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Environmental Due Diligence Advisory Services STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS

Overview of KC Harvey Environmental Due Diligence Services KC Harvey Environmental, LLC KC Harvey is a nimble, clientdriven environmental management, remediation and transaction advisory firm headqua

how we support our clients Industry Buyers and Sellers and Their Attorneys We support both buyers and sellers and their attorneys in the oil and gas, mining and power generation sectors to avoid or

Why KC Harvey Our competitive advantage is our on the ground experience with oil and gas, energy generation and mining operations, as well as the extensive talent of our due diligence team. Since ou

Other EDDRelated Services Public and private environmental recordsdocuments review Historical and current use information research Interviews and questionnaires Identification of data gaps Vapor

Our Experience KC Harvey has been in the business of providing professional consulting and field services to the oil and gas, energy generation and mining industries for 22 years. The five partners co

Preacquisition Environmental Due Diligence of Oil and Gas Production Assets, Monroe County Ohio, for Antero Resources Corp. Antero retained KC Harvey to perform environmental due diligence of numerous

Our experience Environmental Due Diligence of Natural Gas Production Assets, Waverly, West Virginia, for Antero Resources Corp. Antero requested the services of KC Harvey to perform environmental due

Environmental Due Diligence for Insurance Underwriting of Numerous Mining Operations in Arizona and New Mexico, for Marsh McLennan. KC Harvey personnel were selected to serve on a team of mining envi

our team At KC Harvey, we pride ourselves on our real, practical ontheground work in the oil gas, mining, and power generation industries. Our team is diverse, wellrounded and ready to contribute cre

Stuart Jennings, Principal Scientist Stuarts work in environmental due diligence is focused on governmental or Trustee Natural Resource Damage Assessments NRDA and complemented by a 28 year career in

Contact Us To learn more about KC Harveys transactional environmental due diligence advisory services for the oil and gas, energy generation or mining industries, please contact Mike Larson mlarsonkc