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DISPATCHES NOVEMBER 2013 Well, here we are into November and as another year draws to a close King Country has a bumper bag of goodies all ready for the festive season. So, without further ado... 1.

from Benghazi to Belarus and all points in between. This new field grey KC model is the first of several we will produce to fit at least some of those battlefronts. Vehicle includes driver. AVAILABLE

to the gun crew. MG050P Help At Last A severely wounded British para is carried into a dressing station by a Medic from the 181st Airlanding Field Ambulance. MG051P Lance Sergeant Bill Fulton Bill was

AF016 AF017 AL014 AL016 DD152 DD153 EA047 EA048 EA049 EA072 FOB086 FOB087 LAH093 LAH104 LAH135 LAH136 LAH137 LOJ004 MK079 MK080 MK081 MK082 SP031 SP041 Ground Crew on Bicycle Crew Chief w Clipboard L