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Volunteer Its Your OLLI OLLI is run by our members on a volunteer basis. Volunteering is vital to our existence. Volunteers are the creative source for all courses, clubs, special events, social activ

OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE at George Mason University Serving the Northern Virginia community by providing intellectual and cultural experiences for residents in their retirement years Spring

All About OLLI Who We Are The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute OLLI at George Mason University offers daytime courses, lectures, special events, and other activities during eightweek terms in the spr

Contents All About OLLI ............................................................................................... ii Courses 100 Art and Music....................................................

OLLI Organization OLLI is a memberdriven organization with its Board of Directors elected by the membership. Fairfax, Reston, and Loudoun members are represented. All activities are managed by an exec

Courses March 20May 12 FairfaxRestonLoudoun For location of class sites, see maps on inside back cover. Unless otherwise noted, classes beginning with an F are held at Tallwood, an R at United Chr

Art and Music Apr. 4 Discover some alreadyiconic works from the late 20th centuryart that moves, sweats, melts, chimes, or makes a political statementand try to predict whats coming next. Apr. 10 Tr

Art and Music comprehend the shows place in American history and art, this course will revisit the exhibition and its tumultuous aftermath. It will also examine the state of American art prior to the

Art and Music artworks in Reston. We will explore public art through documentary films that explore the works created by wellknown artists. In addition, on March 30, Rebekah WingertJabi, a local filmm

Economics and Finance literature, music, and performing arts. This course will look at American Indian and other indigenous actors, carvers, comedians, dancers, fiction authors, film makers, historian

Economics and Finance where to live what to do with your stuff legal and financial issues related to selling and estates dispersion of funds and how to manage the estate of a parent locally or elsewhe

History R207 Your Perfect Retirement Plan and How Not To Break It Thursdays, 9401105, Mar. 23Apr. 13 Four sessions Instructor David F. Wirth In part one of this class we will cover the basics and beyo

History degrees in history from Rhodes College and the University of Memphis. For the past 11 years he has conducted corporate leadership training seminars featuring Civil War battlefield visits. He h

History F305 Where Have All the Soldiers Gone Transformation of 20th Century Europe Tuesdays, 9401105, Mar. 21Apr. 25 Six sessions Instructor Bernie Oppel War was the defining feature of European hist

History Mar. 29 The founding of Fairfax County in 1742 by William Fairfax, Augustine Washington George Washingtons father, and George Mason IV of Gunston Hall. The Fairfax family mentored young Georg

History R312 Exploring Virginia with Your Senior Statesman Mondays, 9401105, Apr. 17May 8 Four sessions Instructor Ken Plum Explore the Commonwealth of Virginia with one of her native sons, Delegate K

Literature, Theater, and Writing important, even among kids. While we are a nation of immigrants, immigration has been a controversial issue since John Adams Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, and conti

Literature, Theater, and Writing centers. We will also be creating a murder mystery that will be performed three times in June 2017. You must be willing to travel during the day, mostly on Fridays. If

Literature, Theater, and Writing F406 Wallace Stegners Crossing to Safety Tuesdays, 1150115, Mar. 21Apr. 11 Four sessions Instructor Brenda Cheadle Class limit 25 How do you make a book that anyone wi

Literature, Theater, and Writing always enjoys sharing her passion for English literature with OLLI members. F409 Poetry Workshop Tuesdays, 215340, Mar. 21May 9 Moderators Mike McNamara, Jan Bohall C

Literature, Theater, and Writing F412 OLLI Actors Studio Thursdays, 9401105, Mar. 23May 11 Clifton Lord of Life Instructors Wendy Campbell, Manny Pablo, Kathie West This is an acting class for those a

Literature, Theater, and Writing on DVD. The focus will be on some Hollywood bad boysiconic male stars known for their independent and sometimes rebellious personas. We will get to know Sean Penn, Joh

Literature, Theater, and Writing R419 Literary Britain Wednesdays, 215340, Mar. 22May 10 Rose Gallery at Reston Community Center Lake Anne Instructor Kay Menchel This is a repeat of F408. R420 Whats

Literature, Theater, and Writing discussion will need to draw on the text. The Folger Shakespeare Library edition by Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine is very readable and informative. You are free to e

Languages these categories we apply the same underlying commitment to write a compelling work that fully conveys the authors intentions. Ralph Greenwood holds a masters degree in international trade f

Religious Studies Alana Lukes, an OLLI member, has taught Latin for over 25 years at the middle school, high school, and college levels. L505 Learning the Parsi Farsi Language Mondays, 1150115, Mar.

Religious Studies sharpen listening skills so that you can hear the still small voice. The Rev. Dr. Laurence K. Packard is a retired Episcopal priest who has participated in Buechner conferences and b

Humanities and Social Sciences Corinthians, and the Apocalypse of Peter. 650 Humanities and The Rev. Dr. Pete Gustin is very happy to be back in OLLI after a hiatus. He is currently the priestincharge

Humanities and Social Sciences the concept of total war, with its implications for government policy, economic mobilization, and emotional conditioning. Mar. 28 World War II. Excerpts from Ken Burns

Humanities and Social Sciences asked what form of government the founders had created, he was said to have answered, A republic, if you can keep it. It is a governmental system designed to limit and d

Current Events L657 The Persian Empire 2500 BCE to 1979 CE Mondays, 9401105, Mar. 20May 8 Instructor Jilla Shambayati This course will explore the unique history and glories of the Great Persian Empir

Current Events spent the next 15 years in a private general law practice in Northern Virginia. Finally, he spent 18 years on the trademarks side of the Patent and Trademark Office. Caroline Cochran ha

Current Events other issues in contention before the federal appellate courts and the Supreme Court. Tony Steinmeyer, an OLLI member, recently retired as a lawyer with the US Department of Justice whe

Science, Technology, and Health L709 Great Decisions 2017 Wednesdays, 1150115, Mar. 22May 10 Moderator Barbara Wilan Class limit 20 For over 50 years, the Foreign Policy Association has sponsored disc

Science, Technology, and Health F803 Aging and Physical Activity Tips to Build Physical and Functional Capacity Wednesdays, 9401105, Mar. 22Apr. 5 Three sessions Coordinator Toni Acton This lecture se

Science, Technology, and Health phosphate, rareearth elements, and tellurium. Apr. 3 Volcano Hazard and Mineral Assessments using remote sensing data to map hydrothermally altered rocks. John Mars, r

Science, Technology, and Health learn about the latest healthrelated apps for smartphones and tablets. Janet Cochran retired as a medical librarian after 20 years of providing literature searches for

Other Topics traveled the 70 miles through dense tropical rainforest, mountains, and swamps from the Atlantic to the Pacific, this speck of land has been at the center of intrigue and world commerce.

FairfaxRestonLoudoun For location of special event sites and directions, see maps on inside back cover. Check with the coordinator if you have questions about a special event. Special Events Lectu

Special Events 954 Principles of Information Science Tuesday, 215340, Mar. 21 Rose Gallery at Reston Community Center Lake Anne Instructor Ravi Athale We are supposed to be in the middle of the Fourth

Special Events can collect from my own car insurance if I have full coverage.Youll be surprised to learn what you didnt know. Edward L. Weiner, immediate past president of the Virginia State Bar, and

Special Events Ultimately, he solved the mystery of the East German airlinerwhat it really was, where it came from, and what happened to it. Fred Stahl was an executive with The Boeing Company for 20

Special Events 966 Putting the Rainbow into The Wizard of Oz The Lyrics of Yip Harburg Saturday, 9301200, Apr. 22 Tallwood Instructor Dan Sherman Yip Harburg was one of Americas greatest lyricists, cr

Special Events 970 Life is a YouKnowWhat, Ol Chum Come and See Cabaret Monday, 1130130, May 8 Loudoun Note time Instructor Martha Powers Its 1931 in Berlin, and the Kit Kat Klub is a hot night spot fo

Special Events 974 Tour the Norman M. Cole Fairfax County Wastewater Treatment Plant Friday, 1000, Apr. 7 Carpool Coordinator Allen Taylor Tour limit 30 Fairfax Countys Norman M. Cole Wastewater Treat

Special Events Virginia countryside. The trip begins with an extensive tasting experience at Chrysalis Vineyard near the historic village of Aldie. Our tour continues with a seated lunch at the renown

Special Events Library for a guided tour and a glimpse of the worldfamous Folger collection, including one of the Folgers 82 First Folios. NOTE This trip will require considerable walking The bus will

Special Events truly cares for its own, and this important film bears testimony to that fact. See L425 for instructor information. 1103 Spring 2017 Super Salad Social Friday, 1230230, Apr. 21 Rose Ga

Ongoing Activities FairfaxRestonLoudoun Ongoing activities at all sitesFairfax, Reston, and Loudounare listed. All OLLI members are welcome at these ongoing activities. Register for clubs and ongo

Ongoing Activities History Club First Wednesdays Mar. 1, 10001130 Apr. 5, May 3, 215340 Tallwood Coordinator Beth Lambert We welcome OLLI members who are interested in discu

Ongoing Activities cover specific topics in detail. We also regularly plan field trips in the local area. Contact Angie or Dave Talaber for further information. Spanish Club Second and fourth Tuesday

Ongoing Activities The Tom Crooker Investment Forum Wednesdays Feb. 15Mar. 15, May 17May 31, 10301200 Tallwood Moderator Al Smuzynski For activity description see course F205. The day of the week is

OLLI on Facebook Become Part of the Social Media Wave Would you like to interact with OLLI on Facebook OLLI has two Facebook pages 1 an organizational page where you can find news about the Institute

Registration Form Spring 2017 Check this box if there are changes in your membership information since your last submission. Membership Information LAST NAME STREET CITY Office Use Only Date Receive

Registration Instructions for Courses, Special Events, and Clubs Prioritize your selections separately for courses and special events. If you are willing to be a class liaison, put a check in the

Membership and Registration Policies and Procedures JOINING OR RENEWING OLLI MEMBERSHIP Welcome to OLLI, one of the best lifelong learning institutes in the United States If you are a returning membe

Membership and Registration, continued When to Register Priority Registration Period Members are encouraged to register for spring 2017 courses and events during the priority registration period, Feb

Spring 2017 Schedule March 20May 12 Indicates another location or times. Please refer to listings. Number of sessions shown in parentheses. Indicates a course limited in size by the instructor. TIME

Spring 2017 Special Events Schedule Sun Mar. 5 Mar. 6 Mon Mar. 7 Tue Mar. 8 1001BT AARP Smart Driver Class Tallwood, 930530, Limit 35 Wed Mar. 9 1101 Grab n Gab Coffee Klatch Tallwood, 9301100, Lim

Celebrating the 275th Anniversary of the founding of Fairfax County June 15, 2017 Lecture by Lord Nicholas Fairfax, 14th Lord Fairfax of Cameron Registration required. To register go to www.Fairfax27

Friends of OLLI Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University Contributions for January 1December 31, 2016 From January through December of 2016, 264 Friends of OLLI contributed 28,748

Guide to Program Locations Driving directions and parking information for all OLLI sites can be found on the map page of our website at httpolli.gmu.edumapsdirections 1. MasoninLoudoun is located at