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Region in Review Shepaug Valley Regional School District 12 December 4, 2015 Middle School Health Wellness Day Students at Shepaug Valley School recently participated in the annual Middle School Heal

ACTIVE LEARNING IN ART Learning in Art is more than just physically creating a finished product. Art encourages active learning through the study of aesthetics, art history, art criticism, and the con

Art Art Criticism is the responding to, interpretation of, and critical judgment of specific works of art. While art criticism can be subjective from individual to individual it requires high levels

ro P lem b The production of art is not only a handson physical process but an active thinking process as well. Art engages the student in the creative process by presenting numerous problems that n

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with understanding the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. It is also concerned with understanding the nature of artistic taste

Booth Free School Annual Harvest Gathering Celebration

Burnham School Annual Harv

vest Gathering Celebration

AgSTEM Update On Monday, November 30th, interviews were conducted for architectural services on the Agriscience STEM Academy and science lab project. The facilities committee will make a recommendatio

Shepaug Valley Schools Annual Thursday December 10th 630pm900pm Holiday Bazaar ... SIGN uP NOW No gradient Upcoming workshops GRADES 15 THE INTERDISTRCT PLAY with Emily Hubelbank Shepaug School Auditorium, Washington PRESENTS Annual 5th Gradient srP

Region 12 Community Calendar Fri, December 4th Sat, December 5th Week of Dec 711th Tues, December 8th Wed, December 9th Wed, December 9th Thur, December 10th Thur, December 10th Fri, December 11th Fri