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SOLUTIONS AGRICOLES ET INDUSTRIELLES SUMMER T 2018 415 SPK 665 DSI AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIAL Vehicle Spill Kits Each kit contains 10 sorbent pads, 1 sorbent sock 10, 1 pair of gloves and 1 dispo


3 125 ILC THE KEY TO A NEW BUSINESS LA CL DUNE NOUVELLE OPPORTUNIT DAFFAIRES Beat the competition and attract more customers to your store With an Ilco key cutting package, you can offer CONSUMERS

4 SOLUTIONS 783 BEK 34415 Ratchet Straps Courroies cliquet 02300 02400 34411 01800 Part No. No de pice Size in x ft Taille po x pi Max. cap. lbs Cap. max. lb Hooks Crochets Price Prix 14

5 783 BEK 59806 59800 59807 59500 RecoveryTow Straps Sangles de rcuprationremorquage Part No. No de pice Size in x ft Taille po x pi Max. cap. lbs Cap. max. lb Price Prix 2 x 20 18,000 59500

6 SOLUTIONS 459 BBE 64.100.007 64.100.010 64.100.011 64.110.007 64.111.010 Chain Hooks Crochets pour chanes Part No. No de pice Description Size in Dimensions po Price Prix G70 Slip Hook Croch

7 56602 344 CUR 57271 52011 Electrical Towing Components Composantes lectriques pour remorques CALL US CONTACTEZNOUS 57184 Part No. No de pice Model Modle Price Prix Breakaway Switch Inte

8 SOLUTIONS 856 BPS LIMITED QUANTITIES X1515EN X1115EW1COMX X1115EW1COM X1520EW1COM QUANTITS LIMITES Pressure Washers Laveuses pression Part No. No de pice X1515EN X1115EW1COMX X1115EW1COM X1

9 X4013HWPCATR 856 BPS X2565HWGEN X3170RWX X2005HWA X4013HWPCOMK X2565HWCOM X2760HWX Hot Water Pressure Washers Laveuses pression eau chaude CALL US CONTACTEZNOUS Part No. No de pice X20

10 SOLUTIONS 856 BPS High Pressure Rubber Hose with Quick Connectors 6000 PSI, 38 x 100, black and red. High Pressure Hose with Quick Connectors 4000 PSI, 38 x 100, black. Compressors Compresse

11 668 GPI Electric Gear Pumps Pompes engrenages lectriques 11000081 11000099 Part No. No de pice Description GPMLPM Voltage Price Prix Manual nozzle, designed for use in stationary applicati

12 SOLUTIONS 830 SCE 07539 07624 07649 07079 07081 03615 Jerrycans Bidons Part No. No de pice Model Modle Description L J63 Chainsaw combo Combo scie chane 6 2.25 03615 D520 Diesel, Yell

13 NEW NOUVEAU 415 SPK GPSK5 SK5 Spill Kits All kits contain 1 pair of gloves and 1 disposal bag. CSKZVO CSKZVU Trousses de dversement Toutes les trousses contiennent une paire de gants et

14 SOLUTIONS Diesel Fuel Conditioner AntiGel 205 RAD M6932C 15.99 Lubricates and lowers gelling up to 15C below base fuel Absorbs water 946 ml. Engine Cleaner and Degreaser Safely clean

15 LiquidWrench Super Lubricant with Cerflon 205 RAD Liquid Wrench Super Penetrant Liquid Wrench Long Lasting Rust Inhibitor 255g. Quickacting, fastpenetrating solvent that loosens rusted nuts,

16 SOLUTIONS 203 PTX Threadlocker Adhsif freinfilet Part No. No de pice Description Format Price Prix Medium Blue Moyen Bleu 50 ml 31.99 24250 Permanent Red Permanent Rouge 50 ml 31.99 26

17 130 MMM 121660000020 118720000020 114710000020 122620000020 122610000020 SF401AFCA CALL US CONTACTEZNOUS Protective Eyewear Lunettes de scurit Part no. No de pice Model Modle Lens Lentil

18 SOLUTIONS 6200 6300 7502 130 MMM 7503 6502QL 6503QL 6800 6900 R6211C07178 Respirators Appareils de protection respiratoire Part No. No de pice Description Size Taille Price Prix 6000 Ser

19 342 MXW 936 SAS Mechanics Gloves Gants de mcanicien Part No. No de pice MFF05008 MFF05009 MFF05010 MFF05011 MFF05012 MG05008 MG05009 MG05010 MG05011 MG05012 MPT58008 MPT58009 MPT58010 MPT5801

20 SOLUTIONS Nitrile Gloves Gants de nitrile 443 MAI Part No. No de pice Thickness paisseur Size Taille QtyBox Bote Price Prix M 100 901003 5 mil LG 100 901004 6.39 XL TG 100 901005 SP 100 901

21 665 DSI NEW LINE NOUVELLE LIGNE FAFS15X15100 FAFS2X3100 Individually Wrapped Adhesive Bandages Pansements adhsifs emballage individuel FAFS006100 FAFS007100 FAFS15X25100 FAFS1X3100 Part No

22 SOLUTIONS 665 DSI NEW LINE NOUVELLE LIGNE HotCold Therapy Compresses chaudesfroides Part No. No de pice Description Size in Format po Price Prix Instant Cold Pack Compress Compresse f

23 665 DSI NEW LINE NOUVELLE LIGNE Provincial First Aid Kit Trousse de premiers soins provinciale FAKBC1BN FAKBCBASBN First Aid Kits as per Provincial Health and Safety requirements Trousses d

24 SOLUTIONS 818 GOJ 235802 111506 727204 095502 CALL US CONTACTEZNOUS Hand Cleaner Nettoyant pour les mains Part No. No de pice Description Cherry gel pumice cleaner Nettoyant poudre ponce it

25 582 WIP BX10C BX25C BXW25C Rags Chiffons Part No. No de pice Material Matriau Description Pack Emballage Price Prix Tshirt Tricot Color, bulk Couleur, en vrac 10 rags chiffons BX10

26 SOLUTIONS 586 SCT 01010 02021 02068 32896 75120 75190 Scott Shop Towels Essuietout datelier ScottMD Part No. No de pice Description Packaging Emballage Format inpo Color Couleur P

27 600 WAM SSTTM Drill Bit Sets Jeux de forets SSTMC 01E118 01E618 Part No. No de pice Description Pieces Price Prix Quick Shank Rapide 29 219.99 01E118 Jobber Grossiste 29 200.99 01E618

28 SOLUTIONS 150 AME Super MetAl MarkerTM Squeezeaction paint marker for metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic and more Water and weather resistant Perfect for colorcoding parts and assembly

29 443 MAI 810000 179.99 Boyau darrosage en PVC hybride pour dvidoir de jardin Hybrid PVC Water Hose for Water Hose Reel Hose size 12 X 65 outlet and 6 inlet Fitting size 34 GHTF X M Extr

30 SOLUTIONS 443 MAI 704256 704257 704258 Extension Cords Rallonges lectriques Part No. No de pice 704256 704257 704258 Description Block Heater Pour chauffemoteur Block Heater Pour chauffe

31 INDEX 3M Absorbpur Ameta Associated Equipment B.Erickson BE Pressure BenMor Braber Equipment Curt Manufacturing Docap DSI Safety DV Systems Energizer EZ Oil Drain Gojo Great Plains Freight Charges

SOLUTIONS 130 MMM 130 MMM N95 Particulate Respirator Avec soupape dexhalation Cool Flow. 8210V Features the 3MTM Cool FlowTM Exhalation Valve for cool comfort. Respirateur particules N95 1.69