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elliptipar tambient fraqtirTM SUPERIOR COVE LIGHTING

elliptipar Style F307 Blue Ridge Parkway Destination Center, Asheville, NC Architect Lord Aeck Sargent Architects Engineer Newcomb Boyd Photographer Jonathan Hillyer

COVE LIGHTING Cove lighting by others n elliptipar Cove lighting by The Lighting Quotient n As much as 50 of light from luminaire is trapped in the cove. Trapped light is wasted energy. Typical sym

COVE Style Product elliptipar LED with fraqtirTM optics S301 S305 S307 S309 elliptipar fluorescent F301 F302 978 250mm 458 118mm 3 76mm 278 73mm 258 67mm 534 146mm 978 250mm 458 118mm Dimensions

250mm 458 118mm 3 76mm 978 250mm 278 73mm 458 118mm 258 67mm 3 534 76mm 146mm 258 67mm 458 118mm 250mm 3 76mm 278 73mm 3 76mm 358 92mm 258 67mm 258 67mm 534 146mm 67mm F310 534 146mm 258 F303 F

COVE LIGHTING 4ft 700mA 6 93 Cd 4ft 350mA d 1668 C elliptipar LED with fraqtir optics TM elliptipar fluorescent ITL70168 ITL70169 1x55W T5 HO Style S305 4ft 700mA Style F306 d 6C 93 4ft

elliptipar Style S305 with fraqtir optics Chapel of Our Lady, Founders Hall, Xavier College Preparatory, Phoenix, AZ Architect HDA Architects Photography Ross Cooperthwaite

On the cover elliptipar Style F309 concealed cove light with three reflector T5HO fluorescents. Trading Floor, Westchester County, NY Architect Roger Ferris Partners Lighting Design Kugler Tillotso