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jna ,uguca dj Week of May 18 25, 2018 4 11 Sivan, 5778 Shavuos 5777 Vol. 11 Issue 16 PAGE 19 PAGE 3 37 Governor Rick Scott At The Kotel 38 Jewish Heritage Month Celebrated on Capitol Hill

51818 Kollel Dirshu Siyum on Seder Nezikin Highlights Power of Accountable Learning for Baalei Batim Early Morning Kollel Has Now Completed Seder Moed and Nezikin With Tests CHAIM GOLD Over sixteen y

51818 DIRSHU CONT. FROM P2 recently moved from Cleveland to Baltimore without leaving the chaburah He completed Seder Nezikin by participating daily via telephone or by logging in online to the shiur

51818 Web Print Design Social Media Marketing Virtual Tour Photography Enhance Your Companys Image and Increase Your Awareness On And Off The Web Make Your Mark With eb ark esign, Inc. Crea

51818 ALT MILLER CONT. FROM P1 ney called motherhood. Here are six lessons that have made me a better mother. 1. Look at the big picture When children are born, observant Jews wish the parents, May y

51818 Dr. Joseph Mercola Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress and Inflammation, Boosts Memory and Mood Throughout its history, which dates back at least 4,000 years, chocolate has been a symbol of luxury, w

51818 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P6 70 percent organic cacao chocolate, they assessed the brains response to eating 48 grams of dark chocolate using electroencephalography EEG first 30 minutes after, and the

51818 Roy Neuberger THE MOST DEEPLY HIDDEN Why is Dovid Hamelech the eternal king of Israel There was never anyone else like him. He is Kodesh Hakadoshim, Holy of Holies. He tried to remain hidden j

51818 THE SHMUZ Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier The Giving of the Torah The Ultimate System of Self Perfection Do not covet the house of your neighbor. Do not covet the wife of your neighbor his slave and

51818 REVIEWS Daniel Keren The Frieda Bassman Story An Extraordinary Holocaust Survivor Miracles The Extraordinary Life of Frieda Bassman One Womans Inspiring Account of Courage, Faith and Hope by

51818 MERCOLA CONT. FROM P7 reduce anxiety and induce a sense of calm when consumed daily for one month. Participants received a cocoa drink standardized to contain either 500 milligrams or 250 milli

51818 on the scale of culpability, is an action through happenstance. When required, Hashem makes us agents of negativity and we become the cause to bring about harm. In the next column well continue


51818 Nakba Day SHALOM POLLACK In a few days, Israels Arab citizens will be in deep mourning. The anniversary of the darkest day on their calendar a calendar and history that was created only in the

51818 SEAMAN CONT. FROM P11 defeat in the battle field, cloaking themselves in the role of the oppressed, with Israel earning international condemnation and its right to selfdefense under assault. De

51818 Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Its All About Location Ask the average real estate professional for the three most important elements of a quality property and you will likely get the following response lo

51818 HOFF CONT. FROM P16 The basic expectation when we were given the Torah is that we need to internalize its teachings and follow its mandates This is easier said than done, however, as our ego an

51818 HOFF CONT. FROM P17 shofar was exceedingly loud so that all the people who were in the camp trembled... And Mount Sinai was completely in smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire and i

51818 HOFF longstanding commitment. Another way to achieve sustained growth is to grow together. The Mishna Avos 16 instructs us to make for yourself a mentor and acquire for yourself a friend. Positi

51818 FAMILY MATTERS Dr. Ari Korenblit IS IT THE SEARCH FOR PLEASURE THAT DRIVES ADDICTION It would appear that there are so many addictions out in search of an addict, and at every season and con

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51818 SAVORY CREPES OR BLINTZES Tamar Genger Use this savory crepe recipe and these ideas for fillings as a starting point and then make your own varieties. Add curry powder to the batter if filling

51818 COFFEE HALVAH Shoshana Ohriner The key to this halvah is cooking the sugar to the right temperature and not overbeating it. It sounds difficult but really it isnt hard. Half an hour and some co

51818 SCHONFELD CONT. FROM P23 can help avoid impulsive behavior later. Have a daily routine. When children are aware of the routines of their days, they will be more likely to follow along without o

51818 LOBELL CONT. FROM P1 tive experiences with religion growing up. So he dated nonJews and never wanted to get married. I was a blond haired, blueeyed girl from a WASP background who was always at

51818 26 To advertise in THE JEWISH CONNECTION call 718.761.2626

51818 To advertise in THE JEWISH CONNECTION call 718.761.2626 27

51818 Rabbi Eliyahu Safran Every Grain of Sand... ...anyone who kills one soul of Israel is considered as if he has killed an entire world And anyone who sustains one soul of Israel is considered as

51818 Rabbi Eliyahu Kirsh Magen Avraham And of Rav Moshe From the Kli Yakar and the Drashos Kedushas LeviFeinstein, Ztl LEAH YOFFE Paul Shaffer and Dick Cavett at Soroka Medical Gala The American Fr

51818 JNS.ORG FULL NEWS COVERAGE Hamas paying protesters to charge Gaza border, Israel reveals Israels defense establishment revealed on Monday that intelligence gathered over the past few weeks sugg

51818 JNS CONT. FROM P30 Israels reaction to the protests along the border with the Gaza Strip on Monday that resulted in as many as 60 Palestinian deaths. I ask my colleagues here in the Security Co

51818 FAIGIE HIRSCH Nutritional Advisor LEMON THE GOLDEN GODDESS Lemons originated at the base of the Himalayan Mountains, as a natural cross between the lime and the citron. Cultivation spread thro

51818 TRUE HEALTH YAEL TUSK DO YOU BELIEVE When I first entered graduate school, I have to admit that I was more than a little bit wary. What if Chinese medicine is just a bunch of baloney I asked m

51818 Saul M. Berger CFE, CPA, CFF PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM FRAUD 2018 REPORT TO THE NATION PART 2 In my last column, I summarized the key findings of the 2018 edition of the Report to the Nations

51818 TRAIMAN CONT. FROM P1 rooftop of the Aish HaTorah Jewish learning center, Friedman thanked the faith leaders for their support and celebrated the move of the embassy, but cautioned, Today is no

51818 BERGER CONT. FROM P34 gated were initially detected. This helps in the understanding of how organizations are most likely to discover frauds in the future. We need to learn from our mistakes, a

51818 Continued from last issue chel Fischter R a Sch nasan o Y wartz h Sc Stor y by Raplotska Was it you your majesty just look at my face do i look like someone who would ever steal anything

51818 At The Staten Island Israel Bonds Breakfast JCRC Dinner Honorees with CEO Michael Miller Photo Credit Lori Yofe Jerry Markovitz singing at The israel Bonds SI Breakast Novominsker Rebbe Insp

51818 WINNER CONT. FROM P36 land and self governance Having a homeland in the Middle East called Israel , being sent away from it and then reconquering it. to put it simply What make a Jew a Jew On