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Region in Review January 27, 2017 Humanities at Shepaug Valley School Humanities English Language Arts teachers deliver a rigorous Grades 612 curriculum that prepares students for career and college r

You Maam by Langston Hughes, One of These Days by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the novella, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Through these pieces, students interpret symbolic meaning and a

essay. In Grade 10 American Studies, students are currently learning about the Early Modernist Period and the rhetorical strategies ethos, logos, and pathos. In collaborative groups, students analyze

the storytelling art form called Kamishibai. In groups of three, the students study a contemporary Japanese story and then present both the story and an analysis of its key elements and the authors cr

Emily Prezioso for Secrets of Palermo, Rebecca Racz for Treasured Memories, and Evan Woerner for Inequality. Emily dedicated her poem to her last years teacher, Mrs. Shugrue, Rebecca dedicated her poe

Social Studies Grade 6 Social Studies Grade 6 Social Studies students have begun their study of the elements of culture. So far, they have learned about population, economic systems, and government, a

about Revolutionary events and analyze historical and recent political cartoons. This skill thread culminated with students creating their own political cartoon that expressed a particular point of vi

completed their immigration unit. Students tracked the historical and current assimilation experience for immigrants entering the United States. They studied the historical reasons for immigration, im

based on close readings and discussions of medieval history. Lastly, students used The New York Times to find evidence that assisted them in appropriately labeling our current era. Juniors are current

Nuclear Disarmament, African Union, World Trade Organization, and many more. In addition to these committees, three Shepaug students were selected to serve on highly competitive, specialized committee

REACH Open House Who Parents who have preschool age children At least age 3 by December 31, 2017 When Monday, February 13, 2017 from 200300 PM Snow date February 27, 2017. Where REACH Preschool at Wa

Register NOW for Northwest Connecticuts Premier Student Enrichment Event Saturday, February 25, 2017 12PM to 4PM Fastpaced, handson workshops for students in Grades K8 Informative keynote and works

Minds in MotionTM Shepaug MailIn Registration Form Please complete one registration form for EACH CHILD attending and mail check for payment of 15 per student to Minds in Motion, Shepaug Valley Schoo

voted 1 Cultural Arts Organization No in Northwest Connecticutgradient Gradient Begins FEB. 2 Hip Hop party Dancing with Austin Dailey K5 Booth Free School Gym, Roxbury No gradient White Saturda

Region 12 Calendar Jan 31st Jan 31st Feb 6th Feb 7th Feb 8th Feb 14th Building Committee Meeting, 630pm, SVS Library WPS PTO Meeting, 630pm Board of Education, Business Meeting, 7pm, SVS Library BS PT