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Regional School District 12 August 28, 2015 Shepaug Rolls out the Red Carpet for Students on the First Day of School

Shepaug Teachers Welcome Students

y hool Read Sc rs ham arne Le Burn y of it es mmun dventur o ong C New A r A St for Grade 3 e2 Grad Grade 5 Grade 4 Onedergarten students got right into the swing of learning on day one

Booth Scho Re ad y for ol is Excit an ing N ew Year of Learn ing Free

Washington Primary School

REACH Region 12s REACH program added a third classroom for the 201516 school year, bringing the total number of students in the preschool program

Region 12 Welcomes Our New Teachers Burnham School welcomes Onedergarten Grade One and Kindergarten Substitute Teacher Stephen MacKessy, K5 Music Teacher Ashley Kirk and School Psychologist Lynne

Students in Shepaugs art classes are enjoying Mac computers in their new mini art labs Upgrading to Mac computers allows teachers and students to

th at e w i s d y up to ppening St a a on 12 h osentino Re gi .C ow Dr tter Foll i on Tw n oP i Cosent Watch the architects presentation of the proposed Shepaug Valley Regiona

events workshops AGES YOGA 35 with Lanie Flanagan Wersebe Hall, Washington Green Begins Wednesday, September 16 A 5THal nnu The Celebration of GRADES CREATE YOUR OWN SUPER HERO with Lesley Neils