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SPRING 2018 North Carolina Association for Supervision Curriculum Development From the President Dear NCASD Membership It is hard to believe the school year is almost over NCASCD continues to advoca

NCASCD SPRING 2018 Equity and Excellence for Everyone Balancing the Tightrope from a District Perspective Dr. Derrick D. Jordan, Superintendent, Chatham County Schools, NC Dr. Amanda J. Hartness, Ass

NCASCD SPRING 2018 comprehensive selfassessment as a part of the reaccreditation process. The strategic plan also underwent major review and revision. In almost oneyear time, district staff and exte

NCASCD SPRING 2018 Conducted student equity focus groups in the high schools Training for support staff in the area of restorative justice practices Provided training for school teams on Teachi

NCASCD SPRING 2018 Career and Technical Education is for ALL Students Nancy L. Cross Director of Career and Technical Education and Innovative School Design, Randolph County School System Strategic a

NCASCD SPRING 2018 student grade levels or requiring middle school students to frontload or take summer high school courses. Communication, teamwork, and intentional planning will make this accomplis

NCASCD SPRING 2018 lifechanging experiences and ought to be part of every high school student experience. Many s courses have a WBL experience builtin. For instance, Nursing Fundamentals students at

NCASCD SPRING 2018 Whole Child Resolution Board of Directors NCASCD On February 7, 2018, the NCASCD Board of Directors voted to pass the following resolution which designates October as Whole Child M

NCASCD SPRING 2018 EPIC Academy The Quest for Digital Learning Professional Development Lucas Gillispie Director of Academic and Digital Learning, Surry County Schools I still remember the feelings

NCASCD SPRING 2018 learning experience for educators From an instructional design perspective, EPIC Academy relies on an approach referred to as questbased learning. Going beyond basic gamification,

NCASCD SPRING 2018 an average amount of time a novice learner might take to complete the task. Teachers can then convert these directly into CEUs toward license renewal. Sustaining engagement of the

NCASCD SPRING 2018 function that helps to quantify what happening s in EPIC. As of today, just under half of Surry County Schoolseducators have opted into the program. Collectively, they completed ne

NCASCD SPRING 2018 Expanding the Professional Influence, Capacity, and Compensation of Teacher Leaders in Pitt County Schools Thomas R. Feller, Jr. Director of Professional Learning Leadership Devel

NCASCD SPRING 2018 and engage in transformative collaboration all leading to improving student outcomes. R3 is founded on the premise that teachers desire an expanded degree of influence and professi

NCASCD SPRING 2018 classroom. With this understanding, Pitt County Schools created a support system to equip and prepare teachers to become leaders. Each year a new class of 25 teachers is accepted i

NCASCD SPRING 2018 They receive training in coteaching, coplanning, coaching, mentoring, and even generalized leadership and influence theories. Beginning in the fall of 2018, the district is project

NCASCD SPRING 2018 some key trainings. Each of the R3 initiatives is designed to develop teachersidentity as selfdirected, collaborative leaders and learners. As individual teachers develop the capac

NCASCD SPRING 2018 specific behaviors and strategies so they can lead. When individuals move into a new position or encounter a new problem of practice they can be adaptive and meet the need to posit

SPECIAL A ARDS W NCASCD SPRING 2018 Dr . Ju n e At k in son Retired NC State Superintendent Dr . Cin dy Cor cor an Assistant Superintendent, Rockingham County Schools Dr. Frances J ones Trailblazer

Light house A ARD Recipient s W NCASCD SPRING 2018 Hen der son ville Elem en t ar y Henderson County Public Schools Pit t sbor o Elem en t ar y Chatham County Schools Jon es In t er m ediat e Sch o

NC ASCD BO ARD2018 Dr . Lor y M or r ow , President Dr . M ich ael Br acy, PresidentElect Dr . Der r ick Jor dan , Past President Dr . Lillie Cox, Executive Director Dr . Cin dy Cor cor an, Secretary