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Region in Review April 10, 2015 Shepaug Valley School staff celebrate a successful NEASC visit

Learning Comes Alive in SVS Science Department Imagine learning all about Connecticuts food and water chain one day, and the next day you can watch bobcats in their natural habitat outside your class

SIXTH GRADE HYDROLOGISTS ARE MAKING A SPLASH IN THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Our sixth grade scientists are in the process of conducting a state embedded laboratory investigation titled DigIn. Here, they a

Seventh Grade Students Get Physical with the Human Body The seventh grade science students are nearing the end of their human body unit. Students have already become experts on the digestive system, t

EIGHTH GRADE GENETICISTS GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH DNA As part of their genetics unit, eighth grade students recently had the opportunity to see DNA up close. As part of an inquiry lab activity,

Mrs. Thayers period 4 Chem21 class is currently constructing a prototype of their product for the As part Innovation Expo. The 8th grade students recently is an armband capable see DNA up cellular Stu

On March 18th, French teachers Madame Bookis and Madame Edel piloted the National French Contest at Shepaug with several classes. Almost 100,000

Dont miss a chance to look inside Seor Nolans classroom by going to Shepaug Valley Home Page scroll down and look on the bottom right.

Seor Nolans eighth grade class recently began participating in Kindergarten Day. The class begins with Story Time. Seor Nolan reads a childrens boo

Here are just a few of the many books the students can choose from our evergrowing library If you would like to donate children

Honors Algebra 2 Students in Honors Algebra 2 were able to predict, with certainty, the types and quantity of candy found in their envelopes given the nutritional information of each candy bar and the

STEPHEN REICH MEMORIAL COMMITTEE CoChairs Michael Condon, Jr. Scott Werkhoven Committee Sheila Anson Michael Condon, Sr. Nelly Condon CJ Kersten Mike Kersten Laura Martin Linda McGarr Matt Perachi Ra

April 8, 2015 College Acceptances to Date Appalachian State University Boston University Campbell University Catholic University of America Central Connecticut State University Champlain College Coast

The school nurses, along with student council members and faculty leaders, organized a twoday fundraiser which took place on March 19 and 20. There were a lot of laughs and smiles as students and staf

Annual District Budget Meeting on the Region 12 20152016 school budget Monday, May 4, 2015 700 PM Shepaug Valley School Board Meeting to

The RoxburyBridgewater Junior Garden Club is concerned about the welfare of the Monarch Butterflies. 90 of the Monarchs have disappeared from North America and Canada. We want to raise awareness about

SIGN UP NOW WORKSHOPS CooKing with Anne Gallagher Grades 35 Bridgewater Congregational Church CREATIVE Ages 4.5 to 17 SUMMER CAMPS begins Wednesday, may 6 SUMMER THEAT