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IntroDucinG F1 FIREARMS Performance Unmatched Our companys advanced weapons manufacturing facility is stateoftheart and we have assembled a topnotch team of experienced designers and machinists to en

Complete Rifles BDR15 BDR15 Complete Rifle Utilizing our rigid BDR15 Receiver Set as its base, the BDR15 rifle is designed for whatever you can throw at it. Each rifle comes standard with a match gr

Complete Rifles BDR15 3G BDR15 3G Complete Rifle Utilizing our patented lightweight 3G Receiver Set as its base, the BDR15 3G rifle is ready for competition straight out of the box. Each rifle comes

Complete Rifles BDR15 PISTOLS BDR15 BDR15 3G Pistols The F1 Firearms BDR15 and BDR15 3G Pistols chambered in either .223 Wylde or .300 AAC are small enough to fit in your laptop case although we wo

Complete Rifles FDR15 FDR15 Mod 1,2,3 The Forged Defense Rifle MOD 1 FDR15 MOD 1 by F1 Firearms lays the groundwork for an All American Made premium forged line. The FDR15 is a MILSPEC base model ri

Complete Rifles BDR10 BDR10 Complete Rifle Utilizing our new BDR10 Large Frame Receiver Set as its base, the BDR10 rifle is designed to provide long range capability in both .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor v

Complete Rifles BDR10 3G BDR10 3G Complete Rifle Based in lightweight stature and cosmetic perfection, our BDR10 3G rifle is an industry first and a one of a kind. Boasting one of the lightest setup

Receiver Sets BDR15 BDR15 3G BDR15 Receiver Set The F1 Firearms BDR15 Set was meticulously designed to be the pinnacle of function and reliability, while retaining beautiful form through exterior c

Receiver Sets BDR10 BDR10 3G BDR10 Receiver Set You asked we answered. F1 Firearms has just released our BDR10 Receiver Set. Based on popular DPMS large frame specifications for customization and

Receiver Sets FDR15 UDR15 3G FDR15 Receiver Set The Forged Matched Receiver Set by F1 Firearms carries above MILSPEC tolerances and some F1 Firearms lines and features. The receiver set is All Amer

Receiver Sets BDR10 BDR10 3G UDR15 3G Complete Upper Looking for a complete upper that looks as good as it performs This complete upper, built off of our universal upper receiver the UDR15 3G, is

HanDGuarDs C7K CoNtourED C7K Contoured Handguard The F1 Firearms C7K Contoured Handguard is unique in design in that it comes with a quick placement grip area for ease of repeatability and comfort.

HanDGuarDs S7M SuPEr LItE S7M Super Lite Handguard The F1 Firearms S7M Super Lite Handguard was designed, as the name suggests, to be super lightweight. The handguard is not only aesthetically pleas

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HanDGuarDs H7M Ultra LItE H7M Ultra Lite Handguard The F1 Firearms H7M Ultra Lite Handguard was designed to be extremely lightweight without sacrificing rigidity appealing to both competitive shoote

HanDGuarDs MICulEK M7M M7M Miculek Handguard The 15 Miculek Handguard by F1 Firearms was designed with world renowned shooter Lena Miculek specifically for the competitive shooting circuit. Made fro

Barrels StEEl MatCH GraDE F1 Firearms Stainless Steel Barrels We use our own stateoftheart barrel cell to provide high end 416 twice stressrelieved stainless steel blanks. We QAQC throughout the ent

Barrels TItaNIuM CoatED MatCH GraDE F1 Firearms Titanium Coated Barrels F1 Firearms is partnered with Gunwright to use their technology to fusionbond titanium to 416 twice stressrelieved stainless s

Bolt Carrier Groups DuraBolt F1 Firearms Bolt Carrier Groups The F1 Firearms DuraBolt direct impingement BCGs are fullauto rated and available in 5.56 NATO or 7.62 NATO. The 5.56 NATO M16M4 bolt ca

Bolt Carrier Groups DuraBolt DuraBolt Silver CrN The DuraBolt Silver is enhanced with a Physical Vapor Deposition PVD CrN coating, which gives it an extremely durable and corrosion resistant silver

Compensators F1 Firearms CMB Black Nitride The F1 Firearms Compensating Muzzle Brake CMB Black Nitride was designed to withstand the elements, recoil and muzzle rise. Made of 4140 lowalloy steel it

Cases Soft Double Rifle Case Tactical Case Hard Case 23

Complete Rifles CUSTOM BUILDS Make it Unique Make it Yours F1 Firearms offers a wide selection of customizable options to individualize your rifle. Pick from our extensive color palette, select you

Complete Rifles CUSTOM FINISHES Custom Finishes Battleworn Nickel Boron Nickel Boron Various Type III Anodized 26

Complete Rifles CUSTOM FINISHES ...Miles from Ordinary Polished Aluminum Custom Cerakote Custom Cerakote 27

Product Table SKU BDR15P BDR153GP BDR15FB1 BDR153GFB2 FDR15MOD1 FDR15MOD2 FDR15MOD3 BDR10FB1 BDR10FB1 BDR15 BDR153G Product BDR15 AR Pistol BDR153G AR Pistol BDR15 Complete Rifle BDR153G Complete Rifl