. Circa 1835. This was one of the more prominent American Bowie makers of the period, and his knives a

LOT 60 60 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1614 L. Very large knife with overall length 1614 and blade length 12. Circa 1830. BeautifullydecoratedbladestampedonbothsidesofthehaftC.CongreveSheffieldwith

LOT 61 61 PUSH DAGGER NEW ORLEANS. Overall 638 L. Overall length 638, blade length 334. Circa 1860. Double armed handle in the uniqueDufilhostyle.SignedonthehaftononesideDufilhoN.Orleansandstampedo

LOT 62 62 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1212 L. Overall length with blade open is 1212, and blade length is 538. Circa 1840. Clip point blade, swedge on both sides three quarters the l

LOT 63 63 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1234 L. Overall length opened is 1234, and blade length is 6. Circa 1845. Spear point blade with swedge on both sides half the length of blade.

LOT 64 64 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 16 L. Overall length is 16, and blade length is 9. Circa 1850. Clip point with swedge on both sides. Blade is in wonderful condition. Shows some minor pitting

LOT 65 65 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 14 12 L. Circa 1835. Blade with elegant clip and long swedge over half the blade. Marked ManufacturedbyW.S.ButcherSheffield.Heavilypittedinareasonbothsideswi

LOT 66 66 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1512 L. Very long and heavy knife, with overall length of 1512, and blade length of 11. Circa1845.Nicelongclipwithswedgeonbothsides.Verythickheavyblade,goodfo

LOT 67 67 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 14 L. Circa 1840. Retailer signed on the top of the blade Manufactured for F.C. Goergen New Orleans. Etched on the right side of the blade in high relief Mis

LOT 68 68 AMERICAN BOWIE KNIFE SAN FRANCISCO. Overall 11 14 L. Marked on haft of blade J. Todt S.F. this is a hunting style knife. John Todt worked circa 1870. Condition of blade has 20 of origina

70 WILL FINCK BRASS PLAYING CARD CUTTER. 11 14 x 6 12. This card trimmer was made by Will Finck, San Francisco, California. Marked Will Finck S.F. Cal. Circa late 1800s. Excellent. 1,500.00 2,5

LOT 73 73 LARGE WOOD CASE POKER CHIP SET WITH INLAID BRASS TIGER ON FOLDING LID. Box 16 34 x 11 14. Case also has inlaid brass stars. Includes over 500 ivory chips of varying denominationsanddesi

LOT 74 LOT 75 LOT 76 LOT 77 LOT 78 LOT 79 74 POKER CHIP SET WITH ORIGINAL CARDS. Box 12 x 7 14. Nice inlaid wooden poker chip set complete with Mother of Pearl chips in various shapes and

LOT 81 LOT 82 LOT 83 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 81 LOT OF 4 500 MOTHER OF PEARL CHIPS. Each 2 34 L. Circa late 1800s. These etched oval shaped chips have yellow borders. Excellent. 100

LOT 85 LOT 86 85 OLD PRENTICE WHISKEY REVERSE ON GLASS BOTTLE. 17 T. Oversized bottle with beautiful reverse on glass label. Excellent. 3,000.00 5,000.00 86 YELLOWSTONE WHISKEY ENAMELED BACK B

LOT 87 87 CUSTERS RESERVE WHISKEY BACK BAR BOTTLE. 11 14 T. Extremely rare. Enameled lettering. Fantastic image of Custer riding a horse. Circa 1895. Excellent. 10,000.00 15,000.00 www.MorphyAuc

LOT 88 LOT 89 LOT 90 LOT 91 88 CATAWBA REVERSE ON GLASS BOTTLE. 11 34 T. Circa 1895. Nice image of a lady. Excellent. 2,000.00 4,000.00 89 GOLDEN DROPS WHISKEY BOTTLE. 11 T. Paper label. Ci

LOT 95 LOT 96 LOT 97 LOT 98 95 PINE KNOT PURE RYE WHISKEY BOTTLE. 11 14 T. Nice enameling on front. Circa 1900. Excellent. 600.00 900.00 96 LITTLE STRAIGHT ENAMELED WHISKEY BOTTLE. 11 T. Wi

LOT 102 102 LARGE WATCH CHAIN OF SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ. 16 14 L. This is the most sought after of all watch chains, probably because there arent very many, perhaps 12 to 15. The links on the fro

LOT 103 103 SMALL GOLD POCKET WATCH SIZE 8 WITH GOLD QUARTZ. 22 L. Watch is solid yellow gold dated 1882. Marked on face by watch maker American Watch Co.. Back is inlaid with a large round piece o

LOT 104 104 POCKET WATCH WITH ACCESSORIES IN GOLD QUARTZ. 22 12 L. The same practice applied to the gold quartz jewelers when it came to watches they just bought watches from prominent makers, and

LOT 105 105 LARGE GOLD POCKET WATCH WITH CHAIN FOB. Circa 1853. Size No. 18. Engraved on lid of front outside with the California state seal, surrounded by beautifulfloralengraving.Lidonthebackeng

LOT 106 106 HARRIS MARCHAND CO. GOLD BAR 6476. 414 x 134. Serial number 6476. Harris, Marchand Co. Ounces 56.65. Mold HMs03. Fineness 856. Value 1857 1002.42. Large size ingot, tall, rectangular.

LOT 107 107 NATURAL GOLD NUGGET. 204g, 6.55 t.o. 10,000.00 20,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 63

LOT 108 108 NATURAL GOLD NUGGET. 104g, 3.45 t.o. 7,200.00 10,000.00 64 Januar y 19, 2017

109 LOT OF 3 NATURAL CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGETS. 53.3g. Market value as of October 3rd, 2016 2044. 1,800.00 2,400.00 LOT 109 SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 110 EARLY GOLD MINING COPPER PAN. 15

LOT 112 112 LOT OF 6 CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGETS. Total weight is 8.125 ounces. Excellent. 10,000.00 14,000.00 66 Januar y 19, 2017

LOT 113 113 GROUPING OF CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGETS. Total weight 6.1 ounces. Excellent. 7,000.00 10,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 67

113A CONSOLIDATED VIRGINIA MINING COMPANY SILVER BAR. 4 x 1 34. 27.25 oz. The most important mine on the Comstock. Extremely rare. Excellent. 10,000.00 15,000.00 LOT 113A LOT 113B LOT 113C LO

LOT 114 114 GOLD MATCH SAFE INLAID WITH GOLD QUARTZ. 2 316 T. This piece is much more rare than any of the other match safes in this sale because it is decorated in gold quartz onbothsidesaswellas

LOT 115 115 GOLD GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE. 214 T. Top of match safe lid inlaid with grey gold quartz. Front inlaid in beautiful mosaic pattern with 15 various slabs including 12 in quartz of grey, b

LOT 116 116 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ INLAID MATCH SAFE. 2 18 T. Dated 1871. Top of the lid is inlaid with piece of grey gold quartz, and front is inlaid with piece of grey gold quartz from the same

LOT 117 117 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE. 2 316 T. Dated 1887. Small size. Top is inlaid with a piece of rose gold quartz. Front oval inlaid panel is alternating with four panels, two rose a

LOT 118 118 MASSIVE SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ WALKING STICK. 3634 L. Beautiful large, very rich piece of brown gold quartz is on top and faceted around the edges. Goldknobisbeautifullyfloralengraved.

LOT 119 119 WALKING STICK WITH SOLID GOLD KNOB TOP. 3514 L. Gold knob 212 high. Yellow solid gold is adorned on top with large octagonal piece of white goldquartzfacetcutaroundtheedgeslikeagemstone

LOT 120 120 SOLID GOLD MATCH SAFE WITH GOLD QUARTZ. 2 14 T. Dated May 1877. Made of yellow gold. Top is inlaid with a very rich slab of grey gold quartz, and front is inlaid with mosaic panel 114

LOT 121 121 SOLID GOLD CHAIN WITH FOB. Circa 1860. Chain and fob are in yellow gold. There are eight football shaped links with gold quartz panel on each side consisting of black, white,brownandgre

LOT 124 LOT 125 LOT 126 LOT 127 LOT 128 LOT 129 LOT 130 124 LADIES PIN IN GOLD GOLD QUARTZ. 3 14 L. Circa 1870. Pin is a yellow gold scepter with shield. Shield is inlaid with four pa

LOT 132 LOT 133 LOT 134 LOT 131 LOT 135 LOT 136 131 WOODEN SWORD CANE. Overall 3614 L. This is a rare model, with a folding cross guard across the blade to go inside the shaft. The guards

LOT 137 LOT 138 137 WALKING STICK WITH SILVER HANDLE. 35 L. L shaped Sterling handle, marked Sterling. Snarling wolfs head is protruding from front, and the rest of the handle is stippled like a

LOT 144 144 P.H.C. TOBACCO REVERSE GLASS ADVERTISING SIGN. 25 T. Sign has a wood and gesso frame. The oval sign itself has an image of a bald eagle tending to her three eaglets in her nest. The P.H

LOT 145 145 OLD TOWN CANOE CO. SALESMAN SAMPLE CANOE. 48 L. x 814 W. x 7 T. This exceptionally detailed wood canoe includes a pair of wooden paddles, both marked Peterborough Canoe Co. Ltd. Canoe b

LOT 146 146 BATTLE AXE CIGAR REVERSE GLASS ADVERTISING SIGN. 65 34 x 42. This large reverse glass sign shows an image of a smiling Native American and an older welldressedgentlemanenjoyingsomeBatt

LOT 147 147 WELLS FARGO CO. EXPRESS WOODEN TRADE SIGN. 71 12 x 11. This single sided sign has a sand painted surface with gold letters. The sign is in very good condition with some light surface l


LOT 159 LOT 161 LOT 160 159 RAILWAY EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHECKS TIN LITHO SIGN. 11 L. This sign has original gloss still apparent on the front. Reads Express Travelers Cheques. There are few very

LOT 162 162 CHARLES LAWRENCE CO. HABERDASHERY SHOP DISPLAY CABINET. 1912W.x48L.x45T.Exceedinglyfineexampleofanoakandglassdisplaycabinetfora gentlemens haberdashery shop. Having a hinged lid with t

LOT 163 163 SILVER MOUNTED BOAR TUSK CIGAR CUTTER WITH EAGLE HEAD. 9 34 L. Eagle head has ruby eyes. Cutter is in the beak area of the eagle head, and the beak closes to cut the cigar. Excellent.

LOT 168 168 EARLY PARFLECHE CONTAINER. Cylinder Only 1812 L. Features red pigment triangles painted on buffalo with fringe. Circa 1860s. Good. 8,000.00 12,000.00 88 Janua

LOT 169 169 CHEYENNE BEADED WAR SHIRT. 37 T. Beaded on buffalo with hair drops. Circa 1870s. Very Good. 30,000.00 60,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 89

LOT 170 170 LARGE WOVEN MAIDEN BASKET. 2412 Dia. Circa early 20th century. Excellent. 8,000.00 12,000.00 90 Januar y 19, 2017

LOT 171 LOT 172 171 LARGE TWINE CALIFORNIA STORAGE BASKET, POSSIBLY POMO. 15 Dia. Shows minor rim damage with small break in rim. Circa early 20th century. Very Good Excellent. 3,000.00 5,000.0

LOT 174 174 PLAINS PICTORIAL BEADED SCOUTS JACKET. Shoulder to shoulder 17. Beaded with thunder birds, stars, and riders on horseback. Hide painted with yellow ochre. Circa 1880s. Excellent. 30,000

LOT 175 LOT 176 LOT 177 LOT 178 175 PLAINS CRADLE. Hood fully beaded with red trade cloth body. Circa 1880s. Nice condition. Very Good. 4,000.00 6,000.00 176 ADAMS EXPRESS CO. LEATHER BAG.

LOT 179 179 EARLY EASTERN PIPE TOMAHAWK. 22 12 L. Iron head with scalloped edge and brass inlay. Cannon engraved on one side of blade with sun on reverse. There is brass inlay on the pipe bowl. Ha

LOT 180 180 PLAINS PIPE TOMAHAWK. 23 12 L. Features crow wide head with bleeding heart cutout. Has original leather gasket and haft. Beautiful crow drop and typical colors beaded on buffalo with m

LOT 181 181 EARLY EASTERN PIPE TOMAHAWK WITH SILVER CAP. 18 14 L. Original tiger maple haft with silver inlay. Circa 1840. Excellent. 15,000.00 20,000.00 96 Januar y 19,

182 WENZEL FRIEDRICH LONGHORN ARMCHAIR NO. 6. 26D.x33W.x35T.ThisisafineexampleofchairNo.6,asseen in the Wenzel Friedrich Horn Furniture catalog of 1890, showing the unique and elegant arrangement of

LOT 185 185 CALIFORNIA OREGON STAGE CO. LITHOGRAPHED POSTER. Framed 33 x 27. This poster was printed by Britton Rey, San Francisco. It is professionally framed behind glass and shows a comical im

LOT 186 186 BUFFALO BILLS WILD WEST WHITE EAGLE ADVERTISING POSTER. Framed 36 x 31. This is an extremely rare poster that is highly sought after by Buffalo Bill collectors. Professionally framed be

LOT 187 187 WELLS FARGO CAST IRON SAFE ON WHEELS. 16 W. x 19 L. x 2512 H. Black cast iron safe with combination lock. Safe is lined with wood and carpet, and has wooden shelf and lock box. The safe

LOT 189 LOT 188 188 LOT OF 3 F.A. MEANEA BROWN LEATHER SADDLE, LASSO STAND. On stand 27 D. x 5012 T. Saddle is stamped 14P and clearly shows the early F.A. Meanea makers mark. Brown leather has

LOT 192 LOT 193 LOT 194 LOT 195 192 MISSOULA COUNTY, MONTANA BRASS SHERIFF SIXPOINT BADGE. 2 34 T. Beautiful condition with nice enameling. Circa 1910. Excellent. 2,000.00 3,000.00 193 WEL

LOT 199 199 WOODEN WELLS FARGO SAFE BOX. 20 14 L. This box was made by J.Y. Ayer, San Francisco, California. It originally had leather handles, and now has one metal handle on one side. On the fro

LOT 200 LOT 201 LOT 202 200 OVERSIZED PHOTOGRAPH OF A WESTERN SALOON. Framed 33 12 x 28. Photograph is professionally framed behind glass. The photo shows a man tending a bar and some men playi

205 FIGURAL NATIVE AMERICAN OIL LAMP. 21 T. Lamp has incredible details and has only minor wear. Includes a red glass globe. Excellent. 400.00 800.00 206 BUFFALO MANTLE CLOCK BY ANSONIA. 14 12 T.

LOT 213 LOT 214 LOT 215 LOT 217 LOT 216 213 BUFFALO BILL CABINET CARD PHOTOGRAPH. Framed 15 14 x 13 14. This photograph is framed behind glass. Shows a studio photo of Buffalo Bill. In th

LOT 218 218 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1234L. Overall length opened 1234, blade length 512. Circa 1840. Clip point blade, swedge on both sides. Stamped by maker on haft A. Davys Cel

LOT 219 219 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1212L. Overall length, blade open, 1212, blade length 538. Circa 1840. Spear point, largeswedgeoneachside.StampedonbladeJ.HinchliffsSheffield.

LOT 220 220 AMERICAN BOWIE KNIFE WASHINGTON D.C.. Overall 12 34 L. This is an example of a very rare maker signed on the blade Lamb W. City. It has the red nail polish No. 50 on the blade and scab

LOT 221 221 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 13 14 L. Circa 1840. German silver mounts, knife and scabbard. Blade with gentle clip, swedge on both sides, and stamped on left side P. Rose NewYork for

LOT 222 222 AMERICAN BOWIE KNIFE. Overall13L.Thoughthisknifeisunmarked,itisbeautifullymadeasadressknifeaswellasforfighting. Quite possibly the scabbard, grips and mounts were made by a silversmith.

LOT 223 223 VERY LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 14L. This is the folding Bowie version of the modern Swiss knife. Circa 1850. Overall length with main blade opened 14, main blade length

LOT 224 224 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall14112L.MadebyandsignedonthehaftL.C.WraggSheffield.Overalllengthof14112, bladelength9.Bladewithspearpointshape.Swedgeoneachside.Etchedfloraldesignsruntheentir

LOT 225 225 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 12 12 L. Circa 1835. Small dress Schively of very unusual size inbetween the smallest and the large, we have never seen another this size. Classic blade w

LOT 226 226 THE BOWIE KNIFE BOWIE. Overall 1612L. Historically, this is the most important knife in this outstanding collection. It has a red 44 painted on the back of the blade designating it as n

LOT 227 227 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1614L. Truly massive Bowie knife, overall length 1614, blade length 1214. Very wide and very thick blade. In about new condition. Nice clip with swedge on b

LOT 228 228 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 1518L. Overall length 1518, blade length 912. Circa 1840. Beautiful knife, probably puttogetherbyasilversmith.Extremelyheavyblademakingitveryeffectiveforfi

LOT 229 229 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 14 34 L. Circa 1840. Formally in the revered collection of Norm Flayderman, out of all the bowies in his book he thought enough of this piece to use it to

LOT 230 230 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 1614L. Overall length 1614, blade length 1112. Circa 1840. Stamping on blade Rose New York. Rose is one of the most revered and sought after of American ma

LOT 231 231 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 12 12 L. Dated 1839. Blade with slight clip, swedge on both sides stamped on left side Graveley Wreaks New York, they were retailers not knife makers, se

LOT 232 232 BOWIE KNIFE NEW ORLEANS. Overall 1312L. Overall length 1312, blade length 812. Circa 1860. Unusually shaped blade stamped Pradel, A.New. Orleans. No discernible clip, large swedge on ea

LOT 233 233 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1212L. Overall length opened 1212, blade length 534 . Circa 1835. Nice clip point with swedge on both sides. Marked on haft A. Davys Celebrate

LOT 234 234 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall1412L.MarkedonthebladeManufacturedbyW.S.ButcherSheffield.Longelegantclip tobladewithniceswedgeonbothsidesoverhalfthetoplengthoftheblade.Circa1835.Coffinhiltw

LOT 235 235 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1614L. Very long and very heavy blade. Blade stamped on haft Manufactured by W. S. Butcher for Graveley Wreaks New York. Overall length 1614, blade length

LOT 236 236 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 9 34 L. Circa 1835. Unmarked, however, the entire design of the blade, grip and scabbard looks precisely like those of the maker Schivelys. Blade with swe

LOT 237 237 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1712L. Large knife, overall length 1712, blade length 1212. Circa 1835. Clip point, swedgeoneachside.Floraletchedontopflatonbladeandhaft.Indecipherablemotto

LOT 238 238 BOWIE KNIFE NEW ORLEANS. Overall 714L. This piece is designed in what is known as the New Orleans style. Circa 1860. Overall length of 714, blade length 412. Ivory handle, stamped on th

243 ROSEWOOD GAMBLERS BOX WITH FANCY BRASS FILLERS MOTHER OF PEARL INLAID CARDS. Box 10 12 x 7. Over 100 ivory chips, a deck steamboat cards and Remington Arms nickeled Deringer with Mother of Pear

LOT 248 LOT 249 LOT 250 LOT 251 LOT 252 LOT 253 248 LOT OF 3 1,000 MOTHER OF PEARL POKER CHIPS. Each 3 14 L. Circa late 1800s. Excellent. 100.00 300.00 249 LOT OF 2 MOTHER OF PEARL POK

LOT 254 LOT 255 LOT 256 254 FRED LISIEWSKI LAGER BEER REVERSE ON GLASS MUG. 9 34 T. Beautiful oversized mug with reverse on glass label. Excellent. 2,000.00 4,000.00 255 PORT WHISKEY BACK BA

LOT 258 258 FINE OLD GIN LABEL UNDER GLASS BOTTLE. 11 12 T. Extremely rare. Circa 1890. Excellent. 15,000.00 25,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 131

259 GIN FEMALE FIGURED DECORATED BACK BAR BOTTLE. 11 34 T. Label under glass. Circa 1890. Beautiful condition and color. Excellent. 4,000.00 8,000.00 260 WHISKEY BACK BAR BOTTLE WITH IMAGE OF WOMA

LOT 266 LOT 267 LOT 268 LOT 269 LOT 270 266 ELKS MILK PURE RYE WHISKEY BOTTLE. 11 12 T. Gold enameled lettering. Excellent. 800.00 1,200.00 267 M. LEVY SON PURE BOURBON WHISKEY BOTTLE.

LOT 275 LOT 274 LOT 276 274 GOLD QUARTZ CHAIN WITH HORSESHOE FOB. 17 L. Circa 1865. Six links decorated with quartz comprising of pink, grey and white. Has a good bit of damage to quartz, with a

LOT 278 278 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ PENCIL. 2 12 L. Circa 1870. These are exceedingly rare, in 63 years of collectingIhaveonlyseenfiveorsix.Solidrosegold.Whenyoupush on the top of the pencil, ever

LOT 279 279 WALKING STICK SOLID GOLD HANDLE WITH GOLD QUARTZ. 3438 L. Dated 1876. Lshaped handle with teardrop shaped piece of gold quartz inlaid in the end, raisedwithabevelededge.Quartzshowingso

LOT 280 280 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ WALKING STICK. 3612 L. Circa 1870. Overall length 3612. Yellow gold handle with large round piece of black gold quartzinsetinthetop.Nicebigpiece,veryhighwithbeve

LOT 281 281 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ WALKING STICK. Overall 36L. Top of the knob handle has a stepped design leading to an octagonal brown gold quartz inlay. Quartz faceted gem cut. Quartz is in goo

LOT 282 282 WALKING STICK SOLID GOLD HANDLE WITH GOLD QUARTZ. 3514 L. Circa 1870. Curved handle rose gold tear drop shaped piece of gold quartz inlaid in end. Handleisfloral,scrollandribbonengrave

283 NATURAL CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGET. 176.6g. Market value as of October 3rd, 2016 6774. 6,000.00 8,000.00 LOT 283 284 NATURAL GOLD NUGGET. 96g, 3 t.o. 6,500.00 8,500.00 LOT 284 140 www.Morph

LOT 285 285 NATURAL GOLD NUGGET. 150g, 4.8 t.o. 10,000.00 15,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 141

LOT 286 286 LARGE CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGET. 1 pound 2 ounces. Excellent. 15,000.00 20,000.00 142 Januar y 19, 2017

LOT 287 287 CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGET. Unique form. 9.14 ounces. Excellent. 10,000.00 15,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 143

LOT 288 288 HARRIS MARCHAND CO. GOLD BAR 6508. 2 x 134. Serial number 6508. Harris, Marchand Co. Ounces 17.48. Mold HMs02. Fineness 885. Value 1857319.78. Small to medium size ingot Nearly square

LOT 290 290 CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH HISTORY BOOK BY Q. DAVID BOWERS. 1414 x 1034. This special edition, hardbound book with gold inlaid designs on its cover features beautiful color photos, giltedged

LOT 291 291 GOLD GOLD QUARTZ CHAIN FOB. Circa 1855. Seven links with gold quartz panels on each side, all grey. Quartz in very good condition, two tiny chips, usual hairline stress cracks. Bar fo

LOT 292 292 LARGE GOLD QUARTZ CHAIN. 18 12 L. Circa 1860. Rose quartz, everything solid gold. Six links with one slab front and back, all rose and grey quartz except for one piece of brown. Smallb

LOT 293 293 BUTTERFLY PIN GOLD IN QUARTZ. 234L.Thisisoneofonlytwoknown.Itispicturedinthedefinitivebooksonthistypeofjewelry Californias Best page 61. It is a wonderful example of the great skill of

LOT 294 294 SMALL SIZE 10 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ POCKET WATCH. 17 12 L. Watch in yellow gold, front monogrammed with very ornate initials. Made by Swiss maker A. Leonville, serial No. 45711. Outs

LOT 295 295 LARGE SIZE 18 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ DECORATED POCKET WATCH. 19 12 L. Circa 1860. Face of the watch is signed Walthum. Watch is yellow gold with mosaic design six panels of gold quart

LOT 296 296 MENS GOLD RING. Circa 1855. Really beautiful and unusual ring of very heavy yellow gold. One side of ring with three scene a Native American on horse back chasing bison, beneath asceneo

LOT 297 297 POCKET KNIFE GOLD IN QUARTZ. 3 L. The San Francisco jewelers would keep regular pocket knives in their shops, someone would come in and order a pocket knife decorated in gold quartz, so

LOT 298 298 LARGE GOLD POCKET WATCH WITH CHAIN FOB. Size No. 18. Gold case is marked 14K. Maker of the case is marked E.H. Co.. Front lid of the case with raised name shield in center, is framed

LOT 299 299 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE. 2 316 T. Circa 1860. Top of the lid is inlaid with California jade. Front is inlaid with a rectangular piece of grey gold quartz, heavily infused wi

300 LADIES SOLID GOLD PIN. 234 L. Circa 1860. Oval in the center is divided into four partitions two inlaid with black gold quartz and two with grey. Floral ends are highlighted with black enamel des

LOT 305 LOT 306 LOT 307 305 WALKING STICK WITH GOLD KNOB HANDLE. Overall 37L. Gold handle with good jewelers, gold touchmarks and the European version of karat, the weight grade 451. Inscribed

LOT 309 LOT 310 LOT 311 LOT 312 309 WALKING STICK WITH IVORY HANDLE. Overall 3614L. Has a small ivory handle with a full length carving of an alligator. Tip of the alligators nose is missing

LOT 313 313 CALIFORNIAS GOLDEN JUBILEE ADVERTISEMENT. 44W. x 75H. Advertisement from 1898 for Californias Golden Jubilee and Mining Fair. Depicts a miner with axe slung over his shoulder and raisin

LOT 314 314 BUFFALO BRAND SALTED PEANUTS WOODEN ADVERTISING TRADE SIGN. Framed 126 12 X 12. This double sided trade sign has a sand painted surface. In the center of the sign there is a Buffalo Br

LOT 315 315 BUFFALO BREWING CO. ADVERTISING CHARGER. Framed 37 Dia. Great charger made by Beach Art Display Coshocton Ohio. It retains its original wood gesso frame. The sign is titled That delici

LOT 316 316 ROCK ISLAND RAILROAD REVERSE GLASS ADVERTISING SIGN. 89 x 26. This historic sign has Mother of Pearl inlays along the entire locomotive and shows incredible detail. The reverse paint is

LOT 317 317 KENNEBEC CANOE SALESMAN SAMPLE DISPLAY. 63L. x 1014W. x 9T. This hardwood and canvas canoe is painted green on one side and red on the other,showingaconsistentlargecrackleeffectorcrazin

LOT 318 LOT 320 LOT 321 LOT 319 LOT 322 LOT 323 LOT 324 LOT 325 318 OLIVER CHILLED PLOWS WOODEN ADVERTISING TRADE SIGN. 96 x 12 12. This sign has a sand painted surface with silver l

LOT 326 LOT 327 LOT 328 LOT 329 LOT 330 LOT 331 LOT 332 LOT 333 326 ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY DOUBLE SIDED CARDBOARD SIGN. 20 L. Sign retains its original metal frame. Does have a bend in

334 LOT OF 3 EARLY WOODEN LEMON LIME PRESSES. Each1014L.ThefirstpressisbyJ.H.Schintz,San Francisco.Ithasawoodenhandlewithacopperflashed metal overlay on the top. Some minor tarnishing and soiling to

LOT 339 339 RARE PRAIRIE TOBACCO BAG. Contourfloralmotifsbeadedonhide.Hidetabdropswithcutouts. Remnants of early paint. Circa 1860. Excellent. 20,000.00 30,000.00 166 Jan

340 TIGHTLY WOVEN FINE CALIFORNIA COIL BASKET. 10 12 Dia. Shows seven deerorelkflankingtheborder, the bottom with a star design. Possibly a Panamint Indian pictorial basket. Circa early 20th century

LOT 344 344 UNUSUAL PLAINS TOMAHAWK. 2112L.Headwithattachedarrowandbrassdiamondinlay.Originalleathergasket,filedbranded haft with tacks. Circa last quarter of the 19th century. Very Good Excellent

LOT 345 345 PIPE TOMAHAWK. 2712L.Beautifullymade.Steelhead.Originalleathergasketandoriginalhaftwithfilebranding. Unusually long haft. Circa 1880. Excellent. 10,000.00 15,000.00 www.MorphyAuctions

LOT 346 346 PLAINS TOMAHAWK CHEYENNE. 22 34 L. Extremely wide pictorial blade depicting two Indians in battle. Original leather gasket. File branded haft with brass tacks. Circa 1870. Very Good E

LOT 347 347 EARLY HOWARD DAVIS GOLD SCALE. These scales were used by Wells Fargo. This example comes with nine different weights. All have stamps on them ranging from 500 PWTS down to 20 PWTS. Bot

348 PETER RINDISBACHER HUNTING THE BUFFALO LITHOGRAPH. Framed 24 x 19. This lithograph is framed behind glass and shows a Native American aiming his arrow at an injured buffalo. The lithograph was pr

LOT 352 352 1903 CALIFORNIA POWDER WORKS ADVERTISING CALENDAR. Framed 36 12 x 30 12. Calendar is professionally framed behind glass and retains its original top and bottom metal strips. The cente

LOT 353 LOT 354 LOT 355 LOT 356 LOT 357 LOT 358 353 SAN FRANCISCO CALL GOLDEN JUBILEE POSTER. Framed 27 12 T. Poster is frame behind glass. Made by H.S. Crocker Company, San Francisco. F

LOT 359 LOT 360 LOT 361 LOT 363 359 LARGE FRAMED PORTRAIT. Framed 30 T. This portrait is professionally framed behind glass and shows a manl holding a rifle.Photohastwoscratchesand some minor

LOT 364 LOT 365 LOT 366 LOT 367 LOT 368 LOT 369 LOT 370 364 FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH SHERIFF BADGE OF A.S. BOSQUIT. Framed 19 x 17. These pieces are shadow boxed framed behind glass. Featured

LOT 372 LOT 373 LOT 374 LOT 375 LOT 376 LOT 378 LOT 379 LOT 380 LOT 381 372 FRAMED COWGIRL PRINT. Framed 12 14 x 12 14. This is a modern print in a very unique picture frame. Very

LOT 382 LOT 383 LOT 384 LOT 385 LOT 386 LOT 387 382 1901 WELLS FARGO CO. EXCHANGE TICKET. 4 14 x 3. This ticket was issued to J.R. Robinson. It has some light soiling and minor paper su

LOT 387A 387A SANTEE SIOUX SCOUT SHIRT. Floral quillwork on buffalo. Circa 1880s. Shows good wear. Good. 10,000.00 15,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 179

LOT 388 388 FRAMED ANIMAL HIDE. Framed 98 12 x 80. Said to have been painted by Wades In The Water, a notable Blackfoot Indian Chief who lived between 1871 and 1947. Housed in a large display fram

LOT 389 389 LARGE FOLDING BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1214L. Overall length opened 1214, blade length 534. Circa 1845. Clip point, swedge both sides. Blade stamped by maker Joseph Rogers Sons Cut

LOT 390 390 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 14 L. Blade in wonderful condition graceful clip with swedge both sides, Spanish notch decoration atrearofblade.Minorsurfacescratches,90originalbrightfinish

LOT 391 391 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 12 14 L. Circa 1857. The knife is in as close to mint condition as possible. The blade with clipandniceswedge,fingernailfiledecorationontopbothsides.Stamp

LOT 392 392 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 1412L. This maker who is unknown by name, was one of the very earliest American Bowie makers. All his knives are beautiful, quite possibly a silversmith or

LOT 393 393 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 1814L. Overall length 1814, blade length 1314. Circa 1865. This is one of a very small group made by Samuel Bell while residing in Knoxville Tenn. Highly s

LOT 394 394 VERY RARE BOWIE KNIFE NEW ORLEANS. Overall934L.Thisisadirkstyleofknife,stampedononesideofhaftDufilhoN.Orleans,onthe other side stamped with his trademark. Nice strong blade with medial

LOT 395 395 BOWIE KNIFE ENGLISH. Overall 1134L. Large knife overall length 17, blade length 1134. Circa 1840. Painted on the haft with Robert Abels trademark red nail polish, inventory 6. The blade

LOT 396 396 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 10 14 L. Circa 1835. Schively style blade with swedge on right side modern sharpening marks totheedge,signedSchivelyPhilad..Greysteeloverall.Hornscalesint

LOT 397 397 PUSH DAGGER NEW ORLEANS. Overall 6 12 L. Overall length 614, blade length 414. Circa 1860. Ivory handle at top with pleasant mellow color and two age cracks. Silver divider leading to

LOT 398 398 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 14 L. Circa 1835. Blade stamped in French Le Dernier Ressort which means The Last Resort. Stamped on the haft by the maker W crown R R.S. Stenton with the

LOT 399 399 AMERICAN BOWIE KNIFE NEW ORLEANS. Overall 13 L. Signed on the top of the blade by wellknown bowie seller Manufactured for F.C. GoergenNewOrleans.Circa1845.Bladeinfineconditionwith70orig

LOT 400 400 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 11 14 L. Unmarked, however it is in the style of a known marked knife by Pradel of New Orleans thus this could quite possibly be by him. Strongly reinforc

LOT 401 401 BOWIE KNIFE AMERICAN. Overall 15 L. Circa 1875. Blade stamped on the haft by the maker Rau Todt S.F. Cal.. Blade with swedge on each side, hardly no clip. In wonderful condition some m

402 PEPPERCORN DIAMOND KNIVES SALES DISPLAY. 4D. x 39W. x 46H. Wooden shadow box display case with green felt backing displaying 28 knives and 1 sharpening steel for John Wilsons World Famous Pepper

LOT 404 404 PUSH DAGGER NEW ORLEANS. Overall 634L. Overall length 634, blade length 418. Circa 1860. Ebony handle stamped with 2 on top. Wood is in very fineconditionwithacoupleminornicksand scratc

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 407 LOT 408 407 5000 MOTHER OF PEARL POKER VOUCHER 3 34 L. Circa late 1800s. Excellent. 200.00 400.00 408 LOT OF 7 IVORY DICE. Largest 1 14 L. Included

LOT 414 LOT 415 LOT 416 LOT 417 LOT 418 LOT 419 LOT 420 LOT 421 LOT 422 LOT 423 414 GAMBRINUS LAGER BEER REVERSE ON GLASS LABEL MUG. 9 34 T. Oversized. Showing an image of King G

LOT 424 424 SOLID GOLD MATCH SAFE DECORATED WITH GOLD IN QUARTZ. 2 18 T. Circa 1850. The top of the match safe is inlaid with a beautiful piece of rose quartz. Rose colored quartz is the most soug

LOT 425 425 SOLID GOLD GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE. 2 14 T. Lid is inlaid on top with grey quartz. Rectangular panel on front with four corners inlaid with beautifullyfiguredMossAgateanddiamondshapedc

LOT 426 426 WALKING STICK SOLID GOLD KNOB WITH GOLD QUARTZ. 34 L. Beautiful large piece of brown gold quartz atop the knob, gemstone style facet cut. Some cracks in quartz, one small chip. Present

LOT 427 427 WALKING CANE WITH GOLD IN QUARTZ. 36 L. This is the most scarce, most highly decorated therefore the most sought after of all the walking sticks decoratedwithgoldinquartz.Thistypewithth

LOT 428 428 WALKING STICK WITH GOLD GOLD QUARTZ HANDLE. 35 L. Circa 1860. Top is inlaid with octagonal piece of brown gold quartz, lovely color. Faceted around edges.Solidgoldknob.PresentationToCa

LOT 429 429 SOLID GOLD POCKET WATCH GOLD QUARTZ FACE. 15 14 L. Large size 18, marked on the watch face Barrett Sherwood San Francisco Cal.. Circa 1880. Solid gold watch, front decorated with lar

LOT 430 430 HARRIS MARCHAND CO. GOLD BAR 6512. 2 x 114. Serial number 6512. Harris, Marchand Co. Ounces 11.53. Mold HMs01. Fineness 835. Value 1857 199.01. Small size ingot Thick, with serial num

LOT 431 431 CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGET. 314 L. 12.2 ounces. Nice form. Excellent. 12,000.00 18,000.00 Januar y 19, 2017 205

432 NATURAL CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGET. 56.4g. Market value as of October 3rd, 2016 2163. 2,000.00 3,000.00 LOT 432 433 LOT OF 3 NATURAL CALIFORNIA GOLD NUGGETS. 39.1g. Market value as of October 3r

LOT 435 435 LADIES BAR PIN. 2 14 L. Circa 1870. Very unusual example, never seen another one like it. Front inlaid with three glass tubes,topandbottomtubesfilledwithgolddustandcentertubefilledwith

436 BEAUTIFUL WOMANS SOLID GOLD PIN. 2 14 L. Circa 1850. Solid yellow gold. The main part ofthepininlaidinmosaicfourcornersinlaidwithfinely figuredMossAgate,diamondshapedcenterpieceinlaid with white

LOT 441 LOT 442 LOT 443 441 LARGE OVAL GOLD QUARTZ PIN. 2 L. Circa 1870. Yellow gold with raised large oval piece of grey quartz heavily laden with gold. Quartz in perfect condition. Actual pi

LOT 448 LOT 449 LOT 447 447 WALKING STICK WITH IVORY HANDLE. 37L. Ivory handle with three very cute rats playing in grape vineyard. Black beaded inlaid eyes. Carved in Japan. Silver band, bambo

LOT 452 452 WELLS FARGO CO. WOODEN ADVERTISING TRADE SIGN. 72 x 12. This sand painted trade sign is single sided and retains its original wooden frame. On the back of the sign there is a receipt s

LOT 453 LOT 454 LOT 455 LOT 456 LOT 457 LOT 458 453 WELLS FARGO EXPRESS MONEY ORDER PORCELAIN SIGN. 15 L. This is a single sided porcelain sign. Has unfaded colors with a greatgloss.There

LOT 459 LOT 460 LOT 461 LOT 462 459 ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY EMPLOYEE HAT. 9 Dia. This early hat has a tin lithographed label attached to the front that reads Adams Express Company. The label was

SEE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS LOT 467 467 NORTH WESTERN MAIL COMPANY EXPRESS STAGE TICKETS. Framed 8 34 x 6 34. This lot has two framed Northwestern tickets. The back of the frame has glass

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