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Region in Review June 23, 2017 SVS Celebrate STEAM Assembly Careers in the Financial Sector Submitted by Marianne Maher On Thursday, May 18th, the Shepaug community welcomed six professionals from t

The Benefits of Teaching Sculpture to Children Sculpture is the art of making three dimensional abstract or representational objects in any medium. All visual arts help students to improve their obser

also means freedom to get dirty. Its counterintuitive for some but for others, its just a blast. Because ceramic projects go through such a dramatic transformation from start to finish, students are a

Board of Education Recognition Superintendents Student Award Recipient Kaitlyn Smeriglio BFS Grade 5 Superintendents Student Award Recipient Dylan Fiore BS Grade 5 Superintendents Student Award Rec

CABEs Student Leadership Award Recipient Darius Moreno Grade 8 CABEs Student Leadership Award Recipient Rachel Andrews Grade 8 CABEs Student Leadership Award Recipient Madeline Gorra Grade 12 CABEs

Shepaug Valley School 2017 Annual Scholarship Award Night Shepaug Valley School PTO Scholarship Alyson Hofmann, Gwyneth Rosa, Noelia Aguirre, Megan James, Jackson Virbickas Bridgewater Historical S

Edward Weeks Memorial Scholarship Jenna Williams American Legion Scholarships Alyson Hofmann, Jordan Buchholz, and Daniela Cespedes American Legion Scholarship Austin Dutcher Robert J. Benham Scho

Evelyn Blake D.A.R. Scholarship Jenna Williams Tam Farrow Memorial Scholarship Jenna Williams Matthew C. Hines Memorial Scholarship Jordan Buchholz Eugene M. Horrigan Scholarship for the Gentlen

RoxburyBridgewater Garden Club Jackson Virbickas Shepaug Prevention Council Award Fernando Pires Shepaug Student Council Scholarship Martin Meyer Shepaug Valley Education Association Scholarship

Congratulations to the

e Shepaug Valley School Class of 2017

Second Graders Learn From Local Senior Citizens On June 9, second grade students showed their appreciation to area senior citizens who had shared their childhood stories with them. The project was cre

No gradient Summer theAtre Grades 15 612 Begins 626 710 Gradient . nOW.. t p Sign u OtS lEF ly 7 Sp On Summer CAmP Ages 4.513 Begins 731 Youth Crew Ages 1417 Begins 731 White

Region 12 Calendar July 8th July 17th Aug 18th20th Aug 23rd Aug 23rd Aug 28th Aug 28th Roxbury Pickin N Fiddlin Contest Board of Education, Organizational Meeting, 7pm, SVS Library Bridgewater Fair Ki