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In 1983... forward thinkers set out to create a product not yet introduced to the marketplace aloe verabased sunscreen. Three decades later and millions of units sold, Aloe Up has become the world le

OUR PROCESS The foundation of every Aloe Up product is pure Aloe Vera Gel. We use a minimum of 35 by volume pure Aloe Vera Gel while competing suncare brands use mineral oil or water as their base ing

Aloe Vera and your skin share a s imilar pH b a l anc e , the re f ore pure Al oe Ve r a Ge l p e n e t r a t e s y o u r u p p e r e p i d e r m i s i m m e d i ately, resulting in Aloe Up p ro ducts


PRO SERIES SUNCARE The Pro Series Lotions were formulated with the athlete in mind. The nongreasy formulas absorb quickly after application, making it the easiest, most convenient and comfortable suns

4oz Lotions available in SPF 15 item 62715, SPF 30 item 62714 and SPF 50 item 62750. 1oz Lotions available in SPF 30 item 62711 and SPF 50 item 62710. 1oz Lotion blister pack in SPF 30 item 62701. 32o

PRO SERIES SUNCARE The Pro Spray Sunscreens were formulated with the athlete in mind. Our unscented spray sunscreen applies evenly without having to rub it in, leaving your hands dry. The nongreasy f

Available in 6oz SPF 15 item 62713, SPF 30 item 62716 and SPF 50 item 62719. 12

13 Available in Medicated SPF 30 item 00011, Natural SPF 15 item 00012, Cherry SPF 15 item 00014, Mint SPF 15 item 00015. Available in blister packs Medicated item 60411, Natural item 60412, Cherry i

PRO SERIES LIP CARE The Pro Lip Balms glide on smoothly leaving your lips replenished, hydrated and protected. The Pro Lip Care products offer a unique blend of natural moisturizing oils and antioxida

ALOE KOTE SPF 25 00008 product benefits aloe oil based spf 25 protection nongreasy, nonwaxy paraben free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, fragrance free noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic Aloe Kote

PRO SUNSCREEN STICK SPF 30 62718 product benefits aloe vera based paraben free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, fragrance free nongreasy, nonwaxy absorbs quickly also available in blister pack i

FOLLOW US There is not a day that goes by where I dont use Aloe Up sunscreen. I spend 360 days outside and need to protect myself from the harmful UV rays. Thank you Aloe Up Doug Stoup icemandoug Dou

Aloe Up is tough on protecting me from the sun so that I can be tough on my competition. It goes on smooth and does not feel greasy like many other brands that I have used in the past. Stephen Armes s

LIL KIDS SUNSCREENS product benefits 35 aloe based by volume uvauvb broad spectrum protection water resistant 80 minutes alcohol and fragrance free oxybenzone, paraben and mineral oil free nong

Aloe Up Lil Kids sunscreens were formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. All Aloe Up Lil Kids formulas are noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic. The nongreasy formula absorbs quickly, making it

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25 4oz Lotions available in SPF 10 item 62510, SPF 30 item 62530 and SPF 50 item 62550. 1oz Lotions available in SPF 30 item 62531.

WHITE COLLECTION SUNCARE The White Collection Lotions are developed with natural elements to be the cleanest and most comfortable sunscreen. With a refreshing hint of CoconutMango fragrance, this aloe

WHITE COLLECTION SUNCARE The Aloe Up White Collection Continuous Sprays nongreasy formula absorbs quickly, for an easy and convenient application. Infused with a refreshing CoconutMango scent, the Whi

Available in 6oz SPF 30 item 62570 and SPF 50 item 62580. 28

WHITE COLLECTION MOISTURIZERS ALOE ICE JELLY product benefits 96.6 pure aloe vera gel topical lidocaine paraben and alcohol free noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic soothes and cools sunburn reduces

Aloe Up After Sun Light Moisturizing Lotion is designed to refresh and rehydrate skin after sun exposure. Based with Aloe Vera Gel, Light Moisturizer leaves skin feeling soft and replenished. Aloe Ic

WHITE COLLECTION LIP CARE Aloe Up White Collection Lip Balms glide on smoothly leaving your lips replenished, hydrated and protected. Aloe Up Lip Care products offer a unique blend of natural moisturi

Available in Natural SPF 15 item 00005, Passion Fruit SPF 15 item 00006, Citrus SPF 15 item 00007 Medicated SPF 30 item 00010. 32

WHITE COLLECTION FACE SANITIZER FOR THE FACE SPF 25 product benefits aloe based nongreasy, absorbs quickly lightweight formula paraben free, alcohol free, mineral oil free noncomedogenic, hypoa

SANITIZERS product benefits aloe enriched alcohol free effective against 99.999 of germs protects for 30 minutes after application nontoxic nonflammable kid safe Aloe Up Sanitizers, available

TANNING OILS product benefits aloe oil based tropical oil infusion paraben free quick and even coverage refreshing scent noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic alcohol free pump oil only 35

Aloe Up Tanning Oils combine the base of pure Aloe Vera with the tropical oils of banana, coconut, apricot, palm and almond provide a clean, nongreasy formula. Aloe Up Oils work as moisturizers for th

for more information phone 800.950.2563 email

POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS Lip Balm Tower 4L x 4W x 9H Shelf Talker Box 5.25L x 5.25W x 6H 41

Pen Sanitizer Display 5.25L x 5.25W x 6H Fishbowl 5L x 5W x 7H 42

CUSTOM KITS 43 for more information phone 800.950.2563 email

minimum order quantity 50 units production lead time 15 business days low, one time setup fee applies various bag sizes, colors and styles available MESH BAG Large Small Colors black, white, red

CUSTOM SUNCARE LIP BALM CUSTOM SUNSCREEN LOTION 4 oz. and 1 oz. minimum order quantity 1000 units production lead time 68 wks rush charge will apply low, one time setup fee applies spf 50, 30, li

CUSTOM LIP BALM AND SANITIZERS natural, coco mango, citrus, passion fruit, mint, apple, cherry, pina colada, watermelon, vanilla, spf 30 medicated minimum order quantity 100 units production lead

WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION CONTACTS World Headquarters Aloe Care International, LLC 9700 W. 76th St., Ste 112 Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Contact Neal Klein 800.950.2563 Bahamas Sho

Indonesia Raja Golf Contact Setiawan S. 62.21.739.7252 Ireland Club 4 2000 Ltd Contact Mark Wyse 353.1.202.1560 Jamaica Miracle Corporation Ltd.

3 simple steps The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that over the last 30 years, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined. To ensure your safest day in the sun, follow our Three