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We believe Jewish education is a lifelong journey that should be meaningful, dynamic, challenging, and inspiring. Therefore, our Religious School offers programming for Kindergarten through 12th grad

1 3 ST RD KINDERGARTEN 11ST GRADE We love when children begin their Jewish learning and experience as early as possible so that they can nurture a deep relationship with their synagogue, peers, an

2 2ND GRADE 3 3RD GRADE In our 2nd grade program, learners learn what it means to live in Jewish Time by exploring each of our holidays in more depth. Special projects teach traditions and rituals, w

4TH6TH 4 4TH GRADE 4th graders increase their study of both Hebrew and Judaica in a dynamic learning environment. e Judaica curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn about life cycle ev

6 6TH GRADE Learners in 6th grade are at an interesting point in their young lives trying to better understand their own identities, working out the complexities of their relationships with others,


alternates Families with 4th6th grade students may select Mishpacha as an alternative model of Religious School. In this program, learners attend school on Sunday mornings for an extended time period

1 6 extras ST 10 ADDITIONAL CURRICULAR HEBREW CURRICULUM PRAYERS AND PRAYERS In order to create relevant links between students lives and their Jewish learning, our program teaches Hebrew through pra

COMPONENTS HEBREW THROUGH MOVEMENT We are very excited to introduce this new program to our community. Hebrew through Movement, developed by Dr. Lifsa Schachter and based on the work of Dr. James J. A

1 6 extras ST 12 ADDITIONAL CURRICULAR THURSDAY DROP IN Our dropin program is designed for learners who need or want extra help in HebrewCulturalJudaic studies for any reason from missed classes to I

COMPONENTS JUNIOR CHOIR Junior Choir participants meet each Sunday from 10151045am to learn Jewish songs and prepare for participation at the Family Shabbat services throughout the year and at some sp

TH 7 12 TH 14 7TH 12TH GRADE Kesher means connection and we are proud to o er a teen program that helps students connect to one another and to Jewish tradition. Our Rabbis and Senior Sta lead Kesh

8 8TH GRADE Led by Rabbi Stacy Bergman, our learners will discuss Jewish perspectives on a variety of issues that matter to teens. Topics include Poverty, Jewish Identity, Israel, Ethics and Jewish V

7 12 TH 16 10 TH GRADE 10 Confirmation Con rmation is a special year. Con rmation is where learners study with Rabbi Greenberg and are able to explore many interesting Jewish topics from a more matur

YOUTH group YOUTH group THESE PROGRAMS MAY NOT BE OFFERED EVERY YEAR ToaSTY Temple Shaaray Tefila Youth 4th 8th grade Beginning in fourth grade, ToaSTY helps children integrate their Jewish identi

TEEN extras 18 THESE PROGRAMS MAY NOT BE OFFERED EVERY YEAR ADDITIONAL OPPORTUN ROSH HODESH ITS A GIRL THING is is an experiential education program currently touching the lives of 3,500 girls acr

NITIES FOR TEENS TASTES OF JEWISH TRADITIONMITZVOT JEWISH COOKING CLASS AT TST We are so pleased to o er a Jewish cooking class at TST We will be cooking and doing the Mitzvah of helping others at the

89 Baldwin Rd, Bedford Corners, NY 10549 Main Office 914.666.3133 TEMPLE STAFF Senior Rabbi......................David Greenberg Rabbi.....................................Jason Nevar