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WWW.FIRSTLEGIONLTD.COM WWW.FIRSTLEGIONUSA.COM Greetings First Legion collectors and aficionados Here we are with our first newsletter of what is shaping up to be a simply fantastic year of collecting.

The final 50 pieces of the Trebuchet will arrive around February 24th and we have enabled the catalog for ordering once again. This is the last of them so if you missed out on it, now is the chance as

First Legion is very pleased present the warriors the Persian Empire Whether under the command of Xerxes or Darius serving in Greece or in what is now modern day Turkey against Alexander the Great, th

forces of the Persian Empire. With 16 figures represening Immortals, Archers, Light Infantry, and heavily armed warriors with command, these new figures make a fantastic and much needed addition to ou

AG040 AG041

AG042 AG043

AG044 AG045

AG046 AG047

AG048 AG049

AG050 AG051

AG052 AG053

AG054 Shipping Late February 2015 AG055

First Legion presents you with the French Grande Armee Now our third major release of French Line Infantry fourth if you count the French Legere for the first time we have created line infantry specif

NAP0466 French NAP0467 French NAP0468 French NAP0469 French NAP0470 French NOW IN STOCK 45th 45th 45th 45th 45th Line Line Line Line Line Infantry Infantry Infantry Infantry Infantry Fusilier Fusi

NAP0454 NAP0455

NAP0456a NAP0456b

NAP0457 NAP0458

NAP0459 NAP0460

NAP0461 NAP0462

NAP0463 NAP0464

NAP0465 NAP0466

NAP0467 NAP0468

NAP0469 NOW IN STOCK NAP0470 We are pleased to announce the latest addition for our Seven Years War figure range, SYW023SYW031 Prussian 3rd Cuirassier Leib Regiment zu Pferde and General von Seydlit

Cuirassiers including 8 separate charging figures. These sets are a must have for any serious collection of the Seven Year War SYW023 Prussian SYW024 Prussian SYW025 Prussian SYW026 Prussian SYW027 Pr

SYW023 SYW024

SYW025 SYW026

SYW027 SYW028

SYW029 SYW030

SYW031 NOW IN STOCK In addition to our full releases for the Union and Confederacy, we are now creating additional standard bearers to be used with new and existing figures. Because there was very li


We are also pleased to present a 2nd version of our US 75mm M4 Sherman Tank. This second variant the Hurricane allows collectors to put together larger displays when used in conjunction with NOR047 t

NOR048 NOR048 Features Highly detailed and accurate mixed media model Comes with 1 half figures for front hatches NOR048

Turned Aluminum Gun Barrel Opening and Closing top and front hatches Fully Rotating turret Gun barrel raiseslowers Various stowage nonremovable on both the front and rear hull decks NOR049 Shipp

After at least a year not producing any vehicles, we are pleased to announce that we are once again turning them out again and we are starting with the US M4 75mm Sherman Tank for our Battle of Norman

NOR047 US M4 75mm Sherman Tank 2nd Armored Division 349.95 NOW IN STOCK

This highly detailed rendition of one of the most iconic tanks of WWII includes the following features Extremely detailed and accurate mixed media model Comes with Full Crew Figure Firing Machine Gun

NOW IN STOCK NEWSLETTER EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK For this edition of our sneak peek we have the next release for our WWII The Battle of Normandy range, the US 4th Infantry Division. The perfect complemen

And so we come to a close for this edition of our newsletter. Well be back again in March with another group of wonderful releases. Until then, we thank you for your continued support and patronage Re