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EXTRACT of STOCK SynEnergy June 2017

NOKIA 90 mm 24 D Extruder

MAILLEFER 2200 mm Portal Takeup, year 2006

4 x MAILLEFER cone payoff 1250 mm

MAILLEFER 80 mm 20 D good shape

MULLER 2500 mm takeup

Planetary cable for tight buffer fibres

HACOBA automatic spooler, 4 bobbins

NIEHOFF coiler for rod breakdown line

Inkjet printer

NIEHOFF annealer for RBD line, R500 model

2 x NIEHOFF basket coilers for RBD

KABMATIK driven PO 1600 mm

MELTEX glue dosing pump

KRUPP 2 x 700 steel taper

10 T Electrical Real Transporter

HENRICH Intermediate line with double spooler 500

CORTINOVIS 37 B strander, 450 mm, sectorround

Magnetic Metal Separator for particules in plastic

SWISSCAB yarn server Kevlar

STOLBERGER taping head 2 x 500 mm

BEMA takeup 2200 mm

ROSENDAHL Payoff 1600 mm

ROBLON CrossBinder for SZ line

Paper filter system, used for water, as new

SELECTA 500 mm buncher for fine wires

NIEHOFF Cu rod drawing line with annealer

FAIREX 30 mm Extruders 20 D

MAPRE 45 mm extruders, 25D

KUKAMA 2200 mm Portal PO, detraversing

MAILLEFER screen changer for extruders

DROUAIRE rewindmeascut Line for distributor

HENRICH 10 wires 0,150,30 mm

NIEHOFF 16 wires 0,20,5 mm, MMH101

KUKAMA 1600 mm driven PO or TU

KUKAMA 2 x 630...1000 Auto. Spooler

2 x 10 T RUSS Lead Furnaces

MAILLEFER 20 T Portal Stand, driven

ROBLON 400 mm Conc. Taper for Cops

MAILLEFER Piggy Back Extruder 45 mm 24D

HACOBA 2 spools Automatic Respooler

SPIRKA 16 C Braiders, NG2

SPIRKA 24 C Braider

SPIRKA 16 C Braider

MICOR 40 kW Oven, Infrared Lamps

Cheap SPIRKA 1600 mm POTU

MAILLEFER 2 x 1250 mm takeup, with accumulator

2 x SPIRKA 1400 mm Takeups

KUHNE 60 mm 24 D Extruder

MAILLEFER 30 mm Vertical Extruder 18D

ROSENDAHL Payoff 1250 mm

HERBORN Intermediate drawing with VG30 annealer

LESMO 19 Wire tensioning unit

2 x 18 COPS Kevlar Servers

Water cooling tank, with pumps

QUEINS Takeup 1600 mm for braiders

MAILLEFER 4 m Takeup Stand, 20 Tons

ZUMBACH Lump Neck Detector

SPIRKA 1400 mm Takeup for braider

STOLBERGER 1250 mm payoff

CEFILA 2200 mm payoff, with magnet brake

5 T reel transporter, electric

LEIMBACH 500 mm spooler

SIEMENS Air Turbines

NIEHOFF 10 wire drawing 0,150,30 mm

ATLAS COPCO 120 kW compressor with dryer

ROSENDAHL 800 kg caterpillar

MEDEK SCHORNER ring marker RS707

3 x Simple braked POs 630 mm

2 x SELECTA double payoff 400 mm driven

Few SWISS made balances

NOKIA Twisting Caterpillar for CCV line

ROYLER 90 mm 10 D Rubber Extruder

3 x GODDERIDGE 630 mm LAN twinner or bunchers

NEXTROM 1600 mm High Speed Spooler

TROESTER 90 mm 20 D PVCPE Extruder

WEISS Climat Room for Sample T Test

STOLBERGER 1250 mm Pulling Caterpillar

STOLBERGER 1500 mm Pulling Caterpillar

ZUMBACH Metrowall Thickness control, 100 mm

KRAFT Paper Lapping Line

KRAFT 2500 mm Column Takeup

ROSENDAHL RewindingCutting Line 16001250 mm

DE ANGELI Trolley Wire Line 4 x 1200 mm blocks

VHF 1600 mm Driven Payoff

MAILLEFER 2200 mm RewindingMeas. Line

LESMO 630 mm PairingQuadding Line


Press for cartonplastic waste

KABMATIK 1250 mm Takeup

NORTHAMPTON Full Line for Automatic Respooling on Plastic spools

ROSENDAHL 1800 mm rewinding taping line

Small buncher 180 mm spool for fine wires

MAILLEFER driven payoff 630 mm

KUKAMA high speed rewinding line 16001250 mm

NOKIA MAILLEFER Payoff 1400 mm

2 x MAILLEFER 2500 mm Traversing Stands 10 T

2 x MAILLEFER taping head for plastic, 500 mm

GODDERIDGE buncher 610 mm

KUKAMA 2200 mm Portal Takeup Stand, on rollers

NIEHAUS 2 x 600 mm Steel Taping Head

LEIMBACH 2500 mm Takeup

KMB Vertical Mica Taping 2 x 260 mm

MAILLEFER Extrusion Set 80 45 mm Xhead

SAMP 630 mm buncher

KUKAMA 800 mm Spooler for insulated

ROBLON High Speed Binder 250 mm

CAPNET 2 x 800 mm Capstan

PIOVAN 800 L Pellets dryer with dessicator

2 x MAILLEFER 800 kg caterpillars

OUEST plastic film schrinking tunnel

STOLBERGER 2500 mm column payoff

BEMA 2500 mm takeup

STOLBERGER 2800 mm driven payoff

NIEHOFF 16 wire 0,150,30 mm MMH101

2 x CEFILAC 2200 mm payoff, magnet brake

4 x BARTELL driven payoff 1600 mm

2 x RAPID hot granulators

DALAMEC 250 kg System for metal pad manipulation

2 x PLASTICOLOR dosing

NIEHOFF pointingthreading for intermediate

ITAL vertical add. extruder 60 mm 24D

2 x NOKIA MAILLEFER 2240 mm Portal Takeup, tyre drive

5 x NIEHOFF 630 mm driven payoffs for insulated

KMB SZ Line for 0,75...10 mm

NOKIA 4B payoffs for optical fibres

STOLBERGER 2400 mm brake payoff

STOLBERGER 2400 mm payoff

SWISSCAB 2 x 630 mm driven payoff for loose tube

ROBLON Long yarn kevlar payoffs

VHF 2000 mm takeup

180 mm precise winder for fine metal

2 x precise winders for fine wire, with LN detectors

SWISSCAB 500 mm rewinding line for fibre

2 x SETIC double payoff 600 mm, for LAN triple twist

DE ANGELI Payoff 1250 mm

KUKAMA driven payoff 630 mm with dancer

MAPRE 1000 kg caterpillar CBF type

MAILLEFER quadding line with full backtwist

NIEHOFF Intermediate drawing for 2 wires, MM315

2 x KROLLMAN new pointingthreading units

MAILLEFER 1800 mm brake payoff

3 STRECKER new welders for strands up to 4 mm

12 kW electrical heating tunnels

3 STRECKER cold welders

MAILLEFER 800 kg caterpillar

GODDERIDGE 630 mm buncher

KMB Vertical taping head for mica, 4 x 300 mm pads

MAILLEER 1800 mm portal takeup

SETIC 1000 mm buncher for strands 25 or cabling

KABMATIK 2500 mm 15 T takeup

KROLLMAN pointingthreading for rod

NIEHOFF full auto double spooler 630 mm for RBD

11 DIGEP flyer payoffs 630 mm for multiwires

MALI 2000 mm portal takeup

MEDEK ring marker RS70

WEISS climat room for bobbins

GRILLER hot dip tinning system for 0,31,2 mm

Company Country Contact SYNENERGY Sprl Belgium Henri Bonhomme