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SOLUTIONS AGRICOLES ET INDUSTRIELLES SPRING PRINTEMPS 2018 856 BPS 219 ARM AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIAL Cold Water Pressure Washer 5 HP Honda engine, BE axial pump 2,500 PSI, 2.3 gpm. Original Pro

2 SOLUTIONS 304 Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Pump 449 MTL 600548 Plastic DEF Rotary Pump Fits 50205L 1555 gal drums Polypropylene Viton construction Delivers up to 5L 1.30 gl. per 20 turns Rec

3 Double Diaphragm Fuel Transfer Pump 449 MTL 601060 Heavyduty fuel transfer pump Ideal for use where compressed air power is not easily available such as farms, ranches, construction sites, bo

4 SOLUTIONS 856 BPS X1115EW1COMX X1115EW1COM X1520EW1COMX X1515EN X1520FW1COMH X2050FW1COM Pressure Washers Laveuses pression Part No. No de pice Engine Moteur Voltage Voltage Amps Amps Maximu

5 856 BPS X2005HWA X2005HWX X2760HWX X4013HWPCOMK X2565HWGEN X3170RWX X4013HWPCATR Pressure Washers Laveuses pression Part No. No de pice Engine Moteur Displacement CC Courant CC Low Oil Shu

6 SOLUTIONS SVC 260 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum 8 gallons, 5.5 peak HP Includes 1.25 x 7 hose, three extension wands, 10 wetdry nozzle, crevice tool and gulper nozzle. Aspirateur sechumide

7 20043 080 DCP 20044 BatteryPowered Fuel Transfer Pump Pompe de transfert dessence piles Part No. No de pice Flow Dbit Batteries Price Prix 2.4 GPM 2x D 20043 48.99 2.5 GPM 2x AA 20044 2

8 SOLUTIONS 34415 01800 783 BEK 07441 34411 51330 Ratchet Straps Courroies cliquet 07435 Part No. No de pice Size in x ft Taille po x pi Max. cap. lbs Cap. max. lb Hooks Crochets Pri

9 459 BBE 700HP 701HP 702HP 702HPR 64.100.007 64.110.007 CALL US CONTACTEZNOUS 64.100.010 64.100.011 64.111.010 Hitch Pins Chevilles pour attelages de remorques Part No. No de pice 702HP 700

10 SOLUTIONS 459 BBE 90.702.001 90.702.002 90.702.006 90.702.008 Sprayers Handheld piston sprayer with conical spray tip wand Lightweight and easy to use, large mouth, pressure relief valve

11 830 SCE Jerrycans Bidons 07539 07624 07649 07079 07081 Part No. No de pice Model Modle Description L NA Chainsaw combo Combo scie chane 6 2.25 03615 D520 Diesel, Yellow Disel, j

12 SOLUTIONS 731 RAL 1209 Batteries Piles Part No. No de pice Description Type Price Prix AA Alkaline Alcaline EN91 0.69 AAA Alkaline Alcaline EN92 0.69 C Alkaline Alcaline EN93 0.99 D A

13 LiquiTube Heavy Duty Tire Sealant 487 NLS Premium heavyduty tire sealant Seals 6 mm punctures in tread area and larger punctures up to 19mm in heavier ply tires Runs tires approximately 35 coo

14 SOLUTIONS Black Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant 80ml. 203 PTX 26250 24250 Scellant adhsif polyurthane noir 80ml. 59503 Threadlocker Adhsif freinfilet 6.39 Part No. No de pice Typ

15 TOP GUN All Purpose Cleaner 205 RAD Engine Cleaner and Degreaser Safely clean and degrease every surfaces of the engine Built to tackle the toughest dirt, grease and oil and is biodegradable

16 SOLUTIONS 241 SEA Motor Treatment Traitement pour moteur 1 gallon 3.78 L. 1 gallon 3,78 L. SF128 16 oz 473 ml. 16 oz 473 ml. SF16 62.99 8.99 Deep CreemTM Penetrating Lubrican


LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIQUIDATION Code Supplier Part No. Fournisseur No de pice P300900004 Acrylic Enamel Dryer, Quart P350310001 Base Acrylic En

LIQUIDATION Code Supplier Part No. Fournisseur No de pice 3358 3421150 Ready Scan Readiness Monitor Tool Genisys 2014 Loyalty Software Kit 14NPT Quick Coupler Scan Tool Display Kit includes 3111PRO, 3

LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIMITED QUANTITIES QUANTITS LIMITES LIQUIDATION Code Supplier Part No. Fournisseur No de pice 101234 Smart Fit Paper Towel 11010401 11020401 11020601 132476 192

17 605 MEG Ultimate Paste Wax With pure hydrophobic polymer technology 311 g. NXT GenerationTM Tech WaxTM 2.0 Protection Ultimate Liquid Wax 473 ml. Cire en pte Ultimate Avec technologie de

18 SOLUTIONS 605 MEG Quick Interior DetailerTM Cleaner Nettoyant rapide Quik Interior DetailerMC Gold ClassTM Leather Cleaner Cleans, shines and protects for car and home. Nettoyant et condition

19 605 MEG Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer 355 ml. Endurance Tire Spray 425 g. Aviveur pour surfaces de plastique noir 355 ml. G15812C Protecteur pour pneus Endurance 425 g. G15415C 8.39

20 SOLUTIONS 413 MOT Reflections Advanced Series Srie Reflections volu Car Wax Cire automobile 473 ml. 10016 Spray Wax Cire pulvriser 680 ml. 10224 19.99 Top Coat Couche de finition 473 ml. 1

21 413 MOT PowerBall Foam Polishing Tool Designed to revitalize plastic, chrome, aluminum and billet polishes, ideal on any uncoated, polishable metal finish Compresses to fit tight spaces. Pow

22 SOLUTIONS 413 MOT California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste 340 g. California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Ultimate wax system, step 3 340 g. California Gold Synthetic Wax 4

23 Stainless Steel Polish 75 ml. 1734 613 AOS 7.39 Poli pour acier inoxydable 75 ml. Aluminum Cleaner 500 ml. Aluminum Polish 1824 Nettoyant pour aluminium 500 ml. 1800 Perfect for

24 SOLUTIONS 515 MAL 62616R 806NY 10NYRD26A 62642R Wash Brushes and Squeegees Brosses de lavage et racloirs Part No. No de pice 42616 Description Handle in Manche po Price Prix 43 65 43 49 60

25 582 WIP Cloths and Rags Linges et chiffons Part No. No de pice Material Matriau Description Pack Emballage Price Prix Tshirt Tricot Color, bulk Couleur, en vrac 10 rags chiffons BX10C 8.6

26 SOLUTIONS 586 SCT 33845 33920 33046 33878 KREW Wipes Essuietout KREWMD 33889 33933 Part No. No de pice Model Modle Format inpo Color Couleur Packaging Emballage Price Prix KREW 20

27 586 SCT CALL US CONTACTEZNOUS KleenGuard A40 Liquid Particle Protection Apparel Vtement de protection contre les liquides et les particules A40 de KleenGuardMD Part No. No de pice Size Taill

28 SOLUTIONS Mechanics Gloves Gants de mcanicien 342 MXW Part No. No de pice MG03008 MG03009 MG03010 MG03011 MG03012 MPT58008 MPT58009 MPT58010 MPT58011 Description Original Gloves, Blue Gant Orig

29 346 WTS Touch Me Conductive Finger Gloves Black Conductive magnetic fibres on thumb, index finger and middle fingers can be used on all electronic devices Acrylicpoly seamless knit Snugfittin

30 SOLUTIONS 130 MMM Inside Protection Plate for Speedglas 9100XX AutoDarkening Filter Protecteur de rechange pour filtre autorglant Speedglas 9100XX 06020030 P95 Particulate Filter Filtre partic

31 INDEX 3M Products Armor All Autosol B.Erickson BE Pressure Braber Car Freshner Docap Eveready Great Plains Grote iLink J.Walter John Watson Kimberly Clark 1, 2930 1, 23 1, 23 8 1, 45, 32 1, 910, 3

SOLUTIONS 080 DCP 20042 64.99 BatteryPowered Fuel Transfer Pump Pumps 11Lmin, works on 4 AA batteries Autostop and leak protection features. 856 BPS WallMounted Pressure Washer 5 HP Baldo