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PERMIAN BASIN OILFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING SERVICES STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS Spill Response and Remediation SPCC Plans and Inspection NORM Management Waste Management Air Quality Permitting, M

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OUR COMPANY KC Harvey Environmental, LLC KC Harvey, headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, specializes in providing environmental consulting, engineering, technology and field services to the oil and gas

OUR VALUES We operate at the busy intersection of economy, energy and environment. The world economy runs on energy. The vibrancy and achievement of American innovation is in no small part due to the

OUR PEOPLE At KC Harvey, were passionate about people, energy independence, environmental quality and a growing, sustainable economy. How do we prevent and solve environmental problems while exceeding

Our services and experience Our consulting services are provided from a foundation of applied science and engineering. We apply these skills to diverse client needs ranging from urgent response to lon

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SPILL RESPONSE AND REMEDIATION KC Harvey personnel respond to hydrocarbon and produced water spills in the oilfield. We stand ready to provide overall spill response management, site investigation, pr

Pipeline Release Response and Remediation, Williston Basin, North Dakota. KC Harvey carried out a comprehensive soil and groundwater site investigation to determine the nature and extent of a crude oi

SPILL PREVENTION CONTROL AND COUNTERMEASURE SPCC plans and inspection KC Harvey prepares and certifies field wide SPCC plans and conducts field inspections on hundreds of oil and gas locations per ye

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NORM MANAGEMENT The management of naturally occurring radioactive materials NORM is becoming a critical environmental issue for the oil and gas industry. KC Harvey has the training, experience, and e

Origins of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials NORM GOSP Condensate 222Rn and Particulate Scale Particulate Scale and Rn Gas Oil 222Rn, 210Pb,210Po plates tubular Water Ra Ra Pb 222Rn

WASTE MANAGEMENT KC Harvey personnel have decades of waste management experience ranging from the day to day management of exempt oilfield wastes, to solid and hazardous wastes regulated under RCRA,

Troubleshooting of Oilfield Landfarm Operations, Green River Basin, Wyoming. KC Harvey soil scientists and bioremediation experts conducted a forensic assessment of multiple failed landfarming operati

AIR QUALITY PERMITTING, MONITORING AND REPORTING KC Harvey maintains an experienced air quality management team to serve our oil and gas clients in the Permian Basin. This team is led by a Master of S

Subpart A, or sites located in the Upper Green River Basin reporting is required on an annual basis. KC Harvey documented emissions from stationary engines, heaters, tanks, dehydration units, pneumati

ENVIRONMENTAL DUE DILIGENCE AND AUDITING Clients retain KC Harvey to conduct environmental due diligence and audits of oil and gas assets because of our extensive on the ground environmental managemen

storage impoundments owned and operated by Devon Energy, NFR Bear Paw Basin, and several other smaller oil and gas companies. In addition to 450 field inspections, due diligence activities included a

SECTION 404 WOTUS DELINEATIONS AND PERMITTING KC Harvey soil scientists, plant ecologists and hydrologists are trained, certified as necessary, and experienced at accurately identifying and delineati

Examples of our Section 404 WOTUS delineations and permitting project experience include Delineation of Jurisdictional Waters and Wetlands and Section 404 Permitting for the Proposed Dakota Access Pi

WILDLIFE AND ESA SURVEYS, MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT KC Harveys team of wildlife, aquatic and ecological scientists provide a full range of biological services to our clients operating in the Permian B

several years of field monitoring data as ground truth, and reporting results. In addition to creating framework soils and vegetation data layers, the project satisfied the BLMs wildlife management pl

FEDERAL LAND PERMITTING, COMPLIANCE AND RECLAMATION A large portion of the Permian Basin in New Mexico is located on federal land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management BLM. Proposed oil and ga

Reclamation Program Development and Implementation, Jonah Field, Encana Oil and Gas USA, Inc. Wyoming. KC Harvey reclamation scientists designed and implemented a first of its kind sitespecific, scien

OUR clients KC Harvey has the pleasure and the privilege of providing consulting services to many of the worlds leading oil and gas EP and midstream companies. In the Permian Basin, we currently have

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Contact Us For more information on how we might assist you with the production of oil and gas resources in the Permian Basin, please contact Dan Gibson, PG Permian Basin Operations Manager 432 614609