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SOLUTIONS AGRICOLES ET INDUSTRIELLES SPRING PRINTEMPS 2017 670 DVA 449 MTL AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIAL 5 HP Air Compressor Model IS54060 5 HP, 3 Cyl1Ph, 575603 13 CFM 125 PSI 60gallon vertical

2 SOLUTIONS 856 BPS AC138HEG2 AC908HB AC1330HEBG2S AC1330HEB2 Compressors Generators Units combines compresseurs gnratrices Part No. No de pice AC138HEG2 AC1330HEBG2S Honda GX390 Honda GX390

3 670 DVA ScrewType Compressor Compresseur vis Part No. No de pice Model Modle HP CV S002510 5 A5T03 S001766 7,5 B7.5TD03 S001751 10 B10TDVSD03 ON 48 MONTHS SUR 48 MOIS A5T03 B7.5TD03 B10TD

4 SOLUTIONS Digital Oil Control Gun 449 MTL High accuracy lightweight gun for controlling fluid deliveries in most demanding applications Oval gear mechanism for optimum accuracy Electronic displ

5 182 LIS Master Plus Disconnect Set Superensemble doutils de dconnexion 39850 Air Conditioning Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Kit Ensemble doutils de dconnexion pour climatisation et conduites de car

6 SOLUTIONS Top Of The Line PowerLuber 331 LIN 12volt cordless rechargeable gun Includes 30 flex hose, two batteries, one charger and a carrying case. Fusil lubrifier premium PowerLuberMD Pompe

7 Low Profile Truck Drain With electric pump. 331 LIN Appareil de vidange profil bas pour camion Avec pompe lectrique. 38 x 50 hose. 38 po. x 50 pi. 83753 3669 Value Series Hose Reel Assembl

8 SOLUTIONS 117 ASE 6006 6010B US18 US20 3055A 9004 3075A Battery Chargers Chargeurs de batteries Part No. Voltage No de pice V 3055A 3075A 6006 6010B 9004 US18 US20 612 612 61224 61224 12 612 6

9 600 WAM 15L306 08B460 08B510 Grinding Wheels Meules Part No. No de pice Description Size in Taille po HPTM Grinding Wheel Meule HPMC 412 x 14 08B460 HPTM Grinding Wheel Meule HPMC 5 x 14 08B

10 SOLUTIONS 487 NLS 73016 73004 1450 3300 3700 4300 Rust Destroyer Paint Primer Apprt contre la rouille Rust DestroyerMD Part No. No de pice Format Price Prix 236 ml 18.99 73016 946 ml 40.

11 Fluid Moisture Test Strips 487 NLS Detect the moisture contents 10 strips, carded Works in DOT 3, 4 and Synthetic. HeavyDuty Coolant Test Strips 50 per pack. Bandestest pour liquide de frein

12 SOLUTIONS 203 PTX Slime Cordless MultiFunction 6Minute Inflator Gonfleur multifonctions 6 minutes sans fil Slime 42013 Slime 12V Digital Tire 6Minute Inflator Gonfleur de pneus numrique 6 minut

13 Chain Wire Rope Lubricant 218 CRC Antiwear additive that penetrates deep and leaves a tough film that lubricates and protects 284 g. HydroForce AllPurpose Cleaner 946ml. StaPlex Grease

14 SOLUTIONS 235 CFR U1K10101 U1P10601 U1K10105 U1K10155 U1K10189 U1K10290 U1K10312 U1K10317 U1P10221 Little Trees Air Fresheners Dsodorisant Little TreesMD U1P10228 U1P10311 U1P10316 U

15 Soap Dispenser 509 FUR Sight window makes it easy to see when its time to reload Push release. Distributrice de savon Fentre pour indiquer le niveau Dgagement poussoir. HC0377 Paper Towel

16 SOLUTIONS Ear Plugs 130 MMM Soft foam, comfortable fit Recommended for high noise environments. Protgetympans en mousse Mousse souple et port confortable Recommand pour les endroits trs bruy

17 342 MXW Snug fitting elastic cuff closure, and 2piece synthetic leather palm Hands stay cool, dry and comfortable with moisture wicking TrekDry material Machine washable Sizes available All

18 SOLUTIONS 150 AME Super MetAl MarkerTM Marqueur permanent pointe de mtal MetAl MarkerMC White. Blanc. M1295 Pump Action Marker Industrial quality marker for most surfaces Bright opaque col


LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIQUIDATION Code Supplier Part No. Fournisseur No de pice 1051LB 105D2 105D3 109xPA 11001 1105MAXD2 1154T 117K 121K6 132 201

LIQUIDATION Code Supplier Part No. Fournisseur No de pice 700391 12in1 Ratcheting Box End Wrench Set Description Price Prix PA PR ON QC AT LIMITED QUANTITIES LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LI

LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIQUIDATION Code Supplier Part No. Fournisseur No de pice 1003 Color Horizons Color Chart 15504 15594 2028 Red Oxyde Color C

19 731 RAL EN92 EN91 EN93 EN95 EN22 1209 Batteries Piles Part No. No de pice Description Type Price Prix AA Alkaline Alcaline EN91 0.69 AAA Alkaline Alcaline EN92 0.69 C Alkaline A

20 SOLUTIONS Baseball Cap with LED lights Available in camouflage design and other colors. 584 PLT Casquette de baseball avec 5 DEL Offerte avec motif camouflage et autres couleurs. 24467 16.99

21 Deutsch Terminal Connector Assortment Kit 088 GRO Handy new 18 compartment Deutsch Kit includes 98 assorted DT Series connectors, thermoplastic housings and wedge locks Terminals are rated at

22 SOLUTIONS 783 BEK 01800 Ratchet Straps Courroies cliquet 34415 78627 Part No. No de pice Size in x ft Taille po x pi Max. cap. lbs Cap. max. lb Hooks Crochets Price Prix 14 x 8 150 0180

23 INDEX 3M Ameta Armor All Associated Equipment B. Erickson BE Pressure Braber Equipment Car Freshner Cliplight CRC Products Curt Manufacturing Devair Docap Dynaline Energizer Eveready EZ Oil Drain

SOLUTIONS Spray Paint Respirator Available in M R6211C07178 and L R6311C07179 sizes. 130 MMM Masque respirateur pour pulvrisation R6211C07178 Disposable N95 Particulate Respirator with CoolFlow