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Emerald S pecimen 21 February 2018 Private S ale hudson 775 7877000

Emerald S pecimen 21 February 2018. 500 pm PT. Private S ale. By Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court, we are proud to offer the private sale of a raw emerald specimen. Origins of the specimen

Terms and Conditions Cash, Credit Card and PREAPPROVED Checks. Buyer Premium 13 Pay by Cash Discount of 3or 10Buyers Premium for payment in cash. s , We reserve the right to pull lots at any time befo

Dimensions This specimen measures approximately 32 cm L x 6.6 cm W x 6 cm D. There is a broken section of beryl emerald crystal located near the end of the large crystal embedded in the matrix of sim

Clarity and Color The transparency of the emerald is semitranslucent to opaque. The hue is bluish green with no apparent dyes added. There is no visible damage and the finish overall is good.

Origins In addition to the two large crystals, there are multiple smaller white beryl crystals also embedded in the matrix. This combination is typical of Bahia, Brazil. The mine in Brazil is unknown

S Information ale All offers must be made via email to be deemed official hudson All offers must be submitted by 500 pm PT on 21 February 2018 . Once all offers are submitted, th

Contact Information 775 9973612 Hudson Stremmel hudson 370 Casazza Dr. Reno, NV 89502