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Region in Review October 28, 2016 The Growth of Growth Mindset Submitted by Monica Burnham Last school year, the elementary schools in Region 12 introduced growth mindset concepts school wide with gr

STEM and Physical Science in Elementary Grades Submitted by Mary Ann Zoeller Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math STEM units in Physical Science are thriving in our elementary classrooms. STEM

As students progress through the elementary grades they begin to utilize an Engineering Design Process to solve problems. Second graders are learning about Materials Engineering to decide which earth

International Walk to School Day Submitted by Sandi DiBella, Lisa McQueen Pat Howard On October 5, 2016, Booth Free, Burnham, and Washington Primary Schools took part in the International Walk to S

Grade 5 Track Meet On the glorious Monday of October 24th, our regions fifth graders met at the Shepaug track for their first opportunity to mingle with their future classmates. Mr. Morgan, our physic

Dealing with Stress Submitted by Ingrid Erickson Acknowledge their situation, Looks like today is not your day. Ask open ended questions, whats going on Listen, let them vent Show empathy Sug

Halloween Minecraft LAN Party Fundraiser Night Robotics Club When October 28th Where B13 Time 68 P.M. Price 20 Special challenges Games and prizes Bring snacks to share Costumes encouraged NO CLOWNS,

On November 17, 2016, Shepaug graduate Stephen Reich will be inducted into the Connecticut High School Coaches Association CHSCA Hall of Fame at the annual CHSCA Hall of Fame Induction ceremony at t

Join us presents Congratulations to these seleCted region 12 young photographers thecelebrationofyoung photographers Tegan Anderson Grade 10 Age 15 Daniela Cespedes Grade 12 Age 16 Giacomo Col

Region 12 Calendar Oct 28th Oct 28th Nov 1st Nov 2nd Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov 2nd 3rd 7th 8th 9th 11th 15th Minecraft Night, SVS 68pm Grades 7 8 Social, SVS 79pm, Sponsored by SVS PTO BS PTO Meeti