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Vickerman EVERYDAY CATALOG 201819

Vi c k e r m an Quality Decor Since 1940 Vickerman prides itself in quality products available in a wide selection. This catalog is a glimpse at the new and best products that Vickerman is offering th

TAB L E O F C O NTENTS 6 16 17 20 23 25 29 31 34 39 40 42 43 46 49 50 51 58 67 79 84 90 Silk Tree Guide Room Divider Palms Boxwoods Cedar Grasses Greenery Ferns Greenery Hanging Bushes Greenery Bus

shes Bu and Trees 6 Yellow Aspen Deluxe Tree TDX2060

TREES AND BUSHES BLACK PLASTIC POT The Functions, Features and Benefits of the Black Plastic Insertable Pot Function This black plastic pot is intended for use inside a decorative container of your c

Build the perfect tree or bush in 3 steps 1 Pick your trunk type 2 Pick your specification 3 Pick your foliage type With the guide below you will be able to select your foliage and see what size tree

Standard Trees Height Trunks Foliage Ficus Mini Ficus Variegated Ficus Capensia Ming Aralia Sakaki Marginata Variegated Smilax Green Smilax Orange Maple Autumn Maple Green Maple Silver Maple Frosted M

TREES AND BUSHES 6 Ficus Executive TEX0160 6 Green Smilax Executive TEX4260 7 Variegated Ficus Executive TEX0270 7 Capensia Executive TEX0370 7 Ming Aralia Executive TEX0670 6 Sakaki Executive T

TREES AND BUSHES 7 Green Maple Heartland THE3970 7 Silver Maple Executive TEX1670 7 Frosted Maple Executive TEX1770 7 Japanese Maple Executive TEX1870 7 Yellow Aspen Executive TEX2070 7 Golden B

TREES AND BUSHES 7 Purple Wisteria Tree T13300007 Potted Fiddle Tree 5 TB170460 6 TB170472 shown 7 TB170484 6 Multi Level Japanese Maple Tree TML1860 6 Bamboo Tree TA170101 Cotinus Coggygria T

TREES AND BUSHES Yellow Blossom Tree 4 T13300406 6 T13300107 shown Hot Pink Blossom Tree 6 T13300207 shown 4 T13300306 Golden Aspen Heartland 6 THE2060 shown 6.5 THE206507 7 THE207007 Olive

TREES AND BUSHES 50 Camellia Tree T161250 4 Bay Tree T161048 5 Spiral Bay Tree T161060 Potted Nandina Tree 4 TB170848 5 TB170860 6 TB170872 7 TB170884 shown Potted Rubber Tree 5 TB170760 6

TREES AND BUSHES 30 Real Touch Dracaena T160930 52 Real Touch Dracaena Tree TA170601 60 Real Touch Dracaena T160965 64 Fresh Philodendron TA170401 36 Peacock Plant TA170501 40 Dieffenbachia TA17

TREES AND BUSHES 30 Real Touch Croton T161130 Potted Croton Tree 5 TB170660 6 TB170672 7 TA170684 shown Potted Fiddle Tree 4 TB180248 shown 6 TB180272 7 TB180284 Potted Fiddle Tree 8 TB1802

TREES AND BUSHES 36 Diffenbachia Plant TP170036 36 Pothos Plant TP170136 36 Marble Dieffenbachia Plant TP170236 36 Spathiphyllum Plant TP170336 Potted Grand Philo Bush 25 TB180725 38 TB180738 s

ROOM DIVIDERS 8 Winter Birch Room Divider TRD4080 7 Forked Birch Room Divider TRD3570 24 Black Rectangle with Natural Birch F12165 7 Hawthorne Leaf Room Divider TRD4570 6.5 Dragonwood Room Divide

Kentia Palm UV 96 T160596 FOund on page 18 Palms The

PALMS UV Kentia Palm 72 T160572 96 T160596 shown 12 T160599 Potted Pheonix Palm 6 TB180372 7 TB180384 8 TB180396 shown 9 TB180399 UV Robellini Palm Tree 60 T160860 72 T160872 shown Tropica

PALMS 7 Tropical Palm Extra Full TXX087007 Parlour Palm 3 TB170036 4 TB170048 5 TB170060 Tropical Palm Extra Full 8 TXX08800094 shown 8.5 TDX08500024 UV Giant Yucca Tree 48 T160748 60 T1607

4 Boxwood Triple Ball with Pot UV TP170748

BOXWOOD 5 Boxwood Triple Ball with Pot UV TP170760 4 Boxwood Triple Ball with Pot UV TP170748 3 Boxwood Double In Nursery Pot UV TP170736 Boxwood Ball 9 FF171201 shown 11 FF171202 15 FF171203

BOXWOOD Green Boxwood Hedge UV L24 x W12 x H12 TP171824 shown L36 x W12 x H24 TP171836 Boxwood Ball In Pot UV 20 TP171320 24 TP171324 shown Boxwood Teardrop Shaped In Pot UV 24 TP171524 shown

Cedar Ball UV 20 TP171420 Found on page 24

CEDAR Green Cedar Hedge UV L24 x W12 x H12 TP171724 L36 x W12 x H24 TP171736 shown 3 Ft Cedar Double Balls UV TP170836 4 Ft Cedar Triple Balls UV TP170848 Cedar Ball UV 20 TP171420 shown 24 TP

Grasses Dandelion Grass 60 TN170960 Found on page 27

GRASSES Mixed Brown Grass 24 TN170824 36 TN170836 48 TN170848 60 TN170860 shown Green Ryegrass 24 TN171024 36 TN171036 48 TN171048 60 TN171060 shown Green Ryegrass 24 TN170124 36 TN170136

GRASSES Green Sheeps Grass 24 TN171224 36 TN171236 48 TN171248 60 TN171260 shown Dandelion Grass 24 TN170924 36 TN170936 48 TN170948 60 TN170960 shown Grass with Pomp Balls 24 TN171124 36

8.5 Succulents in Wood Planter F12244 Found on page 64 Greenery

GREENERY FERNS 25 Green Boston Fern Bush FA175101 27 Green Boston Fern Bush FA175201 20 Green Lace Fern Bush FK181001 21 Green Boston Fern Bush FA175001 26 Green Fern Bush FI170301 17 Green Fer

GREENERY FERNS 21.5 Green Lace Fern Bush FK170602 20 Green Lace Fern Bush FK170101 19 Green Long Fern Spray FJ180501 18 Green Fern Stem FI170201 16 Green Leather Fern Bush 13 Leaves 2Pk FI180601

GREENERY HANGING BUSHES 27.5 Green Ivy Hanging Bush 3Pk FI181001 34 Green Begonia Leaf Hanging Bush 3Pk FI180901 31 Green Mini Leaf Hanging Bush 2Pk FI181101 26 Mini Ivy Hanging Bush FB170801 26

GREENERY HANGING BUSHES 65 Fittonia Hanging Bush FB171001 65 Wandering Jew Hanging Bush FB171101 38 Begonia Hanging Bush FB171301 43 GreenRed Wandering Jew Hanging Bush FB171201 32 Hanging Mini Le

GREENERY HANGING BUSHES 34 Springeri Bush with Pine ConeLight Green FQ171601 21 Ficus Sweet Pea Bush x 3GreenYellow FQ171701 28 Green Brazil BerryLeaf Vine FK171501 29.5 Green Spring Grass Hang Bu

GREENERY BUSHES 20 Philo Bush x 6 with 66 Leaves FB171601 20 English Ivy Bush x 6 with 66 Leave FB171701 20 Maple Ivy Bush x 6 with 66 LeavesGreen FB171801 22 Syngonium Bush with 25 Leaves FB1719

GREENERY BUSHES Autumn Grape Leaf Hanging BushRedBrown 20 FB170301 30 FB170302 13.5 Berry Ficus Bush UV Coated 3Pk FF180201 12 Red Begonia Hanging Bush FB170701 8 Begonia Bush PK3 FH171001 Gre

GREENERY BUSHES 20 Mini Bamboo Bush FF170301 19 Green Bamboo Leaf Bush 4Pk FI180701 16 Green Flocked Dusty Miller Bush FK170501 19.5 Green Asparagus Bush FK170001 19 Podocarpus Bush UV Coated 2P

GREENERY BUSHES 12 Green Grass Bush 6Pk FF180801 15 Green Grass Bush FF180901 20 Plastic Grass Bush FF170901 16 Green Grass Bush UV Coated 3Pk FF180501 Green Brown 17 Mini Jade Leaf Bush 4Pk Gre

GREENERY BUSHES Burgundy 15 GreenPurple Perilla Stem 3Pk FH182301 14 Mini Jade Leaf Bush UV Coated 3Pk FF180401 Green 13 Jade Leaf Spray 4 Pk Green FJ180701 Burgundy FJ180702 37 Green Eucalyptus

GREENERY BRANCHES 47 Twig Branch FI170901 63 Twig Branch FI171001 39 Flocked Moss Twig Branch FI170801 33 Pussy Willow Bush FF170201 28 Acorn Spray Brown FB172201 44 Green Monterey Cypress Spra

GREENERY SPRAYS 39 Green Olive Fruit Spray 3Pk FA188201 34 Olive Spry x 3 with 6 OlivesGreenPurple FB172701 26 Green Olive Leaf Spray FK170802 25.5 Green Mini Leaf Bush 4Pk FF181001 23 Green Wil

GREENERY GRASS SPRAYS 42 Grass Cattail Spray TN170301 40 Green Brushed Grass Spray TN170401 40 Green Grass Spray TN170501 36 Green Curled Grass Spray TN170601 38 Dandelion Grass Spray TN170901

GREENERY FRUITS 20 GreenRed Country Apples Spray FK171603 25 GreenRed Country Apples Spray FK171602 80MM Styrofoam Apple Pk6 FK172001 75MM Artificial Red Pomegranate Pk6 FK172201 16 Red Pomegran

GREENERY GARLANDS 6 Green Fairhill Leaf Garland FK170902 6 Green Olive Hill Garland FK171202 6 Green Monterey Cypress Garland FK171302 6 Green Muddy White Willow Garland FK172403 6 Brown Twig Garla

GREENERY GARLANDS 5 GreenRed Country Apples Garland FK171601 5 GreenYellow Lemon Garland FK171701 6 Green Salal Leaf Yellow Lemon Garland FK170703 92 Green Ivy Rattan with 83 Leaves 3Pk FD180701 71

GREENERY GARLANDS 6 Green Willow White Berries Garland FK180272 6 Green Boxwood Moderne Garland FK181572 6 GreenPurple Maytime Garland FK180172 60 RedWhiteBlue Floral Garland FG180760 60 PinkWhi

GREENERY GARLANDS 60 Bright Mixed Floral Garland FG180460 60 Mixed Greenery Floral Garland FG180560 Yellow Mixed Floral Garland FG180660 28 Bright Mixed Floral Teardrop FG180401 28 Mixed Greenery

GREENERY WREATHS 22 Mixed Purple Floral Wreath FG180122 22 CoralOrangeGreen Floral Wreath FG180222 22 PinkWhite Floral Wreath FG180322 24 Green Salal Leaf Yellow Lemon Wreath FK170702 22 RedWhit

GREENERY WREATHS 10 Mini Button Leaf Wreath FI170501 30 Green Lace Fern Wreath FK170601 30 Thicket Imitated Branch Wreath FK172801 24 Green Olive Leaf Wreath FK170801 30 Green Fairhill Leaf Wrea

GREENERY MATTS 48 x 16 Moss Matt FE172701 12 x 12 Moss Matt FE172402 12 x 12 Moss Matt FE172601 19.75 Square Green Grass Mat 3Pk FO182501 10 x 10 Button Fern Matt FI171201 10 x 10 Boxwood Matt FI

GREENERY BIRCH AND MOSS Birch Brush Bundle T12013 1 1.5 x 72 Dragonwood Poles x 5 pieces T11057 7 Grapvine Nest with Eggs Fern GreenBurgundy FQ172101 Birch Pole Planter Set5 piece T13400 1 1.

SUCCULENTS 12x12 Wall Succulent Arrangement FE173101 Found on page 64

SUCCULENTS components 7 AtropurpureumBurgundyGreenPk3 FA170101 10 Soft Plastic Mini Plants x 6GreenPk3 FA170201 11 Aeonium SprayGreen Pk3 FH170901 4 CactusGreen Gray Pk6 FA170401 4 CactusGreen P

SUCCULENTS components 12 Succulent PlantFrosted Green 3Bag FA171401 13 Rosemary Pick Pk3 FE170101 11 Echeveria Pk3 FE170201 7 Crassula Pk3 FE170301 4.5 Jade Pick Pk3 FE170401 6 Crassula Pk3 FE1

SUCCULENTS components 23.5 Staghorn Fern Pick FE171301 13 Staghorn Fern Bush Frosted FA170301 16.5 Staghorn Fern Pick FE171401 6 Black Prince Echeveria Pick 3Pk FO181101 9.5 PurpleRed Aloe Vera

SUCCULENTS components 4.5 Green Graptoveria Titubans Pick 3PK FO181301 27 Green Succulent Stem 2Pk FH180601 5.5 Green Echeveria Pick 3Pk FO181501 12Hx13W Green Succulent Stem FH180201 20 RedGree

SUCCULENTS components 7 Green Donkey Tail Pick 3Pk FO181401 13 Donkeys Tail Bush x 14 with 1311 Bean FL171401 8 Green Crassula Tetragona Pick 3Pk FO180301 6.75 Green Jade Pick 3Pk FO180401 10 Gr

SUCCULENTS components 10.5 Green Tillandsia Pick FE172301 6 GreenRed Flocked Tillandsia Pick FE172201 Green Gray Green Autumn Green 7 Tillandsia Pk3 Green FH171301 Autumn Green FH171302 Red 6.

GREENERY ARRANGEMENTS 12 Succulent Arrangement F12206 Found on page 64

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 40 Green Potted Aloe Vera FO181901 22 Green Potted Aloe Vera FO182101 27.5 Green Potted Aloe Vera FO182201 25 Green Potted Aloe Vera FO182301 17.5 Green Potted Aloe Vera FO

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 17 Green Tiger Tail Plant in Paper Pot FE181801 18 Green Succulent in Ceramic Pot FE180701 14 Green Succulent in Concrete Gray Pot FE181001 10 Green Succulent in Galvanized

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 7.5 Green Succulents in Geometric Terrarium FM181001 5.5 Green Succulents Diamond Terrarium FM181101 11 Green Succulents in Glass Terrarium FM180901 10 Green Succulents in G

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 18 Green Aloe Ball in Gray Light Red Pot FE180103 13.5 Green Aloe Ball in GrayLight Red Pot FE180102 9.5 Green Aloe Ball in Gray Light Red Pot FE180101 23 Green Aloe in Roun

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 3 Succulent Set in Tin Vase4 Assorted F12204 10 Green Asst Succulents in Glass Jar FH182501 12 Cyclinder with Succulent Plants F12200 14 Cyclinder with Succulent Plants F1220

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 14 Succulent Wall Arrangement F12205 12x12 Wall Succulent Arrangement FE173101 7 Succulent Arrangement in Wood Planter F12207 5.25 Succulent Arrangement FE173001 12 Succule

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY 12 Green Fern Bush FJ180901 19 Green Lace Fern Bush in Container FK181101 20 Boston Fern in Wild Wicker Basket F12150 27 Green Grass in Paper Pot FE180601 10 Green Boxwood

ARRANGEMENTS GREENERY Yellow 27 Olive Hill Tree with Container FK171203 White 21 Rose Plant in Pot Red TA181703 Yellow TA181701 White TA181711 Pink TA181779 35 Green Zebra in Pot 125 Leaves Rea

FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS 15.5 Green Potted Orchid FC170401 Found on page 70

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 24 Peach Calla Lily with Acrylic Water F11085 24 Dozen Peach Callas with Acrylic Water F11086 24 Purple Calla Lilies in Acrylic Water F12145 24 White Callas in Glass Vase F111

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL Orange Magenta Green Pink 22 Orchid in Vase Magenta F12241 Orange F12242 Pink F12243 Magenta White Pink Orange 21 Orchid in Oval Container White F12210 Magenta F12211 Green

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 15.5 Green Potted Orchid FC170401 20 Lavender Potted Orchid FC170501 21 White Potted Orchid FC170602 25 White Potted Orchid FC170701 25 Purple Potted Orchid FC170702 21 Purp

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 18 Phalaenopsis in Metal Pot Real Touch FN180401 19.5 Green Phalaenopsis in Metal Pot Real Touch FN180101 19.5 Purple Phalaenopsis Metal Pot Real Touch FN180201 18 Pink Phalae

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL Orange Purple Yellow 18 Tulips in Square Vase Pink F12245 Orange F12246 Yellow F12247 Purple F12248 Pink 16 Mixed Tulips Arrangement F12219 Pink Purple 16 Tulip in Rose Bowl S

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 9 Light Green Hydrangea in Round Vase F12306 9 Blue Hydrangea in Round Vase F12304 5 Mini Hydrangea with Acrylic Set of 3 F10027 24 Red and Pink Tea Roses F12275 9 Pink Gerbe

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL Pink Yellow Red Red 17 Geranium in Square Container Purple F12220 Pink F12221 Red F12222 Purple Pink Orange 13 Kalanchoe in Planter Pink F12232 Yellow F12233 Orange F12234 Re

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 12.5 Rose SprayPink Calla Bouquet F12290 12 Rose Spray Sedum Succulent F12292 12 Rose Spray Bouquet F12293 12 Rose Spray Orange White F12294 18 Calla LilyRose Spray Succulent

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 14 Mix Bouquet with Peony F12280 15 Mix Bouquet with Peony F12279 16 Mix Bouquet with Daisy F12282 15 Mix Bouquet with Hydrangea F12281 15 PetuniaMum Mixed BouquetOrgangePurp

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 8.5 GerberaHydrangeaPoppy BouquetCerise GreenOrange FQ172601 8 RanunculusPeony BunchBurgundy FushiaGreen FQ170201 10 Poppy Dahlia BundlePink OrangeGreen FQ173001 11 PoppyDah

ARRANGEMENTS FLORAL 18 Lavender Flower Fern in Iron Pot FJ180101 16 Lavender Flower Fern in Iron Pot FJ180201 16.5 Lavender in Round Paper Pot FE181301 16 Lavender Plant in Rustic Water Can FM181

SILK BUSHES 29 Purple Geranium Hanging Bush FL170803 Found on page 81

SILK FLOWERS BUSHES Red Cream Cerise 23 Peony Bush X 6 Flowers 3 BudsCrmPk CreamPink FD170401 Red FD170402 Cerise FD170403 CreamPink Hot Pink Pink 20 Peony Bunch Hot Pink FA174701 Pink FA174703 C

SILK FLOWERS BUSHES Red Pink 14.5 Geranium Bush Purple FL170601 Red FL170602 Pink FL170603 Purple Pink Red 20 Geranium Bush Pink FA174601 Red FA174602 Light Pink Red Red Coral 19.5 Geranium Bu

SILK FLOWERS BUSHES White Hot Pink Orange Purple Coffee Light Pink Yellow Green Beige 15 Mini Diamond Rosa Bush Red FL171101 White FL171102 Hot Pink FL171103 Light Pink FL171104 Yellow FL171

SILK FLOWERS BUSHES 21 BurgundyCream PeonyHydrangea Bush FM180601 21 Dark OrangeCream PeonyHydrangea Bush FM180602 21 BlueWhite Peony Hydrangea Bush FM180603 21 PinkWhite Peony Hydrangea Bush FM1

SILK STEMS 38 Red Magnolia FA172602 Found on page 90

SILK FLOWERS STEMS Pink Yellow Green Orange Pink Lavender Orange Yellow Pink 33 Tiger Lily Stem White FC170101 Pink FC170102 White 26 Calla Lily Pk6 White FD170201 Pink FD170202 Yellow FD17020

SILK FLOWERS STEMS Magenta Orange Magenta Orange Pink Green PinkWhite Green 19 Real Touch Orchid2 Branch 11 Heads White FA171901 Magenta FA171902 Orange FA171903 Pink FA171904 Green FA171905

SILK FLOWERS STEMS Coral YellowPink Peach Dark Pink Light Orange Pink Light Pink Red 23 Rose Stem Pk6 Light Pink FQ171301 Coral FQ171302 Dark Pink FQ171303 Red FQ171304 White GreenWhite 31

SILK FLOWERS STEMS Yellow Purple 27 Rose Spray Pk3 Cream FH170401 Yellow FH170402 Purple FH170403 Cream Light Pink Dark Pink 25 Open Rose Stem Pk6 Light Pink FH170501 Dark Pink FH170502 Light Brow

SILK FLOWERS STEMS Pink Purple Green Coffee Green Beige 18 Hydrangea Spray 4Pk Coffee FD180176 Purple FD180166 Pink FD180179 Green FD180104 Beige FD180180 White FD180111 Cream Blue 15Shor

SILK FLOWERS SPRAYS Red 38 Magnolia Pk3 Cream FA172601 Red FA172602 Burgundy 31 Magnolia Stem White FQ171201 Burgundy FQ171202 42 Magnolia SprayWhite FD170801 Pink 29 Camellia Spra Cream FH170101

SILK FLOWERS SPRAYS Pink Orange Black Mustard Black Light Purple White 25 Clematis Stem 6Pk White FD180411 Light Purple FD180466 Pink FD180479 Yellow Black 31.5 Black Eyed Susan Spray 2Pk Br

12x12 Wall Succulent Arrangement FE173101 Found on page 64