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WELCOM E... A very warm welcome to the launch issue of Hub News bringing you useful product information, industry comment and valuable insight from the health, hospital and social care sectors. Okay,

CO N T EN T S COVER STORY w or ld of colou r f r om Alt r o Peskett Solutions Truvox AriArmaturen Care Roadshows Facilities Show 2018 Dementia Care Nursing Home Expo Forbo Flooring Alzheimer

Lon gt er m n ot locu m w h y t h in k in g ah ead is key f or NHS st af f in g Philip Braham, CoFounder, Remedium Partners tells us more It no secret that s our NHS is cr it ically sh or t of docto

RCNACCREDITED ar e coppin g a n ew m at er ial M edical devices PRESSURE ULCER TRAINING With pressure ulcers now estimated to cost the NHS between 1.4 2.1 billion every year, representing some 4 of t

Not t in gh am Un iver sit y Hospit als NHS Tr u st adopt s Pr oReveal syst em Stateoftheart protein detection test is helping accurately assure reprocessed surgical instruments are safe for use on p

factors such as positioning in the washerdisinfector. We have also identified one type of instrument that we cannot clean adequately for reuse which is therefore being replaced. Neither of these probl

Scr u bbin g dow n f or h ygien e an d h igh ef f icien cy M u lt iw ash cr it ical r ole in f loor car e s Cleaning teams in hospitals and care homes under pressure to deliver both clinical cleanlin

Th e ver sat ilit y of ZETRIX The ZETRIX range has impressed the market for some time now with its durability, reliability and high performance plus new types, sizes and pressure ratings now add even

im pr ovin g HS st an dar ds w it h dou ble block an d bleed isolat ion bleed in order to meet Health Safety guidance with very little alteration to the pipe work, ultimately saving time and money.

A w or ld of colou r ... Ar e you r design ch oices in f lu en ced by you r geogr aph y David Br ailsf or d, Alt r o New Pr odu ct In t r odu ct ion M an ager , look s s at su r f aces f or h ealt h

well versed in considering colour temperature when it comes in interior lighting, using warm or cool lighting to create mood or ambience, as well as providing artificial light of the correct colour te

In spir in g ou t st an din g pr act ice Care Roadshows are a series of five free regional care events throughout the UK that are tailored to all decision makers within the care sector including Care

networking and business opportunities for all those who work in the care sector. For those who enjoy putting pen to paper, Creative Minds will be hosting two workshops throughout the day titled the s

M edical devices ar e coppin g a n ew m at er ial The Environmental Protection Agency EPA has recognised copper as the world leading s antibacterial metal. This has led to a number of uses and opport

Facilit ies Sh ow 2018 An except ion al pr ogr am m e of speak er s, f eat u r es, su pplier s an d sem in ar s... so be par t of t h e lar gest global gat h er in g of FM s t h is Ju n e in Lon don

ch am pion in g t h e in du st r y Ru by Wax OBE, Tuesday 19th J une, Keynote TheatreRuby combines expert psychological insight with trademark wit and humour, helping individuals and groups understan

How to select a contractor or supplier How to use strategic sourcing to improve quality, deliver efficiencies and reduce risk What do to when contracts go wrong Facilit ies Gam es Ar cade Back by p

Th e NHS in 2018 w eigh in g u p t h e posit ives an d n egat ives There has been plenty of concern raised about the NHS over the past few years, with the latest headline warning that NHS England is t

Solvin g t h e Car e Con u n dr u m The Dementia Care Nursing Home Expo was an unprecedented event that saw visitors of the highestquality attend, which helped the Dementia Care Nursing Home Expo c

please w at ch ou r slidesh ow... diversity and equality. Vic Rayner s captivating seminar challenged care homes to be more inclusive of LGBT and BAME communities. In one of the busiest seminars at

In spir at ion al n u r se specialist w in s n at ion al ch ar it y aw ar d The inspirational work of a nurse specialist at the Walton Centre has been recognised by national charity Epilepsy Action.

volunteers, fundraisers, schools, employers and healthcare professionals. Epilepsy Action established The Lord Hastings Award in 1990 to recognise individuals who have made an outstanding personal con

Bu t t er f ly f loor design s w ow in n ew m ot h er an d baby u n it When specialist healthcare designers, IBI Group, were tasked with designing the hospital unit, they created a proposal that woul

please t ak e a look at ou r ph ot o galler y The first of three brand new homogeneous vinyls to be produced in Forbo new custom s built 17m factory, Sphera Element is long lasting, as the SMARTtop S

Tw o n ew am bassador s vow t o ch am pion r igh t s of people w it h dem en t ia support the development of the hub of the new UK Dementia Research Institute at University College London. Iceland Fo

Lin e of Du t y st ar Vick y M cClu r e calls f or act ion Awardwinning actor Vicky McClure has also announced her commitment to help build a dementiafriendly UK after being appointed as an Alzheimer

M edical devices ar e coppin g a n ew m at er ial Hospit als given access t o ear ly en er gy savin gs The allnew gasfired, vertical spiralrib tubeless steam boiler from Fulton, the VSRT, is the fir

Ar t if icial in t elligen ce an d t h e in dispen sable h u m an in diagn ost ics AI is n ow essen t ial f or au t om at ion in r adiology an d pat h ology, bu t it pr ovides a m ean s t o su ppor t

allowing specialist staff to be alerted to the more complex cases that require their attention, whilst others might be dealt with by less experienced teams. Hu m an in t h e loop Diagnosis of a huge r

Repor t r eveals glar in g h ealt h in equ alit y MyGPandMe, a new report published by notforprofit Dimensions, exposes the systemic inequalities experienced by primary healthcare patients with autism

outcomes for patients. Two thirds 64 percent of GPs have received less than a day training on how to meet the individual s needs of patients with autism and learning disabilities. Encouragingly, GPs t

Telecar e specialist calls f or u r gen t act ion on lat est st at e of t h e NHS Pr ovider s r epor t A new report on the challenges facing the NHS and the provision of community services has revea

Su r vey r eveals pligh t of UK h aem oph ilia pat ien t s Shire Pharmaceuticals Limited released results from a new UK patient survey which showed that three quarters of haemophilia sufferers are li

Pion eer in g dem en t iaf r ien dly golf com m u n it y set t o lau n ch in Scot lan d A pioneering new golf project that enables people to continue enjoying their golf when diagnosed with dementia

activities and coaching new skills. People funding a diverse range of By get the chance to play sport, make new dementiafriendly communities friends and socialise in relaxed throughout Scotland, we a

Pat ien t r ack t o h elp NHS t r u st s adopt NEWS2 m or e qu ick ly Trusts draw on Patientrack eobservations technology to accelerate adoption of updated national early warning score, ahead of Marc

NEWS2 Pat ien t Saf et y Aler t Further details from NHS Improvement, NHS England, and the Royal College of Physicians are available at httpsimprovement.nhs.ukdocuments2508PatientSafetyAlertadoptionof

Wor lds f ir st sm ar t m u g In n ovat ive, pr act ical an d u ser f r ien dly Dr oplet is t h e n ew m odu lar h ydr at ion solu t ion t h at en cou r ages people t o dr in k m or e. Feat u r in g

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