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OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE at George Mason University Serving the Northern Virginia community by providing intellectual and cultural experiences for residents in their retirement years Fall 2

All About OLLI Who We Are The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute OLLI at George Mason University offers daytime courses, lectures, special events, and other activities during eightweek terms in the spr

Contents All About OLLI ............................................................................................... ii Courses 100 Art and Music....................................................

OLLI Organization OLLI is a memberdriven organization with its Board of Directors elected by the membership. Fairfax, Reston, and Loudoun members are represented. All activities are managed by an exec

Courses September 18November 10 FairfaxRestonLoudoun For location of class sites, see maps on inside back cover. Unless otherwise noted, classes beginning with an F are held at Tallwood, an R at U

Art and Music F104 Basic DSLR Photography Tuesdays, 9401105, Sept. 19Nov. 7 Instructor Dan Feighery Class limit 16 This basic photography course starts with an overview of photography as a retirement

Art and Music Weekly class discussions of finished work will help students further develop their talents. Basic drawing supplies needed are pencils, charcoal, cont crayons, ink pens, pastels, and pape

Art and Music you feel Is it just all about the bass or the beat Lets listen again to some old familiar tunes, and some new ones that are destined to become favorites, and really hear them. Then, we c

sisters will perform selections from the violin and piano repertoire. Monika Chamasayan, an Armenianborn Reston resident, has been guest soloist at the Dumbarton House, Strathmore, Schlesinger Hall, a

History such topics as recent market indicators, stocks, bonds, funds mutual, exchangetraded, and closedend, real estate investment trusts REITs, options, commodities, master limited partnerships, sec

History hear about attitudes and controversies concerning regimental officers and army commanders, the threeyear enlistment requirement, alcohol, poor food, blacks, and slavery. Philip Massey is a mem

History schemes and exposing baseless voter fraud propaganda spewed to justify those schemes. We will examine the myths that cloud public debate on this issue. Burton Wides was chief counsel for Senat

History specialists in the field will consider four separate questions Why did each revolution occur, and why did it take a radical turn What role did the two most visible leadersRobespierre and Lenin

History R313 National Park Rangers Choice A Different Topic Every Week Tuesdays, 215340, Sept. 19Oct. 31 Seven sessions Rose Gallery, Reston Community Center Lake Anne Coordinators Brad Berger, Emmett

Literature, Theater, and Writing L317 Comparing the French and Russian Revolutions Thursdays, 1150115, Sept. 21Oct. 12 Four sessions Instructors Jack Censer, Rex Wade This is a videoconference of F309

Literature, Theater, and Writing and as executive director of the Hylton Center a position he still maintains. All the while, he has continued to teach theater and arts management while directing, wri

Literature, Theater, and Writing F408 19th Century Women of Letters Wednesdays, 1150115, Sept. 20Sept. 27 Oct. 11Nov. 8 Seven sessions Note dates Instructor Ellen Moody Class limit 35 We will discuss

Literature, Theater, and Writing Sherri Waas Shunfenthal is a former speech therapist and the author of three volumes of poetry Journey into Healing, Sacred Voices Women of Genesis Speak, and Seasons

Literature, Theater, and Writing readings of both works, along with clips from the film version of To the Lighthouse, we will evaluate the juxtaposition of aspects of feminism with the life of the ima

Literature, Theater, and Writing R419 Richard II Thursdays, 9401105, Sept. 21Oct. 12 Four sessions Instructor Karen Miles This course will examine Richard IIs troubled relations with the nobility and

Languages L425 Detective Zen, He is Venetian, you know. Wednesdays, 9401105, Oct. 18Nov. 1 Three sessions Instructor Mark Weinstein Aurelio Zen is a fictional Italian detective created by the British

Religious Studies F502 Spanish Conversation Forum Wednesdays, 9401105, Sept. 20Nov. 8 Instructors Bernardo Vargas Giraldo, Elizabeth Trent Hammer Class limit 16 The objectives of this class are to pra

Religious Studies F602 Survey of NonTraditional Beliefs Wednesdays, 9401105, Sept. 20Oct. 25 Six sessions Instructor Linda Bender Class limit 25 During the class we will explore nontraditional concept

Religious Studies Hebrew Scriptures in Christianity lawsuits among Christians marriage, divorce, and family relations homosexuality the role of women in the church slavery the Lords Supper and how it

Humanities and Social Sciences between Warrenton and Gainesville. Ordained in 1987, he has studied at seminaries in Baltimore, Alexandria, and Chicago. He is currently living in Falls Church. F651B T

Humanities and Social Sciences students a broad overview of philosophys enterprise. Irmgard Scherer, a US citizen born in Germany, is associate professor of philosophy emerita at Loyola University Mar

Humanities and Social Sciences 2 The way of postulating a special religious way of knowing which uses different cognitive resources from those used by the natural sciences and gives us access to relig

Current Events L659 ISIS Defectors Inside Stories of the Terrorist Organization Thursdays, 9401105, Sept. 21Oct. 12 Four sessions Instructor Ahmet S.Yayla This is a videoconference of class F658. cov

Current Events Middle East Dr. Peter Mandaville, professor of international affairs, Schar School of Policy and Government, Mason nonresident senior fellow at Brookings former senior adviser to the Se

Science, Technology, and Health opinions are respected, needed, and welcomed. In a democracy agreement is not required, but participation is. Dick Kennedy, an OLLI member, retired from the senior exec

Science, Technology, and Health problems, and 3 how we make decisions. Our mental concepts are more than the sum of a set of features. For example, our concept of apple is more than the combination of

Science, Technology, and Health R807 Japanese ABomb Survivors 70 Years Later The Health Consequences Tuesdays, 9401105, Oct. 31Nov. 7 Two sessions Instructor Evan Douple This year is the 70th annivers

Science, Technology, and Health 700 cancer deaths per year in Virginia may be caused by radon exposure. Two lectures will examine how those statistics were derived and will focus on developing an unde

Science, Technology, and Health Cretaceous mass extinction 65 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs, but opened up a niche for mammals to thrive. This resulted in small arboreal creatures tha

Other Topics 900 Other Topics F901 Mason Faculty Club Breakfast Series 1 Mondays, 9301100, Sept. 18October 2 Three sessions Note time Coordinator Jennifer Disano Fee 33.00 This course will take place

Other Topics F904 Basic Information for Travelers to Italy Tuesdays, 215340, Oct. 31Nov. 7 Two sessions Instructor Laura Vinti This introductory course aims to provide travelers with a general outline

FairfaxRestonLoudoun For location of special event sites and directions, see maps on inside back cover. Check with the coordinator if you have questions about a special event. Special Events Fall

Special Events discussions. Sponsored by the Friends of the George Mason Regional Library America, hosting Austen book clubs across the continent, and stumbling onto her own Seor Darcy. 953 Fall for

Special Events 957 Tomato and Salsa Tasting with Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers Wednesday, 215340, Sept. 20 Fairfax Lord of Life Instructor Bob Coffin Event limit 50 Fee 10 Investigate the wonders of H

Special Events 961 The Legacy of Elie Wiesel Wednesday, 230355, Sept. 27 Note time Fairfax Lord of Life Instructor Rabbi Bruce Aft Coordinator Velma Berkey Elie Wiesel stated The opposite of love is n

Special Events Program with the National Trust, and an MA in fine and decorative art and design from Sothebys Institute of Art. 965 Safe Surfing How to Be Safe on the Internet Wednesday, 215340, Oct.

Special Events transmission in the eastern versus western United States, the amplification of earthquake ground motions by sedimentary deposits, and the vulnerability of many older buildings that were

Special Events Arts permanent collection is its Italian Medieval and Renaissance masterpieces, Giotto, Duccio, Fra Angelico, Sandro Botticelli, Titian, Giorgione, and Raphael are among the numerous ar

Special Events Joyce Johnston is now in the her 32nd year in the English Department at George Mason University and is happy to find that semiretirement makes time for such adventures as travel, compet

Special Events 980 Hamilton The Man and the Musical Saturday, 200430, Oct. 28 Note time Reston Community Center CenterStage, Hunters Woods Instructor Dan Sherman Alexander Hamilton has always been kno

Special Events Peter R. Henriques received his PhD in history from the University of Virginia and is professor of history emeritus at George Mason University. His book, Realistic Visionary A Portrait

Special Events Engineer Course, and the Naval War College. He assumed his duties as the 40th Naval Inspector General on May 15, 2015, after a distinguished and decorated history of naval service. At s

Special Events Trips and 990 A View from the Mason Observatory Friday, 200330, Sept. 29 Observatory, George Mason University Campus, Fairfax Carpool Instructors Jenna Cann, Joe Renaud Tour limit 40 Co

Special Events Harpers Ferry Road. Participants will select two choices each, from either a fivecourse lite menu 23 or a sixcourse entre menu 30. You will receive a full menu for review after payment

Special Events 995 Lipstick Brigade The Untold True Story of Washingtons World War II Government Girls Friday, 100230, Nov. 17 Note time Tallwood Instructor Cindy Gueli Youve heard of Rosie the Rivete

Special Events 1005BT Bake Sale, BYO Lunch, and a Holiday Movie Love Actually Friday, 1100330, Dec. 8 Bake Sale 1100100, Movie 100330 Tallwood Coordinator Martha Powers Bring your lunch, buy some home

Special Events 1106 Italian Lunch at Pieros Corner Monday, 1200200, Nov. 13 Carpool Coordinator Judy Sapienza Event limit 35 Fee 30 Come and enjoy lunch at the authentic Italian restaurant, Pieros Cor

Ongoing Activities FairfaxRestonLoudoun Ongoing activities for all sitesFairfax, Reston and Loudounare listed. All OLLI members are welcome at these ongoing activities. Register for clubs and ongo

Ongoing Activities Members are asked to participate in general garden workdays, primarily in the Spring and Fall, plus join another member in a team to water, weed, and maintain the gardens during the

Ongoing Activities are available on the groups website, www.olligmu.orgopcug. Photography Club Second Fridays Sept. 8Dec. 8, 9301130 Fourth Fridays Sept. 22Oct. 27, 1200200 Tallwood Coordinators Angi

Ongoing Activities Tallwood Book Club Second Wednesdays Sept. 13, 10001130 Oct. 11, 130300 Nov. 8, 130300 Dec. 13, 10001130 Tallwood Coordinator Ceda McGrew 7033239671 Here are our fall 2017 selection

Membership and Registration Policies and Procedures JOINING OR RENEWING OLLI MEMBERSHIP Welcome to OLLI, one of the best lifelong learning institutes in the United States If you are a returning membe

Membership and Registration, continued When to Register Priority Registration Period Members are encouraged to register for fall 2017 courses and special events during the priority registration peri

Registration Form Fall 2017 Check this box if there are changes in your membership information since your last submission. Membership Information LAST NAME STREET CITY Office Use Only Date Received

COURSES Please include the entire course number including the F, R or L. Number 1st priority 2nd priority 3rd priority 4th priority 5th priority 6th priority Course Title Liaison 7th priority 8th pr

COURSES Please include the entire course number including the F, R or L. Number 1st priority 2nd priority 3rd priority 4th priority 5th priority 6th priority Course Title Liaison 7th priority 8th pr

September 18November 10 Indicates another location or times. Please refer to listings. Number of sessions shown in parentheses. Fall 2017 Schedule Indicates a course limited in size by the instructo

Fall 2017 Special Events Schedule Sun Sept. 17 Sept. 18 1101 Caff e Dolci Italiani Italian Delights and Coffee Loudoun, 1150115 Fee6 Mon Tue Sept. 19 956 Why Get a G Tallwood, 1150115 Wed Sept. 20

OLLI on Facebook Become Part of the Social Media Wave Would you like to interact with OLLI on Facebook OLLI has two Facebook pages 1 an organizational page where you can find news about the Institute

Friends of OLLI Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University Contributions for January 1December 31, 2016 From January through December of 2016, 265 Friends of OLLI contributed 28,748