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Weve highlighted the top 28 tours and activities on Oahu. However, we have just about EVERYTHING youd like to do... just ask Experience all of historic Pearl Harbor in a day. Your day at Pearl Harbor

Perfect for the inexperienced as well as the expert paddler. Guides take you on a kayaking ecotour through turquoise waters, seaturtle feeding grounds, birdnesting sanctuaries, deserted islands, and b

Enter the dolphins playground and get up close with one of the most popular marine mammals. Enjoy a thrilling bellyride, hug their silky skin, get an unforgettable kiss, and prepare to be splashed by

An island of wonder and diversity. Visit Rainbow Falls, Volcanoes National Park, Halemaumau Crater, Thurston Lava Tube, Orchid Gardens, Jagger Museum, steam vents, and more Take advantage of a once in