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ABRASIvES HookitTM FinisHing FilM Disc High performance Aluminum Oxide cuts fast, lasts a long time, resists loading and leaves a consistent finish Use with a soft interface pad Remove runs, du

ABRASIvES HookitTM Dust Free FinisHing FilM Disc Aluminum Oxide cuts fast, lasts a long time, resists loading and leaves a consistent finish Easy to remove from backup pads 01050 01069 01070 0107

ABRASIvES PurPle cleAn sAnDing HookitTM Disc 334u Extend disc life that can last 23 times longer than traditional nohole, 5hole or 6hole discs 6 15.2 cm 130 MMM 30760 30761 Grit 800 600 stikit

ABRASIvES trizActTM HookitTM FoAM Discs Patterned, precise mineral structures for a fast cut and consistent finish every time Foam disc used in a spot repair system for removing P1200P1500 grade sa

ABRASIvES ProDuctionTM sHeets 02115 02116 02117 02118 02134 02135 02136 02138 Grit 80 60 50 40 100 80 60 40 Size in 9 x 11 22.9 x 28 cm 9 x 11 22.9 x 28 cm 9 x 11 22.9 x 28 cm 9 x 11 22.9 x 28 cm 234

ABRASIvES scotcHbriteTM generAl PurPose HAnD PAD For scuffing before applying paint and primersurfacer Rinses clean and does not rust 20 per box 130 MMM 07447 07448 Description Regular Ultrafin

ABRASIvES PoWer Plus ii DePresseD centre WHeels 500408 500412 500415 500418 500422 500425 500428 501632 500432 500438 Grit A24R A36T A30R A24R A36T A30R A24R A46T A24R A24R Type 27 27 27 27 27 27 27

ABRASIvES suPer cHoPTMXl cutoFF WHeels Long life, for chop saws 501153 Grit A30R Application Steel Size in 14 x 332 x 1 Max. RPM 4,400 784 JeQ PoWer AbrAsive cutoFF WHeels For gas saws 5

ABRASIvES blenDeXTM HAnD PADs Pads are washable and can be reused Replace steel wool with no rusting, splintering or contamination of the work piece 600 WAM 07A100 07A200 Color Maroon Grey Size

ABRASIvES tWistTM QuickcHAnge sAnDing Discs 04D203 04D205 04D206 04D208 04D210 04D212 04D303 04D305 04D306 04D308 04D310 04D312 Grit 36 50 60 80 100 120 36 50 60 80 100 120 Color Black Yellow Blue Or

ABRASIvES PiPeFitterTM WHeels Specially formulated and reinforced for grinding joint welds between passes in pipeline construction and pipe fabrication Contain no iron, sulfur or chlorine Fe, S,

ABRASIvES ziPTM cutting WHeels Fast and cool cutting 11L211 11L213 11L302 11L312 11L303 11L313 11L403 11L413 11L405 11L415 11L308 11L408 Grit A24ZIP A24ZIP A60ZIP A24ZIP A60ZIP A24ZIP A60ZIP A24Z

ABRASIvES MAnDrel For ziPTM WHeel 11L001 11L004 Diameter in Arbor in 2 516 34 38 600 WAM AllsteelTM grinDing WHeels Heavily reinforced for absolute safety Fastest cutting wheel in its class

ABRASIvES MounteD Wire brusHes 13C110 13C120 13C125 13C130 Type B B B E Diameter in 138 2 3 2 34 Width in 14 58 34 516 Wire in .008 .0118 .0118 .020 600 WAM knottWisteD Wire cuP brusHes Design

ABRASIvES coolcutTM FlAP WHeels 15F054 15F056 15F058 15F062 15F154 15F156 15F158 15F162 15F004 15F006 15F008 15F012 15F104 15F106 15F108 15F112 15F124 Grit 40 60 80 120 40 60 80 120 40 60 80 120 40 6

ABRASIvES bull Dog steel Wool sAnDblAst MeDiA glAss beADs 16 large pads 60402 60303 60204 60006 60013 60020 60037 Grade 0000 Finest 000 Extra Fine 00 Very Fine 0 Fine 1 Medium 2 Coarse 3 Very C

BODYSHOP FinesseitTM ii MAChine polish Entry level machine polish designed for use on OEM and fully cured automotive paints Removes microfine scratches and swirl marks while leaving a high glos

BODYSHOP perFeCtitTM FoAM pAD, single siDeD FlAt bACk Convoluted foam face produces wheelswirl free paint finish when used with 3MTM PerfectItTM Machine Polish 06064 or 06065 130 MMM 05723 05725

BODYSHOP generAl triM ADhesive super FAst urethAne Low VOC, clear, high strength aerosol adhesive used for bonding carpeting, jute pads, fabrics and plastics to metal and other surfaces 08088

BODYSHOP bonDoglAss FiberglAss reinForCeD Filler bonDo boDy Filler Ideal for boats Sands in only 20 minutes Great for use on fibreglass, wood, metal, aluminum, SMC, and masonry and compatible

BODYSHOP MetAl sheet 7622036 7622036S 7622234 7622234S 7622236 7622248 7622248S 7622436 Size po 36 x 96 36 x 96 36 x 48 36 x 48 36 x 96 48 x 96 48 x 96 36 x 96 290 AAs Gauge 20 20 22 22 22 22 22 24

BODYSHOP preMiuM lightWeight boDy Filler Tack free and stain resistant Superior spreading and sanding properties Advanced formula with ZNX7 for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, aluminum, S

BODYSHOP engine enAMel ACryliC enAMel Dries to a high heatresistant finish Repeated exposure up to 500F will fuse engine enamel to the surface to increase bonding strength Resistant to oil an

BODYSHOP preMiuM priMer rubberiZeD unDerCoAt No sanding Improves adhesion, fills in imperfections Interiorexterior use Increases rust prevention 300P102 300P103 300P104 Color Grey Oxide R

BODYSHOP seMipro pAintbrushes All purpose pAintbrushes Straight bristles Straight bristles 019010 019015 019020 019025 019030 019040 Size in 1 112 2 212 3 4 Size mm 25 37 50 64 75 100 AP015

BODYSHOP grAvel guArD i OEM Approved Rocker Panel Coating Paintable rocker coating, aerosol or Schultz gun applied For average or medium texture patterns Black 609 Dss BVG1 SVG1 SVG124 Format

BODYSHOP eZ linerTM Non flammable, non toxic, zero VOC, Antiskid Sprayon, rollon or brushon Covers1 large size truck bed hippolinerTM truCk beDliner BEZLG Format 1 gal New urethane base

BODYSHOP WeAtherstrip High density selfsticking sealing tape stops drafts, rattles, etc. Ideal for trucks, cars, campers, tractors, air conditioning, computers, farm equipment, and industrial buildi

BODYSHOP MAxiCoAtTM heAvyDuty rustprooFing FilM Provides longterm protection for metal parts, equipment, and machinery Forms a protective, waxy film which seals out moisture, air, acid, and othe

BODYSHOP reD spot AnD glAZing putty long strAnD Filler Stainfree tackfree premium polyester glazing and finishing putty Best adhesion to steel galvanized steel aluminum ECoat and SMC Dries

BODYSHOP kWikeeTM iMprinteD Fiber Floor MAts Protects carpets from soil and grease Put a fresh mat for delivery to show customers you care about their car 15 x 18, 250 per box 940 Mrs 30203 k

BODYSHOP truCk beD liner Permanently bonds to the surface Textured and nonskid Minimizes cargo slippage Will not warp or crack and is gasoline resistant 387 pkp 264 265G 265GK Size 454 g aero

BODYSHOP enAMel sprAy engine enAMel For interior and exterior surfaces Use on wood or metal Fast drying 340 g 2501 2502 2504 2505 2506 2508 2509 2510 2512 2516 2518 2519 Color Gloss Black

BODYSHOP vinyl Finish Adds fresh new Color, life and beauty to your vinyl surface Fuses to the original vinyl surface and forms a permanent bond Wont crack, chip, chalk, peel or rub off Use it

BODYSHOP trunk pAint top CoAt FAbriC pAint Provides a clear durable, moisture resistant sealant to be used over PlastiKote trunk paint base coat 340 g Exclusively formulated for reColoring

BODYSHOP plAstiC priMer etChing priMer Clear Adheres to most automotive plastics For use on car interior pieces such as dashboards, consoles, etc., Also on flexible bumpers, trim and moldin

BODYSHOP preMiuM FluoresCent pAint preMiuM enAMel Bright, reflective Colors for safety markings and warning signs Use on both interior and exterior surfaces 312 g Tough, hard wearing and r

BODYSHOP proFessionAl unDerCoAt rust not rust Converter Black protective coating Provides protection for wheel wells, gas tanks, frames and supports, weld joints, floor pans, doors and quarter

BODYSHOP FAst Cure urethAne WinDshielD ADhesive Description Fast Cure PF225 Urethane Windshield Adhesive PF230 Pinchweld Glass Bond Primer PF300 Dum Dum Strip Caulk PF301 Dum Dum Strip Caulk PF410 Bu

BODYSHOP preMiuMFloWAbleFlexible putties PF158 PF1582 PF167 PF177 Description Premium Finishing Putty Premium Finishing Putty Flowable Blending and Finishing Putty Glazing Spot Putty 075 pFM Format

BODYSHOP universAl hArDener PF597C PF598C Format 946 ml 473 ml hArDeners For Fillers, putties AnD resins Description Color Format PF140 Cream Hardener Blue 28 g PF141 Cream Hardener Blue 78 g PF145

BODYSHOP urethAne grADe reDuCer Description Format Speed PF6841C Urethane 3.78 L Fast Grade Reducer PF6831C Urethane 3.78 L Medium Grade Reducer 075 pFM Temperature Range 16 C 21 C 60 F 70 F 18 C

BODYSHOP spring steel boDy Filler AppliCAtor sets 9025 9024 Description 6 15.2 cm 2.5 to 10 cm Pieces 2 4 plAstiC boDy Filler AppliCAtors 9027F 9027FB QtyBox 3 50 068 ptk 068 ptk 3pieCe White plA

BODYSHOP protACk golD tACk Cloths protACk blue tACk Cloths Extrasticky for very dusty jobs 24 per box For light dusting jobs 24 per box 92000B 93000B 068 ptk 068 ptk plAstiC rAZor blAD

BODYSHOP gun WAsh FiberglAss resin For cleaning spray guns and lacquer painting equipment Less flammable than Acetone 18.9 L Thicker viscosity for less running and sagging Fast curing Tack

WELDING AND SOLDERING ProPAne Cylinder ProPAne Cylinder Perfect for use with portable propane camping appliances 16.4 oz recyclable, nonrefillable cylinder Use with torches and most portable

WELDING AND SOLDERING meTAl Work solder Silver bearing leadfree acid core solder for increased joint strength Acid core based flux No flux necessary 854 bzm Size 327796 3oz SAC300 327797 8oz S

WELDING AND SOLDERING indusTriAl gun And kiT Kit contains D650 soldering gun with one soldering tip and a coil of leadfree solder 300 watts in high trigger 1st position and 200 watts in low tr

WELDING AND SOLDERING PorTAsol suPerPro selFigniTing kiT And Tool Kit contains PSI100 iron, sponge, stand and extra tips packed in a plastic case Features Auto Switch safety shutoff, iron plate

WELDING AND SOLDERING gAs Welding rods Flux coated Low fuming Fuses well with cast iron, malleable iron, galvanized iron, steel, brass and copper 65,000 PSI tensile strength 372 Fir 14400431 1

WELDING AND SOLDERING w Premium AWs ArC Welding rods Description Class E6011 Mild Steel Class E6011 Mild Steel Class E6011 Mild Steel Class E6013 Mild Steel Class E6013 Mild Steel Class E6013 Mild St

WELDING AND SOLDERING w w leAd Free solder Used for nonelectrical applications Applications include Plumbing and Refrigeration systems 95 Tin, 5 Antimony soldering Flux And PAsTe Descripti

WELDING AND SOLDERING w Welding hose Meets or exceeds RMA and CGA requirements Warning Grade R welding Hose is recommended for use with Acetylene Gas only 14120012 14120020 14120021 14120022 Wi

WELDING AND SOLDERING w w Welders sAFeTy And ChemiCAl sPlAsh goggles Welders liFT FronT goggles 50mm, shade No. 5 Meetexceed ANSI Z87.1 and various International Standards Shade No. 5 Meetexce

WELDING AND SOLDERING w soAPsTone WiTh holder 14230095 14230094 14230097 14230096 Description Flat Soapstone, 6 Round Soapstone, 6 Flat Soapstone Holder Round Soapstone Holder 372 Fir

TAPE AND MASKING SUPPLIES eLeCTriCAL TAPe 34 x 66, 7 mil Cold resistant Temperature rating 7C to 80C CoLD WeATher TAPe 34 x 66, 8 mil Cold resistant and flame retardant Temperature rating 19

TAPE AND MASKING SUPPLIES YeLLoW MAsking TAPe Offers solvent and moisture resistance that minimizes bleed through also delivers a controlled unwind that makes tape easier to handle Semismooth bac

TAPE AND MASKING SUPPLIES AuToMoTive ACrYLiC PLus ATTAChMenT TAPe OEM approved and are stronger, higher performing, high stress handling products than other automotive attachment tapes 1.2 mm 0.04

TAPE AND MASKING SUPPLIES oversPrAY ProTeCTive sheeTing Paintable, highdensity, tearresistant, translucent film designed for critical edge masking as well as protection from paint overspray Tearr

TAPE AND MASKING SUPPLIES DoubLe siDeD ACrYLiC FoAM TAPe Size mm x m 12 x 18 12 x 4.5 16 x 18 22 x 18 22 x 4.5 6 x 18 Size in x ft 12 x 60 12 x15 58 x 60 78 x 60 78 x15 14 x 60 Thickness mm 0.8 0.8 0.

TAPE AND MASKING SUPPLIES MoLDing TAPe ADhesion ProMoTer Size PF946C 220 ml LiquiD MAsk Waterbased clear liquid mask Protects against paint overspray Excellent for booth coating Will dissolve

ADHESIVES oriGinAl colD WelD ADhesive GrAy inDustro WelD tWin tubes epoxy Adhesive, laminate, plug, filler, sealant, and electrical insulator Withstands up to 600 F Adheres to metal, copper

ADHESIVES MuFFler ceMent hiteMp reD GAsKet MAKer Adheres to exhaust parts to repair holed muffler or pipes while you drive Sets in 30 minutes Not affected by vibration 170g Withstands repeate

ADHESIVES FixMAster MetAl MAGic steelTM epoxy poxypAKTM epoxy Steel epoxy in stick form Cures in 10 minutes Certified and approved for use with drinking water system components 4 oz Fast

ADHESIVES 609TM retAininG coMpounD Low viscosity, rapidcuring anaerobic adhesive that augments the strength of press fit assemblies or slip fit assemblies up to 0.006 in diameter Adds up to 3,000

ADHESIVES rtv 5920TM copper silicone 242 threADlocKer High Performance Gasket Maker 38639 38640 Size 80 ml 300 ml 220 hen Medium strength general purpose, removable thread locker for fastene

ADHESIVES blue reD sticK threADlocKer 38131 38132 38134 38136 Description Blue Medium Strength Blue Medium Strength Red High Strength Red High Strength Size 19 g Stick 9g 19 g Stick 9g 220 hen

ADHESIVES techsteel epoxy putty instAFix pro ADhesive AnD Filler systeM Permanently adheres to steel, aluminum, wood, copper, cast iron, PVC, ABS, bronze, concrete, plastic, glass, fibreglas

ADHESIVES ultrA bonDTM super Glue Gel Gel formula works better on more porous materials Applications rubber, metal, wood, ceramic, porcelain, leather, vinyl, paper, cork, fabric and most plastics

ADHESIVES FAst cure epoxy Mixer cups ForMAGAsKet no. 1 seAlAnt Fast setting, grey epoxy in a unique, easy to use mixer cup Bonds in 5 to 15 minutes 10 x 4 g cups For dressingsealing cut gask

ADHESIVES ultrA copper MAxiMuM teMperAture rtv silicone GAsKet MAKer ultrA Grey riGiD hiGhtorQue rtv silicone GAsKet MAKer OEM specified Highest operating temperatures for 4cylinder, turboch

ADHESIVES the riGht stuFF GAsKet MAKer AnAerobic GAsKet MAKer Short caulking gun Elastomeric rubber gasket technology is blowout resistant and outperforms precut gaskets Specified on producti

ADHESIVES MAxiMuM teMperAture sleeve retAiner hiGh perForMAnce threAD seAlAnt OEM specified Bonds cylindrical parts with diametric gaps up to 0.015 0.35 mm Provides shear strength of 3,800 PS

ADHESIVES perMAnent strenGth reD threADlocKer blue surFAce insensitive threADlocKer Adhsif freinfilet permanent adhrence permanente pour les pices de fixation de 10 25 mm de dimension. 26200

ADHESIVES prussiAn blue AnAerobic FlAnGe seAlAnt Locates high spots on shafts, valves, gears and other close tolerance components 22 ml For use on rigid machined flanges with less than .015 g

ADHESIVES super WeAtherstrip ADhesive A superior adhesive ideal for many applications including rubber, metal, auto or van carpeting and fabricbacked vinyl upholstery and automotive gaskets 5 oz

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS brkleen nonFlAmmAble brAke PArts CleAner Formulated to quickly effective remove grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils, other contaminants from brake parts, lining, pads 218 CrC

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS brAke CAliPer synthetiC greAse Air shieldTM diesel exhAust Fluid deF High temperature grease is plastic rubber safe Use on metal to metal contact points and sliding surfac

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS brAke Fluid For drum, disc and ABS braking systems, and clutch systems 201 klF 525 527 528 529 530 532 535 Grade DOT 3 DOT 3 DOT 3 DOT 3 DOT 3 DOT 4 DOT 5 Format 350 ml 500 ml

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS sAFetbrAke Air brAke AntiFreeZe Absorbs condensation and ensures complete protection against frozen air lines on trucks, buses, and construction equipment Contains Anticorrosive

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS extended liFe AntiFreeZeCoolAnt Compatible with ANY antifreezecoolant in ANY vehicle with aluminum and other engine metals Can be reinhibited using Supplemental Cooling Additiv

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS All mAkes longliFe AntiFreeZeCoolAnt Compatible with ANY antifreezecoolant 50 antifreezecoolant and 50 demineralized water 5 years or 250,000 km protection when added to ANY ex

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS universAl 5050 Premix AntiFreeZeCoolAnt Protects against winter freezing and summer boil over Prevents pitting caused by cavitation and corrosion of brass, copper, solder, s

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS Air1 deF diesel exhAust Fluid Air brAke AntiFreeZe Pure, aqueous solution of urea and water, to be used in new diesel SCR engine technology it is API certified and meets ISO 22

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS bAttery terminAl ProteCtor nonChlorinAted brAke CleAner Coats battery terminal, holder hardware and prevents battery acid corrosion 205 rAd BTP4C Quickly dissolves and flus

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS Air brAke system AntiFreeZe And rust guArd Air brAke AntiFreeZe Disperses water Antistatic, antifungal Provides corrosion protection 1L Contains rubber lubricant 32 oz M2

AUTOMOTIVE FLUIDS ultrA disC brAke CAliPer lube Nonmelting, synthetic lubricant 203 31877 22063 09125 Format 5g 80 ml 236 g nonChlorinAted brAke PArts CleAner Penetrates, dissolves and remo

SPECIALTY CHEMICALS minimAl expAnsion FoAm vAlve GrindinG compound Fill, seal, bond, retrofit, insulate and deaden sound in and around cracks and cavities Forms a permanent, waterproof and ai

SPECIALTY CHEMICALS rAd seAl rAdiAtor stop leAk enGine seAl Powdered metallic sealer designed to instantly seal leaks in radiators, motor blocks, cylinder heads and freeze plugs Aluminium safe

SPECIALTY CHEMICALS liquid rAdiAtor repAir super rAdiAtor seAler Stops leaks in radiators and prevents new leaks from developing Works in water or antifreeze solutions Contains rust inhibito

SPECIALTY CHEMICALS duster qd contAct cleAner Provides a powerful blast to remove dirt, dust and embedded debris Penetrates into minute cracks and crevices Nonflammable, safe on all plastics

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS CleAnrCArb CArburetor CleAner GuArAnteed to PAss emissions test FormulA Instantly dissolves deposits on venturis, linkages, butterflies and PCV systems to improve fuel

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS PositrAC limited sliP GeAr oil Additive PosiTrac Limited Slip Gear Oil Additive is designed to quiet chattering differentials and improve gear oil performance Quiets nois

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS Gumout reGAne hiGh mileAGe Fuel system CleAner Gumout GAs treAtment For vehicles experiencing poor fuel economy, lost horsepower, and even fuel line freeze because o

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS thoroFlush industriAlstrenGth rAdiAtor And enGine CleAner Loosens and removes rust, scale, grease, oil, and sludge Cleans automotive and heavy duty truck cooling systems Mo

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS Air intAKe system CleAner CArburetor CleAner Specially formulated to clean, lubricate and prevent corrosion in throttle valves, throttle bodies and idle control valves 41

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS low sulPhur diesel Fuel Conditioner low sulPhur diesel Fuel AntiGel with Conditioner Helps restore lost lubrication from the use of low sulphur diesel fuels Absorbs moi

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS Fuel stAbilizer injeCtor Kleen Keeps fuel fresh during extended storage for easier start next season Good for all grades of gasoline, on 2cycle and 4cycle engines Ens

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS AutomAtiC trAnsmission seAler Conditioner Stops fluid leaks Removes surface glaze and revitalizes rubber seals 350 ml 201 KlF 690 Kleen vAlves And liFters Added

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS oCtAne booster enGine breAKin oil Additive Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters Suitable for use in fuel injected and carbureted engines Provi

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS AutomAtiC trAnsmission Fluid Conditioner suPer CoolAnt Prevents slipping, leaks and wear Provides smooth, quiet operation Conditions seals, improves shifting and red

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS trAnsmediC Additive Reduces friction in automatic transmissions Eliminates transmission slippage Helps to smooth rough shifting and sluggish action 350 ml vAlvemediC Ad

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS oCtAne Plus leAd substitute Removes deposits, which tend to cause engines octane requirements to rise 350 ml Allows older engines designed for use with leaded gasoline

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS sPrAy CleAner And lube trAns tune trAnsmission CleAner Cleans carbon deposits from intake systems, intake valves, and combustion chambers of your engine 100 pure petro

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS bioCirCle industriAl PArts CleAnerdeGreAser multiPurPose CleAner deGreAser biodeGrAdAble Solventfree, safe to use on all metals Removes oil, fat, grease, soot, wax, prote

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS enGine Kleen enGine shAmPoo Double action cleans off oil and grease plus driedon dirt Will not affect rubber, metal, plastic or painted surface 454g Safely cleans and

TREATMENTS AND SOLVENTS ACetone Strong solvent, excellent for dissolving two part epoxies before they set, for cleaning fibreglass repair tools and for thinning fibreglass resins Removes the sti

OILS AND LUBRICANTS Air Tool oil AT12 ATC17 Size 12 oz 946 ml 533 AGs Air Tool AnTiFreeze Keeps pneumatic tools lubricated and working properly in temperatures down to 32C 25F ATA12 533 AGs Siz

OILS AND LUBRICANTS premium ATFHp AnD mATic J AuTomATic TrAnsmission FluiD 2522001 2522002 2522003 2522004 2522005 2522006 Type Matic JDHP TIV SPIII Z1 M5 WS Application Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti, etc

OILS AND LUBRICANTS DielecTric GreAse Provides a moistureproof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt, and corrosion High dielectric strength 0.33 oz viperlube

OILS AND LUBRICANTS Dry GrApHiTe lubricAnT Ideal where petroleum products must be avoided Resists dirt, dust and oil buildup Wide effective temperature range up to 850F constant Gaskets, tran

OILS AND LUBRICANTS Air Tool oil 4168 4169 Size 4L 500 ml 201 klF power sTeerinG FluiD Meets the service fill requirements of all North American car and truck manufacturers, plus many imports

OILS AND LUBRICANTS AnTiseize lubricAnT Brush top 220 Hen 38604 38605 38619 38620 Color Copper Copper Silver Silver Size 454 g 8 oz 8 oz 16 oz HeAvy DuTy AnTiseize Freeze releAse Metal

OILS AND LUBRICANTS mpG mulTipurpose GreAse wiTH molybDenum AnTiscuFF pAsTe As40 Reduces wear and maintenance, provides extreme pressure properties, protects against oxidation and extends compone

OILS AND LUBRICANTS ulTrA slick enGine Assembly lube belT DressinG Meets or exceeds OEM performance specs for engine assembly 118 ml Prevents belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust

OILS AND LUBRICANTS sTop slip belT DressinG Dry GrApHiTe A spray on belt dressing for Vtype and Flat Belts, which improves frictional characteristics of belt surfaces 170 g Contains no oils

OILS AND LUBRICANTS liQuiD wrencH peneTrAnT Quickacting, fastpenetrating solvent that loosens rusted nuts, bolts and parts in seconds 118 ml liQuiD wrencH super peneTrAnT Quickacting, fast pene

OILS AND LUBRICANTS power sTeerinG FluiD HonDA power sTeerinG FluiD Meets service requirements of GM, Ford, and Chrysler 500 ml For Honda Vehicles has been blended with detergent additives, a

OILS AND LUBRICANTS 3inone wHiTe liTHium GreAse 3inone HouseHolD oil 290 g 88.7 ml 01142 01135 269 wD4 269 wD4 3inone silicone sprAy lubricAnT 3inone GArAGe Door lubricAnT 311 g Lu

OILS AND LUBRICANTS cAsTrol mp mulTipurpose cHAssis GreAse power sTeerinG FluiD NLGI 2 lithium based water resistant grease for automotive and light truck applications 0096981 0096955 0096902 00

OILS AND LUBRICANTS 2sTroke moTorcycle oil GrAnD prix moTorcycle 2sTroke oil Recommended for both injection and premix systems, suitable for use in 2stroke motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and othe

OILS AND LUBRICANTS super lube mulTipurpose Aerosol super lube oil wiTH pTFe HiGH viscosiTy With Syncolon PTFE, USDANSF listed, rated H1 for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants 3

OILS AND LUBRICANTS semisynTHeTic AuTomATic TrAnsmission FluiD reD n TAcky GreAse Smooth, precise shifting Prevents wear and tear 1 quart 277 luc 20052 Fortified with a high degree of

OILS AND LUBRICANTS Air Tool lubricAnT AnD Tool box buDDy It combats rust and varnish and coats the working parts with a cushion of waterproof lubricants that resist blowout Protects under extrem

OILS AND LUBRICANTS HiGH perFormAnce GeAr lubricAnT SAE 80W90 EP API GL5 Antirust characteristics High oxidation stability 217 Qkr 29062 11043 11052 Size 946 ml 20 L 60 L Full synTHeTic GeAr l

OILS AND LUBRICANTS power sTeerinG FluiD Meets specifications for GM 9985010, Ford M2C128CD, AM406C, and Saginaw steering gear 5691754 Protects against breakdown caused by wear, oxidation and fo

OILS AND LUBRICANTS synTHeTic GeAr oil Available in SAE 75W90 viscosity grade of either API GL4 or API GL5 and also 75W140 GL5 service classifications API GL5 product is suitable for use in limite

OILS AND LUBRICANTS FooD GrADe screw compressor oil Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants Complies with the requirements of FDA 21CFR 178.3570 for lubricant

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES JerryCAns 07539 07622 07079 07081 07649 03609 03711 07624 04933 Model No. AB25 AB20 AB10 AB5 D20 RV520 D520 K20 NA Description Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Gas Jeep Style Diesel Jee

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES stop Flow spout GAs CAn stoppers 3 per pack 03632 08499 830 sCe 830 sCe mAxFloTM Flo nGo pumpinG system 08338 830 sCe DrAin pAns 03894 06985 06976 06984 Model

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES 26pieCe torsion sCrewDriver bit pro set Includes 14 quick change extension Torsion cold forged manufacturing process creates superior fitment Specially heat treated fo

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES utility KniFe Patented auto blade lock Hinged end cap with snap closure Storage conveniently holds 3 extra blades Stainless steel blade guide blue blADeTM bimetAl util

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES proFessionAl mAnuAl pump sprAyer Compressed airmanual pump and sprayer features a wide mouth on sprayer tank, a heavyduty metal pump plungerrod, adjustable nozzle and lar

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES super metAl mArKerTM Metal tip permanent marker with oilbased paint for all surfaces Ultra fine tip for precision marking 1.4mm Quick drying Waterproof Heat resistant

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES replACement Funnel Filter Automotive Funnel 2 100 Mesh 622 Dyl 13100 Flexible clear polyethylene Sparkproof Hangup tab 100 mesh filter Size in 13008 8 Capacit

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES trAnsmission Funnel trAnsmission Funnel Galvanized metal 14 Length Mesh filter 16 detachable spout 14014 Diameter in 5 14017 622 Dyl 622 Dyl bAttery Filler i

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES metAl meAsurer rAtiomAstertm mixinG Cup Heavy duty galvanized steel Flex spout 4 quarts 4 L Revolutionary patented mixing cup Accurately measures 2 cycle ratios 251,

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES hiGh speeD steel FrACtionAl hole enlArGinG Drill bit Singleflute cutting edge for greater control 3 flatted shank prevents slipping in drill chuck A true round hole e

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES leFthAnD CobAlt hiGh speeD steel Drill bit set 5piece pouched set includes drill bit sizes 564, 14, 1964, 532, and 764 Constructed of M42 8 percent cobalt high speed st

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES metAl CuttinG reCiproCAtinG blADes with welDteC Cuts all metals including nonferrous, pipe, conduit, stainless and sheet metal Cuts 18 12 3.2 13 mm thickness Bimetal

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES sstTM QuiCK shAnK hiGh perFormAnCe hss Drill bits Exclusive Quick Shank that ensures fast and secure tightening 01A004 01A005 01A006 01A007 01A008 01A009 01A010 01A011 0

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES sstTM QuiCK shAnK hss Drill bits Six long flats for perfect centering of the bit and positive drilling especially with keyless chucks 01H 004 01H 005 01H 006 01H 007 01H

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES hiGh perFormAnCe CobAlt hss Drill bits Drill Size in 164 132 364 116 564 332 764 18 964 532 1164 316 1364 732 1564 14 Flute Length in 316 38 58 1316 1516 1316 1516 1716 1916

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES hiGh perFormAnCe CobAlt hss Drill bits ContD Wire Gauge Sizes Drill Size in 01B 547 47 01B 548 48 01B 549 49 01B 550 50 01B 551 51 01B 552 52 01B 553 53 Metric Sizes Drill

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES vpTM CountersinKs tAppinG bits M2 HSS 82 point angle for deburring and chamfering in steel, stainless and nonferrous metals Variable pitch design Also available VPTM C

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES CArbiDe burrs ContD 6 inches 01V038 01V039 01V040 01V044 01V045 01V046 01V041 01V042 01V043 01V051 Shape Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical Tapered Tapered Tapered Tree Tr

TOOLS AND SHOP ACCESSORIES sstTM prentiCe Drill bits Fits any 12 chuck and make it possible to drill holes up to 112 Extra hard tip allows to drill many more holes between resharpening 01M 533 01

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES sAfety Grip ChuCk CLip ChuCk CLip wfeMALe ChuCk feMALe sinGLe heAd ChuCk Fits all standard singlehead air chucks 14 NPT 14 NPT S692 S698 S699 507 MiL 507 MiL

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES Air CoupLers And pLuGs Contd S791 S792 S715 S716 S718 S719 S727 S728 S732 S733 S1803 1804 S1805 S1806 S1809 S1810 S1807 S1808 S785 S786 S783 S784 S764 S765 S766 S767 S760 S761 S7

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES bLowGuns Description 107 120 131 133 132 S148 150 S153 S154 S166 S167 S174 S175 Safety button Safety lever Safety BloGuns, 4 Safety BloGuns, 10 Volume safety Compact safety Ful

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES pressure GAuGes Brass mechanism Max. pressure 75 of dial range Max. operating temperature 13F to 120F 1189 1190 1191 1192 1193 1194 1195 NPT po 18 14 14 14 14 14 14 Mou

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES AirfLeX preMiuM rubber Air hose Medium resistance to oils Excellent abrasion resistance Good resistance to cold, heat and ozone Red 15 71.111 71.311 71.312 71.411 71.412 2

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES superfLeX synthetiC rubber Air hose Maximum resistance to oil, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oils, lubricating oils and other petroleum based products Excellent weather and ozon

PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES fLeXCoiL poLyurethAne Air hose Good resistance to oils, fuels, and water Highly abrasion resistant and nonmarking Ether based Polyurethane Red, Blue Hose ID in 14 14 14 14

HARDWARE AND REPAIR 125Piece Grommet Assortment 18 to 1 622 DYL 10108 GreAse FittinGs Assortments 00108 00112 Description Metric SAE Pieces 110 100 622 DYL Fuse Assortments 00119 00121 10110

HARDWARE AND REPAIR cotter Pin Assortments 10102 10103 Description Pieces 116 to 532 560 18 to 516 large 150 622 DYL 300Piece e retAiner rinGs Assortment 116 to 78 622 DYL 10104 150Piece HAir

HARDWARE AND REPAIR triDonTM reGuLAr GeAr cLAmPs Clamps feature a 301 Stainless Steel 12.7mm wide band and a 301 Stainless Steel housing HS clamps have a Carbonsteelzinc plated 8mm slotted hex head

HARDWARE AND REPAIR triDonTM micro GeAr cLAmPs Clamps feature a 301 Stainless Steel 8.0mm wide band and a 301 Stainless Steel housing MH clamps have a Carbonsteelzinc plated 6mm slotted hex head

HARDWARE AND REPAIR rubberceLLuLose GAsket mAteriAL Used in sealing water or coolant Recommended for use on water outlet, thermostat housing water pump gaskets 3030 3075 Thickness in 364 364 15

HARDWARE AND REPAIR sAe tHreAD rePAir kits metric tHreAD rePAir kits Coarse kits in sizes 8 through 112 and Fine kits in sizes 10 through 112 All kits contain a HeliCoil tap, installation tool,

HARDWARE AND REPAIR sAvAtHreAD retHreADinG kit Permanently repair stripped spark plug opening threads 533414 Size M14x1.25 483 HeL sPArk PLuG insert kits Available in sizes M10, M12, M14,

HARDWARE AND REPAIR rivets 100piece shop pack also available in 500piece pack 483 HeL Rivet Dia. in 332 332 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 532 532 532 532 316 316 316 316 316 316 316 316 316

HARDWARE AND REPAIR ALuminum rivets 100piece shop pack also available in 500piece pack Rivet Dia. in 332 332 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 532 532 532 532 532 316 316 316 316 316 316 316 316

HARDWARE AND REPAIR bAckuP PLAtes These backup plates are used with all rivet tools Used when additional strength is required or when the hole is oversized 087 HPA 239493 239494 239492 Size in

HARDWARE AND REPAIR steeL rivet steeL mAnDreL Steel Rivet Steel Mandrel Box Qty Hang Pack Qty Rivet box Pack Diam. 239210 500 239810 50 18.125 239211 500 239811 50 18.125 239213 500 239813 50 18.1

HARDWARE AND REPAIR ALuminum rivets ALuminum mAnDreL Box 239011 239014 239017 239018 239023 239026 239038 239047 239053 239056 239057 239059 239060 Qty box 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 250 250 250 25

HARDWARE AND REPAIR PLAteD GrADe 2 Hex nuts Width Coarse Fine Size in Across Flats 083014 084014 14 716 083016 084016 516 12 083018 084018 38 916 083020 084020 716 1116 083022 084022 12 34 083023 08

HARDWARE AND REPAIR GrADe 8 metric Hex nuts High tensile nuts conform to ISOMetric specifications Dia.D A.F. W Thick.T Coarse Pitch mm Coarse No. QtyBox Fine Pitch mm Fine No. QtyBox Xfine Pitch

HARDWARE AND REPAIR PoZiLok stoP nuts Nylon insert torque locknuts for Grade 2 and Grade 5 screws Vibration resist, may be reused up to 50 times Nylon collar prevents liquid seepage and internal c

HARDWARE AND REPAIR metric Hex HeAD cAP boLts, GrADe 8 High tensile screws made to ISOMetric specifications Tensile strength 800 MPa 118,000 PSI Zinc chromate plated Regular ISO coarse thread ser

HARDWARE AND REPAIR boDY boLts 245322 245325 245400 245405 245407 245408 245420 245424 245425 245440 245450 245505 245325 245510 245525 245527 245610 245615 245616 245620 245630 Size M6x1.0x22 M6x1.0

HARDWARE AND REPAIR sPrinG Lock WAsHers Nonlinking Meet S.A.E. and the current ANSI B27.1 standard For Grade 2, 5, 8 or 9 bolts, and hicollar for socket head cap screws 100s Bare 155006 155008 15

HARDWARE AND REPAIR PLAin steeL WAsHers 1 lb Bare 5 lb Bare 100s 454 g 2.2 kg Bare 143010 144010 145010 143014 144014 145014 143016 144016 145016 143018 144018 145018 143020 144020 145020 143022 14402

HARDWARE AND REPAIR FLAt FenDer WAsHer 162393 162394 162395 162396 162397 162398 162399 162400 Bolt Size in 316 316 14 516 516 38 516 12 OD in 1 34 114 1 114 112 112 2 ID in 1364 1364 932 1132 1132 1

HARDWARE AND REPAIR Licence PLAte boLts 245902 245903 245906 245908 245909 245910 Size 1420 x 58 assembly 14 x 58 indented hex 14 x 58 universal nylon nut M6 x 20 bolt M6 nut nylon 1420 x 12 bolt

HARDWARE AND REPAIR WooDruFF keYs S.A.E. 1035 Carbon Steel Used on armature shafts of starters and generators, etc 302010 302020 302030 302040 302050 302060 302061 302070 302080 302090 302091 302

HARDWARE AND REPAIR eLectro PLAteD cotter Pins Length is measured under the head to the end of the shortest leg 165030 165032 165043 165045 165047 165049 165051 165053 165054 165065 165067 165087

HARDWARE AND REPAIR steeL tubinG Tin coated and annealed .028 wall thickness, 25 length 901131 901141 901151 901161 Tube Size OD in 316 14 516 38 087 HPA brAss sHim stock Uniform and accurat

HARDWARE AND REPAIR muFFLer cLAmPs standard Duty Description in 510118 118 510114 114 510138 138 510112 112 510134 134 510178 178 510200 2 510214 214 HeavyDuty Description in 517112 112 517134 134 5

HARDWARE AND REPAIR sPeeDisLeeve Thinwalled, highquality sleeve, for worn seal counterfaces at shaft ends Simply push in position over the worn shaft, and it is as good as new if not better Nomin

HARDWARE AND REPAIR Domestic brAke Lines sAe inverteD FLAre Fittings BLF10 and BLF16 Union BLU4 533 AGs PolyArmour Catalog No. PA408 PA412 PA420 PA430 PA440 PA451 PA460 PA472 Size in 14 x 8 14

HARDWARE AND REPAIR britisH Line iso bubbLe FLAre Fitting BLF38 Union BLU 7 533 AGs PolyArmour Catalog No. PAB308 PAB312 PAB320 PAB330 PAB340 PAB351 PAB360 Size in 316 x 8 316 x 12 316 x 20 316

HARDWARE AND REPAIR brAke Line coiL Use PAC325 to fabricate 316 Domestic, European, Japanese, British, and adapter brake lines Use PAC425 to fabricate 14 Domestic and adapter brake lines PAC325 P

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING MOThers MAg AluMinuM pOlish Mothers secret formula balances a brilliant shine with easy use For aluminum wheels and parts, brass, alloys and accessories bAckTOblAck exTeriOr

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING MOThers leATher cOndiTiOner MOThers pOwerMeTAl MeTAl pOlish Formulated with lanolin and neats foot oil Leaves a protective barrier to seal out the detrimental effects of t

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING TOgO AuTO cleAning wipes OriginAl prOTecTAnT wipes Auto cleaning wipes in a convenient incar storage pouch 650 ml Help prevent cracking, fading, discoloration premature

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING OriginAl prOTecTAnT iMprOved Tire fOAM prOTecTAnT Improved UV protection ArmorAll 10125 11300 78021 12035 Size 118 ml 300 ml 475 ml 1.89 L 219 ArM Fleet Chemicals Clea

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING glAss cleAner wiTh AMMOniA pf 514 glAss cleAner Streak free, nonsmear, and will not leave a film 650 ml 22 oz Helps remove labels and stickers from glass, mirrors, plastic

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING MulTikleen plus glAss cleAner Industrial strength, multipurpose cleaner Super concentrated, nonabrasive and biodegradable Professional product for cleaning windows, mirro

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING drying TOwels 62361 62367 Size sq.ft. 3 6 Description Ultraabsorbent Microfiber 12 Tire brush 42522 515 MAl 515 MAl flOwThru wAsh brush Extra soft bristle Aluminum handle

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING diAMOnd cuT cOMpOund 2.0 Super fast lowdusting, lowsplatter formula Ideal for high solids paint Use with rotary buffers 32 oz plAsTx cleAr plAsTic cleAner pOlish Removes

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING OxidATiOn reMOver Removes moderate oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots on all fibreglass gel coat marine or RTV surfaces gOld clAss rich leATher cleAnercOndiTiOn

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING finAl inspecTiOn prOTecTAnT hOT shine Tire glOss Description Aerosol G12115C High gloss protection Spray G12024C Long lasting shine 605 Meg Fast, miston, wipeoff for a S

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING cleAner wAx One step wax specially formulated to produce eye dazzling results on all finishes Rich conditioning oils Use Even Coat applicator to apply cleaner wax and remove

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING liquid MAchine glAze quik inTeriOr deTAiler wipes Lets you achieve a deep, rich gloss unmatched by any other polish, glaze, wax, or sealant Rich nutrients penetrate and

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING slick MisT speed wAx Premium paint gloss intensifier Shines and protects in one easy application Excellent results on chrome, glass and vinyl decals Use on wet or dry surfac

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING TOp gun All purpOse cleAner TAr bug reMOver 16 oz Dissolves road tar, loosens bug deposits, and removes tree sap and other stains from auto finishes and metal surfaces 340

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING high fOAM cAr wAsh 3.78 L wAsh wAx wiTh cArnAubA wAx beAds 1.83 L 5069151 5056567 249 rnx 249 rnx xTreMe cleAn cleAner Restores headlights and clear plastic by

AUTOMOTIvE DETAILING bugsbgOne cleAner Highly versatile auto and truck cleaner specially formulated to safely remove bugs and other organic residues from windshields, front grilles, bumpers or any v

TIRE PRODUCTS Chrome Wheel Nuts Designed and constructed to strict engineering quality standards, and manufactured with high corrosion resistance Easy to install Available in different quantitie

TIRE PRODUCTS Chrome Wheel Nuts CoNtd 711255 711301 711302 711305 711306 711307 711308 711309 711310 711311 711312 711321 711322 711325 711326 711327 711328 711341 711342 711343 711344 711345 711346

TIRE PRODUCTS Chrome Wheel Nuts CoNtd 711514 711523 711524 711542 711543 711552 711553 711601 711603 711604 711605 711606 711609 711621 711623 711624 711626 711641 711705 711728 711830 711831 711832

TIRE PRODUCTS Wheel WeiGhts tN4023 Leadfree, flexible, and conformable weight used to balance tires Corrosion and stain free 4 mm thick and 23 mm wide which you can cut to exact fit 130 mmm 6

TIRE PRODUCTS tr600hp hiGh pressure sNApiN vAlves tube type pAsseNGer vAlves Rated to 80 PSI Fits .453 rim holes Not for rims over .205 thick Effective length 1.27 Special compound cushion g

TIRE PRODUCTS vAlve AdApter vAlve AdApter Converts large bore to standard bore Uses inner valve threads 808 GAt 37096 808 GAt 37080 Airliquid Core housiNG Screws into airliquid valves a

TIRE PRODUCTS plAstiC CAps vC8 Qty Box 4 100 500 808 GAt sCreWdriver CAps vC2 Fit .305 32 threads on standard type valves 38505 38505100 38505500 Qty Box 386004 4 38600100 100 808 GAt stANdAr

TIRE PRODUCTS Air tool oil Compressor oil 10 weight, nondetergent oil Working temperature 20 F to 440 F 10014 100116 100132 Size 4 oz 16 oz 20 oz 1002 100232 Size 1 gallon 32 oz Flip Top 5

TIRE PRODUCTS truCk bus ClAmpiN tubeless tire vAlves tubeless Airliquid vAlve Straight clampin type valves for 58 side hole mounting For demountable and non demountable rims TR618A 212 lengt

TIRE PRODUCTS reiNforCed uNitized boots Right angle cord construction Wont dry out or selfcure May be used with cement or a spotter Not for use on tubeless tires 13102 13103 13105 13106 Format

TIRE PRODUCTS pAtChes 14137 14139 14140 14152 14153 14154 14159 14403 14404 Type Small Round Medium Round Large Round Small Round Medium Round Large Round Large Oval Round Round Size in 214 314 418 1

TIRE PRODUCTS emerGeNCy repAir kit Contains 15172 open eye needle and 15174 probe screwdriver type tool For all bias ply and nonspeed rated radial tires Refill Kit available 5 refill strips and 0.

TIRE PRODUCTS tire iNserts 15179 15184 15206 15207 15280 15281 Application PermaStrip Bias ply and radial tires Auto and light truck radial tires Bias ply and tubeless tires Bias ply and radial tire

TIRE PRODUCTS CAmCure CemeNt rubber lubriCANt 12 pint 8 oz can 12087 12287 Description HeavyDuty, nonflammable Flammable Cleans and preserves tires, rubber parts, floor mats and vinyl tops 1

TIRE PRODUCTS puNCture seAl tire iNflAtor Patented nonflammable formula Sensor safe 510 g aerosol with 8 applicator hose puNCture seAl for pAsseNGer CArs 8 203mm applicator hose 680 g M1115

TIRE PRODUCTS slime smArt spAir emerGeNCy tire repAir Repairs and inflates tires within 15 minutes Includes automotive tire sealant, 473 ml, 12 volt, 300 PSI air compressor with builtin tire pressu

TIRE PRODUCTS slime 3miNute heAvyduty tire iNflAtor 12 volt, 150 PSI compressor 16 ft. air hose with quickrelease coupler Bright LED safety light Builtin pressure gauge Canvas bag for storage I

TIRE PRODUCTS 150 psi heAvyduty Compressor With hose Compressor ONOFF light switch 9 3m 15A Power cord with12V cigarette lighter plug Antivibration rubber feet 16.4 ft 5m air hose Includes adapt

TIRE PRODUCTS WiNdoW iNflAtor GAuGes 2 lb increments Gauge cartridge and valve cartridge replaceable Window inflator gauges equipped with magnifying lens Built in deflator 501 Head Dual HeadSt

TIRE PRODUCTS vAlve repAir tool treAd depth GAuGe For rethreading inside and outside of valve stems Insertion or removal of valve cores Tap size .210836 Calibrated 0 to 1 in 132 S445 S448

TIRE PRODUCTS treAd depth GAuGe 4WAy tire vAlve repAir tool Steel indicator bar Calibrated from 0 to 1 in 132 40395 41067 808 GAt 808 GAt vAlve Core extrACtor 41444 vAlve Core extrACtor

TIRE PRODUCTS tire mArkiNG CrAyoNs professioNAl bufferstitCher 17235 17236 17253 Description White Yellow Yellow, 12 x 12pack 144 crayons 17237 808 GAt 808 GAt bAll beAriNG stitCher CottoN

TIRE PRODUCTS Wheel ChoCks Rubber wheel chocks for trailers, cars or other small vehicles Nonslip surface provides superior traction. 11984 11985 Size in 712 x 6 x 334 1058 x 7 x 412 622 dyl 119

TIRE PRODUCTS Wheel WeiGhts AW series Application Wide array of cars from Buick to Geo AW025N AW025UBX AW050N AW050UBX AW075N AW075UBX AW100N AW100UBX AW125N AW125UBX AW150N AW150UBX Weight 14 oz

TIRE PRODUCTS Wheel WeiGhts iAW series Application Import car alloy wheels. Replaces most twopiece alloy wheel weight designs commonly found on vehicles manufactured in Europe IAW005 IAW010 IAW015

TIRE PRODUCTS Wheel WeiGhts mC series Application Many cars from AMC Eagle to Subaru MC025N MC025UBXC MC050N MC050UBXC MC075N MC075UBXC MC100N MC100UBXC MC125N MC125UBXC MC150N MC150UBXC Weight 1

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL HALOGeN buLb Watts SL209PDQ 1500 siNGLeTAp NONLiGHTed eNd exTeNsiON COrds Length Rating ft A Wire SL725 25 13 163 SJTW SL750 50 13 163 SJTW SL751 100 13 163 SJTW 146 bAY 146

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL eLeCTriCAL repLACemeNT pLuGs SL151 SL152 Type Male, 3prong Female, 3prong 6WAY OuTLeT sTrip WiTH surGe prOTeCTOr 4.5, SJT 143 cord 146 bAY TriTAp AdApTer SL736 146 bAY

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL iNCANdesCeNT WOrkLiGHT Grounded handle outlet and metal cage 100307 100310 100315 Type Incandescent Incandescent Incandescent Taps Single Single Single Length ft 23 7 m

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL TriTAp COrd reeL WOrk LiGHTs 221308 222315 222308 Type TriTap Cord Reel HeavyDuty Clear Lighted TriTap Cord Reel Chrome Cord Reel Taps Triple Triple Triple Rating Length ft A

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL Led FLAsHLiGHTs 5109LD12 5109LS Description Benefits LED floating industrial lantern Floating, shatterproof lens LED lantern Floating, shatterproof lens 2 light modes Spot, re

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL WATCH, miNiATure pHOTO eLeCTrONiC bATTeries 0 Hg on all Zero Mercury cells Used in heart rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors, toys and games 357BPZ A23BPZ2 A76

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL HArd CAse Led FLAsHLiGHT TUF2AAPE TUF4AAPE TUFPAL31E TUFPL22PH Description Task light Project light Lens activated area light Inspection light Bulb Bright white Bright white W

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL FLuOresCeNT LiGHT Tubes F32T8SP41ECO F34CWRSWMECO F40SP65ECO F96T12DX F96T12CWWM F96T8SPX41 Model T8 T12 T12 T12 T12 T8 Type Cool White Cool White Deluxe Deluxe Cool White Coo

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL miNi sTiCkON OvAL reFLeCTOrs LOW prOFiLe mOuNTiNG brACkeT Fits narrow rails and tight spaces Mountable with two 8 screws Firmstick backing for instant bond and lasting a

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL sTANdArd CLeArANCe mArker LAmps 088 GrO 45822 45823 46412 46413 46742 46743 Hermetic lenstohousing seal Meets PC function only when mounted at a 45 angle Color Red Amber

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL eCONOmY OvAL sTOpTAiLTurN LAmp Female pin connection Available in both red and amber 52182 52183 Color Red Amber 088 GrO TOrsiON mOuNT ii sTOpTAiLTurN LAmp 4 GelMount

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL reseALAbLe LiCeNse LAmp eCONOmY COurTesY LAmp Protrudes less than 2 Housing snaps into molded oring Gray Illuminates instrument panel and compartments 088 60001 60

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL 3 sTiCkON CONvex mirrOr dOCumeNT HOLder Extends drivers view Bonds instantly Aluminum mirror back Comes with document protector polybag Two mounting options for flexibi

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL HeAvY duTY 7WAY CONNeCTOrs Automotive, marine, recreational and truck applications PVC wire Operating temperature 105C 221F Weather resistant molded head Male vehicle e

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL ATOATC ANd miNi sTYLe Fuse HOLders 822164 822165 822166 822207 822209 822208 Amps 20 30 30 20 20 20 Gauge 14 12 12 16 14 14 Size in 7 8 10 7 7 7 Description Black, blunt cut O

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL HeAvY duTY CHArGiNG CLips Jaws accommodate up to 34 50 amp Excellent for test equipment Use for OEM repair and custom build Colorcoded vinyl boots 845006 088 GrO 31

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL primArY Wire Single conductor PVC jacket resists grease, oil, gasoline, acids other abrasive materials Temperature rating 40C 40Fto 85C 185F Meets SAE code J1128 specifi

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL bATTerY TermiNALs 1400 1405 1410 1425 1429 1430 1435 Description 2piece universal top post terminal 8piece universal top post terminal 50piece universal top post terminal Univ

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL GLAss Fuses 32 V ACDC 250V may be substituted Description 20 15 10 20 2 25 2.5 30 3 35 40 4 30 25 20 10 10 20 30 Boxed No. AGC1 AGC1.5 AGC10 AGC15 AGC2 AGC20 AGC212 AGC25 A

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL LOW prOFiLe miNi Fuses rATed 58v Similar performance characteristics as the standard MINI fuse Lower overall height allows for more space and weight savings Designed to ma

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL bOOsTer CAbLes CLAmps Remain flexible to 40C 816732 8167NE 8167PE 817732 8177NE 8177PE 818032 8180NE 8180PE 872991 8729N31 8729P31 8163E 8164E 8164JE 8164PE 8165FE 8165HE

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL uNiversAL mAriNe TermiNALs 88011 880BP 880ST11 880STBP 880E12 880EN11 880EP11 880HDBP 879NF11 879N11 898NBP 899PBP Description Universal top Universal top Side terminal Side

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL COmpACT pArT sTOrAGe sYsTem kiTs Labeled with individual part numbers for reordering 3150191 3150291 3150391 3180191 3180391 3180691 3180791 Pieces 195 195 90 72 435 95 58

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL uNiversAL serviCe repAir piGTAiLs 089 piC 5407BP 5460BP 5461BP 5462BP 550711 550811 550911 551011 551111 551311 5604BP Description 18GA Universal Sealed Beam 18GA Socket Re

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL primArY Wire Stranded annealed, single conductor copper wire, thermoplastic GPT PVC insulated For use at 60 Volts or less Meets SAE J1128 specifications, ROHS compliant 6GA

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL xTreme WOrkLiGHT 24 Led WOrkLiGHT 60 white LEDs 300 lumens Rechargeable battery battery life indicator Waterproof 360o swivel hooks 2x Car charger and household adapt

LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL spOTLiGHT LANTerN 43 Leds reCHArGeAbLe mAGNeTiC piCk up Led LiGHT WiTH iNspeCTiON mirrOr Spot light lantern emergency light Includes compass and hanging hook 360o sw

MAINTENANCE Kleenex FACiAl Tissue White 8.4 x 8.2 21.3 x 20.8cm sCoTT KiTChen roll Towels White Made with ABSORBENCY POCKETS More sheets on a roll 4.9 roll diameter 11 x 8.78 27.9cm x 22

MAINTENANCE sCoTT shoP Towels sCoTT shoP Towels Format in 75192 10 x 13 Colour Qty Blue 200 POPUP Box Super strong works when wet Easily absorbs liquids, oils and grease Fits on standard towel

MAINTENANCE wyPAll l20 wiPers wyPAll l20 wiPers Brown, 14 fold 12.5 x 13 47000 88 Count 4Ply Pop Up Box Ideal for singleuse parts and tool cleanups and generalpurpose field utility wiping

MAINTENANCE gArAge Floor Kleen Powdered detergent mixture designed to clean grease, oil and dirt off concrete floors, garage floors, machine shops, factory floors and other industrial workplaces 2

MAINTENANCE FoAm blADe squeegees Handle not included 515 mAl 84518 84524 84630 Blade in 18 24 30 Description Regular Regular Heavyduty adj.socket TelesCoPiC winDow wAsher 8 Plastic Squeege

MAINTENANCE Floor squeegee hAnDles Handle in Description 116 54 Hardwood 13046 30 Vinylcoated steel 515 mAl hAnDles Handle in 11854 54 115RED 1534 111U 20 112U 30 Description Aluminum, univ.thread

MAINTENANCE rAnger moP LB20C LB24C Description 20 oz 24 oz 514 mAn Corn broom 514 mAn 100 Floor brooms 2518T 2524T 2618T 2624T 518T 524T 54BM 54VV 60B Description 18 Regular 24 Regular 18 Mediu

MAINTENANCE TorK mini Jumbo roll ADvAnCeD bATh Tissue 2ply white tissue, 7.4inch roll Fewer refills Made from 100 recycled fiber, EcoLogo Certified. 821 sCA 12024402 TorK Jumbo roll bATh Tissu

MAINTENANCE TorK PerForATeD Towel roll Perforated twoply construction, maximum absorbency 821 sCA HB1990A TorK CenTerFeeD roll hAnD Towels TorK ADvAnCeD mini CenTerFeeD hAnD Towels Onea

MAINTENANCE 3PAnel TorK xPress Towels 9 x 10 towels 3panel interfolded system no towel fallout Easy to refill 100 recycled fibre, EcoLogo Certified. 821 sCA 101291 TorK insTiTuTion Towels 2

MAINTENANCE PAPer bAgs 500 per case 011074 011075 011076 011077 011082 011083 Description Regular paper bags Regular paper bags Regular paper bags Regular paper bags Grocery bags Grocery bags Fo

MAINTENANCE rAgs BXW10C BXW25C BXWW20C CXW25C BX25C JXC10C JXC25C Pack 10 lb 25 lb 20 lb 25 lb 25 rags 10 lb 25 lb Material Premium tshirt Premium tshirt Premium tshirt Recycled tshirt Tshirt New jer

MAINTENANCE sPilKleen Plus grAnulAr AbsorbenT Absorbtion claycellulose mix Nonflammable, cost effective and environmentally accepted by product material which fulfills Government guidelines on Recy

MAINTENANCE inDusTriAl wArehouse Corn broom lArge hAnD Corn wisK CB108 CB102 broom brACes Description BB7001 SMI HeavyDuty Metal Block Brace Long Rod Push MI351 Broom Brace Use With Plastic H

HYGIENE AND SAFETY CHerry HAnd CleAner Fine pumice lotion formula acts quickly on oil, grease, tar, asphalt and adhesive Light cherry scent 3L PAinters CleAnTM HAnd CleAner PArr 203 28218

HYGIENE AND SAFETY CHerry gel PumiCe HAnd CleAner Gelstyle with cherry fragrance and pumice scrubbers Cleans heavy dirt, grease and oil pH balanced to promote skin comfort 10 oz 818 gOJ 235802

HYGIENE AND SAFETY suPrO mAXTM HAnd CleAner Creme HAnd CleAner Removes most inks, tough, sticky soils and adhesives Nondrying formula For removing grease, tar and oil 4.5 lb 728204 727204 S

HYGIENE AND SAFETY sCrubbing WiPes Formulated to lift heavy dirt and grime from skin, and help prevent dryness and irritation Contains skin conditioners FAst WiPes HAnd CleAning tOWels Ideal w

HYGIENE AND SAFETY eArmuFFs EM103 EM105 EM106 EM109A NRR Rating 22 26 25 28 Description Adjustable headband 3Position headband Foldable headband Wireframe foldable headband Type Econo Dielectric Diel

HYGIENE AND SAFETY z94.3 sAFety eyeWeAr 822 Cdr CA1012UC CA1101BAHC CA1101BCHC CA1112CHC CA1113AHC CA1113CAF CA1113CHC CA1113GHC CA1113IO CA1113SM CA1117BAHC CA1117BCAF CA1117BCHC CA1117BSM CA1117B

HYGIENE AND SAFETY Hiviz glOves Black rubber coated textured palm 5589... 5590... 8845... 8846... Description Thermal Thermal Polycoton Polycoton Couleur Red Green Red Green Size Chart Size 7

HYGIENE AND SAFETY meCHAniCs glOves Goatskin leather palm and antislip surface Black spandex mesh back Keystone thumb Slip on elastic wrist with Velcro tab closure for a more comfortable fit G

HYGIENE AND SAFETY nAvy sHOP COAt COverAlls 6535 polycotton Preshrunk twill fabric Snap front closure Four front pockets and side openings Preshrunk navy 6535 PolyCotton Two way YKK brass zip

HYGIENE AND SAFETY FlAme resistAnt PvCPOly rAinWeAr Wind and waterproof Snap buttons on leg and waist, pockets on front and side, removable hood Meets the requirements for FR of CGSB155.202000

HYGIENE AND SAFETY bC9r rubber COnstruCtiOn bOOt CSA grade 1 steel toe and plate 100 waterproof rubber with nylon cuff and shin protection Lime resistant and oil resistant 822 Cdr BC9R7 BC9R8 B

HYGIENE AND SAFETY tHiCKsterTM 14 mil lAteX disPOsAble glOves rAvenTM 6 mil nitrile glOves Powderfree, 12 in length Textured grip and beaded cuff Box qty 50 gloves Powderfree, ambidextrous g

HYGIENE AND SAFETY deluXe FirstAid Kits Meets ANSI Z308.12009 Standard Comprehensive deluxe kits contain various firstaid supplies for treating injuries, wounds and burns 6035 6050 60991 of Per

HYGIENE AND SAFETY HigHimPACt POlyCArbOnAte lens 8 x 15 12, 0.06 thickness Preinjected curved lens 5150 5152 5155 5157 Type Curved Curved Aspherical Aspherical Shade Clear Gray Clear Dark Green

SEASONAL PRODUCTS WATer remover loCk DiCer 3in1 fuel treatment that fights gas freezeup, helps prevent rust and corrosion and cleans the entire fuel system Contains no alcohol 155 ml 17114 1

SEASONAL PRODUCTS loCkDeiCer Instantly defreezes all types of locks Absorbs water from lock and lubricates internal lock mechanism preventing next freezing iCeoFF WinDsHielD sPrAY DeiCer Melt

SEASONAL PRODUCTS TelesCoPiC snoW brUsHes 511E 581E 595E 515 mAl Head in 7 8 5 x 16 Handle in 23 36 30 48 32 52 PivoT HeAD sPorT Telebrooms Rubber squeegee 583EP 584EP Head in 10 10 515 m

SEASONAL PRODUCTS HAnD snoW brUsH biG blADe sCrAPer 10 Long 378 Wide 518 89835 515 mAl 515 mAl mAxx xs 16 sCrAPer emerGenCY sHovel WiTH FoAm GriP Extends from 30 to 40 994 515 mAl 2

MISCELLANEOUS LittLe trees Air Fresheners U1P10221 U1P10318 U1P10311 U1P10109 U1P10319 U1K10312 U1P11755 U1P10316 U1P10228 U1P17343 U1P10320 U1P10103 U1P10338 U1P10967 U1P10102 U1P10433 U1P10431 U1P1

MISCELLANEOUS LittLe trees Assortments 24 per display strip LittLe trees PumP Air Fresheners UPS05089 Description New Car 2 oz Description Classic UHS1010012 Assorted Trees Fruit UHS1030012 Ass

MISCELLANEOUS big horn Meets all Coast Guard requirements with a loud output of 125 dB at one meter Ideal for many different applications such as sporting events, graduations or marine horn With

MISCELLANEOUS DeFenDer eLeCtromAgnetiC moDuLe Produces an RF pulse signal creating surface currents over the steel body of the vehicle Breaks down the Zinc Oxide wall, allowing the Zinc galvanizin

MISCELLANEOUS truCk trAiLer rubber sPLAshguArDs Reinforced to not crack or tear Easy to cut and custom fit around unique applications Universal fit to most flatbed trucks, trailers, and equipm

MISCELLANEOUS 12voLt ACCessory PoWer outLet 12voLt Long CigArette Lighter 587 2135C 587 PWr 2141C PWr 12voLt CigArette Lighter rePLACement WeLL heAvyDuty 50 AmP onoFF toggLe sWitCh 2A41C 5

MISCELLANEOUS DriveWAy mArkers DriveWAy mArkers 2668 2667 2665 2666 Description Address Post with Number Kit 72, Reflex Design with Tape Top 72, Telescopic RedWhite Round reflector with foot spike

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index Cleaners contd Engine .......................................................................................................................................................111, 113, 116120 Floo

index Heat shrinkable tubing .......................................................................................................................................................265, 271 Hole gromme

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