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WHOLESALE CATALOG 2016 Exciting NEW Products and Merchandising Solutions Retail Signage Page 50 Therapy while you sleepTM Thereputica Sleeping Pillow Page 5 Apex Cervical Orthosis Page 49 PROUD

Phil Mattison, Founder and CEO Welcome to Core Products Inc. After 27 years of growth, we now manufacture over 360 products with 110 employees in beautiful Osceola and Chetek, Wisconsin. Since the be

Our Promise to You We are con dent that our products will make the lives of your customers more comfortable. However, if you are dissatis ed with our products for any reason, we will gladly replace or

4 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM I had been suffering from a stiff neck for a year or more. After many visits to the doctor, I decided to buy a TriCore pillow. After the very first night of using it, I was k

ORTHOPEDIC PILLOWS 5 TM NEW THERAPY while you SLEEP Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Excellent Support for a More Restful Nights Sleep Study shows this pillow increases comfort and reduces neck pai

6 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM CervAlign Orthopedic Pillow Provides Proper Alignment of the Spine The uniquely curved neck lobe of the CervAlign Pillow provides excellent support, placing your neck in the

ORTHOPEDIC PILLOWS 7 MORE PILLOW SELECTIONS AVAILABLE at 14.5 15 12 21 Core CPAP Pillow 13 9 Core CPAP Pillows Proper Neck Support for Patients with Sleep Apnea The Cor

8 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM I used to have pillow headaches early in the AM because I love soft pillows. After getting used to sleeping on a foam pillow, I never wake up with pillow headaches. Lizzi Van

ORTHOPEDIC PILLOWS 9 Midsize Core MemoryTM Foam Cervical Pillow Fullsize Cradles Your Head for Superior Comfort and Support The Core Memory Foam Pillow is made of premium 100 viscoelastic memory

10 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Jackson RollTM Pillow Rest Comfortably in Style Our most versatile, ber support pillow. Specially shaped to provide comfort and support, the Jackson Roll helps relieve neck

ORTHOPEDIC PILLOWS 11 Leg Spacer Pillow Support for Comfortable Sleeping The Leg Spacer is designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. Our spacer ts comf

12 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Cervical Small TriSectional Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack Large Medium FrostFree Hot and Cold Pack for Superior Relief Soft Comfort CorPaks are the perfect solution to

HOT COLD THERAPY Large 13 My wife uses your hot and cold packs for her fibromyalgia and occasional headaches. She appreciates the soft comfortable filling. It wont freezer burn like some of those o

14 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Standard Half Pack NE YEA O AR 1 R W W W W R AN T Thermal Core Moist Heat Pack Cervical Deep Penetrating Moist Heat Therapy for Professional Use Thermal Core Packs

HOT COLD THERAPY 15 NEW Check out our side by side comparison of the Thermal Core Heater versus our competitors. With rounded corners and internal heating element, the Thermal Core Heater can simpl

16 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM NE YEA O Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager AR 1 R An Industry Standard for Professionals Making bodies feel better since 1966, the original Jeanie Rub delivers invigor

MASSAGE THERAPY 17 MORE JEANIE RUB ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE at www.coreproducts.comjeanierub Jeanie Rub Paraspinal Accessory Expand the versatility of your Jeanie Rub with the new Paraspinal Accesso

18 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM S I SALES TOOLS YOU CAN USE Retail Signage Page 51 OmniTM Mini Roller OmniTM Roller OmniTM Massage Roller The Omni Massage products feature the unique omnidirectional b

MASSAGE THERAPY 19 i MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE at Massage Therapists Tool for Hand Fatigue Developed to help massage therapists and chiropractors protect their hands and thum

20 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM PO PU BA LA CK R B DE Y M AN D Mesh Sitback RestTM Lumbar Support This lightweight version of the popular Sitback Rest is constructed from mesh material, allowing air ow

BACKRESTS 21 Sitback RestTM Lumbar Supports Promotes Proper Posture in Any Chair Staying seated for extended periods of time at the o ce or at home can lead to serious back pain. Healthcare profess

22 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM I am 51 years old and have sway back. This has caused problems driving or riding for long periods. I have tried every pillow that is out there. I ordered your Lobak Rest pill

BACKRESTS 23 4 34 Back Cradle Lumbar Support Lightweight and Portable Perfect for Home, O ce or On the Go You probably have a favorite chair, one that gives you proper support and ample comfort.

24 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Positioning Bolsters Use Before, During and After Therapy Core Bolsters are durable aids for clinical or home use. They provide support under the legs, arms, feet and other

BOLSTERS ROLLS 25 Exercise and Therapy Rollers 36 12 Therapeutic Bene ts of Core Conditioning A simple tool to help improve balance and alignment. Performance Rollers can be used during phys

26 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM WATCH OUR EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS www.coreproducts.comclinicalconditions Do You Know Which Brace or Support to Choose Use Our Support Selection Guide Based on stages of the in a

BACK SUPPORTS 27 After a debilitating low back incident left me almost completely immobilized for three weeks, my experience with the lumbar back brace has been of a positive nature. Daily chiroprac

28 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM NEW Small 6 MedLarge 8 XLarge 9 2XLarge 10 3XLarge 12 SIZE 27 35 32 43 40 52 46 58 52 64 HIPS PATENT 5,785,672 OTHERS PENDING Breathability Compression Flexibilit

BACK SUPPORTS 29 Small Medium Large XLarge SIZE 2XLarge Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 32 36 36 40 41 45 46 53 HIPS 54 62 3 1 3 4 Increase patient compliance by providin

30 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM SIZE HIPS Small Medium Large XLarge 2XLarge 3XLarge 4XLarge 5XLarge 6XLarge 28 32 33 37 38 42 43 47 48 52 53 57 58 62 63 67 68 72 Breathability Compression Flexib

BACK SUPPORTS 31 SIZE Small Medium Large XLarge 2XLarge HIPS 26 34 30 40 33 48 44 52 48 56 SM LXL SIZES 24 36 36 48 CHEST Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability Ventilated Ela

32 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM SEMI UNIVERSAL SIZES CHEST FITTED SIZES CHEST SmallMedium LargeExtraLarge 24 36 36 48 Small Medium Large XLarge 2XLarge 3XLarge 4XLarge 5XLarge 6XLarge 28 32 33 37 38

BACK SUPPORTS Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 33 3 4 PrePregnancy Dress Size MATERNITY SIZE Small Medium Large XLarge 2X 3 8 9 14 15 18 19 22 23 26 2 2 Provides Extra Suppo

34 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM SIZE WRIST Small Medium Large XLarge 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 WATCH OUR EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS www.coreproducts.comclinicalconditions Breathability Compression Flexibility Stabili

PowerWrap KNEE BRACE EXTREMIT Y BRACES SUPPORTS 35 PowerWrap WRIST BRACE PowerWrap ANKLE BRACE TENSIONING SYSTEM PowerWrap 4 Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 1 2 5 Pow

36 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 1 1 5 5 Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 1 1 2 5 Neoprene Wrist Support Neoprene Wrist Support with Abd

EXTREMIT Y BRACES SUPPORTS Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 37 2 2 3 5 Small Medium Large XLarge 2X 3X SIZE FOREARM 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 Neoprene Tennis El

38 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM WATCH OUR EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS www.coreproducts.comclinicalconditions Breathability Compression Flexibility Stability 2 3 4 5 Performance Wrap Knee Support Provides Maxim

EXTREMIT Y BRACES SUPPORTS 39 Where were you my last 3 surgeries Unbelievable. The Core knee brace took just 5 seconds to put on and off. Using it and the soft ice packs made a huge difference in t

40 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Small Medium Large XLarge 2X 3X 4X 5X SIZE 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 19 19 21 21 23 KNEE MORE SELECTIONS AVAILABLE at Small Medium

EXTREMIT Y BRACES SUPPORTS 41 Although we all know not one thing will cure degenerative arthritis, I have found that the knee wrap has helped me walk the school hallways and around the training roo

42 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM SIZE ANKLE Knowing personally how often ankles are sprained playing basketball, I encouraged the girls to give the braces a try. Most of the players who tried the braces con

EXTREMIT Y BRACES SUPPORTS 43 PowerWrap ANKLE BRACE Our exclusive Positive Tensioning System 3 PowerWrap 3 Breathability Compression E BRA K N EFlexibility C E Stability PowerWrap Ankle Brace

44 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM WATCH OUR EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS www.coreproducts.comclinicalconditions Heel Wedge The foot is more connected with the health of the entire body than previously thought. When t

PROFESSIONAL PRODUC TS WATCH OUR EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS www.coreproducts.comclinicalconditions 45 Arm Sling Lightweight cottonpolyester fabric with deep pocket design makes this sling comfortable, dura

46 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM Small Medium Large XLarge 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X GOWN SIZE 30 34 34 38 38 42 42 46 46 50 50 54 54 60 60 66 66 72 CHEST Patient Gown Greater Longevity and Coverage than

PROFESSIONAL PRODUC TS 47 Wheelchair Comfort Pad Pictured Extended Wheelchair Pad left and Standard Wheelchair Pad right Full Coverage Padding for Prolonged Use This wheelchair accessory helps pro

48 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM The SootheACiser applies gentle pressure to the occipital ridge. It allows the shoulders to drop back, stretching the pecs and releasing the rhomboids and upper to middle tr

PROFESSIONAL PRODUC TS 49 NEW Apex Cervical Orthosis New Adjustable Height Many activities in modern daily living place the head in a detrimental forward head posture. The Apex Cervical orthosis is

50 WWW.COREPRODUC TS.COM WATCH OUR EDUCATIONAL VIDEO www.coreproducts.commerchandising Making Your Retailing NEW FREE LITSIGNPILLOW Retail Signage from Core Easier LITSIGNBACK Use these tools to

RETAIL DISPLAYS 51 OmniTM Roller Display OmniTM Massage Roller Displays Give your patients the chance to try Omni Massage by displaying these products on your countertop. Featuring the unique omnid

LITCAT005.VER2.15.0720 Making Your Retailing Use these tools to increase your retail sales Educate your sta and customers with free educational brochures Easy to set up Well even pay the shipping