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Sales Guide TEMPERATURE CONTROL Tools Equipment Service Items much more

TABLE OF CONTENTS Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment Recover Recycle Recharge Accessories Refrigerant Identi cation Leak Detection Hand Tools, Accessories and Chemicals 3 12 13 15 19 The produ

CoolTech Model 34988 Measures and injects oil automatically, based on recovered quantity Saves and prints beforeandafter service data Flushes system with refrigerant, eliminating any residual oil

Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment Cooltech Model 34788H Meets the new refrigerant standards J2788 for high voltage electric compressors. Can safely service both conventional and high voltage AC

Recovery Recycling Recharging Unit for HFO1234YF Gas Measures and injects oil automatically, based on recovered quantity Saves and prints beforeandafter service data Flushes system with refrigeran

Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment ProSet Single Gas RRR Unit Builtin condenser and evaporator Includes adapters, couplers and 50lb recovery cylinder 90lb tank also available. 112 CPL AR2700

Dust Cover for AC RRR Machines AC12346, 34788NI and 34788NIH 002 RBN 17499 CoolTech Protective Vinyl Cover 002 RBN 17492 Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment Mach 7 Protective Vinyl Cover 1

Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment Compact Refrigerant Scale New molded design, easy to carry and store Capacity up to 220 Lbs. 100 Kg High accuracy 0.5 oz. and resolution 0.1 oz. Display provid

CoolTech Vacuum Pump 6 CFM, 12 HP. 002 RBN 15600 Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment ProSet Vacuum Pump 6.25 CFM, 12 HP. 112 CPL VP6D Premium High Quality Vacuum Pump Oil 1 quart. 002 RBN 13

Recover Recycle Recharge Equipment Vacrometer Digital Vacuum Gauge Monitors vacuum in microns and pump performance. Also available Low side adapter 59976, high side adapter 59977 and CPS adapter

R134a 72Inch Service Hoses 14 mm X 12 Acme hoses. 62244 Red 62072 Blue 002 RBN R134a Service Couplers 18190A Low Side 18191A High Side 18192 Set. 002 RBN Recover Recycle Recharge Equipme

Recover Recycle Recharge Accessories 14 Flare Female to 12 Acme Male Fitting Used to convert vacum pump or 50lb tank from 14 to 12. 111 FOU 59216 12 Female Acme to 12.5mm Low Side Port Fittin

Best Buy Portable Refrigerant Identi er with Integrated Printer 12 volts or optional battery operated, hardened case included. Also available for this unit Printer Paper 531000080. 055 NEU RI2004DX

Refrigerant Identi cation Coolant and Battery Refractometer Use to measure the freezing point of propylene and ethylene glycolbased cooling systems, and to check the strength of electrolyte solutio

Electronic Heated Pentode Leak Detector Carrying case included. 002 RBN TIFZX Perfect for high volume shops EZShotTM Injector Kit 490 TRA TP9790 UniversalEster, low side, for R134a and R12 s

Leak Detection EZJectTM AC and Fluid Kit Includes TP8620 OPTILiteTM, EZJect AC dye injector, R134a hosecoupler and R12 adapterpurge tting, EZJect dye for up to 14 vehicles, 2 bottles of DyeLite dye,

ProShot AC Injector Gun Hose The most precise and accurate injection system on the market Eliminates overinjection and ensures 100 return on investment with your dye. 245 MCG 13001C ProShot U

Leak Detection EZShotTM AC Kit OEMGrade AC kit with TP8655 OPTIPROTM Plus ashlight, TP97600108 dye, GLOAWAYTM, TP9940 glasses and medium green carrying case 120V60Hz. NEW 245 MCG TP8656 EZJec

Tamper Evident Straps 10 tamperproof tie straps with serial numbers, matching labels and tape in a storage bag. 245 MCG TP31 Infrared Thermometer Perfect for hardtoreach spots. 002 RBN TIF761

Hand Tools, Accessories and Chemicals AC Odor Shield Prevent odors causing microbes moisture in AC system for one year. 588 CLT 161AIR Clean Evap Kit with Odor Shield Includes CleanEvap 2 x 8o

Recycle GuardTM Filter Also available Replacement lter 72110. 588 CLT 72100 AC Sealant Detector Detects if sealant is present in the vehicle. Also available for this unit Replacement plugs ACS

Hand Tools, Accessories and Chemicals ODS Log Book English 712 FMS AR4254 ODS Log Book French For use in Quebec only. 712 FMS AR4261 1570 2050 RadCheck Test Strips For extended life and conven

AC Pag Oil Pag 46, 100 and 150 oil. 23318 Pag 46, 8 oz 23325 Pag 46 with UV Dye, 8 oz 23332 Pag 100, 8 oz 23356 Pag 100 with UV Dye, 8 oz 23349 Pag 100, quart 23363 Pag 150, 8 oz 23370 Pag 150 with U

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