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FALL 2017 North Carolina Association for Supervision Curriculum Development From the President Dear NCASD Membership The theme for NCASCD this year is Impact. Teachers have a significant Impact on s

NCASCD FALL 2017 The Journey Toward Becoming a Tech Master Dr. Robin Finberg Executive Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, AlamanceBurlington Schools Every school year begins with t

NCASCD FALL 2017 Badge, along with other Badging opportunities. We wanted to design professional learning experiences in which educators had opportunities to come together across the district in face

NCASCD FALL 2017 student learning outcomes. As we start another school year with excitement and anticipation of new beginnings, we look forward to welcoming our third cohort of teachers as they begin

NCASCD FALL 2017 Effects of Middle School Math Acceleration Dr. Chris Dossenbach Principal, Southern Lee High School, Lee County Schools Since 2009, a rural North Carolina School district has promote

NCASCD FALL 2017 Math II, and Math III. The results of this study indicated that the acceleration initiative caused Algebra I scores to decline and reduced the likelihood of students progressing thro

NCASCD FALL 2017 during grades 912. Students who continued on a traditional path did not show a significant decline in growth. Over time, students who continued on a traditional path showed expected

NCASCD FALL 2017 NewtonConover Middle School Key classroom technologies that helped transform culture James Frye Instructional Tech Facilitator and Public Information Officer, NewtonConover City Scho

NCASCD FALL 2017 the room. Teachers using the microphone system can speak in nurturing tones, can be heard over disturbances such as sneezing, coughing, shuffling papers, hall traffic, AC, fans, etc.

NCASCD FALL 2017 equipped with a safety alert system that provided the teacher with a panic button on the microphone. In case of emergency, the teacher presses the button, and an alert is sent to adm

NCASCD FALL 2017 Reassessing Recess While Turning Policy Into Practice Deirdre Moyer Student Health Coordinator, Rockingham County Schools Kristin Hathorn Executive Director, Playworks North Carolina

NCASCD FALL 2017 misbehaving students to make up classroom work, or sit out because of behavioral issues. In Rockingham County, however, the District has spent time reassessing recess and has begun t

NCASCD FALL 2017 Preparing Students for the Real World Victoria Lunetta Creamer Principal, Ephesus Road Elementary, Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools My sixth grade son came home from school one aft

NCASCD FALL 2017 writing a name on an assignment might be that heshe doesn get it back until all of the others t have been distributed. Similarly, the teacher might have to remind the student to incl

NCASCD FALL 2017 the mistakes I made in assigning punishments rather than teaching replacement behaviors. It worries me, however, that in all that time, no parent, colleague, or administrator ever qu

NC ASCD BO ARD201 7 Dr . Lor y M or r ow , President Dr . M ich ael Br acy, PresidentElect Dr . Der r ick Jor dan , Past President Dr . Lillie Cox, Executive Director Dr . Cin dy Cor cor an, Secretary