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DESTINATION COLLEGE A Message from the CEO In this report, Destination College, youll hear from some of the hundreds of Fulfillment Fund scholars now attending colleges and universities across the co

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WHO DO WE SERVE Latinoa 65 65 identify as Latinoa and 22 as African American African American t 51 ideanleify as fem 22 9 as male 4 86 ents 86 of high school stud are eligible for free or schoo

HOW MUCH SERVICE DO WE PROVIDE We served a total of which represents a 2,752 students 17 increase from 201314 students through Mentor Program 250 945 2,195 students through College Access Progra

THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS FOR MAKING STUDENTS DREAMS COME TRUE ANNUAL GIFTS July 1, 2014 June 30, 2015 Thanks to the following donors whose generosity has helped Fulfillment Fund students get to co

Sierra Affinity Ben Silverman Carlos Slim Lon V. Smith Foundation Doreen and Fred Solomon Michelle and Tim Somers Sony Pictures Entertainment Specialty Family Foundation The Fran and Ray Stark Foundat

Katherine Cabrel Julio Cabrera Sunny W. Caine Roc A. Caldarone Silvia and Leopoldo Calderon Scott Calfas The California Wellness Foundation Douglas Campbell Jay Campous Ambar Capoor Nanci Capps Victor

Wendy Freedman James Freeman Anne Ferree and Michael J. Frey Quinn Freyermuth Beatrice Friedenthal Courtney C. Knapp and Conor Friedersdorf Kristin Friedersdorf Lee Friedersdorf Elizabeth and Glen Fri

CLASSROOM COLLEGE ACCESS PROGRAM Fulfillment Fund College Access Program advisors served 2,195 students in the 201415 academic year, delivering 168 lessons about college. AJ Howard Melanie and France

Iworkhard.Itrymyhardestnotto giveupinwhateverImdoing.Iwantto gotocollegebecauseIwanttobean exampleformyyoungerbrotherand mysister. Lennox Markley Crenshaw High School graduation expected 2017 Photo ta

Marilyn and Jay Marks, M.D. Steven Marks Daniel Marriage James Marsden Cecille and Bill Marsh Delaney L. Martin John N. Martin Alex Martinez Irma Martinez Dmitri Martirosyan Lisa Mataczynski Alison M

Janet Noah Michelle and Mathew Obergfoll Myrna Oken Paula and Fred Okun Elisa Olivos Dawn Olsen Rita ONeill Olu Orange Nicolas Orihuela Harriet and Richard Orkand Richard Orosco Jonathan Orszag R W. O

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING 945 students participated in at least one Fulfillment Fund program event or college trip, and students who attended overnight college trips reported feeling more likely to apply

Venable, LLP Viacom, Inc. Bryan Vides Luis Villacorta Jorge Villalta Jennifer Villaman Frank Viola Sarah Vogt Todd Vradenburg W.M. Keck Foundation Karen D. Wachsmuth Gloria and Art Waldinger Yolanda K

GIFTS IN KIND 41 Ocean Club Adobe Road Winery AI International Events Angel City Brewing Anheuser Busch Armstrong Garden Centers Sherry and Jeff Banks Isela Barrios Be Tini Spirits Belldini Bestia Ca

TRANSFER SCHOLARS PROGRAM The newlycreated Transfer Scholars Program was formed to address the unique needs of community college students, a group particularly at risk for NOT attaining a college degr

FINANCIAL SUMMARY The Fulfillment Fund is committed to making college a reality for young people growing up in educationally and economically underresourced communities. We leverage your generosity an

SCHOLARBRIDGE The Fulfillment Funds ScholarBridge Board is committed to the successful transition, matriculation, and professional development of the Fulfillment Funds college scholars and alumni. BOA

MENTORS James Abe 20142015 Fiscal Year Brittany Chapple Disha Chauhan Michael Chiang Thomas Clancy Daniel Clausner Jr. Brian Cohen Jodi Cohn Anthony Colucci Sergio Cornejo Genoveva Cortes Ashley Crai

Monique Jammer Christine Jaroush Julie Jaskol Jorge Jeffery Claire John Ahmed Jones David Kanuth Darlene Kaplan Josh Keller Areum Kim Nicholas Kim Jerome Klein Jessica Klepper Courtney Knapp Jessica K

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 20142015 As of June 30, 2015 Chairman and CoFounder Gary Gitnick, M.D., F.A.C.G Chief, Division of Digestive Diseases UCLA School of Medicine Vice President CoChairman Eric Esrai

FRIENDS OF THE FULFILLMENT FUND BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Friends of the Fulfillment Fund, the Funds womens auxiliary support group, mails hundreds of care packages to Fulfillment Fund scholars who are

In the year ahead, we look forward to working closely with our supporters to increase vital resources for our students. We are committed to strengthening our school and community partnerships and to i